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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Patricia and Stephen are with Jill and Wayne at the Morrell apartment. Patricia tells the young couple that she's afraid there was no time to buy presents, so they've got them a cheque. Jill says she's really disappointed Stephen and Patricia won't be at the wedding. Stephen says he thought it would be more relaxed if they stay away. He and Patricia head off to catch their 'plane. Wayne opens the envelope containing the cheque, saying he wonders how much they scored. He looks at the cheque and angrily snaps that they're worth millions, and they get $300. He sourly remarks that Patricia gave Angela a block of land worth thousands. He then tells Jill that they'll just have to make do with the mother of the bride. Jill excitedly says, "They've found her?" Wayne says they haven't yet, but they've got a good lead: one of Beth's friends told the agency that she's in Townsville. Jill says that's fantastic. Wayne says he'll check with the agency this morning and see how they're going. Jill says she wishes they'd thought of tracking her down the minute they set the date. Wayne says he should have thought of it himself. Jill, though, says no, and she tells him that he's done everything he can, and she loves him for it. She hugs him. Wayne smiles...

At Woombai, Rosie asks John if he's sure he'll be alright while she and Doug are at the wedding. John assures her that he'll manage. He looks sad, though, and Rosie says she knows how he feels. She adds that it probably wouldn't have worked out for him and Jill anyway. Doug comes in with the post and says most of it's for Fiona. Rosie says John can go through it while they're away and send any for Gordon up to the property. Doug quickly sorts the mail into piles for Jill and for Fiona, but doesn't notice that he puts one of Jill's letters in Fiona's pile. Rosie goes off to put on her hat. Doug walks out to the car. Rosie comes back in and tells John not to let Terry keep him up 'til all hours. John points out that he tried wiping himself out, but it didn't work. Rosie smiles at him. John kisses her goodbye and she goes. He picks up Fiona's mail. Jill's letter is on top, but John turns them round to open the bottom one first.

Outside, Doug asks Rosie if John's alright. Rosie says he's trying to make out he is. She adds that it's terrible - she's happy that Wayne is getting a nice girl like Jill, but she wants John to be happy too. Terry calls over and wishes them a good trip. Rosie asks him to keep John out of mischief while they're away. Terry says they're doing a burn-off on the Wilson property tonight, and he'll get John to lend a hand; he'll be that bushed by tomorrow that he'll have trouble keeping his eyes open! Rosie thanks him, and remarks that she always said he was a good lad. Terry tells her to keep it to herself, or she'll ruin his reputation! Doug and Rosie drive off.

Terry goes inside and tells John that he's just volunteered for the local bush fire brigade. John tells him to come off it, but Terry says they need as many blokes as possible. John says he'll help next time; he doesn't feel like company tonight, as they're bound to end up in the pub afterwards. Terry asks him if he's kidding; they'll be too tired by the time they've finished. John gives in and says he supposes he may as well do his bit. Terry says they'll meet the other blokes for lunch in the pub. John repeats that he's not in the mood to socialise, but Terry says they'll just be working things out for the burnoff. John agrees. Terry then asks for a lift to pick things up in town. John looks down at the envelopes on the table and says he guesses the mail can wait until tomorrow. He walks over to put the post on the mantlepiece, not noticing that he's dropped one. Terry picks it up and John puts it in front of the other letters with the back facing outwards. He doesn't notice the writing on the back, which says 'Sender: Beth Newman'...

