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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Sometime later, Gordon and Fiona are sitting at the table, having dinner, and Gordon says it was an accident - no one was at fault. Fiona, who's upset, replies that it happened to an employee; someone has to take responsibility. Gordon says the insurance company will take care of the costs. Fiona cries that Terry might have lost his sight, but Gordon reminds her that they don't know that yet. Fiona suggests that the Hansens mught sue, but Gordon says he doesn't think so - and if they do, the insurance will cover that, as well. Fiona tells Gordon that she's just praying that Terry isn't blinded - not just because he's her son; she'd feel the same if it was anybody else. She adds that they should have been more careful. Gordon says he's going to the hospital later, and he asks Fiona if she wants to come. Fiona declines, but she tells Gordon to let Mr. and Mrs. Hansen how sorry she is, and to tell them not to worry about money. Gordon says he's talked to the police, and they were satisfied it was an accident. Fiona puts her head in her hands and cries, "I wish to God it had never happened..."

Stephen and Patricia are coming downstairs at Toorak. Stephen looks at his watch and complains that he hates waiting by the thumbnails for Charlie to get ready. Patricia tells him that she shouldn't be much longer. Dee is standing at the bottom of the stairs, and she asks Stephen and Patricia where they're going. Patricia replies that they're going out, and adds that Dee knew that. Dee snaps that she's not surprised at Patricia wanting to avoid the Palmers, but she didn't think Stephen would let his wife twist him around her little finger. Stephen tells his mother that she didn't. Dee asks why he changed his mind, then, as this morning he said he'd stay. Stephen replies that Patricia told him what Dee has been saying to her. Dee sarcastically says, "Oh dear, dear," but Stephen tells her that she's behaving as childishly as Amanda. Dee warns her son not to get too smart, as she still controls the money. Stephen, though, tells his mother that, if she's thinking of getting rid of him as her business manager, she should think again, and he points out that she knows no one else can control her affairs as well as he can. Patricia, looking impatient, suggests they wait for Charlie in the car. She and Stephen head out, leaving Dee standing in the hallway looking annoyed. After a few moments, she walks into Amanda's room and says, "They think they've had a win - but they haven't." Amanda, who's sitting filing her nails, asks her grandmother how she works that out. Dee replies that she wanted Patricia out of the way, as she needs to win the Palmers' friendship if she's going to use them. Amanda asks, "Then what was the point of...?" but Dee interrupts her, saying, "Arguing with Patricia and Stephen? Just to upset them!" She goes on to explain that Patricia's bound to crack sooner or later, and Stephen's bound to wonder whether it's her or his mother who's the problem. She sits down, and Amanda comments that it would be a mistake to get on wrong side of her. Dee asks Amanda if she ever will, but Amanda jokes that she wouldn't be game! Dee laughs. She then asks Amanda about tonight, adding that she hopes she's not going dressed as she is. Amanda replies, "Of course not!" She indicates two dresses hanging up, and explains that she's still deciding which to wear. Dee says they're both very nice. Amanda says she wants to look her best, and Dee asks her if she's out to impress. Amanda replies, "You could say that..." She gets up, holds a blue dress against herself and smiles...

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Kevin tells Lynn that David and Beryl were supposed to be there fifteen minutes ago. Lynn says there's still plenty of time, but Kevin exasperatedly says that doesn't matter - they said they'd be there at 6:30, not 6:45. Lynn suggests that they probably got caught in traffic. Kevin sighs, and says it's really going to impress Mrs. Morrell if they turn up late. Lynn tells him to stop carrying on! Changing the subject slightly, Kevin asks if Phillipe was OK about babysitting. Lynn replies that he jumped at the chance! Kevin then tells his wife that he's going to do well in this job. Lynn tells him that she thinks he will, too. Kevin says Stephen is a great guy, and he hopes he turns out like him one day; he's so sure about everything he does - not just in business, but in his whole life. Suddenly appearing uncertain, he asks if his mum and dad will be alright. Lynn asks him what he means, but Kevin tells her that she knows. Lynn asks him if he's worried they'll use the wrong knife or something. She laughs, but Kevin says he doesn't want them to look like complete morons. Lynn tells Kevin to get his nose out of the air, and she asks who he thinks he is! Kevin says he doesn't want anything to go wrong, but Lynn tells him that if anyone looks a fool, it'll be him, with that attitude. Kevin decides to ring home to find out what the hell's going on. He dials.

