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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

As he kisses Amanda, Kevin suddenly hears Davey start crying, and he pulls away. He tells Amanda that he's sorry - he has to go and see what's up. Amanda looks both disappointed and annoyed.

A short time later, Kevin walks into the kitchen with a soiled nappy and says, "Mission accomplished!" Amanda, who's fetching a bottle from the kitchen, takes it into the dining room and starts to pour drinks for them. Kevin soon joins her, sits down and, when he see Amanda about to pour a glass for him, puts his hand on top of hers to stop her, saying, "None for me." They both look at their hands and then at each other. Kevin quickly pulls his hand away and blows out the candle on the table. He tells Amanda that he and Lynn are a lot happier now than they've been for a long time, and he doesn't want to risk messing it up. Amanda asks what difference one night is going to make; Lynn won't know. Kevin, though, says he will. He adds that he must sound like a jerk, but Amanda assures him that he doesn't - she thinks it's great the way he feels about Lynn. She then says, though, that surely they can both do with a little bit more fun in their lives. She puts her hand on top of Kevin's on the table, but Kevin pulls his away. Amanda asks him if he doesn't like her, but Kevin tells her that he likes her a lot - but he's seen what happens to people who fool around in their marriage; it nearly ruined Rob and Angie for good. Amanda asks if he blames her for that, but Kevin replies that he meant Paul and Angie. He suggests to Amanda that she's not over Rob yet, and Amanda agrees that she misses him. Kevin says he understands that, but he doesn't see how them getting together can solve anything. Amanda says he's right. She tells him that she likes him a lot, and she hopes they can still be friends. Kevin says of course - they'll pretend tonight never happened. He then says he'll show her a trick Phillipe showed him. He lights a match, sets fire to the alcohol in the glass and tells Amanda that she has to blow it out before drinking it, or she'll set fire to her nose! Amanda laughs!

John and David are lounging around at the Palmers', while Beryl uses her sewing machine. She asks David to make sure the fire is right for the night, as she's turning in soon. John, who's looking through the 'phone book, tells Beryl to guess how many L. Cooks there are. Beryl says she doesn't know, but John tells her to guess. She estimates twenty, and John then tells David to guess, adding that it's higher. David asks how he'd know, and he heads off to bed. John tells Beryl that there are nearly forty. Beryl says she hopes he's not going to ring them all, and John says no - it's too late; he'll try tomorrow. He lounges back on the sofa, and Beryl remarks that, with any luck, he might be lucky within the first couple. John asks Beryl if she and David are having a fight, but Beryl says no. John comments that David seemed a bit grumpy, and Beryl explains that he's not all that keen on her going to work for Dee Morrell. She adds that John knows what David's like - it takes him a while to get used to anything new. John remarks that old Mrs. Morrell must have the gift of the gab, to have Beryl working under the same roof as Patricia! Beryl tells John not to worry about 'madam' - she won't be getting up to any of her old tricks while Dee's there to crack the whip! She smiles.

At Toorak, Wayne is pouring himself a scotch when Amanda comes in. He asks her if she's decided to make an early night of it, but Amanda asks what business it is of his. Wayne replies that he was just trying to make conversation. Amanda snaps, "Then don't." She notices his glass and snaps that he's not taking long to make himself at home. Wayne smiles and says he didn't think anyone would mind. Amanda says she does; there are enough charity cases staying there already. Wayne jibes, "Get on well with Patricia, do you?" Amanda replies, "About as well as I'm going to be getting on with you, it seems." She then tells Wayne not to worry: Patricia won't last long and nor will he. She storms off. Wayne raises his glass to her!

