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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

There's suddenly a knock on the front door. Dee looks at Patricia pleadingly, and again whispers, "Please." Patricia hands over a pill and asks Dee if she wants a glass of water. Dee swallows the pill. The knocking at the front door is repeated, and Charlie runs downstairs in her night attire, asking where everybody is. She answers the door to find Beryl standing there; she explains that she's come to collect her shawl. Charlie asks her what she means, and Beryl replies that they were there last night and she left it behind. She walks into the house and asks Charlie if she's seen it. Charlie says she's afraid not, adding that she didn't get in until 4am. Beryl tells her that it's OK - she knows where it is. She indicates the lounge room. Seeminly disinterested, Charlie walks off as Beryl starts to say she thought Amanda might bring it into work, but it's her day off. Realising she's talking to herself, Beryl looks bemused! She goes into the lounge room to find Dee and Patricia in there, and Dee calls out to her, "Call the doctor, quickly." Patricia is standing using the phone, and she asks Dee what she thinks she's doing. She adds that the stupid receptionist won't get off the line.

Amanda is out walking past some shops when she spots her father's Rolls parked at the side of the road. Kevin suddenly comes out of a nearby building, carrying some parcels, and, as he approaches, Amanda comments that surely the boss didn't let him borrow the car, too?! Kevin smiles and says, "Yeah!" He then adds that he gets to take it for a service and get it cleaned as well! Amanda jokes that he gets all the good jobs, and adds that he should see what her father has lined up for her. Kevin says he's sure it won't be too bad. Amanda asks him if he wants to swap! Kevin starts to load up the car and says no - he doesn't think so! Amanda then asks him how he's been, and Kevin replies that he's alright. He tells Amanda that he's sorry if David upset her grandmother last night, but Amanda points out that it's nothing to do with the two of them. Kevin agrees. He shuts the car door and then tells Amanda that Lynn got a big modelling job in Sydney: her agent rang this morning - it's some spread for a national magazine, and she's going to have to stay over. Amanda asks when, and Kevin says it's tonight. Amanda comments that they don't hang around! Kevin agrees, and then says he'd better not, either, as Stephen's waiting on those parcels. Amanda giggles and tells Kevin that he's under the thumb already! Kevin replies that he's just trying to make a good impression, but adds that, really, Stephen is a good bloke to work for. Amanda smiles and and tells Kevin that he'll have a big job trying to convince her. Kevin jokes that he's not going to try. He goes to walk off but Amanda calls out, "Hey, how about lunch?" She adds that she assumes Stephen does give him a break! Kevin says, "Sometimes!" Amanda suggests they grab a couple of sandwiches and go down to the park. Kevin agrees and Amanda proposes that they meet at about 12:30. Kevin says he'll be there. Amanda smiles, happily.

Patricia is pacing the hall at Toorak, and she says she knew something like this would happen - she kept telling Dee to take things easy, but she wouldn't listen. She adds that maybe this will frighten her into taking things easier. Beryl, who's sitting by the hall table, a few feet away, says you can only do so much. Patricia says the trouble is that Dee is so obstinate and difficult: one minute you're wonderful, the next you're the worst in the world; you never know where you stand with her. Beryl says Dee seemed very nice to her, last night, but Patricia tells her that she's not family. The doctor emerges from the lounge room, and Patricia asks how Dee is. The doctor replies that she's alright, but she'll need complete rest, as she's still a very sick woman. Patricia says she'll make up a bed downstairs for her, and the doctor says that's good. He then tells Patricia that it's just as well she called when she did, as that attack could have been fatal. Patricia replies that it gave her a hell of a fright - she couldn't think straight, for a minute. The doctor tells her that it's not a pleasant thing at any time. Patricia then asks if there's anything in particular she can do for her, but the doctor says there isn't - apart from stopping her from having dinner parties! Patricia says she'll try, but her mother-in-law tends to have a mind of her own! The doctor tells her to do her best, and he adds that he's left a prescription for tablets in there. He then looks at Beryl and tells her that Dee would like to see her by herself for a few minutes. Beryl looks surprised, but goes into the lounge room. Patricia tells the doctor that she'll see him out. In the lounge room, Dee holds out her hand, and Beryl sits on the edge of the settee. Dee quietly says, "Thankyou." Beryl asks, "For what?" and Dee replies, "For saving my life." Beryl holds her hand and tells her to come on, but Dee says she's serious: Patricia wasn't going to give her her pills, and if Beryl hadn't arrived when she did, she'd be dead now. Beryl asks her if she's sure she's not imagining things, as Patricia said she was very thrown when it happened, which is perfectly understandable. Dee, though, says she knows she's right, and she doesn't want to be left alone with Patricia. She asks Beryl to stay with her, but Beryl says she can't, as she has to go to work. Dee asks her to stay at least until Amanda comes back. Patricia suddenly calls out from the hall and asks if everything's alright in there. Beryl calls back that she'll just be a minute. Dee tells Beryl that she's just had a heart attack, and the last thing she needs is any upset; she doesn't want Patricia around her. Beryl agrees, and says she'll call The Terrace to see if they can find someone to fill in for her. She stands up and walks out into the hall, where she tells Patricia that it's best if she doesn't go in. Patricia asks why not, as it's her house. Beryl replies that Dee has a funny idea in her head, and Patricia had best leave her alone for a while. Patricia asks what sort of idea. Beryl tells her that Dee thinks she tried to kill her...

