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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Philip East

Fiona is at the hospital, walking cautiously down the corridor towards Terry's room. She pauses momentarily outside the door and then goes in. Terry is sitting in a wheelchair next to his bed, and he immediately says to Fiona that he was beginning to think she wasn't coming. Looking surprised, Fiona asks him how he knew it was her, and he explains that he can smell her perfume. He then continues that, now that he's in a wheelchair, he can get some fresh air. He starts to wheel himself forward, but Fiona quickly stops him, pointing out that he's not heading for the door. She asks him why he wanted to see her. Terry replies that he knows they didn't get off to a good start, and nothing can change what happened - but he got the feeling last time that she maybe felt a bit different, knowing who he is. Fiona admits that she does; the fact that he's her son can't be ignored - and after the accident, she couldn't help herself: she wanted to look after him - do something for him; that's what being a mother means, she supposes. She adds that, before she blew it by coming out with the truth, she hoped that they could gradually get to know each other; she does want to help him; get him going again. Terry listens and then tells her that she can; he won't kid her that he feels much differently towards her, but she's probably the only person who can help him. He asks her if she'll be in it. Fiona asks what the problem is, and Terry replies that it's her friend - his 'mate' - John Palmer: he's been trying to crack onto Lisa and he's not having a bar of it.

Barbara and Gordon are walking down the driveway at Dural, and Gordon says he still can't absorb what Stephen just said: embezzling. Barbara points out that at least his conscience came good in the end. Gordon says he knows it happens all the time, but that's no excuse for him. Barbara, though, says she can understand why he was tempted - she wouldn't work for Dee.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Beryl tells Dee and Wayne that she'll leave them to it, and she heads off. When she's gone, Dee says to Wayne that they have to prepare for Barbara's arrival - she'll be there as soon as Stephen has stopped crying on her shoulder to talk Amanda out of marrying him. Wayne suggests that she probably won't have much trouble, but Dee tells him that she wants him to make sure Amanda goes to stay at a hotel; she'll handle Barbara. Wayne comments that Dee is always one step ahead. Dee replies, "Of course!"

Fiona is pushing Terry in the grounds at the hospital. She tells him that she can understand how upsetting it is for him, but if John and Lisa want to be together, there's not much he can do about it. Terry retorts that there is. Fiona asks him if he means he can punch John up, but Terry replies that he's not that stupid; he realises that, if he's going to have a chance, he'll have to change. Fiona points out that the way to win someone is to be yourself, but Terry asks what he has to offer. Fiona reminds him that Lisa loved him once - for what he was. Terry, though, says she's changed and he hasn't; she's grown up and he's still the kid from the bush. Fiona suggests that perhaps they weren't meant to be together. Terry tells her that his oldies have been on at him for years to do something with his life. Fiona says she can't see how he can change overnight. Terry tells her that he just wants to make something of himself; be equal with Lisa. He asks her whether she'll help him or not.

In the lounge room at Dural, Fiona tells Barbara that she knows what she agreed to do is wrong, but it's the first time he's asked her to do anything as her son; she couldn't say no. Barbara comments that she's darned if she knows how Fiona can help him; a few obvious things spring to mind, such as buying him a garage and give him responsibility - but how that will help him with Lisa...; they're poles apart. Fiona glumly replies that she's not kidding herself - she knows they're probably not suited - but if she gives him some responsibility, he might realise that he and Lisa are not suited; at least it would be him making that decision. Barbara remarks that she thinks it will be hell on John and Lisa - and she adds that Fiona knows how John will react if he finds out. Fiona retorts that if their relationship isn't stong enough to cope with it, they shouldn't be together. Barbara comments that that's a very convenient excuse. Fiona replies that she can't say she's happy with what she agreed to do, but she can't just ignore Terry.

At the Palmers', Alice Parker puts the newspaper down on the kitchen table and puts the milk in the 'fridge. Beryl comes in and Alice explains that she'd like to help out 'til she gets another job, now that the restaurant has closed. Beryl says that, with the job she's got now, she could certainly do with someone to help out around the place. Alice offers to make breakfast. Beryl says she'll do it, as she likes to stick to her routine, and Alice immediately apologises for being pushy. Beryl quickly tells her that she didn't mean her to take it the wrong way, and she agrees that Alice can do the cooking. David comes in and Alice offers him some breakfast. David asks for pancakes, and Beryl agrees that they would make a nice change, as she doesn't normally have time to make them in the morning. Out in the living room, Kevin comes in in his night attire to find Tony already dressed, and he sarcastically remarks on Tony being up a bit early, adding that he doesn't suppose he's going to look for a job. Tony retorts that he's going over to Lynn's place - to help her pack up some stuff that Rob and Angela left behind. Alice comes out and offers Kevin some pancakes, but he snaps that he's not hungry. Alice returns to the kitchen, and Beryl angrily tells Kevin that he deserves to starve. She leaves the room. Tony immediately snaps at Kevin that he can pick on him whenever he likes, but he's to treat his mum properly; if he says or does anything to upset her, he'll flatten him.