At the Palmers', the 'phone starts ringing just as Beryl is putting a shawl on. She answers it, and Kevin asks if she and David aren't coming. Beryl replies that of course they are, but David's not home yet. Kevin points out that they're supposed to be there a bit after seven, and Beryl says she knows, but she can't help it if David's running late. The front door suddenly opens, and Beryl tells Kevin that David's just got in. She suggests he and Lynn take a cab and they'll be there as soon as they can. Kevin agrees, but he tells Beryl not to be long. Beryl hangs up as David sits down and takes his boots off. Beryl tells him that it's into the shower for him, but David sharply tells her to hang on. Beryl asks him where he's been, and he replies that he's been helping a friend move. He asks if there's anything wrong with that, but Beryl says no, and asks if she said there was. David sourly says it sounded like it. Beryl reminds him that they promised Kevin they wouldn't be late for dinner with the Morrells, but David snaps that they're going to be. He stands up and says he doesn't feel like fighting, but the last thing he wants to do is have dinner at the Morrells'. He adds, though, that he said he'd go and he will. Beryl says it mightn't be as bad as they expect. She also suggests that they shouldn't bring up the matter of the truck payment; she, personally, thinks Amanda is talking through her hat about the whole thing, and they'll look foolish if... David interrupts and says that if Amanda's grandmother did pay for the truck, she's the one who's going to look stupid. He turns to go to the bedroom.

Lynn and Kevin are talking to Dee in the lounge room at Toorak, and Dee is saying that she was only 18 at the time, but she wanted that job desperately. Kevin takes a sip of his drink, as he listens intently. Dee continues that it was the depression and her family needed the money, so she bluffed her way into the boss's office and before he could tell her to get out, she had him convinced she was the person he was looking for! Kevin laughs and asks how she did that. Dee replies that she was honest: she admitted all things she couldn't do, but also told him she could learn quickly and was determined to succeed. Amanda, looking at Kevin, chips in that that sounds like someone she knows. She walks over to where Dee's sitting. Dee tells Kevin that that's why she thought he should be given a chance - he reminded her of herself, all those years ago. Amanda indignantly says she got the ball rolling, but Dee says she's sure Kevin is the type of person to make it on his own, without anyone else's help; if he hadn't got the job with Stephen, he'd have got it with someone else. Lynn jokes that she'll have to make sure he doesn't get a swollen head, and Kevin laughs that she will, too! Dee asks Amanda to get her pills from her bedroom, and Amanda leaves the room. Kevin, looking worried, asks Dee if she's sick, but Dee says no; her old heart plays up occasionally, but the pills keep it going. She tells him not to look so concerned - she'll be around for quite a while yet! Kevin says he didn't mean that, and Dee says she knows. She adds that it's nice to know someone cares. There's suddenly a knock at the front door. Lynn looks round and says it's probably Beryl and David. Dee starts to get up to answer it, but Kevin says he'll get it. Lynn smiles at Dee, who tells her that she's very lucky - Kevin's a fine young man. Lynn says she knows! Dee then starts asking about Lynn's modelling. Meanwhile, out in the hallway, David tells Kevin that it's his fault, as he got held up. Kevin says they've not missed much - they've just been sitting round, talking. He returns to the lounge room. Still in the hall, Beryl remarks to David that Kevin seems on top of the world. David replies that he probably just doesn't want to fight. They join the others.

Enid Hansen is sitting beside Terry's bed at the hospital. Terry cries out, "Ma?" and Enid tells him that she and Warren are there. She starts wiping his brow. Terry suddenly asks where Lisa is. Enid asks who Lisa is, but Terry just slurs that he wants to see Lisa. Warren tells him to rest and get some sleep. A doctor comes in and takes Terry's pulse. He then tells Enid and Warren that they'll have a better idea of how Terry is when the bandages come off. He adds that they've taken out a splinter, and there doesn't appear to be any major damage to his retina; however, the lens was damaged and a cataract will start to form. Warren and Enid look at each other, but the doctor goes on to assure them that it can be removed in Sydney. Warren asks how soon, and is told that it'll be about a week. The doctor explains that, once it's done, Terry should slowly regain his vision, although it will be impaired for a couple of months. Warren tells the doctor that Terry keeps mumbling about an ex-girlfriend - Lisa - whom he hasn't seen for a good six years. The doctor tells him not to worry, as it's probably an effect of the anaesthetic. He suggests to the Hansens that they let Terry get some rest, and come back in the morning. Enid and Warren say goodbye to Terry, and go. Terry just lies there.

