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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

A short while later, Wayne is on the 'phone in the hall - he's calling the doctor, and says he'll see him in an hour. He hangs up and tells Amanda that the doctor is coming over to sign the death certificate; he suggested they contact the funeral directors as soon as possible. They go into the lounge room, and Wayne says he supposes they should get in contact with Dee's solicitor as well. Amanda, who's very upset, says she should ring her Dad and Aunty Barbara. Wayne, though, snaps, "No you won't. They mustn't found out about it 'til tomorrow." Amanda asks why not, and Wayne replies that there are lots of things they have to fix up before the others get there. Amanda says they should be told, and Wayne says they will be - but not just yet. Amanda sighs and asks Wayne how he can be so cold. Wayne says that he's just being practical. Amanda sobs that she knows he didn't care about Dee, but she was her grandmother. Wayne, though, snaps that she's gone and that's all there is to it; he tells Amanda to pull herself together - if she wants to cry, she can do it later. Amanda cries that she loved her. Realising he's fighting a losing battle, Wayne tells Amanda to have her cry now, while he makes all the 'phone calls. He warns her to get it out of her system now, though, because they're going to have to get ready to go out later - there's one very important thing they must do before tonight. He leaves the room. Amanda sits, sobbing.

Patricia is pouring coffee for Charlie at the Sydney apartment, and Charlie tells Patricia that she's never going to believe what's happened. Patricia sits down and asks what. Charlie replies that she's been invited to the black and white ball - and Jane Davies is livid! Looking surprised, Patricia asks Charlie how she managed it, and Charlie says it was the photo she had taken with Dee Morrell; she has a feeling that photo will open quite a few doors for her! Patricia sourly comments that at least Dee was useful for something. Charlie says she now just has to find something to wear. Patricia tells her not to ask her to come shopping - not without money. Charlie, though, says she's not having anything off the rack; she's thinking of having something made - she's onto a new designer. Patricia asks his name is. Charlie tells her not to be cheeky! She adds that it's a young lady, actually - a friend of Fiona's, who's staying at Gordon and Barbara's; they told her she's the bright young thing of the rag trade, so she thought she'd sniff around and see what she can do for herself. They suddenly hear a key turn in the front door, and Stephen comes in. Patricia says to Charlie that she hopes he has good news. She goes to the door. Stephen has a bottle of champagne, which he quickly hides behind one of the bags he's carrying. Seeing the grim look on his face, Patricia asks if it's the same old story, but Stephen says, "Not quite." Patricia asks him if he's on the shortlist. Stephen says, "No." There's silence for a few seconds, until Patricia tells him not to keep her in suspense. Stephen says, "I got it!" He smiles broadly, and Patricia hugs him, saying it's wonderful. Stephen tells her that it's a better job than he had with Dee, and the money's fantastic! Patricia and Charlie both congratulate him, and Stephen brings out the champagne. He asks Charlie to get some glasses. Patricia tells him that she's very happy for him. Stephen says that, for the first time in his life, he's on his own - and it feels great; he doesn't know why he didn't have courage to do it years ago! Patricia tells him he's doing it now - that's the main thing. Stephen replies that if she hadn't been there to back him up, he wouldn't have. They hug.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Beryl tells David to tell the others that dinner's ready. David tells her that Kevin's not back yet, but Beryl says that's too bad: she told him not to go to Nelson's; they get talking and he forgets to come home. David suggests she put Kevin's in the oven, then, but Beryl snaps that she's not in the restaurant now, where she serves meals at all times. Surprised at this outburst, David tells her not to get upset, and he asks what's wrong. Beryl replies that she's in a bit of a mood, she supposes - she's had Margaret Dunne on her mind all day. She asks David what he's going to do, but David says it's already done: he's 'phoned the social worker bloke and told him they want nothing to do with her. Beryl asks what the social worker said, and David replies that he understood and said there were other people he could send her to. He adds that that's what Prisoners' Aid is all about - helping people like her when they come out; Alice and Tony are different, as they're sort of 'friends'. He tells Beryl that he can't forget that Margaret nearly had him put away; he's not saying he can't feel sorry for her, but she's not their problem. Beryl asks about the money for the truck, and David says he told the social worker he'd pay it back. He then tells Beryl not to worry - he made it perfectly clear that they don't want Margaret hanging around. Beryl says good - because a few moments ago, she thought she might have been running a halfway house! David laughingly says that's not a bad idea now that she's a lady of leisure! Beryl thumps him!

