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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

In the lounge room at Dural, Barbara comes off the 'phone and tells Gordon that she doesn't believe it: her brother has finally come to his senses - he's walked out on Dee, lock, stock and barrel. Gordon asks if that was him on the 'phone, and Barbara explains that he was at the airport: he and Patricia are on their way over now. Gordon asks what happened, and Barbara replies that Dee is up to her old tricks again - only this time, they were too much for even Stephen. She adds that she's very proud of him. Gordon asks what about her mother. Barbara sourly says she actually thought she was changing, but she wasn't.

Wayne opens the front door at Toorak to find a smartly-dressed gentleman standing there. He explains that he has an appointment with Mrs. Morrell, and Wayne asks him if he means Dee or Patricia. The man says he means Dee: he's her solicitor. Wayne shows him into the lounge room. Dee welcomes her visitor - who she refers to as Mr. Pritchard. He tells her that he's sorry Mr. Turner couldn't be there today. When Wayne makes no sign of moving, Dee thanks him and asks him to close the door on his way out. Wayne reluctantly goes. Mr. Pritchard says to Dee that he understands she wants to make some changes to her will. Dee asks him to wait a moment, and she calls out to Wayne to go away. He moves from where he was standing outside the door, listening. Dee tells Mr. Pritchard that the changes are bound to upset a few people - her son, for one, will probably contest it. Mr. Pritchard points out that he has to have grounds, and Dee grimly says he'll probably cite 'insanity'. She then continues that she wants to take every conceivable precaution to make sure the will is watertight - she plans to have a psychiatric test and get a signed affadavit saying she's of sound mind; Mr. Pritchard's part will be to make sure evey legal loophole is covered - she wants to make sure the money goes to the right people. She adds that she also wants Mr. Pritchard to make a videotape recording, to be played back at the will reading. Mr. Pritchard looks surprised and says he doesn't think he's done anything like that before. Dee smiles nastily as she tells him that she simply wants to make it more personal - her only regret is that she won't be around to see their faces...

Gordon and Barbara are sitting with Fiona in the flat at Dural. Fiona remarks that she never thought she'd see the day when Barbara would willingly offer to share a roof with Patricia. Barbara points out that Stephen will be with her, and Gordon adds that it's only until they decide what they want to do. Barbara continues that she's tried to get Stephen to leave Dee for ages, and now he has; if she doesn't support him, he might weaken and go back to her; Patricia is just part of the package. Fiona realises that it won't be for ever. She then suggests that it might be a better idea if they were to move into the flat, but Gordon tells her that they're not ckucking her out. Fiona, though, says there's not much point her sticking around for much longer anyway. Barbara asks about Terry, and Fiona sady says he doesn't want to have much to do with her; she'll go back to Woombai, as she promised Mrs. Hansen that she would never say anything to Terry about being his mother, and she broke that promise - she owes her an explanation. Gordon tells her that John and Lisa are welcome to stay on, and Fiona says they probably will; Terry will probably be much happier having them around than the likes of her.

John, Lisa and Freddy are with Terry at the hospital, and Freddy asks Terry if they're feeding him OK. Terry says it's not too bad. John says that, speaking of food... Lisa agrees that her stomach's rumbling, and they decide to go and get some food. Freddy asks if he can tag along, and they agree. Terry, though, 'reminds' him that he was going to read him the sports pages. John and Lisa go. When they're out the way, Freddy comments to Terry that he thought he was keeping an eye on them. Terry tells him to give them a few seconds and then follow them. Freddy points out that, in the old days, Terry would have just flattened Palmer. Terry retorts that he can hardly do that with his eyes taped shut; he'll have to find some other way of getting at him...

Dee and Mr. Pritchard are still sitting in the lounge room at Toorak, and Dee asks the solicitor how soon he can have the will typed up for her to sign. He replies that it should be done by five o'clock. Dee says she'll arrange for witnesses to be there. Mr. Pritchard remarks that, when she first told him about the psychiatric test and the video, he was rather taken aback, but in view of the contents of the will, he thinks they're both very good ideas. Dee asks if he thinks the will will raise eyebrows. Mr. Pritchard replies that that's an understatement! They go out into the hallway, where Dee tells Mr. Pritchard that her granddaughter is arranging to marry a Mr. Wayne Hamilton, and she wants the marriage licence sped up. Wayne, who is sitting in the living room, reading the paper, overhears as Mr. Pritchard replies that there are procedure and as Dee points out that there are also ways and means. Mr. Pritchard goes, and Wayne immediately comes out of the living room and asks Dee if he gets any clue about what's in the new will. Dee replies that she's not giving him a hint. Wayne comments that as long as he's taken care of... Dee assures him that she never goes back on her word. She then asks where Amanda is. Wayne says he went to see her after Stephen left but she told him to get out. Dee snaps at him to go and find her and calm her down.

