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    Written by: Billie Morton    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

The 'phone rings at the Palmers', and Beryl answers it. Lynn comes on and asks if David's there, but Beryl says he isn't. She asks what's wrong, and Lynn tells her that Joe Parker has been threatening to track him down and half kill him; he came barging in there this morning, looking for Alice. Beryl asks her if he touched her, but Lynn explains that Tony was there. Beryl asks if he's still there, and Lynn says he is. Beryl suggests to her that she and Davey should stay with her parents tonight.

At Toorak, Barbara snaps, "Hypocrites, indeed," and adds that that's rich coming from Wayne. Gordon, though, says he has a point - Stephen was going to embezzle. Barbara snaps that nothing came of it, but Gordon points out that the intent was there - and Dee and Wayne will make sure the entire business community knows about it. He adds that he doesn't know if he can afford to have Stephen working with him; he must have the trust of his clients. Barbara says she only wanted to give him enough support so that he wouldn't go running back to Dee; she just hopes he's strong enough to stick by his decision, no matter what. She asks Gordon when he'll tell Stephen, and he replies that he'll do it when he gets back to Sydney, adding that it's better to do it face-to-face. There's suddenly a knock on the front door, and Barbara gets up and goes out into the hallway to answer it. As she gets there, though, Wayne quickly dashes out and says he'll get it. He opens the door and the man standing there introduces himself as Dr. Jordan, explaining that he's there for Mrs. Morrell. Wayne tells him that he'll show him to her room. Barbara watches and then returns to the lounge room and tells Gordon that it's a doctor to see her mother; she obviously is ill.

There's a knock on Dee's bedroom door and Wayne escorts Dr. Jordan in. He then goes. Dee asks the doctor to sit down. He says to Dee that there were some tests she wanted to see him about. Dee asks what she has to do to convince him that she's not stark raving mad. Dr. Jordan replies that there are some fairly standard psychiatric procedures; he merely has to ascertain that she's of sound mind at the time of drawing up the somewhat 'controversial' will, as she explained it. Dee suggests that they don't waste time, then, and she tells him to fire away. The doctor says he'll start by running a few standard tests, and he asks her if she's sure she's up to it. Dee tells him that she's never felt better in the whole of her life.

Beryl is in the kitchen at the Palmers', doing some cooking, when there's a sudden loud banging on the front door. A nervous expression crosses her face. She takes off her apron and walks cautiously into the lounge room and then the hallway. She pauses by the front door, looking uncertain, before taking the plunge and opening it. Joe Parker is standing there. She asks him if she can help him. Joe asks if David's Palmer's there, but Beryl tells him that there must be some mistake - she's afraid he's got the wrong house. Joe, though, growls that there's no mistake, and he walks in. Beryl angrily snaps, "How dare you." Joe asks where he is, and Beryl retorts that he's not there - he's away. Joe threatens that he'll be away for good when he gets his hands on him; he'll kill David if he doesn't stop messing around with his wife. He asks where they are, but Beryl tells him that she doesn't know. Joe looks round the living room and remarks that it's a nice cosy place they've got there - it would be a shame if it all got smashed up... He picks up the bowl of fruit on the table and throws it towards the kitchen doors. He then walks over to the fireplace and swipes the ornaments that adorn the mantlepiece onto the floor. He angrily asks again where David is, but Beryl doesn't answer. Joe swipes more ornaments off the sideboard and repeats again, "Where is he?" A terrified Beryl doesn't answer.

David and Alice arrive back at the Palmers' to find Beryl sitting in the lounge room, which has been trashed. David asks, "What the hell?" He asks Beryl if she's alright. Beryl tells him that he came barging in past her; he kept asking her where he and Alice were. David holds her as she continues that she's never been so scared in her life. She turns to Alice and tells her that if she'd been there, he would have killed her; her husband's a mad man. David says he'll find him, but Beryl says she's called the police and they're on their way over. David points out that Alice might not want the cops involved, but Beryl snaps that she doesn't care - she's not going to sit back and have her home wrecked. Alice tells Beryl that she did the right thing. She then says she's sorry - she shouldn't have come there in the first place; she's going to tell the police what he did to her and make sure they charge him with assault on top of everything else.

A while later, two detectives are at the Palmer house, but one of them tells Alice that they're sorry but they can't do anything about it - a charge has to be laid within 48 hours. He then adds, though, that there seems to be grounds for laying charges for smashing the place up. David asks how long he'll get, but the detective says that's up to the court to decide; they have to find him and charge him first. They start to head out. As they go, David asks if the court will lock him up. The detective suggests they just concentrate on finding him first. He and his colleague go. As they do so, Tony comes in and asks what's going on. David tells him that his old man came round and got carried away. Alice hugs her son and bitterly asks him what they're going to do. Tony assures her that it's alright. He asks what happened, and Alice explains. She sobs as she asks when Joe's going to leave them alone. Tony snaps that he's caused enough trouble without dragging the Palmers into it; the sooner they lock him up, the better. Alice cries that she feels so ashamed...