Wayne opens the front door at Toorak from outside. He is dressed in a black suit and Amanda is wearing a long white dress. Wayne tells her to hold on, and he lifts her up, explaining that he wants to carry her across the threshold. Amanda, though, tells him to put her down. Wayne says he's great one for custom, but Amanda asks, "Since when?" Wayne replies, "Since now!" Amanda says that, in the circumstances, it hardly seems appropriate. Wayne reluctantly puts her down and she goes into the lounge room. Wayne closes the front door. He joins Amanda and says they were lucky the marriage licence came through - there's no way any of them can interfere now. He offers his new wife a drink, but she declines. Wayne asks why she doesn't want anything, and Amanda replies that she doesn't feel very happy. Wayne tells her to think of the money; that 'll cheer her up. Amanda, though, says she's not very proud of what they've just done. Wayne says it's called survival, but Amanda tells him that she can't look at things the way he does; Dee was hardly dead for five minutes and they were rushing off to get married; there's something awful about it. Wayne coldly says, "It had to be done," but Amanda says it still doesn't mean she enjoyed doing it. Wayne gives her a scotch and says the drink will make her feel better; after all, it is their wedding day. Amanda quietly says, "Some wedding..."

In the flat at the back of Dural, Fiona is looking at Lisa's designs, and she points to one she says she'd like. Lisa tells her that it would suit her. Fiona asks for an adjustment to be made to the collar. Having satisfied herself with this, she asks Lisa what time her appointment is. Lisa says it's at nine. Fiona tells her that, when Mr. Downey sees her sketches, he's going to be knocked right out! Lisa replies that, as long as he puts up the money, she doesn't care what he thinks! Fiona tells Lisa that she doesn't have a thing to worry about - after all, she's got quite a reputation! Changing the subject, Lisa says she thought she'd drop by the hospital on the way home, and see Terry. Fiona asks her if she's still happy to stay around until Terry gets back on his feet properly. Lisa says, "Sure - why?" Fiona says she thought she might have had a change of heart, but Lisa assures her that she hasn't. She then says she has to go. As she opens the door, John is standing there, just about to knock. Lisa tells him that she has to go, and she asks him to wish her luck. John wishes her luck! She goes. John walks into the flat and tells Fiona that he has bad news: Dee Morrell died yesterday. Looking shocked, Fiona cries, "Oh, no..." John explains that he heard it from Gordon - they just heard from Melbourne; he and Barbara are flying down this morning with Stephen and Patricia. Fiona says, "Poor Barbara..." She asks if Gordon said how Barbara was, but John says he didn't - although he supposes she's pretty upset. Fiona asks when the funeral is, and John replies that Gordon thinks it's tomorrow; the will's being read this afternoon, though. Fiona, looking surprised, says, "Before the funeral?" John replies, "Apparently." He adds that the race for the money will be on now, and he asks Fiona if she has any bets on who's going to win. Fiona looks worried.

Kevin is on the 'phone at the Palmers' - he says he's sorry to hear. He hangs up and goes into the kitchen, where David and Beryl are eating, and tells them that that was Wayne: Mrs. Morrell's dead. David and Beryl look shocked. Beryl asks when it happened, and Kevin says it was yesterday morning, just after eleven. Beryl says she doesn't believe it, and Kevin agrees that it's awful. He then adds that he has to get a move on, as there's a lot to sort out; Wayne wants him to go to the house instead of the office. He goes. Beryl says to David that he knows what this means: they were probably the last people to see her... David tells Beryl that they can't know that for sure, but Beryl continues that, when Dee was calling out, she might really have needed help. David points out that she was a sick old lady, and it could have happened at any minute. Beryl says she knows, but... David asks how anyone can know for sure, and he reminds Beryl that she said before that she'd seen Dee put on an act. Beryl says she knows, but she might have been able to do something. David tells her that she might not have. He asks Beryl if she's OK. Beryl reluctantly says, "Yes..."

At the Sydney apartment, Stephen hugs Barbara and asks her if she's alright. Barbara quietly says, "Uh huh." She looks upset, and says she had a bit of a cry on the way over; she then adds that she can't pretend she feels any great loss, though, because she doesn't. Stephen tells her that he feels the same way. Gordon and Patricia are standing nearby, as Stephen says it's a pity she had to die alone. Barbara says it was the way she lived, and Stephen says he supposes so. Barbara remarks that it's funny: she knows they never had much in common, but it's hard to realise she's gone. The two of them sit down on the settee. Gordon asks Stephen if he has any idea why the will is being read before the funeral, but Stephen says he hasn't the faintest. Barbara says she thought Dee might have said something to Stephen and Patricia before they left, but Patricia says she didn't. Stephen sourly remarks that it's another one of her games, and Gordon agrees that it probably is, although he adds that it still seems very odd. He then says he'll put the cases in the car, and he asks Patricia if they're ready. Patricia says she has a few more things to pack. The two of them leave the room. Stephen hugs Barbara.

