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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Angela shouts at Christine, asking her why she's doing this to her; all she's ever done is try to help - Christine and the baby. Christine replies that she doesn't need Angela's help - if she's with Paul, the three of them can be together, and if she marries Paul - which she will - they'll have a very happy life. Angela snaps that Christine has it all worked out - and all because of a stupid pack of cards. Christine says they've never been wrong. She adds that if Angela goes squealing to Paul, it'll work against her - it has to. Angela says, "Alright. Let's see." She goes.

In the lounge room in the main house, Angela tells Paul that Christine is a nutcase. Paul says, "Come on." Angela tells him that Christine reckons she's going to marry him. Paul jokes that he's flattered, but Angela says it's not funny. Paul says Christine has problems, and he can understand in a way. He tells Angela that Christine has been kicked from pillar to post for years, and she needs something to believe in. Angela comments on how weak it is to build your life around tarot cards, but Paul tells her that tarot cards, horoscopes; for some people even the church - they can all be crutches if used the wrong way. He tells Angela to put herself in Christine's place - she feels miserable so she looks at the cards and they give instant answers. Angela isn't interested, though, and she tells Paul that if Christine stays, she goes. Paul snaps at her to stop being so damn neurotic, but Angela shouts back that she's not working her life out around a pack of cards. She adds that she's not backing down. Paul tells her to stop shouting, as the whole thing is getting blown out of proportion. He adds that, if she wasn't such a spoilt brat, she might try to understand Christine, instead of brushing her off as a nutcase. Out in the entrance hall, Barbara is coming downstairs, and she overhears Angela and Paul shouting. Paul tells Angela that Christine made a big sacrifice for them, and they owe her. Angela says they owe her nothing. She tells Paul that if he feels like that, the sooner Christine takes both her babies and goes, the better. Barbara is standing in the hall, looking awkward, when Gordon emerges from the study and asks what the shouting's about. Barbara replies that she thinks things are coming to a head between Paul and Angela. She adds that it's ironic - a baby is supposed to be the cement that binds. She remarks that Paul thought he had it all worked out. Gordon says people should only stay together because of love. They hear Angela shouting, asking Paul what the hell he means that she should go back to Matt Kennedy. Paul tells her that she sees Christine as some sort of threat. He says he's bent over backwards to make them work - he went through the amnesia with her, he chose her over the church, he saw her through the stupid marriage guidance sessions and then bought her baby - what more does he have to do? Angela snaps that he has to get rid of Christine and her babies - that's the bottom line. Paul snaps that his bottom line is that Angela should act like an adult for once, instead of like a selfish child. He says he'll take Christine and move into a hotel for a while until the house is ready. He tells Angela to stay at Dural and do some thinking about what's more important: him or her hangups. He storms out. Angela just stands there, running her fingers through her hair and looking worried.

Amanda, Rob and Phillipe are in the kitchen at The Terrace. Rob comments on Amanda's cooking and then says he has to get ready for work. He leaves the room, and Phillipe remarks to Amanda that he's a nice fellow. Amanda suspiciously asks if Phillipe is fishing, but Phillipe says he isn't; he's just aware of how Amanda feels. Amanda says she wishes she knew where she stood - she can't pin Rob down as he's always driving around. She asks where his next trip's to, and Phillipe says it's to Sydney. Amanda slyly says, "Is it, now...?" She adds that she thinks she might have the answer, and goes to the 'phone...

The 'phone rings at Dural, and Barbara goes to answer it in the entrance hall, closing the lounge room doors behind her. She hears the STD pips and Amanda then comes on. Barbara asks her if she's ringing about Dee, and Amanda asks how she is. Barbara replies that she's putting up a good fight - it looks like she'll pull through. Amanda says she's thinking of coming up, and she asks if she can stay at Dural. Barbara asks her niece if she's avoiding Patricia! She agrees to the request, and offers to get Gordon to collect her from the airport. Amanda, though, says she's hitching a ride with Rob. Barbara tells Amanda that she'll let Dee know she's coming. Amanda asks Barbara if she's talking to her mother again, and Barbara replies, "For the moment..." She says they'll see Amanda when they see her.

In the lounge room, Gordon tells Angela that Paul is testing her, that's all. He adds that he imagines Paul wants to think Angela is making an effort, for a change. Angela snaps, "For a change?" but Gordon says he's looking at it from Paul's point of view. Barbara comes in and Gordon asks who the caller was. Barbara replies that it was Amanda - she's coming up to see Dee. Gordon remarks that that's nice, but Barbara cynically says it's too nice - she's never known Amanda to put herself out for anyone. She adds that she thinks it's more than just concern for her grandmother...