Dee is lying in bed as Amanda enters her room. She sits up, and Amanda immediately asks how long Wayne's going to be there. Dee replies that he'll be there for as long as he wants. Amanda snaps that she doesn't like him, and Dee asks why. Amanda says it's because he and Patricia are like 'that'; she indicates that they're thick as thieves. Dee, though, says she doesn't think so, but it's not Amanda's problem even if they are, so she'll just have to put up with it. Amanda goes and sits down and throws her bag on the floor. Dee asks her how her evening was, and where she went. Amanda just replies, "Out." Dee asks her if she went to see Kevin, but Amanda says no. Dee tells her not to lie to her, and she reminds her that she told her 'hands off'. Amanda says nothing happened anyway. Dee asks why not give up, then, and Amanda replies that it's because Lynn ruined things for her and Rob, and she's going to keep working away at Kevin until she's paid her back. Dee angrily orders Amanda to listen to her: if she messes things up between the Palmers and her, she'll be more sorry than she can possibly imagine. She asks her if that's understood, and Amanda nods. Dee says that's good, and she tells Amanda that she has more patience than she gave her credit for. Amanda says, "And no prizes for guessing who I learned it off!" She gets up and walks to her bedroom.

The next morning, at the Palmers', John is on the 'phone to an old man, and he explains that he's trying to find a Lisa Cook, and he was wondering if she's at the man's address. The man replies that he's Len Cook, but there's nobody there called Lisa. John says he's sorry to trouble him. Mr. Cook says he knows a Libby Cook, although that's her married name. John says no thanks, and he tells Mr. Cook that he's sorry to trouble him. Mr. Cook suggests John go through the 'phone book. John says he'll do that! He hangs up, and tells Beryl that they're driving him up the wall. Beryl says it's all in a good cause. John says he'll take a break for a while, and wait for some of the engaged numbers to clear. Beryl asks if she can use the 'phone, as she wants to put an ad in the paper for someone to fill her shoes at the restaurant. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, though, and when Beryl answers it, a woman comes on, asking for David Palmer. Beryl explains that he's out at the moment, but she's his wife, so can she help? The woman just asks when David will be back, and Beryl says it'll be about lunchtime. She asks the woman if David can call her, but the woman says it's alright. Beryl asks if there's any message, but the woman says no, and hangs up. John asks who it was. Beryl, looking surprised, says, "She didn't want to say."

Kevin comes downstairs at The Terrace, smiling as Lynn gets home. He hugs her and asks how it went. Lynn says it was terrific! Kevin tells her that it's good to see her. Lynn asks if anything went wrong, and if Davey's OK. Kevin asks what could go wrong with a brilliant chef and a brilliant husband to look after him?! Phillipe emerges from the kitchen and kisses Lynn on the cheek. Lynn says she hopes Kevin didn't have him working too hard, but Phillipe says no - he went out for the night. Lynn cheekily enquires, "Lady friend?" Kevin quickly says he was lucky to have Davey to talk to... He then tells Lynn that she'd better go up and say hello. She agrees, joking that she'll see how he's been getting on without a woman's touch! Kevin tells her that he'll see her tonight. She goes upstairs. When they're alone, Phillipe remarks to Kevin that he didn't mention his woman visitor. Kevin looks upstairs and then says no - and he's not going to. Phillipe asks if Amanda asked to keep it a secret, but Kevin says no, and he adds that nothing happened - honestly - but he doesn't want Lynn to get the wrong idea. He asks Phillipe if he'll say anything, but Phillipe asks why should he? Kevin tells him he'll see him later, and he picks up his bag and goes.