Amanda opens the door to Kevin, at Toorak. Wayne is sitting at the desk in the lounge room, and he suddenly looks very smug. By the door, Kevin tells Amanda that he's sorry to hear about her grandmother. He comes in and joins Wayne in the lounge room. Wayne stands up and asks Amanda to leave them alone for a minute. As she goes, he asks her to close the door. Kevin apologises to Wayne for being late, and he explains that there was a smash on the Toorak road, which held him up. Wayne says that's OK. Kevin then says he supposes things are in a bit of a mess, and Wayne replies, "You could say that." Kevin asks Wayne what he wants him to do, and Wayne replies, "Nothing really." Kevin looks surprised. Wayne continues, "I called you in here to give you the sack." He hands over an envelope and tells Kevin that it's a week's salary in lieu of notice. Looking shocked, Kevin asks why. Wayne tells him that it's because there's no job for him there, anymore. Kevin retorts that Dee said he was doing alright, but Wayne nastily says, "Dee's dead. I'm looking after everything now, and I don't want you around." He adds that Kevin was only hired because Dee wanted to annoy Patricia. Kevin says he doesn't believe it, but Wayne smiles nastily and asks him if he seriously thinks it was for his business ability. Kevin says yes, it was; Dee said she wanted to give him a chance. Wayne says, "I've got news for you, mate: you're a deadhead - labouring is much more your style." Kevin looks at Wayne angrily and sourly comments that he's really enjoying this. Wayne smiles and says he certainly is: sacking a Palmer is a pleasure. He adds that, from now on, he probably won't have to have anything to do with Kevin's family. He walks off, leaving Kevin looking dumbfounded.

Beryl is on the 'phone at the Palmers'. David is in the kitchen. Beryl thanks the caller and then hangs up. David, who's searching through his toolbox, asks if Beryl's seen his screwdiver. When she doesn't answer, he looks up at her and sees a puzzled look upon her face. He asks what's wrong, and Beryl replies, "I can't understand it - something very strange is going on..."

Lisa arrives back at the flat at Dural. She leaves the front door open and heads off to one of the back rooms. Charlie walks up to the door and knocks on it. She calls out to ask if anybody's home, but there's no answer. She spots Lisa's drawings lying on the couch and decides to come in and have a look. Lisa suddenly returns from the back room and, surprised to see someone there, says, "Do you mind?" Startled, Charlie tells Lisa that she gave her such a fright! Lisa snaps that the drawings are supposed to be private. Charlie says she's sorry, but she couldn't resist having a peek; she thinks they're very good. Lisa takes the drawings and puts them away. Charlie explains that she heard on the grapevine that Lisa's talented; it seems she's found the person she's looking for. Lisa asks her what she means, and Charlie introduces herself, explaining that she lives next door. She continues that, when she heard a brilliant young designer was living there, she thought she just had to come and meet her. She then explains that she needs a new outfit, and she asks Lisa if she does one-offs. Lisa replies that she does, but they're quite expensive. Charlie, though, tells her that money's no problem - as long as it's stunning and exclusive. Lisa looks at Charlie intently and then says that, in that case, she's sure they can come to some sort of arrangement. Charlie happily says she's sure they can.

At Toorak, Amanda tells Wayne that she's not looking forward to this. Wayne assures her that she'll be alright, and he tells her to just act naturally and be perfectly charming. He opens the front door to Stephen, Patricia, Gordon and Barbara. The greetings between the two groups are hostile, but this doesn't stop Wayne from smiling and offering drinks. Amanda chips in that she's made coffee. Barbara and Gordon both accept coffee, but Patricia says she'll have a drink. Stephen declines both. Wayne tells Amanda that he'll give her a hand, but she declines, so Wayne joins the others in the lounge room, where he asks how the flight was. Barbara says it was boring, as usual. Stephen comments that the high point was when the hostess spilt some coffee on him! Everyone sits down and Wayne offers some sandwiches, but nobody wants anything. Amanda comes in with the coffee, and Stephen asks her if she's got a job yet. Amanda says she hasn't. Stephen then asks her if she has any prospects, but Amanda says, "Not really." Stephen doesn't look impressed. Wayne asks how the weather was, up in Sydney, but Patricia impatiently snaps that it hasn't changed since he asked the same question this morning. Wayne smiles and lightheartedly says, "Ah, yes - sorry!" Annoyed at the smalltalk, Patricia asks what's going on, adding that they didn't come there to discuss inanities and pretend they're mad about each other. Wayne smiles and explains that he has a few things to tell them. Patricia snaps, "Get on with it, then." Wayne looks at Gordon and says, "I know this will probably upset you, Gordy, but I've had my name changed by deed poll." Gordon looks astonished as Wayne says, "You're looking at Wayne Morrell." He turns to Stephen and says, "How about that, Dad?!" Stephen looks shocked. Wayne continues that he'd also like them to meet his wife, and he puts his arm around Amanda. Everyone looks shocked.

