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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

The next morning, Patricia is talking to Charlie on the 'phone. She tells her that she knows when someone is trying to keep something from her, and she adds that Charlie knows what it's like: conversations change when you walk in the room, throats start being cleared... Charlie tells Patricia that she's sure she's worrying about nothing. Stephen suddenly comes in in the apartment and Patricia tells Charlie to hang on. She asks him what he's looking for, and he replies that he's lost his new cufflinks. Patricia tells him that they're in the top drawer on the left side. He goes. Patricia returns to her call and says to Charlie that she's sure she's not imagining... She then continues that maybe Charlie's right - she's been a bit on edge lately. Charlie points out that so much has happened lately. Patricia asks Charlie if she can come over and keep her company, as she couldn't handle being on her own today. Charlie says they have'll to see what they can do about that.

A while later, Charlie is in the lounge room at Dural with Lisa. Lisa says she'd love to meet Charlie's friend, but there's so much to do there. Charlie insists that a couple of hours won't hurt. Lisa points out that, with John and Fiona both out, she's the only one there to look afte Terry. Charlie tells her to bring him along too, adding that Patricia needs to meet some new people! She then enticingly adds that Patricia has superb taste - and she knows everyone who matters. Lisa reluctantly gives in, and Charlie tells her that she'll pick her up in half an hour. She goes. Terry is sitting on the settee, the bandages still over his eyes. He remarks that Charlie hasn't changed since he met her at Woombai - she still comes on like a steamroller! Lisa agrees that Charlie can be bit of trial, but she adds that she is putting up the money - and a bit of extra PR won't do any harm.

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia tells Stephen to cheer up, as he looks like he's going to his own execution. Stephen glumly says that's what it feels like. Patricia points out that it's not like he's starting work today - he'll just be meeting the people he'll be working with. Stephen says it's just the thought of getting into the grind again in two weeks - he can't seem to get fired up about it; a company troubleshooter is what they want him for, but he's not sure trouble what is he needs right now. Patricia tells him that starting the job will be the best thing to shake off his doom and gloom. Stephen says it's a long time since he's worked for anyone else. Patricia assures him that it'll be alright, and she gives him a hug. Stephen, though, coldly says, "You don't understand, do you." He goes, leaving Patricia looking worried.

Beryl is holding Davey at the Palmers', while Lynn talks about the fact that she has a job on later and will be leaving the child next door with her mother. Beryl asks Lynn if she has time for a cuppa, and Lynn accepts. Beryl then asks her if she's heard from Kevin, but Lynn says she hasn't. Looking surprised, Beryl says she hoped she would have. She then continues that, in that case, Lynn won't have heard about her inheritance. Lynn, though, says she has, but it was left to Alice and Tony to tell her. Beryl says she's sorry - she would have called, but the way things are between Lynn and Kevin... she thought that if she gave Kevin a chance to tell her, it might bring them back together. Lynn sadly says it's obvious things aren't going to work out between Kevin and her; she's thought it over and she's decided she's going to tell him that she wants a divorce.

A short time later, the tea served, the two women are sitting at the table in the living room, and Beryl remarks that it's a pretty drastic step. Lynn, though, cries that she can't think of anything else to make Kevin realise how serious it is. Beryl asks her if she's trying to shock him. Lynn replies that Kevin isn't able to face up to the fact that they have a problem; she'd die if he said he wanted a divorce, but she can't wait at home night after night waiting for him to wake up to himself and talk things over. Beryl soothingly says she's sure everything will work out in the end, but Lynn starts sobbing that if only Kevin wasn't so stubborn...; she wants her marriage to work - she and Davey need him - but she just can't take any more...