Fiona is flicking through some magazines at Woombai, but she appears to be miles away. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, and she rushes to answer it. It's Gordon. She asks how Terry is, and Gordon replies that the doctor thinks he'll get his sight back. Looking relieved, Fiona says, "Thank God." Gordon continues that Terry will have to go to Sydney for an operation. Fiona asks why, but Gordon says he'll explain when he gets home. Fiona says she should have been at the hospital to talk to somebody herself, but Gordon tells her that it's probably just as well she wasn't, as the Hansens were there. Fiona asks how they are, and Gordon replies that, naturally, they're upset and looking for someone to blame. Fiona says, "Me." Gordon tells her to give them a few days to calm down, but Fiona asks, "Don't they think I care what happens?" Gordon replies that, at the moment they don't know what to think; the business of Terry being Fiona's son didn't come up. Fiona says she thinks she should talk to the Hansens, but Gordon tells her no. He adds that he's giving them a lift home, and he'll see what he can do to set things straight. Fiona starts crying, and doesn't say anything. Gordon eventually says, "Fiona?" Fiona says she's still there. Gordon tells her not to wait up for him; get a good night's rest. Fiona agrees and Gordon hangs up. Fiona slowly puts the receiver down and then bursts into tears, crying, "God..."

At Toorak, Beryl says dinner was lovely. Dee offers David some more pudding and he accepts the offer of seconds! Beryl smiles and says food is one of David's weaknesses. Dee says, "Mine, too!" She adds that her doctor put her on a strict diet, though. Kevin asks, "How long did you spend overseas, Mrs. Morrell?" but Dee immediately wags her finger at him and tells him to call her Dee! She then answers the question, saying it was more years than she cares to remember! Beryl asks her if she's going back, but Dee says she doesn't think so, as she misses her family too much; now that she's home again, she realises how important they are to her. Amanda, who's wearing the blue dress she selected earlier, chips in that Dee likes to have her brood around her, and Dee asks why not?! Amanda says she agrees, adding that she doesn't want her grandmother to go away again; she has a very generous grandmother! Everyone laughs. Dee says she's too generous at times, she thinks! Beryl points out that it's a grandparent's prerogative! Amanda offers Kevin some more wine, and Dee watches her, suspiciously, as she does so. She then says she feels sorry for families that aren't close - they miss out on so much. Beryl says she agrees - they have to count themselves very lucky. Dee then turns to David and asks him how he's getting on. He's finished his seconds, and so Dee suggests they go into the lounge room, where it's more comfortable. Amanda offers to organise coffee and port, and says Kevin can give her a hand. Dee, though, quickly points out that Kevin is a guest, and she says she'll help. Amanda looks disappointed. Dee tells the Palmers to go on ahead, and she'll join them in a minute. When she and Amanda are alone, Dee tells her granddaugther, "Hands off." Amanda 'innocently' asks what she means, but Dee replies that Amanda knows exactly what she means: she's been playing up to Kevin all evening. She tells Amanda that she doesn't want her causing trouble between him and Lynn; it doesn't suit her. Amanda says he's a friend, but Dee snaps that that's rubbish: Amanda's out to get back at Lynn for what happened over that truck driver. She tells Amanda that she doesn't care who she goes chasing, as long as it's not Kevin Palmer. She asks if that's understood, and Amanda snaps, "Yes." Dee says, "Good."

