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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Beryl serves up a tray of tea and tells Alice that, once she's had some, she should tell the police what happened. Alice thanks her. Beryl turns to David and tells him that she thinks he should take Alice to the station. Alice, though, says she can't turn Joe in: everyone says the same thing - that she should tell the police about him - but she can't do that to her husband. David snaps that he deserves all he gets. Beryl points out to Alice that it's more than just herself that she has to worry about - they're all involved now that Joe has made threats against David. Alice cries that she shouldn't have come there; she needs to find another place; get away. David, though, tells her that Joe will only track her down again - the police could be her safest bet. Alice cries that, if she turns Joe in, he'll kill her. When she sees the look on the Palmers' faces, she asks if they think she's kidding. Beryl says she's never met that sort of man. David suggests that she's safest there with them, then. He tells Alice that she's staying, and he turns to Beryl and asks if that's OK. Beryl looks pensive, and she tells David that she can't say she's not scared for him, but alright. Kevin looks annoyed.

Lynn runs downstairs at The Terrace, calling out to Davey not to cry. As she goes in the kitchen, Phillipe is on the 'phone, speaking in French. After a few seconds, he hangs up and Lynn asks who was ringing so early. Phillipe replies that it was his cousin from Paris: he has to go straight back as his aunt is very ill; she was like a mother to him. Lynn says she's so sorry. Phillipe continues that he'll book the first available flight. Lynn asks him if he's OK, but Phillipe says he'll have plenty time to worry on the 'plane; there's a lot to do now. He heads out into the hall and starts to go upstairs, but then pauses and returns to the kitchen. Lynn asks, "What is it?" Phillipe tells her that he's been thinking for the last few days and this helps to make up his mind: he's going to book a one-way ticket. Lynn, looking shocked, points out that everything is going so well for him there. Phillipe, though, tells her that he came to Australia because he was in love with her - he guesses he still is, in a way - but with the way things stand between her and Kevin, his being around makes it worse. Lynn says she meant what she said to Kevin; she's not throwing him out. Phillipe tells her that she's not throwing him out; he's leaving because it's the sensible thing to do. He adds that, hopefully, once he's gone, Kevin will wake up to himself. He kisses her on the cheek. He then continues that he was feeling very lonely last night - very sad for her; he almost came to her room, but it wouldn't have been right. Lynn sighs.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', David is wiping up, and he tells Beryl that he might let the moths out of his wallet and buy her some new crockery! Beryl is miles away, though. When she realises he's talking, he asks her if she's mad at him. Beryl smiles and asks if he's trying to bribe her: dinner last night and now crockery? David asks if her husband can't buy her a present?! He then adds that he's proud of her for not making a fuss before. Beryl admits that she was tempted. Tony suddenly comes in and says Alice is asleep; she was pretty shook up. There's a knock at the front door and Kevin calls out that he'll get it. When he opens the door, his face drops as he sees Phillipe standing there. Phillipe says he's to see Beryl; he then adds, though, that he has something to discuss with Kevin first. Kevin snaps that he doesn't see what. Phillipe comes in and calls out to Beryl that he needs to speak to her in a minute but he needs to speak to Kevin first. In the kitchen, David wonders aloud what that's about. Beryl says it's about Lynn, she supposes; she shuts the kitchen doors to give the two men some privacy. In the lounge room, Kevin snaps that so what if Phillipe is heading back to Paris this afternoon?; if still doesn't change how he feels about him. Phillipe rants that if Kevin has any sense, he'll go to The Terrace right now and apologise to Lynn. Kevin, though, snaps that Lynn is the one who has to apologise to him. Phillipe snaps that Kevin has changed since they first met, and if he'd known what he was really like, he might just have taken Lynn from him. He then adds that he has a lot to do; he's not going to waste his time on a fool like Kevin.

Sometime later, Beryl is on the 'phone to Rob. She hangs up and tells Phillipe that Rob said not to worry - he and Angela were thinking of selling anyway. David asks how come, and Beryl replies that they're doing so well up there that they want to buy a place and settle down; it looks like The Terrace has served its last meal. Phillipe comments that they should get a good price. David asks Phillipe what he'll do when he gets back, but Phillipe explains that he's not coming back - with the restaurant gone, there's nothing there for him; Lynn was the reason he came in the first place. He adds that he hopes Beryl and David don't blame him for that - there's been nothing between them since he arrived. David assures him that they believe him.

There's a knock on the front door at Toorak and Amanda answers it to find Kevin standing there. He tells her that he needs to talk to someone, but after yesterday he wasn't too sure about coming. Amanda explains that that was Wayne - he wouldn't stop; but she'd rather not go into it. She invites Kevin in and asks what's up. Kevin replies that it's him and Lynn - he has to talk it over with someone who isn't involved. Amanda looks bemused and says, "I'm not involved?!" Kevin tells her that he knows that what happened between them was was just a one-time thing; he has to talk to someone who isn't part of his family. Wayne suddenly comes downstairs and asks Kevin what he wants. Amanda snaps at Wayne that it's none of his business. Wayne tells her that she can't blame him for being jealous. Unbeknown to those in the hallway, Patricia is in the living room, and she overhears as Amanda snaps at Wayne that they don't need him. Kevin suggests that he should go, but Amanda tells him no, and she suggests they go and have their talk. They leave the hallway, and Patricia goes out and asks Wayne what that was about. Wayne sarcastically asks her if she's taking after him: listening-in to other people's conversations? Patricia slyly replies that she couldn't compete there! She then adds that Wayne didn't answer her question. Wayne agrees that he didn't! He walks off.