Dee is in the lounge room at Toorak when Amanda comes in, dressed up, and asks how she looks. Dee says she looks fine, but she reminds her that she's at the restaurant to serve customers, not to play up to a certain party. Amanda says she'll be careful. Dee then asks her if she has time to run a message for her. Amanda says probably, and she asks what it is. Dee explains that she'd like her to drop into a costume hire place and see what they've got in the way of 1920s costumes - she wants a selection for Fiona and Barbara to choose from. Amanda excitedly says she didn't know Aunty Barbara was coming, and Dee says she hopes she is; she sent her an invitation through Gordon. Amanda says it'll be great to see her again. Dee remarks that Barbara can be a stick-in-the-mud, and if she doesn't organise her a costume, she probably won't bother wearing one. Amanda comments that Dee's got it all planned, and Dee replies that it's the secret of a successul party! Amanda goes, and Dee walks over to the 'phone and dials. The 'phone rings at Dural and Barbara answers. When she hears Dee on the other end, Barbara says she was just about to ring her: she won't be able to make the party. Dee, looking disappointed, asks Barbara if she has something else on. Barbara says no, and so Dee asks why she can't come. Barbara replies that the last few times they've met, it's always ended up in a row, and she's sure Dee doesn't want her to spoil things. Dee tells Barbara that she has to be there; a lot of Gordon's associates will be. Barbara says, "Oh?" Dee reminds her that she said she'd put up with her mother's company at a business level. With a stern look on her face, Barbara says she supposes she might have said something like that. Dee tells her to treat it like a business function, then; she won't have to be there because it's her birthday. Barbara warns, "Mother..." Dee says she's sorry, but she asks Barbara to think of this as goodwill for the partnership, and come for Gordon's sake. Barbara reluctantly says she'll be there. She asks if there's anything else, and Dee replies that it's a twenties party, and she's organised a costume for her. Barbara looks horified, and snaps that she's not dressing up for anyone. Dee says it's just for a bit of fun, but Barbara reiterates, "No, mother." Dee says it's already arranged, but Barbara tells her to unarrange it. Dee says she'll see Barbara when she arrives. Barbara says she'll be there. She says goodbye and then hangs up, furiously.

David gets home and Beryl remarks that he's early. David, though, says he's not stopping - he's just getting some tools from the shed. Beryl tells him that his lunch is on the 'fridge. He heads for the kitchen, and as he does so, Beryl asks him if he has a spare $20, as she doesn't have time to go to the bank. David tells her to look in his wallet. Beryl takes his wallet from where it's lying on the table, opens it and takes out a £20 note. She then suddenly spots a piece of paper in there, with 'Alice - 5/144 Piper Street, Fremington' written on it. As David walks back into the room, carrying his toolbox, she quickly puts the wallet back, but stuffs the piece of paper down her dress. She tells him that she'll pay him back out of next week's housekeeping. She also tells him that there was a call for him earlier. David asks if it was anything important, but Beryl says they wouldn't leave a message. David says he'll ring back, but Beryl says it was a woman. She asks David if he knows who it was, but David says he doesn't, offhand. He adds that it was probably business. Beryl says it didn't sound very businesslike. David goes to walk out, but Beryl calls out, "David." David turns round, and Beryl gives him his lunch from the 'fridge. David jokes that he's glad one of them's on the ball. He goes. Beryl takes the piece of paper out from her dress and looks worried.

A while later, John and Beryl pull up outside The Terrace, and John tells Beryl that he'll pick her up at about 3pm. Beryl asks him if he's sure it's no trouble, and John says no. Beryl tells him that she'll keep her fingers crossed for him. John thanks her, but says there can't be too many Lisa Cooks the right age and coming from the country. Beryl asks if that's what the first lady said when John called her, and John says, "Yeah." Beryl goes to open the car door and she tells John that she hopes he's struck it lucky. John says he'll know soon enough. Beryl gets out and John drives off.

Inside, Lynn is arranging flowers in a vase in the dining area when Beryl comes in. She asks Beryl if she's looking forward to her last day, and Beryl replies, "Yes and no." Lynn comments that she thought Beryl would be jumping out of her skin, but Beryl says she'll be a lot happier when they find a replacement for her, and Lynn doesn't have to stand in. Lynn says it's no problem - if Mrs. Collins rings, she'll simply tell her she's not available. Beryl asks her how Sydney was, and Lynn says it was great! She then says she bets Beryl's looking foward to working for Mrs. Morrell. Beryl hesitantly says, "Yes, yes... I am quite looking forward to it." Lynn remarks that she doesn't sound it, and she asks what's wrong. Beryl says she doesn't know - maybe it's just her...

