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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Terry suddenly starts laughing and incredulously says, "What?" Fiona says she's sorry, but Terry tells her that she's nuts. Fiona says she knows it's very hard for him to believe, but it's true. Terry snaps that she's got two seconds to get out or he'll have her thrown out; he starts pressing the buzzer to get the nurse in there. Fiona tells him to ask Mrs. Hansen, as she knows exactly what happened. She asks if she'd make up something like that. The nurse comes in and asks Terry what he wants. Terry tells her to get this ratbag woman out of there. Fiona leaves of her own accord, though, and the nurse tells Terry that she'll get him something to help him relax. Terry snaps that he wants to talk to his mother - now. The nurse asks what the number is. Terry replies that it's in the Scone area; he can't remember the area code. The nurse says she'll look it up, and she goes to head off. Before she does, though, Terry tells her to hang on a minute. He then tells her not to worry about the call. The nurse leaves the room. Out in the corridor, Fiona asks how he is. The nurse replies that he's very disturbed - it's not good for him to be like that after an operation. Fiona asks the nurse if she's called his mother. The nurse replies that she was about to, but he changed his mind. John and Lisa suddenly come round the corner, and Fiona snaps at them that the operation was over hours ago - where have they been? John and Lisa look at each other guiltily . Lisa says she thought it would take longer. She asks if Terry is alright, and Fiona tells her that they think it was a success. Lisa asks if she can see him. Fiona tells her that, before she goes in, there's something they should know...

A short time later, Lisa goes into the hospital room and Terry asks who's there. Lisa says it's only her, and she adds that she's sorry she wasn't there when he woke up - she thought the operation would take longer. She adds that she hears it's good news, but Terry says he's not keeping his hopes up until the bandages come off. Lisa asks if she should call his parents, but Terry says it can wait until later; he can't talk to them - not yet; he just had a run-in with 'Ma Thompson'. Lisa says she knows. Terry angrily asks if Fiona is still there, and Lisa tells him that she's out in the corridor. Terry asks if she's still carrying-on about being his... Lisa says, "Yes." Terry snaps that he's never heard anything so rubbishy in all his life. Lisa tells him that she was telling the truth; she believes her. Terry rants that Fiona was a Sydney-ite - she never even lived in Woombai 'til she bought the place. Lisa replies that Fiona's grandparents did; she's just explained it all: she came to Woombai to have her baby; after Terry was born, she was very ill; her grandparents didn't believe in single parents; the Hansens were very good friends and they thought it best that Terry stay with them; when Fiona recovered, they told her that he died; she only found out the truth very recently. Terry snaps that it can't be true, but Lisa continues that Mrs. Hansen has admitted it to Fiona; she's sorry, but Fiona is his mother. Out in the corridor, Fiona wonders to John whether Lisa has made any headway. John says they'll know soon. Fiona, looking impatient, says she has to find out what's happening. She makes to stand up, but John reminds her that Terry doesn't want her in there. Fiona stops and reluctantly says she knows. John takes her hand and tells her that it's alright. He then smiles and tells her that a bloke couldn't ask for a better mum. Back in the room, Lisa tells Terry that she wishes it hadn't come up now, but all Fiona wants is a chance to get to know him. Fiona creeps back into the room as Terry snaps that he can't stand the woman; the best thing she can do for him is to stay right out of his life. Fiona looks upset.

Patricia, Wayne, Amanda and Charlie arrive back at Toorak, and Amanda says to Wayne that she told him he should have backed a long shot! She then asks where they're going for dinner tonight, and Wayne replies that they can go anywhere she fancies, as long as they take plastic! The two of them head into Amanda's quarters, and Amanda remarks that they should go to the races more often. Wayne retorts that he's glad she enjoyed herself, as it was a drag having to put on an act for Patricia and Charlie. Amanda snaps, "Thanks a lot," before adding that she can't get used to way he turns it on and off at a moment's notice. She makes to leave the room, but Wayne reminds her that they're supposed to be whispering sweet nothings to each other. Amanda says she has to call Kevin - after all, she did stand him up. Wayne points out that he'll have got the message, and he adds that they don't need any complications: she used Kevin to get back at Lynn; it's done, so ditch him. Amanda, though, says she's not totally heartless. Not wanting to spoil the illusion, Wayne tells her that, if she wants Dee's money, then she'll have to work hard at it. Amanda reluctantly gives in and says he can stay for another half hour and then she doesn't want to see him 'til tonight.

Lynn is clearing tables at The Terrace. Alice Parker comes out from the kitchen and asks if everyone has gone. Lynn says she thought they'd never take the hint! Alice remarks that it's a nice crowd that comes there - the ones with the nice clothes and money to spend... Lynn points out that money isn't everything, but Alice says it helps - like this morning, when she missed her bus and couldn't get a taxi: she was worried she'd lose her job for being late. Lynn assures her that they're not clockwatchers there! Alice explains that she had to get some make-up to cover the briuses on her face - she didn't want to scare off the customers! Lynn tells her that it worked, because she got plenty of tips! Alice smiles and says that will pay off the butcher - he lets her have an account. Lynn remarks that it must be rough managing on your own, but Alice says she's used to it - her husband has spent half his life inside; it's bliss without him - he's not happy unless he's ruling the roost; now she's gone, he'll have to find someone else to boss around. She tells Lynn that this is the best job she's ever had; she's very grateful to Lynn for thinking of her.