In Amanda's quarters, Kevin asks what he should do. Amanda points out that she's the worst person to ask. Kevin rants that he wanted Lynn to get rid of Phillipe. Amanda says she guesses Lynn sees it differently. Kevin continues that he'd go back to her like a shot if she apologised; he wants it to work out, but...

Patricia is in the hallway when Stephen comes along and says he just saw the photo in the newspaper of Dee with Charlie. Patricia tells him that Charlie is all over Toorak and South Yarra showing anyone who'd be interested! Stephen asks Patricia what she's doing there in the hallway. Patricia replies that something very strange is going on with Kevin and Amanda. Stephen remarks that Patricia is a stickybeak! He the continues that he might go and say thankyou to Dee for making an effort with Charlie. He knocks on the lounge room door.

Kevin tells Amanda that he reckons the best thing is to stick to his guns - but he'll have to sort out arrangements for seeing Davey if he does. Amanda says there's something he should know: the trouble with Lynn was all her fault. Kevin tells her not to be stupid, but Amanda replies that he doesn't understand. Kevin tells her that he's not serious about her - and Lynn will know it as soon as she sees her going around with Wayne. Amanda looks surprised. Kevin says she is going around with Wayne, isn't she? He adds that he thought that the way Wayne carried on before... he thought she and Wayne were going together. Amanda explains that it's only for money: they're only getting together because Dee is paying them to. Patricia is standing outside as she says this, and a look of shock crosses her face.

In the lounge room, Stephen is looking at the photo in the newspaper, and Dee says she's glad it made Charlie happy. She then adds that she must send a copy to Barbara; let her see that she's trying. Stephen remarks that it's important to Dee - getting close to Barbara again - and Dee agrees that it is. Patricia suddenly comes in and asks Stephen if she can see him. They go out into the hallway, where Patricia tells her husband that Dee is one step ahead of them. They go into the living room, where Patricia continues that Dee and Wayne are working together: Dee has got Amanda and Wayne pretending to be involved with each other; it means Wayne must have told Dee about the embezzlement. Stephen looks shocked and then storms out. Patricia calls out to ask what he's doing. Stephen retorts that he's going to find out what Amanda's got to say, and then he's going to tackle Dee.

Kevin says to Amanda that she should tell Dee where to go; it's the craziest idea he ever heard. Amanda snaps that she doesn't want to talk about it, and she suggests they talk about him and Lynn instead. Stephen suddenly comes in, though, and suggests they stick with talking about her and Wayne. Amanda angrily asks how long he's been there. Stephen replies that he's only just got there, but Patricia heard enough earlier on. He asks Kevin to leave, but Amanda snaps that it's her room - he can't tell her friends to get out. Kevin says it's alright, and he goes. Amanda snaps at her father that it's her business what she does with her life; if she wants to go along with Dee and Wayne, she can. Stephen angrily says it's out of the question, and he asks Amanda what she thinks she's getting out of the whole crazy idea. Amanda retorts that she's getting money - which is more than she's getting from him. Stephen angrily snaps that he knew Amanda was immature, but...; he gives her an opportunity to take responsibility for once in her life and she takes the easy way out. He asks what Dee's stake in this is: is it a way of annoying him and Patricia? Amanda smiles nastily and replies that she and Wayne are giving Dee something that he and Patricia can't: Wayne is changing his name to Morrell and they're getting married; they're going to give Dee her grandson. Stephen looks shocked, and he asks what the hell is happening to them. Amanda retorts that he made happen the day he married Patricia.

