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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Jill asks Terry who told him, adding that it's her baby. Terry replies that it was John and, looking upset, Jill asks how he knows. Terry explains about him seeing her photo in the newspaper and the details of how soon she's getting married to Wayne; he jumped to conclusions, guessed that she was pregnant and decided that he was the father. Jill asks who set him straight, and Terry tells her that it was Angela. Jill tells Terry that she doesn't believe him, but Terry explains that Angela only told John the truth so that he wouldn't hassle her. Jill snaps that now everyone knows. Terry says it's just as well he found out, as there's something he's got to tell her. He asks if he can come in, and Jill reluctantly agrees. He goes in and shuts the door. Jill sits down while Terry continues to stand. Jill tells him to get it over with. Terry asks her if she's sure the kid is his, and Jill nods. Terry then asks if she knew he'd been to Vietnam. Jill says she didn't. Terry tells her that, up there, 'planes used to fly overhead spraying everything with chemicals - including the men; they said it was safe; some joke. Jill asks what the chemical was, but Terry replies that no one knows for sure; it's causing a lot of problems for some of his mates, though: one of them recently had his kid born deaf. Jill asks Terry if he's thinking... Terry interrupts and says there's a risk. Jill tells him that it won't happen - not to her. Terry agrees that it probably won't, but there's a chance. He asks Jill what she'll do - will she still have the kid? Jill angrily asks how should she know? Terry tells her that he'll keep out of her way. He then adds that John still doesn't know it was him; he just thought Jill should know. Jill tells him go to. Terry says he's sorry, and he leaves. Jill sits there looking worried for a few seconds before getting up and walking over to the 'phone on the bar. She picks it up and dials a number. Wayne answers at Dural and Jill tells him that she's got to see him; he's not to go anywhere.

In the flat at the back of Dural, Christine changes baby John's nappy. Angela asks to nurse him, but Paul asks her if she's not coming to Charlie's. Angela tells him that she couldn't cope with Charlie today! Christine remarks that as long as Angela doesn't mind being left behind... She then turns to Paul and tells him that Charlie is dying for a full tarot reading! The two of them head out. Angela says to baby John that he's not interested in all that carry-on...

In the hallway in the main house, Jill hugs Wayne and asks him what if it's not true; what if Terry made it up? Wayne says Terry hasn't got the brains. Jill points out that John has; what if he put Terry up to it to get at them? Wayne asks her if she's serious, and Jill reluctantly admits that she'd rather believe anything than Terry's story. Wayne suggests that they could call Terry's parents and make sure he really was in Vietnam. He then tells Jill that if she doesn't want to go ahead with the kid, he won't do anything to stop her. Jill says she's got a lot of thinking to do, and Wayne suggests to her that she go upstairs and have a sleep - and maybe they can go out somewhere nice for dinner later? He walks off. Jill looks upstairs, but then apparently changes her mind and heads to the flat.

Angela tells Jill that she wouldn't blame her for biting her head off. Jill, though, asks what the point would be: John would have found out sooner or later. Angela tells Jill that she'll keep her fingers crossed for her and the baby. Jill replies, "If I have it. I don't know if I've got the right to..." Angela interrupts her and points out that she doesn't know if anything is wrong for sure - and even if it is... take Kevin and Lynn: the chance that Davey could be like that has brought them closer. She adds that she knows Wayne: marriage to him stands a 100% better chance if both he and Jill have something to work for; she knows it sounds awful, but the main thing is whether they feel they can love the baby.

Sometime later, Angela is cradling baby John when Charlie, Christine and John come into the flat. Charlie starts cooing over the child, but Angela tells her that she's frightening him. Christine takes him and heads to the bedroom to feed him. Charlie tells Angela that she missed out on the most amazing afternoon. She then adds that it's a pity the cards didn't predict a new wardrobe for Christine - she'd be a lot more attractive if she presented herself better. Christine calls out from the bedroom to Charlie to come and meet Felicity, and Charlie hurries off. Alone with Paul, Angela angrily asks him why he brought Charlie back. Paul explains that she's is having dinner with them - he's ordered Chinese. Angela curtly tells him that she's not hungry, but Paul tells her to snap out of it: he had a great time this afternoon and he doesn't need her dragging them down. He adds that he'll be back in twenty minutes with the food; he wants her to try and be in a better mood by then.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Kevin is telling Lynn about a pimple on the nose of the man who interviewed him for a job at an insurance company this morning! Lynn tells him that it doesn't look like he's going to get anywhere with Amanda's father, so he's lucky he got a second interview at the insurance place - and it'll pay a lot more than the job at the bank. As they're talking, Rob arrives home and joins them, and Kevin tells him he's got it easy in his job. Rob says he doesn't know about that: he ran into an old mate of his today: Mick Ryan. Lynn asks how he's been since Stevie died, and Rob replies that he's as well as can be expected; the interesting thing is what he's been doing since: he cleared off up-north; he's been raking in money and in ten months he's made enough to come back down there and start his own business! Lynn remarks that that's alright! Rob continues that it made him think: the way things are going with Angie, he'll probably have to give up The Terrace soon; he'd like to buy her share and keep it going. Lynn points out that it would cost a packet. Rob tells her that going up-north is a way he can get the money. He then turns to Kevin and suggests that he could go as well - not necessarily to do driving; there are also labouring jobs, too. Kevin immediately says it's not for him, but Rob tells him not to be such a snob. He adds that he's not trying to tear him and Lynn apart, but it could be a way out of their financial hole.

