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    Written by: Christine Schofield    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Lynn comes in the back door at the Palmers' and calls out to ask if anyone's home. David replies that he's in the lounge room. Lynn walks in, complete with pink hair, a tight top and a very short skirt! She's carrying a bag and a jacket. David looks at her and asks her what sort of set up they call that! Lynn explains that she's been doing a magazine layout - it's the client's idea of the punk look! David bemusedly remarks that Lynn gets paid for doing that. Lynn points out that it's a living! David then asks her if Tony minded babysitting Davey, but Lynn says he was looking forward to it. Changing the subject slightly, she asks David if Tony has said anything to him. David asks what she means, and Lynn replies that it's probably nothing, but he knows how Tony feels about his dad, and this morning they were having a talk and Tony said he reckoned Joe ought to get what's coming to him - and if no one else is going to give it to him, he would; he said he'd fix him for good. David listens, but then says he'll believe it when he sees it. He adds that Tony's only talking tough. Lynn starts to point out that you hear talk about families and people who... but David interrupts and tells her she's getting herself in a state for nothing; Tony's too smart to do something like that. He adds that Tony's mum's at The Terrace this afternoon, so he's not going to get up to anything today! To put Lynn's mind at rest, though, he says he'll have a talk to Tony if he's still got a bee in his bonnet tomorrow. He asks if that's OK, and Lynn smiles, pleased. She thanks him, but then says she probably shouldn't have said anything. She asks David not to tell Tony what she did, and David says of course he won't. He adds that Tony will probably have forgotten all about it by now - he'll be running around after Davey! Lynn laughs, thanks David and leaves. David looks thoughtful...

At the Sydney apartment, Patricia snaps, "How dare he, sitting there as calm as you like, telling us you're fired." Stephen, who's remaining calm, tells Patricia that he'd have the done same thing in Gordon's position. He points out that Gordon is a businessman; he can't afford to saddle himself with a liability. Patricia tells Stephen that she wouldn't class him as a liability, but Stephen says he didn't exactly come out of the embezzlement smelling of roses. Patricia snaps that they didn't take a damn cent of Dee's money, but Stephen reminds her that they were going to, and they were found out; that's all that matters. Patricia rants that Gordon makes her sick with his holier-than-thou attitude - no one can tell her he hasn't tried to pull a few swifities in his business dealings; that's what it's all about. Stephen virtually ignores this, and puts his jacket on. Patricia asks him where he's going, and he replies that he's going to get himself a job; he hasn't got time to waste if the embezzlement story is doing the rounds - and Dee and Wayne will be doing their best to make sure it is.

Dee comes off the 'phone in the lounge room at Toorak and tells Amanda that the marriage licence is through, and so is Wayne's change of name by deed poll - he's now officially a Morrell. Beryl is pouring tea, listening in amazement. Amanda snaps, "Hooray for Wayne," but Dee says there's no need to be sarcastic; she's the one who stands to benefit. Amanda snaps that all she has to do is put up with Wayne and a bawling baby, and she asks what happens if she doesn't come up with a boy first off. Dee tells her that she keeps on trying until she does. She thanks Beryl for the tea she's just put on the table. Amanda says she hopes she'll be getting enough to employ a full-time nanny. Dee tells her granddaughter not to be difficult, adding that it's too late to back out now - everything's arranged. Amanda asks what if she did back out, but Dee suggests that, as she did such a good job of convincing Barbara of how happy she was, why doesn't she start convincing herself? Amanda says it's easier to con someone else. Beryl leaves the room, and as she closes the door in the hall, she looks shocked. She overhears Dee start to say, "Now you listen to me, my girl..."

