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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Back inside, John brushes himself down. He says to Terry that if only he'd got the letter out... Terry says he still doesn't see why John can't tell Jill what's in it. John explains that Jill would think it's a crazy story - she knows he doesn't want her to marry Wayne. Terry says it's no good getting in a knot about it. John says he'll let Alan Pascoe know that he's written off one of the cars. Terry says insurance will cover it. John tells him that a car can be replaced; it's a pity the letter can't.

At the Morrell apartment in Sydney, Jill opens a present from Wayne, which has arrived with a card worded: 'Thankyou for making today the happiest day of my life." Jill says Wayne is very sweet. Angela asks her if she loves him. Jill pauses and then says no - not the way she felt about John or Brian - but she knows Wayne loves her and it matters a lot to know someone loves you. She adds that she's always been such a loser; if she can make someone else happy, a bit of it might rub off. She asks if that makes sense, and Angela says she supposes so, although she's the last person Jill should ask for advice about love! Jill smiles and says that, whatever happens, she'll try and be a good wife for Wayne; he's done so much for her.

Greg Flynn arrives at Dural and says he was a bit surprised when Wayne 'phoned and asked him to be best man. Wayne tells him that old friends are the ones that count the most. He adds that they have a lot to catch up on.

Fiona arrives back at Woombai. John, who's outside, comments that they weren't expecting her. Fiona tells him that she thought he needed some company today. John asks her if she had any luck in Perth, and Fiona says no. She adds that it's strange - like her son never existed. John gets her bags out the back of the car as Fiona explains that she's got a couple of detectives seeing what they can come up with. Suddenly cheering up, she says she refuses to get maudlin; she's come back to cheer John up. John tells her that, when she finds out what's happened, she'll wish she'd stayed where she was...

Inside, Fiona asks what exactly the letter said. John replies that Beth Newman isn't Jill's mother at all: Wayne hired her to pretend she was. Fiona asks why, and John explains that Wayne wanted Beth to keep feeding Jill a line about what a good guy he was. Fiona says, "I see." She adds that it certainly worked: having Beth around cheered Jill up a lot, and made her an easy mark for Wayne. She says they can't let Jill marry Wayne - she'll 'phone and tell her the whole story. John, though, says Jill won't believe her. He adds that Fiona didn't see the letter, and points out that Jill would say John was putting one over on her. Fiona agrees that it's not the sort of thing you can say on the 'phone. She suggests they go down there and lay it on the line to her. John says they'll never get there on time, but Fiona says they can if she charters a plane. John says it'll be expensive, but Fiona asks what money is when it's important. She adds that, if they can just get Jill to get in touch with Beth... She asks John if he can remember her address at all, and John tries to think back. He recalls that it wasn't on the letter, but says the envelope's still there. He goes to pick it up, and Fiona says it only needs Jill to 'phone Beth. John looks at the envelope but says it only has Beth's name on the back; there's no return address. Fiona says that at least they have the envelope, which proves that Beth did write. She adds that, if they could get face-to-face with Jill, they could make her see the truth - and if she goes ahead and marries Wayne after all that, then she deserves the miserable life he's going to lead her. John looks thoughtful.

Terry is walking outside Woombai, whistling, when John emerges from the house. He calls out and says Fiona's back and they're flying to Sydney, as they might still be able to stop the wedding. Terry smiles and says good on her, adding that anything's worth a try. He then asks if Fiona's alright about him working there; Wayne said she would be, but he wouldn't trust Wayne as far as he could kick him. John asks why she shouldn't be. Terry says Fiona just doesn't know him.

Inside, Fiona is on the 'phone. She tells the person on the other end that if that's the earliest, they'll be there. She hangs up and goes outside.

John is telling Terry that Fiona doesn't give up without a fight - she's made him feel as if maybe they've got a chance. Terry says he's glad. One of the workers calls out to him and says they're waiting for the tools. Terry tells John that he hopes it goes OK, and he walks off. Just after he disappears around the corner, Fiona comes out and tells John that she's arranged for a 'plane - but not until 12 noon. John says he hopes Jill will listen. Fiona says they'll make her.