David turns the TV off at the Palmers' and joins Beryl in the kitchen. He sits down for dinner, and Beryl asks if the teacher on the quiz show he was watching won the cruise. David tells her that the bloke got greedy and lost the lot. Beryl says she'd love to win a holiday on a show like that, but David tells her that she wouldn't even take the trip if she won: she'd get excited about it until the time came, and then think of some excuse and give the holiday to the kids! Beryl comments that she's an old softy - so what?! David tells her that she's a stay-at-home from way back! Beryl asks what choice she had when the kids were growing up - they'd have been lost without Mum to come running to! David sourly comments that it's a different story these days, and Beryl asks him if he's referring to Kevin. David says it's funny how quickly his son has forgotten what he's done for him. Beryl says he'll get over it, but David tells her that he's not losing any sleep over it - from now on, it's just the two of them.

At The Terrace, Lynn asks Kevin if he's finished his tea. She takes his plate and then asks if he's been thinking about Rob's suggestion; she wouldn't blame him if he had been. Kevin, though, tells her that he's not going anywhere; he would have told Rob what he could do with his idea, but he didn't want an argument. Lynn points out that if the money is as good as Rob says... Kevin, though, snaps that it's chicken feed compared with what a guy like Stephen Morrell rakes in. Lynn reminds him that they're hardly in the same street as the Morrells, but Kevin angrily asks why shouldn't they be? He continues that he's listened to his old man and the rest of the family for too long. Lynn points out that John has got a few clues, but Kevin tells her to look at all the breaks he's had and see what he's ended up with: nothing. Lynn tells him to calm down, but Kevin says he can't: it's taken him a long time to figure it out, but he's going to do something about getting himself ahead - which is more than he can say for the rest of his damn family. He gets up and storms out of the kitchen, leaving Lynn looking worried.

Terry is lying on the sofa at the Hansens' as Enid escorts John in, telling him she's glad to have finally met him. John tells Terry that he'd like to ask him a few questions. Looking wary, Terry asks his mother to go and get some tinnies out of the 'fridge. She goes. John tells Terry that he's been asking around town trying to find out who attacked Jill. Terry says ,"And?" John replies that no one knows anything. Terry asks why he's come to him, and John replies that he was the last person who saw her; he gave her a lift. He continues that he wants to know everything - every last little detail that might help him find the creep. Terry, looking shifty, tells John that Jill did ask for lift - she wanted to get away from him; she made him drive like a maniac to get him off her tail. John asks what happened then. Terry continues that he thought she was a bit loony; he made the mistake of telling her so, and she got on her high horse and wanted to get out of the car. John asks him if he left her in the middle of nowhere. Terry replies that she was geting all hysterical - so she got out and was off like a shot. John asks what happened then. Terry says nothing happened - he didn't know where she'd gone. John asks if he's saying he never saw her again, and Terry says, "No." He suggests to John that he give it a miss - everyone reckons it was someone passing through. John snaps that he'd love to get his hands on that mongrel. At that moment, Enid comes back in with the tinnies, but John says he might give it a miss after all - Rosie is expecting him for dinner. He goes. Terry sits down and sighs, and Enid asks what's wrong. Terry tells her that it's nothing - he just had to bend the truth a bit to keep a mate happy...

Jill and Wayne arrive back at the Morrell apartment, and Wayne offers Jill some coffee, which she accepts. She then says she's been thinking: she's decided to go ahead with having the baby. Wayne tells her that he thought she might. She then adds that she'll go ahead if he thinks he can handle it if the worst happens. Wayne assures her that he'll do his best: the baby is a part of her; he can't love her without loving her child. Jill tells him that that's all she wanted to hear. They kiss.

Rob is in the kitchen at the Palmers' the next morning, joking about Beryl going out to the markets at the crack of dawn. David is sitting at the table with him, and Beryl is just home. David asks her what she bought, and she opens one of her bags and tells him that she's bought him a new jacket - a skiing jacket; she also takes out a bobble hat! David asks what all the gear is in aid of, and Beryl tells him that he said last night that she was becoming a homebody - so they're going on a ski weekend! David asks if they can afford it. Beryl replies that, apart from the truck, what else do they have to worry about? David looks worried.