Later, at the Palmers', Beryl thanks David for the tea he's just served. David asks how it went today, and Beryl says it was alright; at least Dee didn't ask her to lie for her, as she was too busy cooking up some scheme with Amanda. David asks what she's up to now, but Beryl says she doesn't know the ins and outs; just that there's money at the bottom of it. David remarks that it does funny things to people, and Beryl agrees that it makes them think they owe you. David suggests to Beryl that she chuck it in, then, as they have enough to worry about with Joe Parker on their backs, without Beryl being worn out running around after Dee Morrell and her family. Beryl, though, says it's not as simple as that, and David reluctantly says he knows. He says it gets on his goat, being indebted to a woman like her; what did she have to butt-in for? - they didn't ask her to pay the truck off. Beryl says she supposes Dee thought she was doing them a favour, and it doesn't matter which way they look at it: they owe her. She then adds that it does make her appreciate coming home to him, more! David starts tickling her and says she knows how to say the right things!

Stephen arrives outside the front door of the Sydney apartment to hear Charlie talking to Patricia inside. He reluctantly opens the door and goes in. Patricia kisses him and Charlie asks him how he is. He tells her that he's not too bad. Charlie explains that she was just popping in to cheer them up after the dreadful business with Dee. She adds that Patricia tells her he was out job hunting. Stephen concurs, saying he was checking out a few possibilities.... Charlie looks at her watch and suddenly says she won't hang around - she didn't realise it was so late, but there was so much to catch up on. As she gets ready to leave, she asks how the possibilities Stephen checked out were: promising? Stephen says very - they couldn't be more so. Charlie says that's wonderful - she just knows it'll all work out fine for him. She goes, but Stephen looks worried. Patricia asks how it was really. Stephen tries to joke that he bets it wasn't as much fun as her afternoon, but Patricia warns, "Stephen..." Stephen goes to the bar to pour some drinks, and Patricia asks what happened. Stephen tells her that he did the rounds and announced his availability to all and sundry. Patricia asks him if he got a job, but Stephen replies that it just doesn't happen like that; the best position just doesn't present itself on the first day - it takes time, but it's looking good. Patricia looks at him and tells him that it's her he's talking to, and she asks what really happened. Stephen glumly says the rumours got to them before he did - Wayne and Dee no doubt - very efficient; he couldn't even get his foot in the door in most places - he just got a message from the secretary: 'Terribly sorry, nothing at the moment, thanks for calling.' He sourly remarks, "So much for friends." He tells Patricia that he thinks he's well and truly blown it in the business world. Patricia, though, says, "How much are you willing to bet?" Stephen looks at her in surprise, and Patricia continues that she reckons they'll be back on top within a year. Stephen laughs and tells her she's on!

Lisa is exercising by the pool at Dural when Fiona comes out and says, "Hi." Lisa comments on her being up early, and Fiona groans, "Don't remind me!" Lisa offers her some coffee, and Fiona laughs that she read her mind! She suggests they go into the flat; John is in with Gordon and Barbara, so they can have a nice quiet little chat. Lisa agrees. As the two of them walk to the house, Fiona asks Lisa if she's looking forward to going back to work. Lisa says, "Yes and no." She explains that, as she said the other day, she's getting fed up with having to come up with the designs the manufacturers want, rather than what she wants to do; but she guesses everyone feels like that. Fiona asks what if she could design her own collection? Lisa replies that she'd love it, but she's not got that sort of money. Fiona says,"I have." Lisa says, "Come on..." but Fiona asks what's wrong with her providing backing. Lisa says "Nothing - if you really mean it." Fiona says she wouldn't have said so, otherwise. Lisa comments that it's out-of-the-blue, and asks why. Fiona replies that, to be honest, she wants Lisa to stay in Sydney - plus Lisa stands to make something out of it, too.