Amanda is counting money in the kitchen as Phillipe chops up some vegetables. He tells Amanda that Lynn said she was looking forward to working in the restaurant, but Amanda tells him to wait until the novelty wears off. Phillipe says he doesn't think it will. Amanda says Lynn hasn't got what it takes, and Phillipe remarks that she doesn't like Lynn very much - or she likes Kevin a bit too much. Amanda tells Phillipe that he's talking through his hat. Phillipe replies that it would really hurt Lynn if Kevin got involved with someone else. Amanda asks him why he's looking at her, and asks since when has he been Lynn's big brother? Phillipe looks down, guiltily. Amanda continues, "Or is there more to it...?" Phillipe snaps, "Don't be absurd." Amanda asks him what gives with him and Lynn, but Phillipe says, "Nothing." Amanda persists that there's something, but Phillipe denies it. Amanda tells him to come out with it, and Phillipe gives in. He agrees to tell her what happened, but only so that she'll understand that there's no mileage she can get out of it; he wouldn't want anything he's done to spoil their marriage. Amanda smugly says, "Nor would I..."

In the dining room, Lynn tells Beryl that it's not much to go on - there could be a perfectly innocent explanation. Beryl agrees, but adds that, given the way David has been behaving recently... Lynn suggests that Beryl's probably reading things into it. Beryl says she'd like to think so, but on the night of the dinner at the Morrells', he was hours late with hardly a word of explanation - the way he used to be when... he was seeing Patricia. Lynn says that was different. Beryl continues that, this morning, he was like a cat on hot bricks when she queried him about the lady on the 'phone. Lynn tells Beryl to come on - he's probably teeing up some terrific surprise for her. Beryl replies, "And if he isn't?" Lynn tells her that all she can do is let him know how much she still loves him. Beryl looks upset.

John is climbing the stairs in an apartment block, and he reaches a door with '5' on it. He knocks, and an attractive blonde woman, in a tight pink top and shorts, and with a bandage on her leg, answers it and asks John if he's the guy that rang before. John says yes, and asks the woman if she's Lisa. The woman says she is, and adds that she got her flatmate's message. She apologises for being out - she was at the doctor's; he gave her help for her leg - she pulled a muscle. She asks John if he wants to come in, and John tells her that he hopes she's the right Lisa Cook - her friend said she was from the country. Lisa says, "Yeah, Lockston." John goes in, and Lisa continues that it's in South Australia. Upon hearing this, John realises it's the wrong Lisa Cook, and he tells her that there's no way she'll know the guy he's trying to help. Lisa asks what his name is and John says it's Terry, but he's from New South Wales. He tells Lisa that he's sorry for wasting her time. Lisa closes the door and, flirting with him, tells him that that's OK... She stands with her back to the door and asks John if he wants to tell her about it. John hurriedly declines! Lisa says she's known lots of guys called Terry - one of them might be his friend. John says it's OK! Lisa opens the door and John goes. Lisa tells him that he still has her address - any time he gets bored, he knows where to find her. John goes!

Lynn is clearing up in the kitchen at The Terrace when John comes in and asks where Beryl is. Lynn explains that everything was under control, so she forced her to knock off early. John asks if she didn't need a lift, and Lynn says no - she was popping into the hairdresser's on the way home. Phillipe comes in and offers John a coffee, which he accepts. Lynn remarks to John that he looks tired, and she asks what the problem is. John explains that he's been trying to track down a girl from up near Woombai, but he's starting to wonder if she really exists. Lynn comments that Beryl said he thought he was on the right track, and John says he did - until he got her address and met a crazy lady with a sprained ankle who couldn't have clapped eyes on a guy for weeks! Lynn laughs. John says that, if she wasn't nursing a bung leg, he'd never have got away! Phillipe gives John his coffee and asks him if he still has the address! John gets out the paper with it written on, gives it to Phillipe and tells him to give her a call! Lynn laughs that the two of them are dreadful!