David and Tony are sitting at the table in the kitchen at the Palmers', listening to the races on the radio, and they let out an almighty cheer as the horse they've backed wins! Tony realises his share of the $50 will enable him to put down a further payment on the car he's found, and he tells both David and Beryl that he'll be picking up chicks in the machine, no sweat! Beryl asks David what he's going to do with his winnings, and David suggests that he could treat them all to a night out. At that moment, Kevin arrives home, and Beryl asks him if he's got good news. Kevin says he hasn't, and David asks why Lynn is being so stubborn. Kevin asks why she'd want him back when she's got a live-in lover. Tony looks at Kevin and tells him that he's the one playing up, not Lynn. Kevin gives him a look, and Tony realises that he hasn't told his parents about Amanda. David and Beryl look at each other. Kevin asks Tony how the hell he found out. He then adds that if it's good enough for Lynn... David mutters, "Blimey..." Kevin storms into the lounge room, but Beryl follows him. She stops him, but he tells her that she can't expect him to feel guilty; he went burko when he found out about Lynn and that creep; Amanda was there so he thought 'why the hell not?'. Beryl comments that it's no wonder Lynn is sticking her heels in. Kevin snaps that he spent one night with Amanda, but Lynn is still on with Phillipe. Beryl tells him not to be silly, but Kevin asks why she won't kick Phillipe out; she told him to get lost, so Beryl can't tell him that nothing's going on.

Alice and Lynn are in the kitchen at The Terrace, and Alice is fussing over Davey. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Alice says it'll be Tony. The two women go to the door, but when Alice opens it, she finds her husband, Joe, standing there, looking menacing. A nervous expression appearing on her face, she asks how he knew she was there. Joe tells her that she shouldn't brag so much to the neighbours. Looking at Lynn, he asks who she is, and Alice replies that she lives there. She turns to Lynn and asks whether it isn't time for Davey's sleep. Lynn takes Davey upstairs. Joe tells Alice that it's time she came home. Alice tells him that she wants to be on her own, but Joe menacingly says he knows all about her boyfriend. Realising he's referring to David, Alice tells him that he's not interested in her - he's Tony's friend; he's helping her because she's Tony's mother. Joe threatens that she shouldn't try and con him. Alice tells him that she's not coming home. Joe growls that, if she hasn't got a bloke, why doesn't she come back to him? Alice tells him that it's finished. Joe tells her that no wife of his walks out on him. Lynn comes back downstairs and tells Alice not to go, but Alice says it's alright - they'll just talk. She walks out the front door, telling Lynn as she does so that she'll see her on Monday. Joe growls, "The hell you will..."

A while later, Beryl and Tony arrive at The Terrace. Lynn runs downstairs and tells Tony that his dad came and made his mum leave with him; she was so scared, but there was nothing she could do. Tony runs off. Beryl says to Lynn that they don't want that man anywhere near her and Davey. She then adds that it hasn't been much of a day for Lynn. Lynn says she can't give into Kevin now - it would be as good as admitting that she and Phillipe were lovers. Beryl points out that they wouldn't be too popular with Rob and Angela if they threw him out, either. Lynn tells her to try telling Kevin that. She continues that Kevin wants everything his own way; she loves him, but she won't be a doormat for him - if she doesn't put her foot down now, she'll end up like Alice Parker: too scared to stand up for her rights. Beryl asks Lynn what she's going to do. Lynn replies that she'll wait until he starts being reasonable. Beryl asks her if she's not worried about Amanda, and then, seeing the expression of surprise on Lynn's face, explains that Tony let the cat out of the bag. Lynn tells her that Amanda was payback-time: Kevin was hurt and wanted to hurt her - she doesn't hold it against him. Beryl smiles and says she wishes Kevin was one-tenth as grown-up as Lynn. Lynn sighs and says she wishes Kevin was still the boy she fell in love with...

Fiona is sitting with Barbara in the lounge room at Dural. She tells her that she'd planned to get to know Terry gradually, but after today... Barbara asks her if she's not making life difficult for herself. Fiona glumly says, "'Impossible' is more to the point." Barbara remarks that she knows there was bad blood between Fiona and Terry, so why is she so upset? Fiona says he's her son, and he's going through a bad time. She reminds Barbara that she was a mother - she must know what it feels like when your children need you. Barbara accepts this, and apologises for her last remark. Fiona continues that she knows Terry will never be the kind of son she wants - but he wouldn't be so popular if he didn't have some good points. She adds that she didn't want to know about him before, but since the accident... Barbara says she understands- it's like Dee and her: they didn't get on for years, but now... at least they're talking - and she's sure things will be a damn sight easier between Fiona and Terry. Fiona bitterly replies that, as far as Terry's concerned, she doesn't exist. Barbara tells her to let him get used to the idea and then see him again, but Fiona cries that he's told the staff that she's not allowed there. She adds that it's hopeless - through her own stupidity, she's ruined everything.