Dee is sitting up, reading a magazine in bed, when there's suddenly a knock on her bedroom door. She quickly hides the magazine and says a frail, "Come in..." It's Wayne. Dee tells him that she thought he might be Barbara, but Wayne says she's downstairs saying goodbye to Gordon. Dee asks him if he's finished his business with his father, and Wayne says, "Yep." Dee comments on the fact that Barbara is still there, and Wayne replies that she's settled in. Dee remarks that she won't leave until she's seen Amanda. She then tells Wayne to bring Amanda home tomorrow, so that she and Barbara can have their tête-à-tête and get it over with. Wayne asks what Dee will do if Barbara talks Amanda out of marrying him, but Dee replies that, by tonight, there shouldn't be the slightest doubt in Amanda's mind about marrying him. Wayne says he doesn't get it. Dee asks him if he's ever heard about old-fashioned romancing. Looking surprised, Wayne asks her what exactly she had in mind. Dee tells him that he and Amanda are going to have a night on the town - on her; no expense spared; she wants that girl with stars in her eyes by the end of the evening; and by the time she sees Barbara tomorow, she should be champing at the bit to marry him.

Kevin gets home - the place having been tidied up - and Beryl remarks that he's late. Kevin snaps that the boss kept finding things for him to do. Beryl comments that she supposes he has to stay back sometimes. Kevin, though, snaps that he didn't suddenly expect to be working for Wayne Hamilton. Suddenly noticing that the ornaments are missing from the mantlepiece, he asks where everything has gone. Beryl tells him that there was a bit of trouble, and she explains about David taking Alice to see her sister and daughter and about Joe Parker turning up. Kevin angrily asks her why the hell she let Joe in, and then snaps that the Parkers are nothing but trouble. He adds that if Beryl doesn't tell them to get out, he will. Beryl snaps that he'll do no such thing - David wants them there. Kevin snaps that he doesn't care; he's sick of it - he'll tell them to get out. Beryl snaps, "Don't you dare," and she adds that it's her and David's house, not his; they offered to help Alice and Tony, and they can't turn their back on them now. Kevin snaps at her to suit herself. He picks up his jacket and his keys and storms out.

The next morning, Tony is whistling cheerfully in the kitchen, but David tells him to give it a rest. Tony asks if he can turn the wireless on, then, and David reluctantly agrees. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and David gets it. Detective Brodie comes on and says they picked Joe up last night and he'll be appearing in court this morning. David thanks him for ringing. He asks if Alice has to come, but the detective says she doesn't. David asks if he can come, and Brodie tells him that of course he can. The call ends, and David tells Tony that that was the cops: Joe's in court this morning. Tony asks David if he's going in. David replies that he wants to see what happens to the mongrel, and he adds that Tony can come too - it's up to him.

Tony and David arrive at the court house. Detective Brodie is standing outside, and David asks if Joe has been up yet. Brodie says he hasn't. Tony stares at the outside of the court and remarks that he hadn't planned on being in a court room quite so soon. They suddenly spot Joe being led up in handcuffs. Tony and Joe stare at each for several seconds. Joe then turns to David and growls, "You're Palmer? Now I know who I'm looking for." He's led inside. David tells Tony that his father is all words; he can't do much if they lock him up.

Beryl comes downstairs at Toorak. Kevin is in the hallway and she tells him that they should have a talk. Kevin asks what about. Beryl snaps that he comes in at all hours and then doesn't talk to anyone at breakfast. Kevin snaps back that he had a hangover - and still has, so leave him alone. Beryl, though, says she just wants him to understand about the Parkers. Kevin snaps that they're her problem, not his. He then continues that he's got enough probems without her nagging him. Beryl snaps at him that he's become a nasty, selfish little know-all, and she adds that it's no wonder Lynn doesn't want him back. As the row continues, Barbara walks past and heads upstairs. Kevin asks Beryl if she's finished. Beryl retorts that she's just tyring to get him to see reason; yesterday made her realise what that poor woman has put up with for all these years. Kevin ignores this, and snaps that the Parkers have been nothing but trouble since David met Tony; he's sick to death of the lot of them.