In the flat, Lisa serves coffee and asks Fiona if she really thinks it'll help Terry if she stays. Fiona points out that he'll need friends around. Lisa asks Fiona if she's thinking that, if she sees how well he's doing in the garage, she'll change her mind and come back to him. Fiona admits that's the truth - she wanted to help, but she felt she had to be honest with her. Lisa tells her she's glad she has been. Fiona tells Lisa that she means a lot to Terry, but Lisa says it wouldn't work - she doesn't love him. Fiona says she knows, but Terry needs something to give him the will to get up and go, and Lisa is that incentive; she doesn't mean her to romance him - just be around and encourage him and, when he's back on his feet properly and making a go of the garage, she can tell him how she feels. She adds that it's the first time she's seen him show any ambition, and she'd hate to see him lose it. Lisa remarks that Fiona really cares about him. Fiona smiles and tenderly says:"He's my son..." She asks Lisa if she doesn't care. Lisa says she does, but... Fiona tells her that she doesn't need an answer today; she'll go and see Terry this morning because she wants to be there when he comes out of the second operation - so maybe later on... As the kettle boils, it starts whistling, and Lisa hurries out of the room to turn it off. As she walks out, Fiona calls, "Lisa?" Lisa just says she'll think about it. Fiona looks disappointed.

At the Palmers', Alice Parker is pouring tea. David and Tony are sitting at the kitchen table. Alice remarks that Beryl looked a bit tired when she left for work this morning. David explains that it's starting to get her down, running around after the Morrells. Alice asks why she doesn't leave, as there's no point running herself into the ground for someone she doesn't like. David tells her to try telling Beryl that! He continues that they're in a bit of a bind, really: Dee Morrell did them a bit of a favour - not that they asked her to - and Beryl thinks they owe her, and won't quit 'til they pay her back. Tony chips in that he doesn't know why she bothers, but Alice tells him that when somebody does you a good turn, there's an obligation; you can't turn your back on it however much you'd like to. Tony listens, and then says he'd better get going. Alice asks him where, and he replies that he said he'd give Lynn a hand with some stuff. He heads off, and Alice wonders out loud what's wrong with him. David says he'll have a word with him. He goes into the lounge room, where Tony is getting his things together, and says he doesn't know what he's thinking about, but Lynn was over there yesterday, and he'd given her a bit of a scare, the way he was talking about his old man; she was worried he might finish up having a fight; he told her that Tony's too smart for that. Tony laughs nervously and says, "Yeah... course..." He adds that it was just him shooting his mouth off. David tells him that none of them want to see him get in strife with his old man. Tony says he's not going to - he's just going to go over and talk to him, that's all. David asks what in hell for, and Tony reminds him that he's always saying people should talk things out, and that's what he's going to do with his old man; he reckons he'll listen to him - once you get him in a good mood, he's not such a bad bloke. David reminds Tony that he called his father an animal, yesterday. Tony says he's calmed down since then. David says he reckons it's best if Tony stays out of it altogether, but Tony tells him not to worry - he's not going to fight with him - he's too smart for that! He laughs. David says he supposes he knows what he's doing. Tony says that of course he does - he's just going to talk to him, that's all. He goes, and David returns to the kitchen, where he asks Alice if she heard that. Alice replies that she doesn't like the sound of it - not those two together; Joe has always been a bad influence on Tony and Tony knows it. David says Tony thinks he can get through to him, but Alice says she'll believe it when she sees it. David comments that Tony's got his heart set on it. He asks Alice if they shouldn't let him have a try. Alice reluctantly says there's no point in trying to stop him; when Tony gets an idea in his head, the devil himself can't stop him. She adds that she knows her son too well - she can bet he's up to something he's not telling them about...