Kevin emerges from the study at Toorak. Wayne comes out from the lounge room and asks him if there's something he needs a hand with. Kevin snaps at him to cut the bull - he's kept him waiting half an hour already. Wayne cooly says he got tied up. Kevin, though, snaps at him not to bother playing Mr. Nice Guy - they both know how they feel about each other; he's there to learn as much as he can, and whether Wayne likes it or not, that's what he's going to do. Wayne listens and then smiles and says he likes a man with ambition! Kevin asks if they can get on with it, then, but Wayne tells him not to be too anxious. He continues that ambition's only a start; you also have to have a certain amount of ability. He tells Kevin that he'll get the chance to show if he's got what it takes...

Amanda walks into her quarters, still dressed in her nightclothes, and sits down. Wayne comes in and sarcastically says he wondered when she was going to surface. Looking at her, he then adds that she looks like something the cat dragged in. Amanda snaps, "Thanks." Wayne suggests to her that she get some breakfast. He then continues that if she wants to write herself off, that's fine, but not until they've had their kid; she's to start taking care of herself. Amanda snaps that he's so thoughtful. Wayne tells her that Kevin is out in the hallway, and he's going to be around for quite some time, so he'd prefer that there were no public rows. Amanda smiles and asks if Wayne had to put Kevin on to stay in his mummy's good books! She then adds that she bets he's pleased! Wayne snaps that it's only temporary - by the time he's finished with Kevin, even Beryl will be happy to give him the bullet. Amanda snaps that Wayne really is disgusting - she doesn't think she wants to know about their arrangement anymore. Wayne, though, growls that it's too late to quit now - she should have got out from the start if she didn't think she could handle it.

Barbara arrives home at Dural and gets a shock when she finds Stephen in the hallway. He tells her that he hoped she'd get home soon. Barbara asks what he's doing there, and he replies that he knew she was on her way back from Melbourne. He asks where Gordon is, and Barbara replies that he's in Melbourne, on business. She then asks Stephen why he's there, and he tells her that he needs someone to talk to. They go into the lounge room and Stephen offers his sister a drink, but she declines. Stephen continues that Barbara might have noticed that he's not happiest man in the world at the moment. Barbara says, "Patricia?" Stephen replies that it's partly her, but it's everything, actually; he went for a briefing today for his new job and two of the company's top executives were showing him around; it was so obvious that they were jockeying for position to win him over; it was also perfectly clear that they hated each other. Barbara points out that that's business - it happens. Stephen, though, says he's not sure he can do it anymore - those years with Dee, the backstabbing he's seen... Barbara says she knows. Stephen replies that Patricia doesn't, and he can't seem to make her understand. He adds that he feels like he's starting the whole game over again, and he's sick of it.

Lisa and Terry arrive at the Morrells' with Charlie, and Lisa tells Patricia that it's a lovely apartment. Terry sits down and says they feel like pretty plush seats. Lisa says they are! Charlie tells Patricia to wait until she see Lisa's designs. Lisa chips in that, with a partner like Charlie, how can she go wrong?! Patricia offers everyone drinks and she and Charlie go to the bar go to get them. Alone with Terry, Lisa sits down next to him and asks him if he's alright. He tells her that he feels a bit of place. He then asks what Patricia is like, and Lisa replies that she's very nice; very beautiful. By the bar, Patricia angrily asks Charlie what she's playing at. Charlie innocently asks her what she means. Patricia retorts that she asked Charlie over there to cheer her up, and here she is entertaining a blind man and his girlfriend. Charlie comments that she didn't think Patricia would mind. She then asks if Terry doesn't remind Patricia of anyone. Patricia snaps, "No." Charlie continues that it's obvious: Terry is Fiona Thompson's long-lost son! Patricia looks disinterested. Charlie, looking slightly put-out, tells Patricia that she's wrong about Terry being Lisa's boyfriend as well - it's John that she's keen on, and she hears that it's pretty serious. Having heard all this, Patricia whispers to Charlie that she doesn't give a damn - lately she's seen enough backbiting and gossip to last a lifetime; she'll chat to them and be polite to them, but she doesn't want to be involved in any of Charlie's childish gossip. She gives Charlie her drink and walks off into the living room, leaving Charlie looking surprised.