Warren and Enid Hansen are with Terry at the hospital. Enid is passing on the news and some gossip about a girl down the road, having a baby. Warren tells Terry that all his mates having been ringing up asking to be remembered to him; one night, they practically had the whole footy team on the 'phone! He then says they ought to be going. Terry says they just got there, but Warren tells him that they were advised not to stay too long. Terry nods. Enid assures him that they'll be in again tonight, and she kisses him. Warren pats his hand and he and Enid leave. In the corridor, Warren remarks that Terry seems to be picking up, but Enid says he seems pretty down to her; all that laughing and carrying-on was just for their benefit. Warren says they can't do much more than they're already doing. Enid, though, says she thinks she knows something that'll cheer him up - only it would mean her having to ask Fiona Thompson for help. Warren nods.

At Woombai, Fiona says she thought she'd be last person in the world Enid would want to come to for help. Enid replies that she wouldn't be there if there was any other way. Fiona asks what it is that Enid wants, and she says, "John Palmer's 'phone number." Fiona looks surprised, and so Enid explains that she's been trying to track down an old girlfriend of Terry's - he's mentioned her a few times when he's been a bit groggy - and she thought that, if she could get her to come and see him, she might cheer him up a bit. Fiona asks Enid if she knows where she lives, but Enid says she doesn't; only that it's somewhere in Melbourne. She adds that she has one address, but it's six years old, and the girl's bound to have moved since then. Fiona asks Enid if she expects Johnny to be able to track her down from that. Enid replies that it's a long shot, she knows, but it's worth a try. Fiona then says she'll ring Johnny. Enid tells her that she doesn't want to put her to any trouble, but Fiona expains that she wants to get in touch with him anyway. Enid asks her if she's sure. Fiona replies, "Of course." She asks what the girl's name is. Enid replies, "Lisa. Lisa Cook."