At The Terrace, Beryl tells Lynn that she rang the finance company and they insisted it wasn't a mistake - the loan for the truck has been fully paid out. Lynn suggests that Doug might have paid it, having got his money out of the hydroponics scheme, but Beryl says she thought of that, but he was just as surprised about it. Phillipe suggests that maybe the Palmers have some welathy friends. Beryl says there are none that she knows of. Phillipe says it's a mystery - just enjoy it! The 'phone rings and Lynn answers it. The caller is Amanda, who excitedly says she's just had a call from her grandmother to say that Kevin's working for her Dad. Lynn says, "Isn't it terrific?!" Amanda replies, "Not that I want to boast, but..." Lynn asks if Amanda had something to do with it, and Amanda replies that of course she did - she told Dee what a marvellous job Kevin would do, and she knew Dee would do something about it. Lynn thanks her, and says Kevin is so excited. Amanda asks what that others have said. At that moment, Beryl comes into the kitchen. Lynn starts to say to Amanda, "To tell you the truth..." but quickly cuts short what she was going to say. Beryl asks who it is, and Lynn says it's Amanda, ringing to see how they all are. Beryl leaves the kitchen again, and Lynn explains to Amanda that they haven't told Beryl and David about the job yet. Amanda asks if they'll be upset, and Lynn replies that they won't be too happy, because of Patricia. Amanda points out that they'll have to know eventually. Lynn says she knows; she just doesn't want to spoil things right now, as something really great's happened: someone has paid off David's truck, and no one knows who. Amanda immediately says she bets it was Dee. Lynn asks why she'd do it, and Amanda replies that it's because she gave the whole Palmer family a fantastic wrap-up. Lynn says it doesn't mean she'd pay off the truck, but Amanda says it's small change to Dee, and she'd do it to annoy Patricia, if nothing else. Lynn says, "You're joking?!" Amanda says she's not saying Dee did pay it, but she might have. Lynn tells her not to be silly. She asks how Dee is, and Amanda replies that she's fine - she's being moved to a nursing home, but that won't keep her down for long. Lynn says that's good. She then says she has to go as she and Kevin are having lunch with Stephen and Patricia. Amanda tells Lynn to say hello to Stephen for her, but don't bother about Patricia! Lynn laughs and hangs up. She leaves the kitchen and goes into the dining area. Beryl asks what Amanda's up to, and Lynn tells her that she reckons her grandmother paid off the truck. Beryl asks where Amanda got that silly idea. Lynn says, "You know Amanda!" Phillipe chips in that all pretty young girls are full of silly ideas! Lynn laughs, "Chauvanist!" She then says she has to go, as she's having lunch with friends. Phillipe winks at her and tells her to have a successful lunch. Lynn says she'll see them soon. Beryl looks thoughtful...

Kevin and Lynn arrive at Toorak. Standing on the porch, Kevin tells Lynn that he's not going to mess things up now - he'll be nice as pie. He knocks on the door. Inside, Patricia sourly tells Stephen that they're there. Stephen says it won't be that bad, but Patricia tells him, "Don't you believe it." She adds that being pleasant to Kevin reqiures quite an effort; only the thought of wiping the smile off Dee's face is going to get her through it. She gives Stephen a drink. Stephen suggests that maybe they're being paranoid - Dee might just be trying to help the boy. Patricia asks him if he really believes that, and Stephen concedes that he doesn't. Patricia says, "Exactly." She goes to answer the door, and brightly tells Kevin and Lynn that it's lovely to see them. They go in. She closes the door.