Barbara goes into Dee's bedroom and asks how the patient is this morning. Dee, who is sitting up in bed, puts on her frail act as she says she's as well as can be expected. She 'weakly' asks Barbara how long she's been there, adding that she seems to have lost all track of time. Barbara says she's been there since yesterday. Dee asks if Gordon is there as well, but Barbara replies that he flew back yesterday. She then adds that the business with Stephen is putting Gordon in a very awkward position. Dee says she's too ill for an argument - the doctor says she needs complete rest. She goes to sit up further, but makes out that it's painful, and Barbara snaps at her that if the doctor said she needed rest, then she should get rest; she helps Dee get comfortable again. Dee tells her that all Morrell women are stubborn - even Amanda: she's as pigheaded as the rest of them. Barbara sourly comments that she's especially so when large bribes are dangled in front of her pretty little nose. Dee snaps that if Amanda wants to marry Wayne, that's her business. Barabara snaps that she can't believe anyone would want to marry Wayne. Dee says Amanda is very fond of him, and she adds that Barbara will see for herself when Amanda gets home. She then asks Barbara to promise her one thing: it's Amanda's life, and if she's happy with Wayne, then Barbara mustn't stand in her way; if she's content, Barbara has no right to continue making trouble. Barbara snaps that if she wants to marry Wayne, she'll bow out gracefully - but she'll also eat her hat and everybody else's for that matter! Dee asks her if she promises. Barbara says she does. Dee looks pleased.

Joe walks out of court, having been released on bail. As he leaves, his solicitor tells him that it was just a lot of legal jargon. Joe suddenly spots Tony standing outside, and he asks him if he's coming with him. Tony retorts that he wouldn't even walk across the street with his father. Joe angrily looks at David and remarks that Alice's fancy man has won Tony over too. He then adds that they'll see about that... David comes over and snaps that they should have locked away the key. Joe asks David if he's threatening him. David warns that, if Joe comes anywhere near his house again, he'll do more than that. Joe starts to say, "Listen, feller..." but his solicitor reminds him of the terms of his bail: he has to stay right away from the Palmers and their house. He then turns to David and tells him to stop goading his client to break his bail. David snaps that anyone would think he was the criminal, and he adds that he ought to smash Joe's head in. Joe warns that he wouldn't try or he'll be up on an assault charge. He then threatens that no one takes his missus and kid away from him and gets away with it...

At the Morrell apartment in Sydney, Gordon tells Stephen that he's sorry - he feels bad about the whole thing. Stephen says he understands. Gordon continues that it's his fault - he shouldn't have offered Stephen the job without thinking about the consequences. Patricia angrily chips in that Gordon did give Stephen his word. Gordon, though, replies that he didn't realise how difficult Wayne and Dee would make things by leaking the embezzlement story. Patricia suggests that it might be difficult at first, but after a while... Stephen interrupts her, though, and says there's no question of him staying on. Gordon tells him that it won't be easy for him, but Stephen says there's bound to be an opening somewhere.

Alice is looking at a magazine, and she jumps when the front door bangs shut at the Palmers'. David comes in and she asks him how it went. He snaps that the whole thing was a flaming waste of time - Joe got off on bail; it'll be a while before he comes up again and then he'll probably only get a fine. Alice asks what about the damage? David says he's not worried about that; Joe is a maniac. Alice cries that he'll kill her. David assures her that she's safe as long as she's there - he's not stupid enough to risk his bail. He angrily adds that the whole legal sytem is a joke.

At The Terrace, Lynn tells Tony that there's nothing he can do about it - it's hardly his fault. Tony glumly says he bets David is starting to wish he'd never capped eyes on him. He then adds that Lynn should have seen his father outside the court - he looked so pleased with himself - and why shoudn't he?; the cops can't touch him - he knows that. He continues that someone's got to stop him. A thoughtful look crosses his face as he tells Lynn that, ever since he's been a kid, his father has treated his mother like dirt; it's about time he fixed him so he can never hurt her again... Lynn looks worried.

Barbara is coming downstairs at Toorak as Wayne and Amanda come in. Wayne says he'll go and make some coffee. Amanda smiles when she sees Barbara, and she asks her what she's doing there. Barbara replies that she's come to say 'hello'. Amanda sharply says she's also come to try and knock some sense into her head. Barbara retorts that she thinks it's time someone did. Amanda tells her that she wants to marry Wayne - she's really happy about it. Barbara snaps that she's happy about the money, more like. Amanda replies that of course - that's the main reason they're doing it. Barbara snaps that she thinks they're both sick. Amanda insists that she likes Wayne; she might even end up loving him. She continues that she's made up her mind, and if Barbara came all this way to change it, she's wasting her time. Barbara asks her if she shouldn't give the whole thing a lot more thought, but Amanda says 'no' - she's getting married and that's all there is to it. She walks off. Dee suddenly calls from the top of the stairs that Barbara promised. Barbara sarcastically comments that she thought her mother was sick in bed. Dee retorts that she's just making sure Barbara keeps her word. Barbara snaps that Amanda is lying, but Dee tells her that she's seeing what she wants to see. She then adds that Barbara made a promise, and she expects her to keep it. Looking furious, Barbara snaps that Dee has tricked her once too often - she's going. She adds that, all that talk after the party about getting back together - she can forget that for a start. As she opens the front door, she continues, "And how frightened you were of dying? My God, I'm not surprised, because when you come to do it, you'll be doing it totally alone." She storms out and slams the door shut behind her. Dee stands at the top of the stairs looking shocked.


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