David is sitting at the kitchen table at the Palmers', looking at the newspaper, when John comes in wearing a suit. David asks him how he went, but John says it was no good - there were about a hundred blokes after the same job. David remarks that it's the same old story. He tells John that he's been looking in the paper to see if there's anything for him today, but John says there isn't - he checked this morning. He then asks David how it was last night, and David replies that he could have lived without it. John asks him what he thinks of old Mrs. Morrell, and David says she's alright, he supposes. He adds that Beryl seems to like her - probably because she paid out the instalments on his truck. John looks amazed, and asks if David's joking. He adds that it must have cost thousands. David says he'll pay it back; he's not letting some old biddy hang that over his head. John says he doesn't blame him, and he adds that she sounds a bit weird! He asks if she's all there, and David replies that she's a smart old battleaxe, but he wouldn't trust her for a minute. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and John tells David to answer it, while he gets a beer. David goes into the lounge room, picks up the 'phone and hears STD pips. The caller is Fiona, who asks if Johnny's there. David says, "Yeah." Fiona says she knows she's not his most favourite person at the moment, but she would like to have a word with him. David tells her that he'll get him. He turns to John and says it's for him: Fiona. John looks reluctant, but he takes it. He bluntly says to Fiona, "Yes?" Fiona tells him that, before he flies off the handle, she wants to say she knows she was wrong, and she should never have put him out; she's very sorry. John sullenly asks if that's it, but Fiona says no - there's something more important: Terry Hansen has had a very bad accident - some explosives blew up in his face - and he's in hospital; his eyes are damaged; hopefully he'll regain his sight, but it'll be a while. John looks shocked, and says, "God..." Fiona says she wants to do all she can to help. She tells John that there's a girl who used to live at Woombai, but moved to Melbourne about six years ago, and she wondered if he could try and find her. John asks what she's got to do with Terry, and Fiona replies that, apparently, she was an old girlfriend. John remarks that Terry never talked about her. Fiona says she doesn't know anything about that, but his mother says that if she could come up and visit with Terry, it would certainly help to cheer him up. She asks John if he thinks he could try and find her. John sighs and says, "Sure." Fiona delightedly thanks him and tells him that she doesn't like it when they argue. She adds that she wanted to get things sorted out before he left Woombai. John replies that so did he. Fiona asks if there's any reason why they can't now. John says there's none that he can think of. Fiona asks him if he's sure, and John says he wouldn't have said so otherwise. Fiona smiles in relief, and she tells John that he's made her very happy. John says, "Me too!" Fiona tells him that she'll give him a big hug the day after tomorrow. John asks her how she'll manage that, and Fiona explains that she's coming down for Dee Morrell's birthday party - Dee rang her about it this morning. John comments that he didn't know they were friends. Fiona laughs and says they're not - it's the first time she's ever spoken to her - but it's a business-do for Gordon and Stephen, too. John recalls that they're part-owners of Woombai, and Fiona says, "Exactly." John tells her that he'll see her when she gets there. Just before he hangs up, he asks for details of the girlfriend.

Amanda and Kevin are in the park, sitting by the lake, having a picnic. Amanda asks Kevin if he'd rather work at Stephen's office or at their house, but Kevin says he's not bothered. He then remarks that Stephen will kill her when he finds out she's stolen a bottle of his good wine. Amanda, though, says she didn't: she put it on his account at the bottle shop! They both hold up their glasses and say, "Cheers!" Kevin then tells Amanda that her hair looks nice, and Amanda says she wondered when he'd say something; she had it done this morning. Kevin asks her if she put that on her father's account, too. Amanda laughs, but says, "Hardly!" She then suggests that they start on lunch, as they don't want Kevin back late. Kevin says it probably wouldn't matter anyway, as the boss won't be there. Amanda asks why not, and Kevin replies that he had to go home for some reason. Amanda then suggests that maybe she could come over to the office and play secretary, but Kevin says he doesn't think so, as Stephen might come back. Amanda asks what about tonight? Kevin looks blank, and Amanda says she bets he and Phillipe can't wait to get out and pick up some girls while Lynn's away! Kevin tells her that Phillipe has a date, and so Amanda suggests to him that she come over and cook him a meal. Kevin looks surprised, and asks what Lynn would say. Amanda points out that she won't know if he doesn't tell her. Kevin says, "Yeah, OK." Amanda smiles, smugly...

Patricia is sitting with her head in her hands in the lounge room at Toorak. Stephen asks if it's true, but Patricia says she can explain. Stephen asks her if she refused to give Dee her pills, but Patricia says she was caught off-guard - it happened so suddenly. Stephen, though, says that doesn't answer the question. Patricia stands up and tells him that, alright, for a minute, the thought crossed her mind. She adds, though, that if Stephen was her, he'd have thought the same thing, so he shouldn't make her feel guilty. She also points out that, in any case, Dee didn't come to any harm. Stephen asks her how she can be sure, and Patricia replies that she's still alive! The 'phone suddenly starts ringng. Patricia answers it and Wayne comes on. He says he's at the airport, and asks if he can come and stay. Patricia says she's not sure, as they had a bit of drama this morning. She says she'll check with Stephen. She looks at him and asks him what he thinks, but he says he doesn't know. Patricia points out that Dee's attack isn't going to change anything. Stephen agrees, and says he supposes that the sooner they get to work, the better. Patricia returns to the 'phone and tells Wayne that it's fine; they'll see him soon. Wayne asks what's been going on, but Patricia says it's a bit involved, and she'll tell him when he gets there. She hangs up.