Beryl is serving a customer at The Terrace when David comes in. They head into the kitchen, where Beryl remarks that David looks pleased with himself. David asks why he shouldn't be, as he's just booked their holiday! He jokes that Phillipe is going to lose his right hand next week, as he's taking Beryl up to the snowfields. Beryl quickly tells Phillipe that she doesn't know about skiing; she just wants to get off her feet for a while. David says the way they ski, he thinks they'll spend most of the time off their feet! Phillipe remarks that things are looking up for the Palmers: the truck paid off, skiing holidays, Kevin and Lynn having lunch with Mrs. Morrell... David instantly asks what's that, and Beryl also asks what he means. Phillipe embarrassedly says he's sure they can explain. David, though, says he thinks Phillipe just put his foot in it. He asks what's going on, and so Phillipe explains about Kevin and Lynn having lunch with them, and about Kevin going to work for Mr. Morrell. He adds that they were going to tell David and Beryl - it was going to be a surprise. Beryl snaps that she thinks they know what kind of a surprise it would be. David sourly says, "Yeah." He then adds, though, that it's their business; he and Beryl are off to the snowfields to have some fun, and nothing is going to spoil that. He hugs Beryl and they both laugh!

At the dinner table at Toorak, Patricia remarks that Lynn must have found it difficult to settle since she got back from Europe. Lynn, though, says she hasn't really - she's just glad to be back with Kevin. Patricia tells her that her fashion spreads are terrific, and she hopes she hasn't given it up entirely. Lynn replies that she wants to be with Davey as much as she can. Patricia says she thought Lynn could fit in some modelling as well. Stephen offers more wine, but Kevin declines. Patricia asks if him he'd prefer beer, but Kevin turns this down as well, explaining that he doesn't want anything more to drink. He then asks if he can say something. Stephen says, "Of course." Kevin addresses Stephen and Patricia and tells that that he knows it was Dee who hired him, and he doesn't suppose either of them are too pleased. Patricia says he mustn't think that, but Kevin says that, with everything that's happened, there's no way they could be. He tells them that this is the biggest break he's had, and he doesn't want to waste it on family arguments. Looking at Stephen, he says he wants him to know that he's going to work his guts out; he wants to do well in this job. Stephen says he can't ask any more than that. He tells Kevin that he thinks they're going to get on quite well. He looks at Patricia, who looks away in disappointment.

Fiona and John's 'plane lands, and they go to the car hire desk, where the clerk tries to make things difficult by offering them extra insurance, and then saying he'll need the driver's licence number. John says they can use his, but the clerk says the car is in Fiona's name, so they'll need hers. John looks at his watch and suggests that maybe he ought to ring Jill. Fiona, though, tells him to leave it - they'll make it in time. The clerk asks if they want air-conditioning, but Fiona testily replies, "We just want a car: now."

As Greg Flynn comes downstairs at Dural, Charlie, who's standing in the entrancehall, comments on how smart he looks. Greg returns the compliment. Charlie looks at him and says, "Definitely the best man!" Amanda comes downstairs and announces that Barbara thinks it's time they were leaving. Greg asks where Wayne is, and Amanda replies that he's having a last-minute chat with Rosie. She jokes that she thinks Rosie is telling him the facts of life! Everyone laughs! There's a knock at the front door, and Amanda answers it to find Rob standing there. He comes in and asks how things are going. Charlie says they're wonderful! She introduces Greg to Rob. Amanda pops her head into the lounge room and tells Wayne that it's time to go. In the lounge room, Wayne and Rosie get up off the settee. Rosie goes to the bar and tells Wayne that, before they go, she has his wedding present. She gives him a big parcel and tells him to have a quick look. Wayne jokes that it's wrapped up like a mummy! He opens it as Rosie explains that she gave it to his mother on her wedding day, and she wanted him to have it today. It's an old, ornamental clock. Wayne smiles and tenderly says, "Thankyou." He tells Rosie that she's his best friend, but Rosie embarrassedly says, "Get away!" She points out that he always got the sharp edge of her tongue when he was a kid. Wayne says that at least she was there when he needed her. Rosie smiles and tells Wayne that he was only a little thing, and needed someone to look after him. She then says they'd better go - Jill can't get there first! They go out into the hall, where Doug asks if the cars are sorted out. Amanda says she's going with Rob, and Charlie says she'll keep Greg company. Barbara points out that the best man normally travels with the groom. Charlie says she'll keep them both company! She adds that she has to keep Wayne from getting nervous! Everyone leaves the house except for Barbara and Rob. Barbara tells Rob that it's none of her business, but when he speaks to Angela today, he should be nice to her. Rob reminds her that he said he'd apologise. He asks if Paul has been in contact. Barbara says he hasn't. Rob leaves the house and Barbara follows.