Stephen and Patricia arrive at Dural, and Stephen tells Barbara that it felt so good walking out of that house. Gordon remarks that he thought they might have Amanda with them. Stephen tells him that, unfortunately, there are laws against adbuction. Barbara snaps that Amanda needs her head read; all that talk about a male heir - Dee is mad. She then adds that she's not giving up on Amanda without a fight - she's going to fly down to Melbourne tomorrow and try and talk sense into her. Gordon points out that they don't want her ending up with a no-hoper like Wayne; he wouldn't wish him on his worst enemy. Stephen says he thinks they should talk to Dee about the business, and Gordon says he'll fly down with Barbara tomorrow; he can't wait to see her face when they tell her that Stephen will be working with them. Stephen looks surprised, and asks, "Since when?" Gordon tells him that he's too valuable a person to lose. Stephen replies that Gordon is very generous, and Patricia grudingly thanks him as well. Gordon tells Stephen that they want to help him in any way they can. Patricia and Stephen look at each other. Stephen says, "And Patricia?" Barbara, with a grimace, replies, "Of course - she's your wife..." Stephen tells them that he's grateful for the job offer but he thinks they should get one thing straight: he and Patricia love each other very much; she supported his decision to walk out on Dee, and if she'd only been interested in his money, she wouldn't have done that. He suggests to Barbara and Gordon that they change their attitude.

Wayne and Amanda are playing backgammon in Amanda's quarters, and Wayne tells Amanda that it's her throw. Amanda picks up the cup and throws the dice half-heartedly. Wayne asks what the matter is, and Amanda replies that it's everything. Wayne asks if she's still thinking about her father. Amanda tells him that she doesn't like having to choose between him and Dee. At that moment, Charlie comes in and asks where everyone is. Wayne realises that she hasn't heard, and Amanda adds that she missed all the excitement. Wayne explains that Patricia and Stephen have left town: they had a big blow-up with Dee and went. He suggests to Charlie that she should hightail it back to Sydney, as Dee will probably be after her blood for being one of Patricia's friends. Charlie, though, says she and Dee are getting along famously; she must go and ask her what the fight was about. She waltzes off. Amanda comments to Wayne that she doesn't know what she's letting herself in for... Wayne asks if he should go and save her. Amanda replies that he might not like Charlie, but no one deserves Dee on the warpath...

Charlie finds Dee out in the hallway, and she tells her that she's so sorry. Dee asks about what, and Charlie replies that she means about Stephen and Patricia; she suggests that Dee must be so upset. Dee, though, angrily tells Charlie to stop that dreadful whine. She continues that she never liked Charlie - she's posssibly the most brainless person she's ever had the misfortune to meet - so the sooner she packs her bags and gets out of the house, the better. Charlie says she thought they were friends. Dee snaps, "Did you, indeed?" and she walks off. Wayne puts his hands on Charlie's shoulders and points out that he tried to tell her. Charlie just remarks that she thinks she's blown her chances with the Melbourne set...

Gordon, Barbara, Stephen and Patricia are sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Gordon and Stephen decide to adjourn to the study to do some work. Barbara quips that she and Patricia will sit there with their knitting until dinner! The men go, and Barbara awkwardly offers Patricia more tea. Patricia accepts. Barbara pours it out and then sits back. Breaking the silence, Patricia says she knows Barbara doesn't believe her, but she really does love Stephen - she never set out to take him to the cleaners. Barbara replies that she does actually believe her. Patricia suggests that they'll never be friends, though, and Barbara agrees that she doesn't think it's very likely. She adds, though, that she respects Patricia for standing by Stephen; she wasn't lying when she said they're very welcome to stay at Dural until they're settled. Patricia says she doesn't think so. Barbara assures her that she wouldn't make life difficult for them. Patricia says she knows, but there's too much water under the bridge. Barbara asks where they'll go. Patricia says they'll go to the apartment - they still have key - and stay there until they decide what they'll do. She suggests to Barbara that maybe they could call a truce for the time being. Barbara asks why not, adding that they say a change is as good as a holiday.

Dee goes into Amanda's quarters and comments on the dirge-like music playing on the stereo, saying she's doesn't know when she's ever heard such mournful music. She turns if off and then tells Amanda that Wayne outside; why don't they go for a walk? Amanda replies that she doesn't want to be with him. Dee tells her that she'll fall over her bottom lip if she doesn't watch it. She then adds that she knows Amanda is upset, but it'll work out for the best in the long run; it's the only way - Stephen will realise what a hindrance Patricia is to him: as long as she's around, he'll have no money. Amanda asks if he'll drop her. Dee replies that of course he will. She then tells Amanda to go and talk to Wayne. Amanda asks if she has to, and when the expression on Dee's face indicates that she does, she reluctantly agrees.