A short time later, Dee asks David how long he's been in the freight business. David, who's pouring coffee, says he's been driving trucks most of his life. Dee says Kevin told her that David bought his own truck. David just says, "Yeah." Beryl explains that David decided to go into business for himself. Dee tells him that she doesn't blame him, as there's nothing like being your own boss. David replies that she's not wrong there. Dee remarks that it must be difficult, starting off, but Beryl replies that they manage. Dee warms to her thread, pointing out that it costs so much starting a business these days - especially a business like David's - the overheads must be enormous: fuels, road taxes, truck repayments... David snaps that Dee seems to know a lot about the trucking game. Dee replies that it's only what she's read. David then snaps, "Rubbish!" Kevin immediately warns, "Dad..." but David ignores this and tells Dee that he thinks she's been pussyfooting around long enough. Dee 'innocently' says, "Sorry?" but David snaps that it's quite obvious what she's on about. Kevin repeats, "Dad..." but David tells him to stay out of it. He looks at Dee and accuses her of paying off the truck for him. Dee 'innocently' says, "Did I?" David snaps that he wants to know why. Amanda goes off to get another bottle of port as Dee replies that she wanted to do something nice for his family. David snaps that she doesn't even know them. Dee asks him not to be angry, and to let her explain. David, though, says there is no explanation as far as he's concerned. Dee ignores this and says she was feeling very ill at the time; very low - she thought she was going to die. She explains that you think of a lot of things at a time like that: what you've done in life that's worthwhile; Amanda came to see her and said she'd met his family and how good they'd been to her; she just wanted to do something in return - it's as simple as that: a rich old woman's whim. David snaps that that's very nice but the Palmers pay their own bills. Dee says she thought would David appreciate it, and Kevin chips in that if he had any sense, he would. David tells Kevin that he doesn't know him very well. He then tells Dee that he doesn't want to sound rude: she's been very kind, but there's no way he can accept the offer. Dee says that if that's the way he feels... David says it is - as soon as he has the money together, he'll pay her back. Dee says that's fine, and she adds that she just worried she might have offended him. Beryl says there's no harm done - it's a very nice thought, but they're a pretty independent bunch. Dee jokes that she's just found that out!

Out by the front door, Patricia and Stephen are just arriving home, and Stephen remarks that he doesn't think they'll see much of Charlie before breakfast! Patricia agrees that she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself! Stephen says they could have stayed on, but Patricia assures him that she didn't want to, and felt like coming home. Amanda comes into the hall with a new bottle of port and tells Stephen and Patricia that they're just in time for the main event. Stephen asks her what she means, and Amanda replies that David's just found out that Dee paid off his truck. Patricia looks astonished and says, "You're kidding?" Stephen asks why she'd do that, and Patricia tells him that it would be to rub her up the wrong way. Amanda adds, "And to get in with the Palmers." Patricia sourly says it's the same thing. Amanda asks them if they don't want to come in and say hello, but Patricia says she doesn't think so. Amanda tells them that she'll see them in the morning, then, and she returns to join the guests. Stephen tells Patricia that they should go in, just for a minute. Patricia, though, says, "And have your mother humiliate me in front of the Palmers? Not on your life." Stephen tells Patricia that she should show Dee that she can't intimidate her, but Patricia says she refuses to play her games, full stop. Stephen says that's fair enough. He then tells Patricia that he might have had seconds thoughts about embezzling Dee's money once, but not anymore; that's their inheritance she's playing around with, and she's done her dash, as far as he's concerned.