Amanda is sitting in the dining area at The Terrace, looking sad, when Rob comes in with his packed bags. He asks what's wrong, but Amanda just says, "Nothing." Rob insists, though, and so Amanda tells him that she was just talking to Barbara; her grandmother's worse, and Barbara kept saying she should be there, but she's broke. Rob suggests that Stephen could help out, but Amanda says he won't with Patricia telling him not to; her stepmother has him wrapped round her little finger. Rob suggests borrowing the money from Barbara, but Amanda says she doesn't like to ask. She tells Rob to go to work - she'll be fine when he gets back. Rob just stands there, and Amanda repeats that he should go - there's nothing he can do. Rob, though, says it's against company policy but... He then says it wouldn't work - he wouldn't get her there in time. Amanda 'innocently' asks him what he means, and Rob replies that his trip is to Sydney. Amanda says, "Oh!" Rob tells her that the trip wouldn't be comfortable, but Amanda says she doesn't mind! Rob points out that she'll have to put up with him all the way, but Amanda again says she doesn't mind! Rob tells her to give Beryl a ring, then, to change her shift, and they'll go. Amanda smiles and tells Rob that he's wonderful. She hugs him and then heads into the kitchen to pick up her things; as she stands by the doorway, she she smiles, looking very pleased with herself...

At the hospital, Barbara tells Dee that she should see Amanda sometime tomorrow. Dee thanks her, and then remarks that she's surprised to see Barbara there again. Barbara replies that things need clearing up. Dee says she hopes Barbara's there to explain why she lied to her. Barbara sourly comments that Dee's as crafty as ever - ringing up Gordon the moment she left to find out if the will really was in the safe. Dee tells Barbara that she was never a very good liar. Barbara says she's not going to apologise for being honest. Dee says she doesn't expect her to, but she then asks why the lie yesterday, about the will? Barbara tells her mother that she had every intention of telling her the truth when she came in, but, after the heart attack, she didn't want to upset her. Dee asks Barbara if she'd have her death on her conscience, and Barbara admits that, even though it's Dee, she'd be worried. Dee says she's surprised, but Barbara snaps at her not to be like that. Dee, though, asks how she should be after the way she was treated when she came to the house. Barbara suggests that they shouldn't get into that. She then tells Dee that Patricia came to the house and took the will from the safe - she has the key and knows the combination. Looking taken aback, Dee says, "She stole it?" Barbara explains that the idea was that she'd destroy it if Dee died. She adds that she's not saying this to make trouble for Stephen and Patricia; she just doesn't want Dee thinking there's anything more than concern for her, behind the lies. Dee nods, and Barbara says that's all. Dee says she believes her. She adds that there were a lot of things about Barbara's father that she couldn't stand, but his honesty was admirable, and Barbara is like him in that respect. She then asks Barbara if she knows what she inherited from her. Barbara replies, "Hopefully nothing," but then quickly says she's sorry. Dee tells Barbara that she has her stubborness: ten years is a long time to hold a grudge. Barbara says it isn't when it's based on how her mother treated her father. She says goodbye, and starts to head out of the room. Dee, though, stops her, saying Barbara will have to mix with her. Barbara asks if she means through the partnership, and Dee says yes. Barbara then says she'll treat her mother like any other of Gordon's business contacts she doesn't like: never less than pleasant, but never more, either. She goes. Dee looks upset, and she presses the button to call the nurse in. When the nurse comes in, Dee asks her to ring her son - she wants to see him and his wife. She adds that the nurse is to tell them that it's important.

Christine is stroking her babies in the bassinet when Paul comes in with a bag. He tells Christine that everything they need straight away is in there, and they can collect the rest later. Christine asks if that's an excuse to see Angela again, but Paul replies that he doesn't want to see her unless she wants to see him. He then tells Christine that there's something they have to sort out before they go: he'll help her, but he won't marry her. He adds that he's trying to force Angela to see things his way, and if Christine interferes, there'll be trouble. Christine remarks that, when Paul came back the other night, she thought Angela hadn't said anything about that. Paul replies that she said something, alright. He picks up the pile of tarot cards and tells Christine that she's leaving them behind. Christine cries that she can't, but Paul snaps that she does or they don't go. He tells Christine to bring the babies, and he'll take the bag. Christine picks up the bassinet and walks out of the flat. Paul throws the tarot cards on the table. He doesn't notice that 'The Lovers' is on the top of the pile...

Angela is looking out of the lounge room window in the main house when Paul and Christine come through to the hall. Paul tells Christine to go ahead. She smiles at Angela, nastily, and goes outside. Angela tells Paul that once Christine gets her hooks into him, she won't let go. Paul asks what sort of idiot Angela thinks he is, and Angela replies that he's the worst sort: the one who kids himself he's not an idiot. She tells him to go, as she has nothing more to say. Paul tells Angela that he hopes she wakes up to herself; he'll be waiting when she does. He adds, "I do love you." He goes. Angela looks sad.

Angela goes into the flat. She picks up 'The Lovers' tarot card and start crying. She then sits down on the couch and wipes the other cards onto the floor. She starts crying uncontrollably.