A while later, Charlie tells Lisa that she'll show her around the place, and the two of them leave the room. Terry laughs and remarks to Patricia that Charlie is a strange sort of bird. Patricia says her heart is in the right place. There's an awkward silence for a few seconds until Patricia pipes up that Fiona must have been delighted when she found out that Terry was alive - but it must have been a shock for him. Terry agrees, and says he still thinks of his mum and dad as the people who brought him up. After another silence, Patricia offers him another beer, but he says he'll be right. He then asks Patricia if she knows Fiona very well. Patricia says she does, but adds that they're not exactly the best of friends. She then continues that she has to admit that she thought it very unfair of Fiona's grandparents to tell her that he had died. Terry says he can sort of understand it - a single mother in a small town. Patricia suggests that Fiona's lifestyle wouldn't have helped, either. Looking surprised, Terry says "Sorry?" Realising she's put her foot in it, Patricia says it doesn't matter, but Terry insists that, if there's something he should know, he wants Patricia to tell him. Patricia maintains that it's not for her to say. Terry asks again, though, and Patricia reluctantly says she thought he already knew: Fiona was a prostitute. Terry looks shocked. Patricia says she's sorry - she shouldn't have said anything. Terry says it's OK...

John comes out of a public 'phone box and walks over to his car; Fiona is in the passenger seat. He tells her, "Not home." He then adds that Barbara is back from Melbourne, though. He continues that Terry and Lisa must have gone out before she got there. Fiona points out to him that he's been watching them like a hawk since they arrived, and she tells him to stop imagining things. John asks if he's been a bit of pain, and Fiona replies that that's putting it mildly!

At the Morrell apartment, Charlie remarks to Patricia that it was rather naughty of her. Patricia insists that she didn't know. Charlie continues, repeating that telling the boy his mother used to be on the game - why did she do it? Patricia replies that she talked herself into a corner, and she asks if they can drop it. Charlie, though, tells her that whether she meant it or not, she's certainly set the cat among the pigeons. Patricia snaps that that's not her problem. Charlie continues that she doesn't think Patricia will be Fiona's number one favourite person. Patricia shrugs and asks what's new!

Lisa helps Terry out of the car at Dural and says she's glad Charlie decied not to come back with them. When Terry doesn't respond, she asks him if he's OK. Terry says he is. He then asks if they can put off going inside for a bit. Lisa suggests they go for a walk, and Terry agrees. Lisa continues that he hardly spoke in the car, and she asks him if he's alright. Terry tells her that he just needs a bit of air and some space.

Inside, Barbara tells Stephen that that was Lisa and Terry arriving home, although she thinks they've gone for a walk. Stephen says he thinks he'll take off, as he's not in the mood to be charming at the moment. He thanks Barbara for her shoulder. Barbara tells him that he's welcome, and she adds that he's not to let Patricia talk him out of taking a holiday. Before he leaves, Stephen asks if he can make a call, and Barbara tells him that she'll leave him to it. She goes. Stephen walks over to the 'phone on the bar and dials a number. The 'phone rings a couple of times and a woman then answers it. Stephen asks if that's Helen, and when she says it is, he tells her that it's him. There's silence at the other end. He asks Helen if she's there, and Helen angrily asks what he wants. He replies that he wants to see her, and he asks her if they can meet. Helen says no. Stephen tells her that it's important, but Helen snaps that he says that every time he calls; it's so long since last time...; she suggests they leave things as they are - he doesn't need her and she doesn't need him. She says goodbye and hangs up.