Rob is driving his truck with Amanda as his passenger. As they head towards Dural, they see Charlie at the side of the road, hitching for a lift. Rob tells Amanda to be nice to her! The truck stops and Charlie gets in. They drive off and, a short time later, pull up outside Dural. Charlie gets out, followed by Amanda. Charlie asks how everyone is in Melbourne, and Amanda says they're fine. Charlie asks if Phillipe is still breaking hearts, but Amanda tells her that not all women throw themselves at him. Rob tells Amanda that he'll give her a ring from his hotel. Charlie, though, says he can't rush off. When Rob looks wary, she adds that Angela is out, but Rob says he has things to do. Charlie, though, says she's sure he'll be interested in her news - it's about Paul and Angela: they've split up. Amanda knocks on the front door and Rob and Charlie walk up the driveway to join her. Inside, Barbara runs downstairs and opens the door. She asks if they had a good trip, and Amanda says it was fine. Charlie tells Barbara that she's just been telling Rob that Angela is a free agent again. Barbara, though, points out that it isn't quite as cut-and-dried as that: they're separated, but Paul wants to sort out their problems. Charlie says, "What a nerve." She explains to Rob about the rows and says she doesn't think Angela would have Paul back even if he begged her to. Barbara calmly says they'll have to wait and see. Charlie tells Rob that he has to see Angela before he goes back, and this is the perfect time for it. Rob says they're getting a divorce, so there's not much point. Charlie asks why men are so stubborn; anyone can see he's still in love with her. She tells him that, if he wants Angela back, he only has to say the word - and a wedding is the perfect time for it...

Wayne returns to the Morrell apartment and calls Jill's name. She emerges from the kitchen and Wayne says he has something to tell her: he's finally managed to track down Greg Flynn - the bloke he was at school with, who he wanted as his best man. Jill asks if Greg agreed, and Wayne replies that he's getting his monkey suit out of mothballs right now - and he's organising a discount honeymoon for them as well! He asks if the Barrier Reef is OK. Jill says she thought it was booked out, and so Wayne explains that Greg is in the business - he puts package tours together and sells them to travel agents. Jill says people can be lucky sometimes. Wayne then tells her that Beth hasn't been in touch with the agency. Jill looks disappointed. She asks if there are any new leads. Wayne replies that he's told them to keep trying, but it doesn't look promising. He adds that his Mum won't be there, either. Jill hugs him.

Patricia comes off the 'phone at Toorak and tells Stephen that Dee has sent him a telegram: he's ordered to employ Kevin Palmer as his personal assistant. Stephen asks what she means. Patricia replies that Dee knows she can't stand the Palmers, so she's going to force them on her. Stephen goes to 'phone his mother, but Patricia says it would give Dee satisfaction to know she'd got to her. She snaps that she wishes to God that she'd never told Dee that she can't have children; now she's going to do everything she can to break them up. Stephen says she can try, but they're married for keeps. He adds, "To think I had a conscience about ripping her off." Patricia asks if that means he hasn't anymore, and Stephen says, "No way." Patricia says one could think Dee was psychic - Kevin Palmer is going to be the perfect little spy for her; if she ever finds out they've been swindling... Stephen, though, says she won't. Patricia then says she thinks it's time to start cultivating Kevin. Stephen asks what the point is - Dee is bound to let him know that she hired him. Patricia, though, says that's all the more reason for him to be grateful when they make sure he succeeds. She suggests they break the ice with him and Lynn over lunch tomorrow. She adds that Kevin is a loyal little soul, and continues that she'll see Lynn this afternoon and put in some groundwork. Stephen remarks that Patricia never gives up, and Patricia replies that it's not in her nature. Stephen says that's something Patricia and Dee have in common. Patricia says she'll make Dee very sorry she ever started a war of words with her. She adds that Dee is old and sick - if she can't fight her to a standstill, she's losing her touch.

Barbara serves tea in the lounge room at Dural. Charlie is trying to persuade Rob to stay on for the wedding, and Barbara chips in that she doesn't think Charlie understands that some people have to work. Rob asks if Wayne will mind if he and Mandy turn up, but Barbara says she's sure he won't; being in love has made him almost human! Barbara asks Charlie to call Amanda down, and Charlie leaves the room. While they're alone, Barbara says to Rob that she hopes Charlie's not too much of a trial for him. She adds that he's not to take too much notice of what Charlie says about Angela - she may think it's all over bar the shouting, but Paul doesn't. Rob says it's OK - he doesn't intend asking Angela to come back. Barbara looks surprised. Rob says that, if he's at the wedding, he can see her without a fuss. He adds that he owes Angela an apology. He asks if Barbara heard what happened last time, and Barbara replies that Angela came back very upset. Rob says Angela tried to explain to him about how Paul railroaded her into taking that girl's baby, but he wouldn't listen. He tells Barbara that he can't take back what he said, but he would like to say sorry. Barbara smiles and says she thinks Angela would like that very much. She adds that she supposes she'll have to do pennance for bad-mouthing Charlie - she has tried to do one good deed for the day! Rob smiles.