At the hospital, John and Lisa say goodbye to Terry and head out into the corridor. John says they have to tell him, but Lisa says they can't - not after what happened today. John bitterly remarks that Fiona picked her time. Lisa replies that they'll tell him the moment he's on his feet. She asks John if he still loves her, and he smiles and says 'yes!'. They go. The nurse takes a tray into Terry's room, telling him that it's dinner time. Terry says he hopes it's a nice big juicy steak. The nurse says it's chicken! She then remarks that it's a nice young couple that he's got coming to see them. Terry says, "Couple? They hardly know each other." The nurse says that's not the impression she got from the way they were carrying on outside just now: kissing and cuddling. Terry looks shocked. The nurse asks how it feel to be playing Cupid?! Terry asks her if she's sure she hasn't got them mixed up with anyone else. The nurse assures him that she hasn't. Terry asks her if she can make a call to a mate of his - Freddy. The nurse says she'll do it after he's eaten, but Terry says it's urgent, as Freddy never stays home on Saturday night. The nurse agrees to make the call.

The 'phone starts ringing at the Palmers', and Kevin answers it, wearing his pyjamas. Tony comes on and anxiously asks if David's there. Kevin snaps that it's 6:30am. Tony insists that it's urgent, but Kevin snaps that Sunday is the only day David can sleep-in. He tells Tony to call back after breakfast, and he hangs up.

At the hospital, Freddy walks into Terry's room, and when Terry realises who's there, he asks him how he got past the night nurse. Freddy explains that he walked in the back way! He asks what the problem is, and Terry asks him if he remembers John Palmer. Freddy says he does, adding that he was a nice bloke. Terry snaps that he's heard John has been chatting up his bird - Lisa. Freddy says, "Lisa who?" Terry explains that he means Lisa Cook, but Freddy says that was years ago. Terry says she's back. Freddy comments that he didn't know Terry was back on with her, and Terry replies that he isn't really - but he would have been home-and-hosed if Palmer hadn't got in on the act. Freddy asks Terry how he found out John was chatting her up. Terry tells him that it was one of the nurses. He then continues that he wants Freddy to do his seeing for him; if the nurse wasn't imagining things, Palmer's got a fight on his hands - there's no way he's going to lose Lisa a second time...

At Toorak, Patricia joins Amanda for breakfast, although she's still half-asleep. Charlie suddenly comes downstairs, all bright-and-breezy. She's holding a pile of newspapers, and she shows Patricia a photo in one of them: it's the shot of her with Dee and Max from the twenties party. Amanda seems uninterested, and she walks off, leaving Patricia to comment that it's not like her to resist having a dig at Charlie. Charlie tells her that Amanda has got other things on her mind: when she got home last night, Wayne and Amanda were wrapped round each other like boa constrictors; it's a wonder the kiss didn't set off the sprinkler system! Patricia blankly says they don't have a sprinkler system! Charlie says, "If you did have!" before adding that it's lucky they didn't see her. Patricia sourly comments that Wayne won't last any longer than Kevin. Charlie smiles and says she knows Patricia doesn't like Wayne, but she's always had a soft spot for him; she thinks it would be wonderful if he ended up marrying into the Morrell millions... Patricia looks stern-faced.

In the lounge room at the Palmers', Beryl remarks to Kevin that she didn't hear him come in last night. Kevin explains that he went to a disco. There's suddenly an impatient knocking at the front door, and Beryl asks who it can be. As she goes to answer it, Kevin snaps, "Two guesses." When Beryl opens the door, she finds Tony and Alice standing there; Tony is supporting his mother, who is crying and whose face is covered with bruises. He asks if it's alright if they come in. Beryl lets them in and asks what happened. Tony helps Alice into the lounge room. Kevin looks shocked when he sees her face, and he asks Tony if this is what the 'phone call was about. Tony asks what Kevin reckons. Kevin tells him that he should have said it was so important, but Tony reminds him that he didn't give him a chance. He then continues that there was no time then, anyway: he'd conned his dad and had gone into the bathroom and nipped out the window; he had to get back before Joe started wondering where he was. David comes into the room as Tony says his old man rocked up at 5am - he'd been drinking and he had a gun; he told Alice that he'd shoot her if he tried anything on - it was a bit scary for while, but he's sleeping it off now. David says he'd better go and sort him out, but Alice cries, "No." Tony tells David that it will only make things worse; he reckons Alice is filth. Alice cries that Joe is convinced that she won't go back to him because of David. David snaps that he's got to set him straight. Beryl reminds him that Joe has a gun. Alice continues that her husband is a drunk, and he makes threats; he said that, if she doesn't stop seeing David, he'll kill her and then he'll come after him. David looks worried.


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