Beryl arrives home with a new haircut. David's there, and Beryl asks him why he's home so early. David tells her that he came home to get some sleep before he has to go out again - he's got an extra job for the night. Beryl asks what he'll be doing, and David says he'll be driving the gear for a band down to a gig in Praxton - their van's broken down. Beryl asks David if he has to wait to bring it back, and David says he does, unfortunately. Beryl says that means he'll be out all night, and David agrees that that's part of it. Beryl asks how she'll know where to contact him, but David says he forgets the name of the pub; he'll be home by 2am or 3am, though. Beryl nods. David starts to walk off and Beryl calls out, "Just a second - don't you notice anything?" David jokes, "Shaved your beard off?!" Beryl smiles and David says it's her hair. He adds that it's no wonder she wanted twenty bucks! He then tells her that it looks good, before saying he'll get some shuteye. He walks to the bedroom. Beryl looks annoyed. She then looks thoughtful and takes the piece of paper with the address on it out of her bag.

Lynn and Phillipe finish clearing up, and Phillipe tells John to cheer up. John, though, says he can't - he feels so useless; Terry really needs to find this Lisa, and he hasn't turned up anything. Phillipe suggests that maybe she's not in Melbourne anymore, and John agrees that she could be married and have a different name. Lynn asks John if he said her surname was Cook, and John says, "Mmm - Lisa Cook." Lynn tells him that there's a designer there in Melbourne called Lisa Cook; she's just making a name for herself. John asks Lynn if she's met her, but Lynn says she hasn't yet. She tells John to get the Yellow Pages and see if she can find her business number. John goes to the drawer and asks how old this Lisa Cook is. Lynn says she's about twentysomething, she thinks. John says it can't do any harm to try - she must be the only L. Cook left in Melbourne that he hasn't spoken to! They start going through the directory.

A woman is driving along in her car when her carphone starts ringing. She anwers it and John comes on, asking for Lisa Cook. The woman says, "Speaking..." John introduces himself and says his sister-in-law, Lynn Palmer, suggested... Lisa says she's never heard of her. John explains that she's a model - she works for the Collins agency. Lisa says she knows Mrs Collins. John explains that a friend of his, Terry Hansen, has been badly injured, and he's trying to contact... Lisa asks what John said the name was, and John replies, "Terry Hansen." Lisa appears to recognise it, but says she's sorry - she never heard of him, either. She hangs up, but drives on, looking thoughtful...

Lynn tells John that it was a long shot. Phillipe says the woman could have been a bit more polite, but John asks who cares. He says he'd better go home and give Fiona a call, and tell her that it's hopeless. Lynn tells John to come up and see Davey before he goes, and John agrees, saying he needs a bit of cheering up. Lynn says she'll give him some sewing, too - Beryl asked her to send it across while she's got her machine up. The two of them head upstairs, and Phillipe follows.

Lisa Cook pulls up outside The Terrace. She gets out of her car, and goes round to the passenger side to lock the door. John emerges from The Terrace, admires the rear view and raises his eyebrows! Lisa turns round and, realising that John's gawping, asks him if he's alright there. John goes to walk past her, and says he's sorry. As he does so, though, Lisa asks him if she could find a John Palmer there. John says that's him. Lisa explains that she traced him through Lynn Palmer's agency, and she introduces herself. She tells John that she wasn't exactly honest on the 'phone. She asks if there's somewhere they can talk. John says they can go inside.

Beryl is climbing a flight of stairs at an apartment block. She reaches the address on the piece of paper and loudly knocks on the door. After a few seconds, the door opens, and when Beryl sees who's answered it, a shocked look appears on her face and she says, "What are you doing here?"


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