A while later, Wayne and Amanda are out walking in the park, and Wayne asks Amanda if Dee said anything to her about them getting married soon. Amanda says she didn't. Wayne explains that Dee told him that she's instructed her solicitor to speed up the marriage licence. Amanda snaps, "Without asking me?" Wayne tells her that there's no point waiting - they sooner they tie the knot, the sooner they get their first cheque. Amanda says she just wishes she was sure of what she's doing. Wayne asks her if she's changed her mind, and he tells her to smile. Amanda glumly says she's really let her father down. Wayne tells her not to get hung up over what's happened. Amanda asks him why he cares - he's only worried about money. Wayne, though, says he knows how she's feeling - he felt the same about his bust-up with Gordon. The two of them sit down on a ledge, but Wayne suggests that maybe it would be best if he left Amanda on her own for a while. Amanda asks him if he still misses Gordon. Wayne says he doesn't - making the break was the best thing that ever happened - he wouldn't have landed on his feet with Dee if he hadn't. He gets up to go, but Amanda asks him to stay with her.

At the hospital, Freddy tells Terry that he's right: something is going on - they were holding hands and laughing. Terry asks what they were saying to each other, but Freddy says he couldn't get that close. He then points out that Lisa is not the sort of chick Terry would go for - she's a city bird. Terry asks him what he means. Freddy replies that she's changed since they knew her. He asks Terry how he can compete with someone like Palmer - he's a city bloke and Lisa fits with him; Terry doesn't. Terry says that'll change. Freddy asks him why he should change to suit Lisa, but Terry tells him to shut up, adding that he just needs someone to show him how. Freddy asks who would do that. Terry says, "My mother..."

A while later, Terry asks Lisa and John how lunch was, and Lisa says it was lovely. She adds that she's brought him back some cake, and she puts a piece in his mouth. Terry remarks that it's chocolate. John suggests to Lisa that they'd better push off. Lisa leaves the rest of the cake on the bedside cabinet, but as she makes to go, Terry asks her if he can have a word with her by herself. John goes to wait outside. When they're alone, Terry tells Lisa that he was talking to Freddy while she had lunch with John, and Freddy reckoned she's changed. Lisa points out that people do in six years, but then adds thats she's not really much different. Terry, though, says he can feel it - she's a successful designer and she's got lots of money. Lisa says she guesses so. Terry apologises, saying he didn't mean to go on. Lisa asks why he wanted to know, and Terry replies that he's interested in her; he wants to know everything about her; it means a lot to him her being there, seeing him through the operation. He adds that the best part is knowing that she'll be there when it's all over - they'll be together, like old times. Lisa tries to say, "Terry..." Terry ignores this, though, and tells her that he wanted her to know how he feels; he doesn't know what he'd do without her. He tells her to tell him everything about herself.

Somtime later, Lisa emerges from the room, and in the corridor, John asks her what Terry wanted, adding that it took long enough. Lisa says it was nothing really. As a nurse passes by, Lisa tells her that Terry wants to see her. She then turns back to John and tells him that Freddy had been talking to Terry about how much she's changed; Terry wanted to catch up on the last six years. She adds that, now he knows about her work, he'll understand why she can't go back to Woombai with him after the operation.

In the flat at Dural, Fiona is on the 'phone, and she asks if Terry said what he wanted to talk about. The nurse replies that he didn't. She puts Terry on and he immediately asks Fiona if she can come in. Fiona asks when, and Terry asks her if she's doing anything now. Fiona says she isn't; she'll come right in, then. Terry says he'll tell her about it when she gets there. He hangs up and gives the 'phone back to the nurse. Fiona stands in the flat, looking thoughtful.

Dee is in the lounge room at Toorak when Wayne and Amanda come in. She asks how the walk was, and Wayne replies that it was fine. There are empty bottle of champagne on the coffee table, and Dee explains that she's been having fun herself. Amanda asks what's been going on, and Dee replies that it was quite an historic event: the signing and witnessing of her last will and testament. Wayne slyly says he doesn't suppose there's a copy lying about. Dee retorts that she learnt her lesson last time. She then adds, though, that she'll tell him that all hell is going to break loose; her only regret is that she won't be there to see the look on Patricia's face when it's read. Wayne asks who Dee has left her money to, but Dee tells him that that's her secret; Patricia may dance a jig on her grave, but she'll have the last laugh. With a smile, she tells Wayne not to waste energy on it; apart from themselves, they couldn't possibly guess...


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