Terry is sitting beneath a tree outside, and Lisa comes over to him and asks him why he's so quiet. He replies that he was just thinking about Vietnam. Lisa asks him if he means about the war, but Terry says, "Not exactly." He continues that he was thinking about the places they used to go to on leave - what the Yanks called R&R: there was a street - a little suburb - just full of little bars with women hanging out of every window and door; he and his mates used to think it was magic - hundreds of girls to choose from; it didn't cost much more than a packet of smokes, either. Lisa carefully asks Terry if he... Terry interrupts and says he'd do anything to get his mind off all the killing. He continues that there was this girl once - he went back to her place; it was just a room actually; there was a little kid there - a half-Asian boy - he guesses his dad was someone like him, a foreign soldier. Lisa asks if it upset him. Terry says it did - the kid was there playing on floor, and she wanted to get on with it there and then - right in front of him; he just couldn't cop it - he kept wondering what kind of life that was for a kid; he just paid her and split and told her to buy the kid a toy. He tells Lisa that he still can't understand how anyone could treat a little kid like that - he lost all respect for women like her; he doesn't reckon there's anyone lower. Lisa suggests that maybe she didn't have much choice, but Terry snaps that of course she did - there's got to be another way. He adds that he doesn't expect someone decent like Lisa to understand. Lisa asks what the problem is. Terry replies that it's nothing - someone just made him think of it.

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia asks Charlie if she's sure she won't stay for lunch. Charlie says she won't. She adds that Stephen will be home any minute, and she's sure they'll have lots to talk about. Patricia remarks that she hopes he's in a better mood than this morning. At that moment, Stephen comes in and Charlie tells him that they were just talking about him. She then adds that she can't stay, and she goes. Patricia offers Stephen a drink and she asks how things went. Stephen replies that it was awful. He continues that he did come to one positive decision: the two of them are going to spend the next two weeks at Woombai. Patricia, looking incredulous, snaps that he's joking. Stephen replies that he's perfectly serious. Patricia snaps that two days at that place is bad enough - if he wants to have a holiday, why not go to the Gold Coast? Stephen tells her that he needs a holiday away from the city. Patricia snaps that if it's Woombai, he can count her out. Stephen, though, snaps that she's coming with him - for once, she's going to do what he wants, no arguments; if he's expected to go back into that dog-eat-dog world, she's going to have to stop worrying about what she wants and start thinking about what he needs.

Fiona and John arrive back at Dural, and Barbara hugs Fiona. Fiona gives Barbara a cake that she's bought! John and Lisa are also standing by the front door with them, and Lisa asks Fiona for a word; she adds that it won't wait. Barbara heads to the kitchen with the cake. Lisa tells Fiona that it's Terry: he wants to go back to the Hansens' - now. Fiona asks what happened. Lisa replies that, ever since they came back from Patricia's... Fiona interrupts and asks her if she means Patricia Morrell. Lisa says she does. Fiona asks her what they were doing there, and Lisa explains that Charlie took them for a visit. Fiona bluntly says, "I see." Lisa continues that she can't see what's got into him. Fiona says she'd better have a word with him, and she walks off. John says to Lisa that she's not going to Woombai, is she? Lisa tells him that she has to - Terry can't drive himself.

Terry is still outside by the tree when he hears footsteps, and he calls out to who he thinks he Lisa to say goodbye for him. Fiona, though, says it's her. Terry snaps, "Good." He then tells her that he's got one question for her: "Were you a pro when I was born?" Fiona tries to avoid answering the question, but Terry repeats it and Fiona reluctantly admits that she was. She tells him that he must try and understand, but Terry snaps that he doesn't want to hear any more. He tells her that she's a hypocrite - after the hard time she gave him about Jill... what a joke. Fiona asks him to just let her explain, but Terry says, "No way." He adds that she didn't want to hear his side of the story then, so he not want to hear her, now. Fiona says, "I have a right to be heard. I am your mother." Terry, though, snaps that no she isn't. He calls out for Lisa.

At the Morrell apartment, Stephen is at the bar, pouring a drink, and he thanks Patricia for lunch, adding that he hopes she wasn't trying to get him to change his mind about Woombai. There's a sudden frantic knocking at the door and Patricia goes to answer it. Fiona storms in and Patricia asks her what she wants. Fiona just lashes out and slaps Patricia's face. She then snaps, "You have interfered in my life just once too often, Patricia."


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