Charlie is looking at Lisa's designs, and she hits upon one that she likes, but she says it might be a bit 'way out'. Lisa suggests she go for the other one she's picked, but Charlie says she likes them both! Indicating the first drawing, Lisa tells her to be a devil, and Charlie agrees! She asks how long it'll take to make up, and Lisa replies that she couldn't get it done in under a fortnight. Charlie assures her that that's tons of time! Fiona suddenly comes in, and looks surprised to see Charlie. She asks her what she's doing there, and Charlie replies that there are two reasons. She asks if Fiona's heard the dreadful news about Dee, and Fiona nods and replies that it was quite a shock. Charlie says she knows, but it wasn't unexpected. Fiona snaps that she wouldn't know; she wasn't that close to the woman. She asks what the other reason is, and Charlie smiles and says she wanted to meet Lisa - she heard what a marvellous designer she was, and she wanted to persuade her to design something special for her - and she is! She adds that she's absolutely thrilled to bits - plus Lisa told her this morning that she needs help getting a backer for her collection so she's going to do it! She tells Fiona that she'll be seeing a lot more of her from now on. She laughs but Fiona puts on an excrutiating smile through clenched teeth!

In the lounge room at Toorak, Gordon stands next to Stephen and says, "You've done some stupid things before, Wayne, but this takes the cake." Wayne is still standing next to Amanda, by the fireplace. Amanda is stony-faced. Wayne says he didn't think his father would be too pleased. Gordon says, "Damn right I'm not." Wayne snaps, "Tough." Stephen snaps to Amanda that he thought she'd have more sense than to let Wayne force her into something like this. Amanda protests that Wayne didn't force her into anything; she did it because she wanted to. Gordon says he doesn't see why they had to go through with it - it was a ridiculous idea in the first place. He adds that Dee's dead, so what difference does it make? Wayne bluntly replies, "We wouldn't get the money if we weren't married." Gordon says, "Money - that's all you think about." With a glance at Patricia, Wayne growls, "Look who taught me." Patricia, who's sitting in an armchair, asks Wayne what makes him so sure he's going to get anything now. Wayne says Dee promised him, but Patricia says that's no guarantee - she could have left the lot to the dogs' home, for all Wayne knows. Barbara chips in that she wouldn't be surprised. Wayne says he'll take his chances. Barbara asks what happens if they end up with nothing, but Wayne glibly says he hasn't even considered it. Barbara tells Wayne that he's a fool, then, because if there is no money, she'd like to know how long their marriage is going to last. Wayne nastily asks Barbara if she knows what he thinks gets under her skin. He doesn't wait for a response before saying it's the fact that it's done, and there's nothing any of them can do about it. Gordon then asks Wayne if he knows what his problem is: "You think you're smarter than everyone else." He walks over to the settee and sits down next to Barbara, telling Wayne as he does so that he's come a cropper before and it'll happen again. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Amanda goes to get it. Wayne says to Gordon that that's what he'd like, but he's wrong: "For once in my life, I'm going to have the last laugh." Gordon says they'll see about that... Wayne says they won't have long to wait until they find out. Expecting to see the solicitor walk in, Wayne is surprised when he sees it's actually Beryl. He asks her, "What are you doing here?" Beryl comes in and says she doesn't know, actually - she had a call from Dee's solicitor: apparently she's inherited something. Wayne looks shocked.