Patricia is waiting in the hallway when Stephen comes out from Amanda's quarters. She says, "Well?" Stephen just asks her if she'll promise him that she'll go along with whatever he says. Patricia asks what's wrong. Stephen tells her that he wants to know she loves him enough to go along with whatever he says. Patricia says, "Of course." Stephen continues that he's going to do something that he should have done a long time ago. He takes her hand and leads her into the lounge room, where Dee is sitting on the settee. Stephen snaps at her that they know about her plans for Amanda and Wayne and they're sick; he put up with her manipulating his life, but she's not going to do it to his daughter. Dee 'innocently' asks him what he's talking about. Stephen rants that they know - she's not to try and bluff her way out of it. Dee, looking annoyed, asks who told him. Stephen replies that Patricia overheard Amanda and Kevin Palmer. Dee smiles and, looking at Patricia, says she's sure she did. Stephen snaps that it's the last straw - they're getting out. Dee retorts that Patricia can leave any time she likes but he belongs there, and so does Amanda. Stephen, though, snaps that it's taken him ten years, but it's time he got some self-respect back. Dee snaps that that's rich coming from him. Stephen says he assumes that crack is about the embezzlement. Dee smiles. Stephen continues that he assumes that Wayne is in on the wedding nonsense, and that it was him who let Dee in on the dummy company. Dee comments that she finds it rather bizarre that he thinks leaving with Patricia will help him find self respect. She then adds that she supposes the embezzlement was Patricia's idea. Patricia says it wasn't. Stephen says it was his, and he adds that if it was anyone's fault, it was Dee's - she pushed him into it. Dee stands up and rants that she finds it amazing that people can convince themselves when they try hard enough; it's like the day she was lying there dying: Patricia convinced herself that she'd saved her - but she knows Patricia wanted her dead. She angrily asks if she should leave her money to that. Stephen snaps that he doesn't want money anymore, and he adds that they'll be out by lunchtime. They walk out. Dee yells, "Stephen. Stephen, come back here." Out in the hallway, Stephen asks Patricia if she's OK. Patricia says she thinks so. In the lounge room, Dee stands looking upset.

A while later, Wayne arrives home and, after seeing the stern look on Patricia's face - she's standing in the hallway - notices a pile of packed bags and cases on the floor. He asks what happened. Patricia retorts that she thinks he knows. Wayne asks who's leaving, and Patricia says it's Stephen and her. Wayne comments that he never did swallow her dutiful wife act. Patricia snaps that she loves Stephen. She then continues that Wayne wouldn't understand that; it was the luckiest day of Jill's life when she escaped marrying him; he should have done them all a favour and jumped. Wayne snaps that he would have if he'd had to rely on her; Dee was the only one who cared. Patricia retorts that Dee didn't care - she just didn't want to be inconvenienced. She then adds that Wayne really does have the most amazing ability for backing the wrong horse. Wayne yells at her not to blame him because her husband is a crook. Patricia goes upstairs. Wayne heads for Amanda's quarters.

In Amanda's quarters, Dee is telling a sobbing Amanda to buck up. When Wayne comes in, Dee angrily asks him where he's been. He explains that he's been to the gym - but he saw Patricia on the way in. Dee asks if she and Stephen look as if they're ready to leave. Wayne tells her that there's a pile of cases out there. Dee tells Amanda to wipe her eyes and make herself presentable; she then turns to Wayne and explains that Stephen has been hounding his daughter ever since he heard. Wayne gives Amanda his handkerchief and she wipes her eyes. Dee tells her that she's 18 and independent; Stephen has no claim on her - she should stick to her guns and stay there; she guarantees Patricia will be out of her life in a few months, as she can't see her struggling to help Stephen start again. Amanda says she knows all that - but he looked really hurt and disappointed in her. Dee says he'll get over it. Amanda asks if she and Wayne should still get married. Dee replies, "Even more so, now." She then adds that it will all be for the best.

Patricia and Stephen come downstairs with another suitcase. Stephen says it will be alright, but Patricia tells him that she feels like she's let him down. Stephen asks why, and Patricia explains that he married her because he thought she could stand up to Dee; she hasn't done a very good job - maybe he'd have been better off with someone else? Stephen assures her that he's happy with what he's got. A car horn suddenly hoots and Stephen says it'll be the cab. He takes a couple of the bags outside. When he comes back in, Dee is standing in the hallway, and she tells him that he's behaving childishly; she's sure the two of them could come to some agreement. Stephen snaps that he'd rather not discuss it in front of the cab driver, who is picking up some more bags. Dee snaps that she's sure Patricia is happy, finally splitting them up. Stephen snaps that there's nothing more to talk about. He then turns to Amanda and continues that she's one who has decisions to make. Dee says Amanda knows exactly what she wants. Stephen snaps that she's not staying there to make a mess of her life; he can't force her, but he would like to see how adult she can be. He holds out his hand and asks Amanda to come with them. Dee tells him that he's got nothing to offer his daughter now that he's broke. Stephen snaps at her to stay out of it. He tells Amanda that there's no point her ruining her life for Dee; marriage is something you can't treat lightly. Dee snaps that that's ripe coming from him: he dispensed with Amanda's mother because it suited him and then took up with Patricia. She turns to Amanda and tells her that if she goes with her father, she goes with Patricia too. Amanda tells her father that she's sorry, but she's staying; she has to. She runs off. Dee tells Stephen that Amanda has made her choice, and she orders him to get out of the house - or she'll call the police and have him and Patricia thrown off for trespasssing. She adds that the only way he'll be welcome there is without Patricia. Stephen retorts that she lost Barbara and now she's lost him; it won't be long before Amanda wakes up to her - which will leave her with Wayne: a money-hungry parasite. Patricia chips in that she doesn't know what they're going to, but it's got to be better than this. They go. Wayne tells Dee that they'll come crawling back, but Dee yells at him get out of her sight and leave her alone. He walks off. Dee slams the front door shut and stands in the hallway, looking upset.


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