The next morning, Fiona is at the hospital, where she sees a nurse and says she's loooking for Terry Hansen. The nurse asks Fiona if she's a relative, but Fiona says no - Terry works for her. The nurse accepts this and tells Fiona where his room is. Fiona slowly walks to the door and goes in. Terry is lying there with bandages over his eyes and on his right wrist. Fiona stands by the bed and goes to reach out and touch her son. Terry suddenly asks, "Who's there? Mum?" Fiona quickly pulls her hand back, but doesn't say anything. Terry asks if it's a nurse there. Fiona decides to get out, but Terry hears her footsteps and again asks, "Nurse? Who is it?" Fiona leaves the room and closes the door. The nurse asks her if she found him, and Fiona says she did. She's about to leave the hospital when Enid and Warren Hansen suddenly come up the corridor from the opposite direction. Enid angrily asks Fiona, "What are you doing here?" adding that Terry doesn't want the likes of her around. Fiona explains that she wanted to see how he's going, but Enid says they'll look after him. Warren thanks Fiona for offering to pay the medical bills, and Fiona replies that it was the least she could do. She tells the Hansens that she just wants to say how very sorry she is - she feels she owes them a personal apology for the accident. Enid snaps that she should think so. Warren, though, says Mr. Hamilton talked to them last night, and it seems that what happened was partly Terry's fault - he shouldn't have gone near that charge without making sure it was a dud. Fiona tells the Hansens that if there's anything else they want, to let her know.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Amanda tells Dee that she looks tired after last night. Dee says she is. Amanda tells her that she should have stayed in bed, but Dee says it makes her lazy. She notices a shawl on the settee and asks Amanda if it's hers. Amanda replies that she thinks it belongs to Beryl, and says she'll take it into work tomorrow. Dee ask her if she's not going in today, and Amanda explains that she has the day off. Dee says, "Lucky girl!" She then says she's very pleased with the way things went last night - it was a sort of dummy run for her next party. Amanda asks when that will be, and Dee replies that it's the day after tomorrow: she's decided to celebrate her 65th birthday, and she's going to have a big twenties party. Amanda excitedly says that'll be great! Dee says she hopes so. She adds that it's short notice, so she'll have to 'phone through the invitations. Stephen comes in and snaps at Amanda that he'll have the paper as soon as she's finished spreading it about the floor. He walks off again, and Amanda sarcastically comments to Dee that he's in a good mood. Dee says she thinks his nose is out of joint because she paid off David Palmer's truck. Amanda says she doesn't think Patricia's too happy, either. Dee smiles and says, "No." Amanda tells her grandmother that she was only joking when she told Beryl that it was probably her who paid off the truck; she didn't think for a second that she'd hit the nail on the head. Dee says, "You didn't." Amanda looks astonished, but Dee quickly asks what harm there is in having them think otherwise - even if they are going to pay her back? She adds that it's worked out very well: another source of annoyance for Patricia, and it might prove useful in the future to have the Palmers feel they owe her something...

At the Palmers', Beryl tells David that she's put his lunch in the 'fridge. She then comments that he doesn't seem very happy today, and David replies that he's still thinking about that rotten dinner party last night. Beryl asks him if he means about Dee paying off the truck, and David says, "Yeah." Beryl tells him that all they do is put the money aside like they used to, and then pay it off in a lump sum. David says, "Too right we will." He then says Kevin wants a belt round the ears, the way he carried on. Beryl says she didn't think he was that bad, but David tells her that they embarrassed him: he was on Dee's side about letting her pay for the truck. Beryl says she thinks he just didn't want an argument, and David says that's right, but he was the one supposed to give in. He tells Beryl that Kevin's changed - he's not the kid he used to be. Beryl says that of course he is, but David just says it's not worth worrying about. He asks Beryl if she's off to the Morrells' to pick up her shawl. Beryl says she'll see how she goes for time. She kisses David and goes out.

Patricia is looking through the 'phone book in the lounge room at Toorak, and she says to Dee that she hopes she enjoyed wasting her time last night. Dee replies that she doesn't think it was a waste of time - she quite enjoyed it. Patricia cattily remarks that, come to think of it, Dee would have an affinity with the working class - with her background. Dee angrily asks what Patricia knows about her background, and Patricia replies that she knows enough to know she came from the wrong side of the tracks. Dee looks annoyed, and says, "Exactly where you'll end up when I'm finished." Patricia replies, "Not a chance." Dee tells her, "We'll see." She continues that she'll make Patricia's life such hell that she'll be glad to walk out of there. Patricia snaps that, if she does, Stephen will come with her. Dee says Stephen will stay where the money is, but Patricia says he might have it himself by then. Dee snaps that she's going to keep Stephen and her money, and Patricia can be darn sure she's going to get rid of... An agonising expression suddenly causes her face to contort, and she starts clutching her chest and crying out in pain. She tells Patricia to get her pills from her handbag, quickly. Patricia rushes over to where the bag is lying on the coffee table, and she takes out the bottle of tablets. She then stops, and stands looking at Dee on the settee, crying out in pain. Dee holds out her hand for a pill, but Patricia just stands there. Horrified, Dee cries out, "Patricia? Please..."


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