There's a cameraman with Dee in the lounge room at Toorak, and Dee asks him when he can have the copies done. He tells her that it'll be sometime today. Dee tells him that she wants one copy sent to her solicitor and the other one brought to her. The man asks her if she wants the original as well, but Dee says she doesn't; she tells him to give it to the solicitor. She asks him if he understands the confidential nature of the tape, and he assures her that he does. There's suddenly a knock on the doors to the room, and Beryl comes in as the cameraman leaves. Dee suddenly puts on an act of being frail, and she 'weakly' tells Beryl that she has no idea how glad she is to see her - some terrible things have been happening; it's all most upsetting. Beryl replies that Wayne told her. She then asks what the man with the camera was doing, and Dee quickly explains that she wanted the things in the room recorded for insurance purposes. Beryl agrees that it makes sense. Dee then tells her that Patricia was all behind it: she talked Stephen into trying to embezzle her money. Beryl curtly replies that Patricia is capable of anything, but it's sad that Dee's son went along with it. Dee snaps that Patricia has got him wrapped round her little finger. She then continues that it's all been too much for her, and she puts her hand to her chest, as if she's in pain. Beryl tells her that she ought to be in bed, and Dee asks for help back to her room. As they go to leave the room, she asks Beryl for a favour: keep people away from her; she has a feeling Barbara might arrive to say her piece, but she doesn't feel up to arguing; she wants Beryl to tell Barbara that she's not to be disturbed - doctor's orders. Beryl, looking worried, says she'll let Barbara know that Dee isn't well, but she can't lie about it - there have too many lies in the place recently. Dee angrily snaps that what goes on in the house is nothing to do with Beryl. Beryl looks taken aback, and Dee quickly regains her 'frailty' and says she's sorry. She asks Beryl if she can manage to help her out just this once. Beryl reluctantly says she'll do her best.

Alice is vacuuming the living room at the Palmers' when David comes out from the kitchen and tells her to take it easy, adding that anyone would think they have a whip out on her! Alice turns the machine off and assures him that she doesn't mind giving them a hand. David tells her that she doesn't have to knock herself out! Alice repeats that she doesn't mind, adding that work keeps her mind off things. David asks if it's something to do with her husband, and Alice sadly says, "What else?" She then adds, though, that it's not just him: she's tried so hard over the years to hold her family together; it was the only reason she stayed with Joe. David points out that she's away from him now. Alice says she knows - but all those years of fighting didn't mean anything - Dennis still ended up in a home, Shirley couldn't stand the way her father treated her, so went to stay with her sister...; she stupidly thought that when she left him, she could get them all back together again - her and the kids... David asks what's stopping her. Alice tells him that she can't - not while Joe is pestering her; he still thinks she'll go back to him. She cries that she's ended up living in someone else's home; she honestly thinks some people were never meant to win. As she starts crying, David soothingly says, "Now, now, now, now..." He tells her that they can't have her tossing the towel in, and he adds that it'll get better; it has to. He points out that she's amongst friends there, and then suggests that she drop the cleaning for the day - he'll take her across to see her sister and daughter; he'll pick her up on the way back from his job. Alice sadly tells him that Beryl doesn't know how lucky she is having a husband like him.

Beryl opens the front door at Toorak to find Barbara and Gordon standing there. She welcomes them and then asks them if they've come to see Dee. Barbara asks if she's upstairs, but Beryl tells her that she doesn't think it's a good idea to see her. Gordon asks if something's wrong, and Beryl replies that she's not too good this morning. Barbara, looking grim, asks her if Dee asked her to cover for her. Beryl replies that Dee asked her to make sure she's not disturbed, as she's very upset about Stephen. Barbara listens and then heads into the house and walks upstairs, saying she'll tell Dee that Beryl did her best to keep her away,

Dee is sitting at her dressing table, putting her make-up on, when she hears footsteps on the stairs. She quickly dashes back to her bed and lies down. Standing outside, Barbara calls, "Dee..." She comes into the room. Dee is lying in bed, facing away from the door, pretending to be asleep. Barbara leans over the bed, but Dee doesn't stir. Barbara looks at her mother for a few seconds and then leaves the room again. Dee opens her eyes.

Downstairs, Gordon is sitting at the desk in the lounge room when Barbara comes in and tells him that Dee is asleep. Beryl asks her if she's going to wait, and Barbara says she is. Beryl offers morning tea, and both Gordon and Barbara accept. Beryl goes to get it. Barbara sits down and Gordon asks her if Dee is really ill. Barbara says, "Lord knows," and she adds that she could be playing possum - it woudn't be the first time. Gordon asks how she looked, and Barbara tells him that she didn't look well at all - but she has no intention of bringing on another heart attack. Gordon asks her if she'll still talk to her about Amanda. Barbara curtly replies, "Of course."