Lisa arrives at the hospital. Fiona is sitting on a chair in the corridor. Lisa explains that John just dropped her off, and he'll be up when he's parked the car. She asks if Terry's out of the operation yet, and Fiona replies that he's in his room, but they won't let her see him yet. She tells Lisa that she's glad she's there. Lisa sits down and says she thought about Fiona's offer; she'll stay. Fiona looks overjoyed and says that's wonderful. Lisa, though, says there's one condition: she can't take any money from Fiona to start up a business - it wouldn't be right. Fiona, looking surprised, asks why, adding that it's what Lisa always wanted. Lisa replies that she doesn't want anybody thinking she's doing it for the money. Fiona says it would be a business arrangement. Lisa says that may be, but what if Terry thought she had to be bribed into staying? - she wants him to know she's there because she's a friend and cares about him; nothing more. Fiona says she didn't mean it as a bribe - just as a way of saying 'thankyou'; she wanted to do something for her. Lisa assures Fiona that she has: she made her think - it's time she got her act together and started working for herself; so while she's up there, she'll start looking for backers. Fiona asks why not let her be one of them? Lisa warns, "Fiona..." Fiona laughs and agrees to give up. A nurse comes along and Fiona asks how Terry is. The nurse says he's a bit groggy, but that's normal; it'll be a day or two before they know the results of the operation. Fiona asks if he's alright, and the nurse says he is, adding that they can go in now, if they like - but one at a time, and they have to make it short, as he needs plenty of rest. She goes, and Fiona asks Lisa if she minds if she went first. Lisa makes it clear she doesn't. She then tells Fiona that she is going to have to tell John, and make sure he understands. Fiona warns her just to be very careful how she puts it, as John is a great one for jumping to conclusions before hearing the whole story. Lisa assures Fiona that she'll use kid gloves. Fiona goes into Terry's room, and sees Terry lying in bed, with bandages wrapped round his eyes. She looks at him, and reaches out to touch his hand. She quietly says, "It's me - Fiona..." She asks him how he's feeling, but Terry is groggy, and his mumblings don't make any sense. Fiona tells him that she has good news: Lisa is there and she says she'll stay. She adds, "You've got your chance..." Out in the corridor, John is sitting with Lisa, who is saying she hopes John understands why she has to help him. John says sure; he just hopes Terry knows how lucky he is. Lisa asks John if he's angry, but John asks why should he be? - it won't make any difference to the way they feel about each other. Lisa asks him what he's worried about, then, and John asks what makes her think he's worried. Lisa tells him to come on... she knows him better than that. John smiles and says it's Fiona: the way she's throwing around money - offering it to Lisa, talking about buying a garage for Terry... you can't buy love. He tells Lisa that if that's what Fiona's trying to do, she's going to be very disappointed, and he doesn't want to see her hurt.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Lynn is packing a bag while Davey sits in his high chair. Lynn asks Tony if he's sure they'll be alright. Tony laughs, "Who, us?!" He adds that of course they will! Lynn says she won't be too long. She looks at her watch and realises she's late. She kisses Davey and asks Tony if he's sure he'll be OK. Tony points out that that's the second time she's asked! He tells her not to worry. Lynn says she knows, and she heads out. Tony immediately walks over to the 'phone, saying to Davey as he does so, "What do you reckon, mate: give it a go, eh?" He picks up the receiver , but then appears to change his mind and goes to put it down. He then changes his mind again, though, and he dials a number, telling Davey to wish him luck. He gets through to the person he wanted: his dad. He tells his father that he was wondering if he'd be at home later on, as he thought he might pop over for a bit. After listening to his father's reply, he asks why not. He then says that, the way things are at the moment, he thought it might be easier if they cleared the air and sorted things out. Joe apparently agrees, and Tony hangs up. He tells Davey that they did it: his dad's going to go for it, no sweat. He adds that, if this works, it's going to fix everything...