Lynn puts a tray down in the kitchen at The Terrace and says to Phillipe that she's starving. There's a knock at the door, and Lynn goes to open it to find Patricia standing there. Patricia says she expects she's the last person Lynn expected to see! She enters the house and asks if Lynn would like some good news. She then announces that Kevin has got the job! Lynn is delighted, and says she thought Kevin wouldn't have a chance. Patricia asks if she means because he's a Palmer. She then adds that that doesn't come into it; they were more worried about his experience. She tells Lynn that Stephen was going to give the job to someone else when his mother asked him to give Kevin a go. Lynn comments that, when Amanda asked Dee for help, she didn't want to know. Patricia replies that she must have changed her mind. Lynn asks if Mr. Morrell doesn't want Kevin to work for him. Patricia replies that Stephen never goes against his mother's wishes, particularly as she's been very sick. Lynn says Amanda said she'd been ill. Patricia continues that Stephen is a very fair man, and he'll give Kevin every opportunity to make a success of himself. She adds that they'd like to get to know Kevin a bit, and she invites him and Lynn for lunch tomorrow. Lynn excitedly says they'd love to. Patricia says she wants things to work out for all of them. Phillipe calls out from the kitchen that lunch is ready. Lynn invites Patricia to stay for coffee, but Patricia says she has to get to the hairdresser's. Patricia goes. Lynn smiles, looking pleased.

That evening, Lynn hugs Kevin at The Terrace and says they're going to be rich! Kevin says, "Good on Amanda!" He asks who cares if he wasn't first on the shortlist; he got the job! He tells Lynn that he'll work his guts out to make a success of it. Lynn tells Kevin that the first thing he has to do is to ring Vic and say he'll be taking a long lunch tomorrow, as they're having lunch with the Morrells. His face dropping, Kevin says that's going to be the hardest part about taking the job - being round her all the time. Lynn tells him that Patricia was really nice when she came round this afternoon. Kevin sourly says, "I bet." Lynn says tomorrow will give him and Stephen a chance to get to know each other. Kevin says he reckons he can cope with Patricia for the money he's making! Phillipe offers them more champagne, and Lynn tells Kevin that she and Phillipe have been celebrating all afternoon! Kevin says he doesn't blame them! Lynn says it's like winning the lottery! They raise their glasses.

There's a pile of unopened mail on the table at the Palmers'. David goes to drink a beer when Beryl comes in with several bags, complaining that she's tired from shopping. David tells her to sit down and he'll make a cuppa. Beryl comments that David hasn't even opened the mail, and David says he hasn't had time. Beryl quickly sorts through the letters and then gives David an envelope. David says it's from Prisoners' Aid about a fundraising drive; he then throws it down on the table and says he's not going to do anything about it. Beryl looks at the envelope in her hand and asks David if he made a payment on the truck. David says he did. Beryl comments that, if it's a reminder, they'll get an earful. David says they'll blame the computer! Beryl opens the letter and reads it. She then tells David that this time, the computer is on their side: it says they've made the last payment on the truck! David looks puzzled.