David is making lunch, and he comments to John about him and Terry ending up pretty good mates. John explains that Terry saved his life when he rolled the car, and he helped him buck up when he was getting over Jill. David tells him that he doesn't blame him for wanting to do the right thing by him, then. John replies that that's why he wants to find this girl if he can. He then remarks that it's a bit strange Fiona helping. David asks why, and John explains that, when he was up there, she couldn't stand Terry; he doesn't know what's happened to change her mind.

Fiona is in the corridor at the hospital, and she smiles at a passing nurse. In his room, Terry is trying to eat, blind. Warren is trying to help, but Terry snaps to let him try. Warren tells him not to get upset, but Terry says he has to get used to it. He pushes the food around his plate, but as he does so, he knocks his drink off the tray. He gets annoyed and pushes the whole tray onto the floor. Fiona, standing outside the room, watching, jumps. Terry yells to Warren to leave him alone. The nurse comes in and says she'll clean it up. Fiona quickly enters the room and leads Warren out into the corridor. Warren says he hates to see Terry like that - he's always been able to do everything for himself. Fiona says she knows, but adds to give him a few months, and he will again. Warren then asks Fiona what she's doing there, and Fiona tells him that she wanted to see him and Enid; she went to the house, but there was no one there. Warren explains that Enid's gone to the doctor, to get some pills for her nerves. Fiona then tells Warren that she has good news: John has agreed to try and find Lisa. Warren says that's good - it should really cheer Terry up to see her, as Lisa's the only girl he's ever loved.

John is outside a shopping mall as people pass by. He stops an elderly woman and tells her that he's looking for No. 23. The woman points down the road and says it used to be over there, but they pulled down a whole load of lovely old terraces in order to build shops. John asks how long ago that was, and the woman says it was about five years ago. Looking frustrated, John thanks her.

Amanda is standing by Dee's bed, which has been placed in Amanda's quarters on the ground floor. Beryl is pottering around nearby. Amanda tells her grandmother that she's sorry she wasn't there, but Dee tells her not to worry, adding that it's just as well that Beryl was. Amanda asks Beryl who's covering at The Terrace, and Beryl replies that Phillipe's there, doing it all by himself. Amanda says, "Poor guy. Must be rushed off his feet." Beryl says that, if she knew which hairdresser Amanda had gone to, she'd have given her a call. Amanda looks surprised and says Patricia knew. Beryl tells her that Patricia said she couldn't remember, and Amanda suddenly doesn't look so suprised. She sighs and then asks Dee what the doctor said. She's told that he ordered complete rest, and so Amanda says she supposes Dee will want to cancel her birthday party. Dee, though, says no: let everything go ahead. Amanda asks her if she's sure. Dee says, "Please..." Beryl announces that she'll get going now; she'll drop the prescription in at the chemist and get them to drop it round. Dee thanks her, and then coments to Amanda that she doesn't know where she'd have been without Beryl! She adds that she wishes Beryl was there all the time, and Amanda jokes that Beryl knows where to come if she ever needs another job! Beryl replies that The Terrrace is quite enough for her to cope with, thankyou very much! Amanda laughs. Dee, though, says it's not such a silly idea, Beryl coming to work there. Beryl asks her if she's serious, and Dee replies that she's going to need someone to look after her. Beryl points out that she's not a nurse, but Dee tells her that she's sincere and intelligent and she trusts her. She adds that Beryl could be her companion or assistant or whatever she likes to call it. Beryl says she doesn't know, but Dee assures her that it won't be a boring job! Beryl says she's sure it wouldn't! Dee tells her that she'll double the salary she gets at the restaurant, and Beryl says it's very termpting. Dee asks her what she says. Beryl replies that she'd like to say yes, but she feels obligated to The Terrace. Dee tells her that anyone can do her job there, to which Beryl sourly replies that she knows that, but she supposes it's because she was there when it started. Dee suggests that maybe it's time for a change... Beryl thinks for a moment and then says, "Maybe, yes. Alright - I will." She smiles.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Beryl is preparing food, while David rants that she's got a perfectly good job at The Terrace. Beryl tells him that she gets tired of cooking all day - waiting on people and then coming home and doing the same thing. David asks what the difference is: she'll still be waiting on someone. He adds that she'll be nothing more than a servant. Beryl says it'll be different, and David asks how. Beryl replies that it's a nice home, and the hours are more flexible. David says they'll see about that. He tells Beryl that he wishes she'd talked it over with him, first. Beryl asks him why he's so against it: the money's good. David says that's not the point, and so Beryl asks what is. David replies that he doesn't like the idea of her running after some rich old biddy. Beryl says it won't be like that, but David tells her to come on... Beryl says they're not in a position to knock back the sort of money she's offering - and it'll help them to be able to pay her back for the truck money sooner. David says they'll be using her money, but Beryl says she'll have earnt it. She tells David that it's something she wants to do. She then adds that she went along with him on that Prisoners' Aid business; it's got to work both ways. David pauses and then asks Beryl how she's going to cope working in Patricia's house. Beryl replies, "That's her problem."