In her bedroom, Dee is on the 'phone to Wayne, and she tells him that she managed to stall Barbara for a while. She asks him where everyone is, and Wayne replies that they're in the lounge room. Dee tells him to get out of the study as soon as he can and get up there, as she has things for him to do. Wayne comments that she's enjoying this, and Dee tells him that it helps to pass the time. She hangs up and smiles...

In the lounge room, Gordon remarks to Barbara that it's strange Amanda not being home. Barbara sourly says she bets it has something to do with Dee. Out in the hallway, Wayne has just emerged from the study and he stands outside the lounge room and listens as Barbara says she's not moving from there until she's spoken to Amanda; she refuses to let Amanda be manipulated by her grandmother. She snorts, "Arranged marriage, indeed." Gordon tells her that it still goes on - protecting the family name; all that nonsense. Barbara snaps that Amanda's not going to be a victim of it; she'll see to it.

Wayne knocks on Dee's door and goes into her room. Dee is sitting up in bed and she immediately asks what's going on down there. Wayne tells her that Barbara and Gordy are having a great time talking about how they'll protect Amanda. He adds that Barbara isn't going until she's talked to her niece. Dee replies that Barbara is doing exactly what she wanted. She then continues that her daughter will see Amanda, but only when she's ready. Wayne asks her what she's got up her sleeve. Dee tells him to worry about one thing at a time. She then continues that, while Barbara is cooling her heels, they'd better give her something to think about...

Downstairs, Barbara takes Gordon's cup and puts it on the tray. Wayne suddenly comes in and says a cheery good morning. Barbara immediately snaps that she wonders he has that cheek to face them. Gordon sourly says he can't say he's surprised that Wayne would be part of anything so distasteful. Wayne listens and then calmly says he's not going to argue - he only came in to see if Gordon wanted to talk business, as he's looking after Dee's interests now. Looking incredulous, Gordon starts to say that he can't believe--, but he then admits that, yes, he can believe anything of Wayne now. Wayne retorts that he couldn't care less about them and their family feuds; he's more woried about himself. He snaps at Gordon and Barbara about them playing high-and -mighty goody goodies, adding that he's the only one who's done the honest thing. Barbara snorts that she can't see anything honest about being head of an illegal company. Wayne tells her that Stephen and Patricia got to him at a bad time. Gordon snaps, "I bet." Wayne continues that, when Dee stopped him from trying to do away with himself, he wanted to pay her back, so he told her what was going on. Gordon asks him if he was hoping she wouldn't press charges. Wayne says it was a risk he was willing to take. Barbara asks him what Dee offered him. He replies that, at that stage, nothing; she just wanted to try and make Stephen see what Patricia was doing to him; she was knocked for six when he told her about the embezzlement plan; she could see that Patricia was behind it. Barbara snaps that it doesn't account for way they're treating Amanda. Wayne says he asked her to marry him; what's so wrong with that?; at least they're honest about it. Barbara snaps that it's wrong and he knows it is. Wayne asks why, adding that they get on well together, and they like each other; they stand a damn good chance of having a good life together. He then suggests that they be honest about few things: it's a bit of a laugh them both coming down to have a go at Dee; it strikes him as a bit sick them being on Stephen's side - someone who was going to embezzle her; where are their standards there? He continues that they seem to be choosing right and wrong just because of the way it suits them; they're a pair of hypocrites.

At The Terrace, Lynn sticks a 'Fragile' label on a box in the kitchen. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and she goes to open it. She finds Joe Parker standing there, looking menacing. He asks where she is. Lynn asks who he's after, and he snaps that he wants Alice. Lynn says she doesn't know. Joe says he'll look for himself. Lynn tells him that she's not there and the restaurant is closed, so she won't be back. Joe growls that he'll still look for himself, and he pushes past Lynn and walks into the dining area. Tony suddenly runs downstairs, and when Joe sees him, he sarcastically comments that the big man is there. Tony tells his father to leave Lynn alone, and he snaps at him to get out. Joe lashes out and clumps Tony round the head, telling him as he does so not to speak to him like that. Tony snaps that this is really good: his father beats up people if they don't want to know him. Joe warns his son to watch his mouth, but Tony continues that he used to think his father was so terrific - a big man, always having money to throw around and letting the cops know where they stood; he wanted to be like him; he must have been sick in the head. Joe repeats his order to shut up, but Tony continues that his father is so weak that he has to have a crack at women and kids. Joe warns Tony that he's asking for it, and he adds that that David Palmer has been feeding Tony a load of bull about him. Tony retorts that David has got more going for him than Joe ever has. Joe goes to clump Tony again, but then realisation appears to dawn, and he puts his hand down. He says to Tony that Alice will be where David is - or close by. He continues that he'll kill two birds with one stone... He goes to walk out, saying as he does so that Tony has been a big help. He goes. Tony puts his arm around a terrified Lynn.


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