At Toorak, Dee emerges from the living room, snapping that when the accounts are finished, Beryl's to bring them up for her to check. Beryl follows her out of the room, writing notes as she does so. Dee snaps that she wonders Beryl never learnt shorthand, as it's much more efficient. Beryl looks exasperated! Dee then asks about lunch, and Beryl tells her that she asked for it at 12:30pm. Dee tells her to make it 1pm. She also tells Beryl to call in the plumber, as the dripping tap in the bathroom is driving her mad. She then tells Beryl to cancel dinner with the Macavoys and make up an excuse, as she's far too tired. She goes upstairs as someone starts knocking impatiently on the front door. Beryl answers it to find David standing there. Surprised, she asks him what he's doing there. David replies that he's come to tell her to hand in her notice in right now. Beryl asks him what he means, and David tells her that she's getting out of there. He explains that he's just been told who paid off their truck. He adds that Beryl's never going to believe it, but it sure as hell wasn't old Dee Morrell; she's been leading them up the garden path, and she's not going to get away with it. Beryl looks surprised. She asks, "Who did, then?" David says, "Margaret Dunne." Beryl looks surprised. David continues that he got a call from a bloke who was supposed to be a social worker at the prison. Apparently, Margaret hasn't been handling prison life too well - she's down-in-the-dumps most of the time - and she started feeling sorry for the trouble she caused; she decided to make up for it so she got the social worker to organise the payment of the money they owed on the truck. Beryl asks why the bloke didn't say something at the time, and David replies that Margaret wanted it kept quiet. Beryl asks why the social worker's decided to tell them now. David explains that Margaret's time is up in four weeks, and the social worker's worried - he thinks they might be able to help her out. Beryl, looking annoyed, says they have enough problems... David says he knows, but according to the bloke, they're the only ones Margaret's got a good word for. Beryl asks what David told him. David replies that he said they'd think about it - but they'll worry about it later; the important thing is that that old bag up there - and he points upstairs - has lied to them, and made them feel they owe her. He adds that, like he said, she's not getting away with it. Beryl angrily says, "She certainly isn't."

Dee takes a pill and gets into bed. There's suddenly a knock on the door and David barges into the room. He snaps, "You're a liar." Dee immediately sits up and asks how dare he. David snaps back, "You didn't pay the money out on my truck." Dee asks him what he means, and David repeats that she had nothing to do with it. Dee 'innocently' says, "Didn't I?" David snaps, "You know damn well you didn't." Beryl, slightly more calmly, asks Dee why she did. Dee replies that it seemed a good idea to get them both on-side; and if they remember correctly, she never actually said she did pay the money. David snaps, "You had us believe it." Dee tells him that she can't help it if he jumped to wrong conclusions. She asks what they're worried about - she wouldn't have taken any money in repayment. Beryl says that's hardly the point. Dee asks what is, then, and Beryl replies, "It's dishonest!" Dee says no one was hurt, but this just causes David to yell, "I told you you couldn't trust her, Beryl." He looks at Dee and tells her that she doesn't give two damn hoots about anyone, unless she gets what she wants. Dee cries that that's not true, but Beryl says, "Isn't it?" She adds that she thinks David hit the nail right on the head. Dee tries to tell David and Beryl that they don't understand, but Beryl says she does; some of the things she's seen Dee do over the last few days made her feel quite sick - she turned her back because she thought she owed her something; now she knows they don't, she's more than happy to tell Dee she can keep her job - she's leaving. Dee cries that she can't go now - she's feeling dreadful today... Beryl, though, snaps that Dee might have been able to pull the wool over her eyes up until now, but not anymore. Dee insists that she's telling the truth - she feels sick. Beryl snaps that she's seen Dee play possum once too often... David suggests to Beryl that they go, and they start to walk out. Dee cries, "Please..." but Beryl sternly says, "No." Dee offers to increase Beryl's salary, but Beryl says she's doesn't care what Dee offers her - she's leaving because she's had enough. They go. Dee cries out, "You can't walk out on me now, please... come back..." Amanda is downstairs in the hall as Beryl and David come downstairs. Dee can still be heard crying out. Amanda asks what's going on, and Beryl tells her that she's leaving, and she advises Amanda that if she has any sense, she'll do the same: get out before Dee ruins her life. Wayne comes in through the front door; the noise from Dee stops. David and Beryl storm out, and Wayne asks Amanda where they're going. Amanda explains about Beryl walking out, and she adds that there's been some argument with Dee. Wayne asks what it was about, but Amanda says she doesn't know; she's just going up to find out. She goes upstairs and, as she enters Dee's room, says, "What did you say to Beryl?" Dee has fallen from her sitting position onto her right hand side. She's not moving. Amanda looks at her and cries, "Gran? Are you alright?" She continues to look at her for a few seconds, but she doesn't move, and Amanda then runs to the top of the stairs and calls, "Wayne? Wayne!" Wayne emerges from the lounge room, and Amanda calls to him to come quickly. Wayne asks what up. Amanda says "It's Dee: she's dead."


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