In the flat at Dural, Paul gives Christine a bag containing some new clothes, and Christine tells him that she loves them. She then asks why he gave them to her, and Paul explains that Charlie gave him the idea. He looks round at Angela, who's ignoring him and Christine, and tells her that, while he was in town, he saw an estate agent; the agent showed him some photos of a house near there; there's also a flat nearby where Christine could live. He suggests that they could all go and have a look, and adds that it's ideal for the kids, as it's near a school. Christine excitedly says she can't wait to see it. Annoyed at hearing this, Angela asks Paul for a word outside. They head out by the pool, and Paul asks what's wrong. Angela angrily asks him why he's teeing up houses without her. Paul replies that he wanted to surprise her. Angela snaps that he did a good job - springing it on her that they're going to have Christine breathing down their necks for years to come. Paul tells her not to be stupid, but Angela continues that she wants a place as far away from Christine as possible. Paul snaps at her to keep her voice down. Angela tells him to try and understand: Christine won't give her a fair go with young John - and the way she keeps pawing at him... half the time, she feels like the intruder round there; if she has to face up to Christine day in, day out, she's going to go crazy. In the flat, Christine hears the raised voices and moves towards the front door so that she can overhear better. Paul yells at Angela that she's being ridiculous - Christine is the kids' mother; how does she expect her to behave?; they'll get along fine once they're in a house and Christine is in a flat; he thought she'd be pleased. Angela asks why. Paul replies that he thought she didn't want the twins separated; what better than if they grow up in the same neighbourhood? Christine continues to stand by the door, listening, as Angela says she doesn't want Christine butting-in every five minutes. Paul tells her that she's being neurotic. He then adds that, she sooner she faces facts and stops carrying on like a spoilt schoolgirl, the better. In the flat, Christine smiles to herself.

Beryl is sitting at the kitchen table at the Palmers', and she calls out to David to ask him if he's got a tick. He comes in from outside and Beryl tells him that she's been going over their financial situation: she's found a cheque butt for $100 in his writing but it doesn't say what it's for. David says he must have forgotten, but Beryl continues that she found two more exactly the same; you don't forget $300. David sighs and says he was going to tell her: he was sending money to help the Prisoners' Aid group - they need it. Beryl, looking annoyed, snaps that so do they. She continues that, if he wants to help a deserving cause, what about Davey's medical bills? David snaps that it's his money, too - if he wants to spend it by helping a few mates, that's his business. Beryl snaps that they're not her mates - and she hoped he'd got that prison nonsense out of his system once Tony went. She continues that there's no possibility of them going away now. David tells her that he can't pretend those weeks in prison never happened. Beryl snaps that more's the pity - it would be better for everyone if he did.

Angela is standing outside the tennis court at Dural, looking through the fence, wistfully. She then goes and sits on the ground beneath a nearby large tree, looking thoughtful.

In the flat, Christine tries on one of her new jumpers and asks Paul if he likes it. He tells her that he does. He then asks her not to pay too much attention to anything Angie says over the next few days. Christine asks why not, and Paul replies that she hasn't been herself lately. Christine asks if she's been sick. Paul replies that, as a matter of fact, she did spend some time with a psychiatrist. Christine says she didn't know. Paul continues that she was under a lot of pressure - she even had trouble with her memory - and she still says things she doesn't mean. Christine asks if he means like outside. Paul says he's sure Angela realises how silly she's being. Christine smiles at him and tells him that it makes her feel a lot happier, knowing that if she had a fight on her hands, he'd be a good person to have on-side. She decides to try on the other jumper. Paul says he's going to find Angela. Christine takes off the first jumper and stands in the middle of the flat wearing just her bra and a pair of jeans.

Paul walks around the grounds, calling for Angela. She's hidden by the tree she's sitting behind and she doesn't make any attempt to let him know she's there.

A short time later, Angela walks into the flat. Christine is there, but now wearing the other jumper. She tells Angela that she just missed Paul; he was looking for her. Angela tells Christine that she wanted a quick chat with her; she was a little abrupt earlier. Christine says it's fine, but Angela continues that she owes her an explanation: she and Paul have been making plans for their own place for ages, and she just got a little uptight about a hanger-on, even a couple of blocks away. Christine bluntly says she won't be going into a flat. Angela, looking surprised, says she thought it was all arranged. Christine ignores this, though, and continues that she will expect to stay in the house. Angela yells that she doesn't think so; the three of them there is bad enough... She quickly calms down and continues that, all she means is, the best thing for everyone is if they live fairly separate lives. Christine says she agrees, but she tells Angela that she's got it back to front: she and Paul will be living together, and Angela will be moving out. Angela snaps, "I beg your pardon?" Christine retorts that she and Paul are meant for each other - it's in the cards. Angela incredulously tells her that she can't be serious, but Christine insists that she is: the tarot's never wrong. Angela tells her that she hates to disappoint her, but Paul is in love with her, whatever the stupid cards say. Christine says it didn't sound like it half an hour ago. Angela snaps, "You little--" She then stops as she realises that Christine has been scheming all along. She tells Christine that she didn't mean them to have that baby for themselves, did she? She threatens, "Wait until I tell Paul." She goes to storm outside, but Christine tells her not to try it - she'll deny anything Angela says to him. Angela points out that it'll be her word against Christine's, and she knows who Paul will believe. Christine comments that he could think Angela is imagining it. Angela asks her what she means. Christine continues that Paul told her about Angela's 'mental problems'. She adds that he already thinks Angela's neurotic about her, so she'd better be careful what she says. Angela snaps that she doesn't like being threatened, but Christine tells her to do what she likes - as long as she's not afraid to have Paul think she's heading for another big breakdown...


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