A while later, Beryl comments how nice it would be if it wasn't a mistake. David says it has to be - Doug said it wasn't him, and they don't know anyone else with that sort of money. Beryl recalls that Howard Hughes left some money to a guy at a petrol station, but David jokes that he's been through the papers and there's no mention of him leaving money to a Melbourne truckie! Beryl puts some sandwiches on the table and says she wishes they'd never got the letter - it's not fair making them think of things they could do with the money. David says they'll get their ski weekend yet. Beryl curtly says, "Will we?" She quickly adds that she's sorry, and continues that she didn't mean to go on about Prisoners' Aid this morning. David tells her that, when he was in prison, he kept thinking about how she'd manage if he was locked away for good; there are a lot of women out there like that. Beryl says she knows it's a worthy cause, but she'd like for them to have some good times, and she's tired of feeling guilty about it. David says he'll ring the finance company, as it mightn't be a mistake. Beryl says she doubts it; if they didn't pay it, who did?

Barbara enters the lounge room at Dural. Wayne is in there, and he thanks Barbara for working so hard to organise everything. Barbara curtly tells him that Gordon wanted it all to be perfect. She quickly says she's sorry. She asks how it feels - the last few moments of freedom? Wayne says it's great - being a man on the loose isn't all it's cracked up to be! Barbara laughs and says it's not long now. She asks Rosie, who's come in from the hall, to help Gordon pack up the wedding cake. Rosie says she'll do it straight away. Barbara leaves the room and Wayne comments to Rosie that she's certainly cracking the whip. Rosie says it's only right that they should all pitch in. Wayne comments that Doug has the right idea, staying in bed! Rosie says he deserves it! Wayne tells her that she and Doug are a good advert for marriage. Rosie tells Wayne that he and Jill will be just as happy, and Wayne says it won't be his fault if they're not. Rosie says she still can't believe today's the big day. Wayne says neither can he! He tells Rosie that, for a long time, he never thought he had a chance with Jill. Rosie says it's funny how things work out, and Wayne says, "Yeah." He adds that he'll make her happy, and Rosie says he'd better. She tells him that he's a lucky boy to have such a wonderful girl. Wayne asks how John's taking it, but Rosie suggests that they shouldn't spoil things by talking about it - it's Wayne's day and she wants it to be the happiest of his life. Wayne says it will be.

At Woombai, John picks up the letters on the mantlepiece and sits down at the table. He absentmindedly opens the letter from Beth Newman, but doesn't see her name written on the back. Terry comes in and asks John how he's feeling. John says he's bushed, and Terry reminds him that he told him it was hard yack. He says that if John has any energy left... John starts reading the letter, and Terry asks what's so interesting. John stands up and just says, "Gotta see Jill." Terry points out that he can't see her today as she's getting married. John says, "Not if I can help it." He picks up his coat and car keys and tells Terry that he's just opened one of Jill's letters by mistake - it was from Beth Newman. He adds, "Once Jill reads this, she won't even want to talk to Wayne, let alone marry him." He dashes out. Terry picks up the envelope on the table, which is addressed to "Jill Taylor, c/o Woombai Riding School, Woombai 2506", then puts it down.

Outside, John roars off in a car at high speed. One of the workers asks Terry where John is going in such a hurry, but Terry says he doesn't know. The worker asks why John didn't take his own car. Terry replies that it's getting serviced. They suddenly hear a crashing sound and run off in the direction John went. They quickly come across the car - it has flipped over, onto its roof. Terry and the worker run towards the car; its wheels are still spinning. The two of them start helping John out, but the worker says they shouldn't move him until the ambulance arrives. Terry, though, suddenly notices the smell of petrol, and the two of them drag John out. A few seconds later, just when the three of them have run clear, the car explodes. John is OK, and he stands up, although he has to support himself by holding onto Terry's shoulder. Terry tells him that that'll teach him to drive like a maniac. John thanks Terry for getting him out. He then remembers the letter, and says it's in the glovebox. He goes to run back to the burning car, but Terry restrains him and tells him to wait, as there's nothing he can do now. He asks John if he can remember what was in it, and John says he can. Terry asks what's to stop him from ringing Jill and filling her in. John, though, yells that without the letter to back him up, she'll never believe him. Looking horrified, he tells Terry, "There's no way I can stop her from marrying Wayne now."


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