A short while later, Amanda is sitting in her quarters when Wayne walks in. She asks if they've recovered from Beryl arriving, but Wayne sourly says, "Not really." He continues, "They're sitting there like a pack of zombies, staring at each other - I had to get out." He then remarks that Dee said her will would irritate Patricia, but he never thought she'd leave anything to Beryl Palmer; Amanda; him; Barbara, yes; but her... He adds that that's if Dee has left anything to the two of them. Amanda reminds him that a few minutes ago, he was pretty certain. Wayne asks who knows what the old biddy was thinking at the end - she might have gone back on her promise. Amanda snaps that it's about what Wayne deserves, marrying so quickly after she died. She tells him that she's met some hard people in her time, but Wayne takes the cake. Wayne snaps that he believes in surviving. Patricia comes in and says that, if they want to know who's won the raffle, the solicitor's arrived. Amanda stands up and tells Wayne that she'll see him inside. She leaves the room. Patricia says to Wayne, "Must be butterflies in the tummy time, now that Beryl's arrived." She then adds that she wouldn't worry too much - she's sure Dee will have kept her word to look after her granddaughter and her new husband. Wayne says he's sure she has. Patricia smiles and tells him that he shouldn't be too confident - even if he has cracked it for first prize, he's going to need more than money to keep him going. Wayne says, "Such as?" Patricia laughs and says, "Let's face it: you've never been blessed with what one could call a brain." Wayne looks annoyed as Patricia continues that he's managed to muddle his way through in sort of a haphazard way, but he's only really been successful when he's had somebody beside him with a bit of push and a bit of knowhow - like Dee - "...and me." Wayne laughs and tells Patricia that she's really packing it. Patricia asks how on earth he came to that conclusion. Wayne nastily says, "Reckon I'm going to need your help, do you?" Patricia replies that she can't imagine anybody else even vaguely considering giving it. She adds, "Yes, you'll need my help - you'll come running for it." Wayne smiles and says, "Talk about hedge your bets. Just in case poor old Pat doesn't crack it for much herself, she's going to make sure she's in with little Wayne." He adds, "We'll see about that." He walks out. Patricia stands there looking annoyed, but she soon follows him.

In the lounge room, Stephen, Beryl, Barbara and Gordon are all sitting down. Amanda is standing behind Barbara and Gordon and Mr. Pritchard is standing by the desk. He is explaining that Mrs. Morrell took great pains to ensure her wishes be adhered to in detail. Wayne and Patricia walk in as he says he has a video tape cassette. He tells the assembled group that the tape runs for just over ten minutes and was recorded in that very room; it was forwarded to their offices on the same day. He continues that he's already played through the tape; therefore, he can tell them that it loosely summarises the contents of the will; he'll be going through the will in its written form afterwards, but it was Mrs. Morrell's express wish that he play the tape to them first. Barbara sourly says, "What would you know, she'd do something different?" Mr. Pritchard remarks that he gathers from their reactions that they find the idea a little unusual. He adds that it's fast becoming an accepted procedure, he understands, in the United States. Patricia sourly comments that Dee probably read it in a magazine at the hairdressers! Stephen says, "Just as long as she leaves us with a little dignity." Beryl embarrassedly says she feels like a real outsider, but Barbara tells her not to be silly. Mr. Pritchard inserts the tape into the video player.

David is in the kitchen at the Palmers' when Kevin comes in. He asks him what he's doing home at this time, but Kevin ignores this and asks if Tony and his mum are there. David says they're not. Kevin goes to the 'fridge as David tells him that they both went over to Alice's sister's. He asks why the interest, but Kevin doesn't answer; instead, he tells David about how he turned up for work this morning and was sacked on the spot. David incredulously says, "What?" Kevin continues that he didn't waste any time: he went straight to the CES to register - only they wanted something from his previous employer, in writing, stating why he was sacked, and there's no way he's going back to Wayne to ask for a letter. David points out that there's always the bank, and Kevin says he knows, but he left there, and if he went back, it would be like giving in - and he's not giving in. David remarks that it sounds to him as if Kevin's being a bit stubborn. Kevin says he's not, but he has to prove to himself that he can do something better. He adds that at least Victor gave him a good reference - that's a start. David tells him not to let his stupid pride stand in the way. He then adds that, if it's any consolation, Beryl might be able to help. Kevin asks what he's talking about, and David replies that she's over at the Morrell house, as it seems Mrs. Morrell might have left her something. Kevin looks amazed, and says, "You're joking!" David replies that it wouldn't be much, but it would be a help.

At Toorak, the video is playing, and Dee is on-screen. She addresses those watching: "Doubtless this will surprise you all. I'm rather sorry I can't be there to see your reactions!" No one seems amused by this comment. Dee continues, "The reason I decided to have my will read before the funeral was, quite simply, to put you out of your misery. I know you've all suffered a great deal during the past few months, wondering just which way things might go for you. Bet you're feeling nervous..." She pauses and then says, "Patricia? Stephen? How about you, Barbara? Amanda? And I can just imagine Wayne. Well, I suppose we'd better get on with it..."


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