John is driving the hire car. Fiona looks at her watch and says they're cutting it fine. John suddenly hits the steering wheel in anger. Fiona asks what's the matter. She then looks ahead, and notices a policeman carrying out random breath tests. They pull in, and the policeman says good afternoon to John. Fiona leans across and tells him that they're in awful hurry to get to a wedding. The policeman just says it shouldn't take too long. He tells them that this is a random breathtesting unit, and he asks to see John's driving licence. Fiona looks worried. She sees a 'phonebox nearby and asks John if he has 20.

At the Morrell apartment, Angela tells Gordon that she and Jill are ready. Gordon says Angela looks beautiful, but Angela tells him to wait until he sees Jill. Jill comes in, wearing a white dress, with a flower in her hair and a bouquet in her hand. Gordon says Wayne is a very lucky young man. Jill smiles and says, "Thankyou." Gordon suggests that they'd better get going. Jill says she's nervous, but Angela assures her that she'll be alright. The go out and close the door. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing. Gordon asks Jill if she wants to go back and answer it, but Jill says no: nothing could be more important than getting to the church on time. They walk off.

Fiona, in the 'phonebox, hangs up and returns to the car. The policeman tells John that he's required to undertake a breath test, and he gives him instuctions on what to do. Fiona gets back in the car and John asks if they're too late. Fiona curses that she's too clever for her own good; she should have rung Jill from Woombai in the first place. John says they'll never make it now. Fiona says they might just get there before the ceremony starts.

Amanda and Rob are talking outside the church, about David's truck. Amanda says she's sure it was Dee. Rob remarks that she really enjoys throwing her money around. Amanda says she has plenty of it! Rob says David's on top of the world. Amanda notices the wedding car pull up and says they'd better get inside, as the bride's there. Jill gets out and Gordon escorts her towards the church. When Angela gets out of the car, she spots Rob and looks unhappy.

Inside, Wayne is standing next to Greg. The organ starts playing as Gordon and Jill walk up the aisle, with Angela behind. They approach the altar as the congregation watches. Jill and Wayne smile at each other.

A taxi is speeding along the road, and the driver tells the passenger that he's sorry, but he's going as fast as he can. He suggests that they hope the bride is well and truly late...

In the church, the vicar starts conducting the service. He asks if anyone knows of any just cause why Wayne and Jill should not be joined in holy matrimony. No one says anything. Everyone sits down.

The policeman tells John that he's free to go. Fiona says John will have to put his foot down. John goes to start the car, but it won't kick into action. Fiona says they're never going to make it now.

The vicar asks, "Will you, Wayne Gordon Hamilton, take this woman to be your wedded wife - to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you promise to love her, comfort her, honour her and keep her, in sickness and in health, and, foresaking all others, be faithful to her so long as you both shall live?" Wayne says, "I will." The vicar then looks at Jill and says, "Will you, Gillian Anne Taylor, take this man to be your wedded husband - to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you serve him, love, honour and keep him, in sickness and in health, and, foresaking all others, be faithful to him so long as you both shall live?" Jill looks at Wayne. Wayne smiles back and Jill says, "I will." The vicar asks who gives Jill to be married to Wayne, and Gordon says he does. Greg gives the vicar the ring. Wayne and Jill say their vows.

The taxi pulls up outside. Brian O'Donnel gets out, unshaven and carrying a bag over his shoulder. He heads into the church...

Wayne puts the ring on Jill's finger. The vicar concludes the the ceremony and pronounces them man and wife. He tells Wayne that he may kiss the bride. Brian is standing near the back of the church, watching. The vicar tells Wayne and Jill that, if they'd like to come to the vestry, they'll make it all official. Brian walks up the aisle towards the front. Amanda whispers to Rob, "So much for the sales pitch; now for the contract!" Surprised, Rob says he thought Amanda was supposed to be a romantic! They suddenly notice Brian slowly walking forward. At the front, Angela welcomes Jill to the family. Jill turns round to look at Angela and suddenly notices Brian. Wayne also turns round. Both he and Jill look shocked.


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