At the hospital, Patricia and Stephen are approaching Dee's room. Patricia suggests to Stephen that he should find the doctor; she'll go in on her own, as she'd like to sort out the problems between her and Dee. She adds that she's sick of fighting. Stephen wishes her luck and he walks off. Dee appears to be asleep when Patricia enters the room. She closes the door behind her and then sits down on the chair next to the bed. Dee wakes and looks at Patricia. She says hello and asks where Stephen is. Patricia explains that he's talking to the doctor. Patricia asks Dee how she is, and Dee replies, "Comme ci comme ša." She then says she assumes Patricia knows about the will. Patricia asks Dee what she means, and Dee replies that she's talking about the fact that she told Barbara to destroy it. Patricia says yes, and adds that, naturally, she and Stephen are very pleased - more for personal reasons than financial ones, as it indicated that Dee is softening towards them. Dee remarks that she supposes it did... Patricia tells her that she and Stephen were very worried about her - especially Stephen. Dee says the family don't normally show their feeelings, but she's sure he was. She asks if her attack upset him, and Patricia says of course. She adds that it upset her, too; they hardly left the hospital. Dee says that's nice to know. Patricia starts to say that now that Dee has changed her mind about her and Stephen giving her a grandson... Dee, though, interjects and asks what makes them think that? Patricia points out that she destroyed the will, and Dee immediately regains her composure and says, "Of course..." Patricia tells her that, now that she's changed her mind, she thinks she can be honest with her. She then tells Dee that she can't have any more children. Dee stares at her. Patricia says she can understand why they were worried, with Dee being so insistent. Dee asks if it's impossible to give her a grandson, and Patricia replies that she'd love to, but that's the way it is. She adds that she's glad she's finally been honest. Dee snaps that she bets she is, and she adds that it must be a shock to the system, being honest for a change. She tells Patricia that she knows the whole story about the will, so she can cut the bull. She says Patricia took a little breather from feeling sorry for her to do a spot of housebreaking. Patricia says she thinks... but Dee says she's not finished. She tells Patricia that she didn't like her the moment she set eyes on her, but she thought she'd test her and see what she's made of; the good thing about the attack is that it sped things up. She continues that, when she gets back to Melbourne, after she's convalesced... when she gets back to her house - where Patricia lives through her goodwill - Patricia had better be on her toes. She says she's letting things go for the moment, but that's exactly what it is - the moment. She adds that once she's got rid of Patricia and found someone less cocky for Stephen, she'll get her grandson. Furious, Patricia snaps that she was prepared to like Dee, but Dee has turned it into a fight. Dee, though, says she hasn't - Patricia did, the day she married Stephen. Patricia tells Dee that she won't break them up - they love each other too much. Dee says she'll see about that. She tells Patricia to go and tell Stephen that he's not to come in, as she's had her say. As Patricia heads towards the door, Dee says that, when it comes to the crunch and Stephen realises it's a choice between Patricia and her money, Patricia hasn't got a hope. They glare at each other. Patricia goes. Outside the door, she looks annoyed.

Later, at the apartment, Patricia is listening to classical music in the dark. Stephen is sitting next to her, holding her. Patricia says this is nice, and then adds sarcastically that there's nothing wrong with living in a fool's paradise. Stephen tells her that it'll be alright. Patricia asks what they can do about Dee, but Stephen says he hasn't decided yet. Patricia asks if Dee will get to him. Stephen kisses her and tells her that, somehow, he'll have her, and the money. Patricia smiles.

The next morning, at the hospital, Dee tells Amanda that she didn't come down in the last shower, and she asks what the real reason is for Amanda being there. Amanda remarks that she can't con her grandmother, and Dee says she certainly can't! Amanda says she's in love. Dee asks who it is this time, and Amanda replies that it's Rob. Dee comments that truck drivers are alright for a bit of fun but not much else. She asks Amanda if she got a lift up, and Amanda replies that it was fantastic - Rob is an incredible person. She explains that he's very gentle and really warm. Dee asks if he's the 'salt-of-the-earth' type, and Amanda replies that his whole family are great: Kevin is his nephew, and Lynn is a good friend of hers, and Beryl... Dee asks if she's going to get the whole family history! Amanda continues that Rob is outside, and she asks Dee if she wants to meet him. Dee asks why not. As Amanda goes to the door, she says it's no wonder that Patricia hates them all - they're all too nice for her! Dee asks her what she means, and she replies that Patricia is such a cow to them - being around them really throws her. Dee smiles. Amanda comes back in with Rob, and Dee says it's lovely to meet him at last. She adds that, as a matter of fact, she's longing to meet all his family...

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia and Stephen are having lunch when Stephen says there's only one thing to do. Patricia asks what, and Stephen replies that, if he tells her, they'll have to go through with it, even though it could blow up in their face. Patricia points out that if it's the only thing to do... Stephen continues that the choice Dee has given him is her money or Patricia, and there's only one way he can have both - short of facilitiating her demise, which he even contemplated in the depths of night. He tells Patricia, "Somehow, we're going to screw every penny we can out of her. We're going to embezzle her - and we'll tell her exactly where she can go..."


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