That evening, Wayne quietly enters Dee's room and sits on her bed. Dee asks where the others are, and Wayne tells her that Charlie has them occupied; they all think he's upstairs, working. Dee says that's good, and she then asks him about the company. Wayne tells her that what's going to happen is that dummy bills will come through - Stephen will make sure Gordon never sees them - and they'll be paid; a very simple operation. Dee asks Wayne where he comes in, but Wayne says he doesn't, really - they're just using his name; he's the figurehead: he just sits back and takes his share of the profits. Dee asks who's going to organise the bills, but Wayne says he doesn't know. Dee suggests that he does, and make sure he keeps copies - that way, they have a record of everything and, when the time comes, they'll present it to them. Wayne asks when that will that be, but Dee says they'll keep it going for a while yet - they've got to give them enough rope to hang themselves. She tells Wayne to get back before the others become suspicious. Wayne nods, and Dee tells him to keep up the good work. As he gets up to leave, Dee asks him how he's making out with Jill: is he over it? Wayne replies that he'll never get over it - but if can't have her, he's going to have money - lots of it!

Phillipe is wearing just his underpants as he irons a shirt in the kitchen at The Terrace. There's a knock on the front door, and he goes to answer it, making sure he keeps most of himself hidden as he does so. It's Amanda, and she asks him who he's hiding from. Phillipe lets her in, and she sees! Phillipe explains that he's just getting ready to go out! He asks Amanda what she's doing there, and she replies that she's there to keep Kevin company and to cook a meal - she doesn't want him feeling lonely while Lynn's away. At that moment, Kevin comes downstairs and he tells Amanda that she looks nice. Phillipe, although looking concerned, realises that he's running late, and he heads upstairs. Kevin and Amanda go into the kitchen, and Amanda tells Kevin that she's brought music and wine. Kevin says she she knows where they keep the food: he'll leave everything up to her. Amanda promises him that he won't be disappointed...

Sometime later, in the dining room, Amanda lights a candle and Kevin asks her if she's all ready. Amanda tells him that it'll be a few more minutes, and she suggests they have a drink first. Kevin pours two glasses of wine and asks what they should drink to. Amanda replies, "Us." They raise their glasses and sip the wine. Kevin remarks that it's nicer than the wine they had at lunch, and Amanda says it should be - it's twice the price! Kevin smiles. Amanda tells him to relax, and Kevin says he is. Amanda puts her glass down on the table, and then takes Kevin's glass from his hand and puts that on the table. She then runs her hands up his jumper, puts her arms round his neck and puts her lips to his. Kevin quickly pushes her away and says, "Amanda, don't." Amanda asks what's wrong; he didn't just invite her there to cook him a meal. Kevin says he feels guilty, but Amanda tells him that Lynn won't find out unless he tells her, so who's to know? She adds that she knows he finds her attractive, so what's he waiting for? She runs her finger up his jumper and says, "Looks like I'm the one who's going to have to get the party started." She puts her arms around his his neck again and starts kissing him. Kevin doesn't respond, though, and Amanda steps back. Kevin then puts his arms round her waist, they move closer and start kissing passionately...


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