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    Written by: Michael Latimer    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Angela asks for an explanation, but Patricia snaps that she doesn't see that it's any of Angela's business: she's got a key, there was something she wanted, so she came and got it. Angela snaps back that she can't just walk into Gordon and Barbara's house and-- Patricia interrupts, though, and snaps that Angela can't tell her what she can and can't do. Angela asks her mother bluntly what she's stolen, but Patricia replies that it's none of Angela's business. As she goes to walk out, she slyly says she understands that Angela and Paul had a spot of luck: two babies for the price of one - a great bargain. She goes, leaving Angela looking annoyed.

Sometime later, Gordon, Angela and Barbara are sitting in the lounge room, and Barbara says she never thought even Patricia would have the nerve. Gordon assures her that she would. Angela tells the two of them that they'd already left the hospital, so she couldn't get in touch with them, but she should have stopped Patricia, somehow. Barbara curses that she should have known Patricia would do anything to get her hands on the will; and as for her brother... Gordon says he doubts Stephen knew, but Barbara comments that, after a few months with Patricia, there's no knowing how low he may sink. She then adds that she thinks she may go and have a talk with him...

Barbara is at the Morrell apartment, and she asks Stephen if he remembers the time when they were on holiday in Adelaide - she was about twelve: he wanted to go and play cricket with his friends and their father wouldn't give him any pocket money; she felt sorry for him, so she took a pound note from their father's wallet and he made her put it back; he made her feel very guilty when she was only trying to please him. Stephen listens and then tells her sharply that she's made her point. He adds that he's not proud of what he's involved himself in, but there's no alternative. Barbara snaps that it didn't take him long to come down to Patricia's level; destroying a legal document is one thing, but Dee's will... Stephen tells her to spare him the lecture. He gets up and heads to the bar, to pour himself a drink. Barbara tells him that Gordon trusts him; they're supposed to be business partners. Stephen asks her if she's implying that he may also dip his fingers in the bank account. Barbara shrugs. Stephen, getting angry, snaps, "That will is the aberration of a vicious old woman." Barbara points out that that's no reason to steal and destroy it. Stephen, though, retorts that, if Dee died, they would have to contest it - obviously - and apart from the unpleastantness, it would cost the earth; it hasn't been destroyed, just put out of harm's way; until it's lodged with a solicitor, it isn't legal. Barbara asks why all the fuss, then, and Stephen snaps that it's because it exists: he isn't going to jeopardise his family's future because of Dee's absurd games - if Barbara can give him any justification for that woman depriving him of what is rightfully his, then he'd like to hear it. Barbara snaps, "Patricia, maybe?" Stephen retorts that that's unfair. Barbara asks where Patricia is, and Stephen replies that she's out with friends. Barbara sarcastically says, "She's got some?" but this causes Stephen to snap angrily that Patricia is his wife. He then asks Barbara if she really thinks their father intended the money to go to charity. Barbara shrugs and says, "Who knows?" Stephen suggests that, some, maybe, but not all of it; if their father knew what Dee was doing, he'd turn in his grave. Barbara says he's probably been doing that for years, anyway. Stephen says he doesn't think there's any point in continuing this conversation. Barbara tells him that Patricia has really changed him - he was quite a nice person before he took up with her; as far as she's concerned, he can let Patricia call the shots; they deserve each other. She storms out.

Dee, lying in her hospital bed, begins to regain consciousness, and as she does so, she murmurs to the nurse, "Must have... must have..." The nurse tells her to take it easy, but Dee continues her murmuring, saying she must have her handbag. The nurse tells her not to worry about it, as her daughter has taken care of it. Dee insists that she must see her, but the nurse tells her that she's not allowed visitors until the morning. Dee again mutters that she must have the handbag, and she asks the nurse to get it for her. The nurse tells her that she can have it in the morning.

In the lounge room at Dural, Wayne and Jill tell Barbara and Gordon about the werewolf film that they've just returned from seeing. Having heard the tale, Barbara says she might turn in, as it's been a heavy day. She asks Gordon if he's going to come to bed too, but he tells her that he has work to finish off first. The two of the leave the room, and Wayne offers Jill a drink. Jill declines. She then tells Wayne that she's glad Gordon invited her to stay over again, as she wouldn't like to be at the apartment right now, what with all the unpleasantness with Patricia. The two of them sit down, and Wayne tells Jill that it gives them more time to be with each other. He starts kissing Jill's neck, and Jill sits there apparently enjoying it, when all of a sudden, she announces that she's been thinking - about Beth. Wayne stops what he's doing, a shocked look on his face. Jill continues that she'd really like her to be at the wedding. Wayne says they could invite her if they if knew where she was. Jill asks him if he could find her, but Wayne replies that she could be anywhere. Jill pleads with him, and Wayne evenutally says reluctantly that he knows someone who used a private investigator once; he might be able to help. He goes to the bar, picks up the 'phone and dials a number. As it rings, Jill suddenly spots something in the newspaper she's looking at. No one answers Wayne's 'phone call, so he says he'll try in the morning. He hangs up and asks Jill what she's found. Jill shows him a photo of the two of them and asks how they got in the social pages. Wayne replies that it must have been at that dinner the other night. Jill reads what's been written to accompany the photo and then says she doesn't remember saying they were going to get married; now everyone's going to know. Wayne says he guesses they had to find out one day...

Doug is reading the newspaper at Woombai, and he remarks to Rosie that a new nursery is opening up nearby, and it sounds pretty good. The two of them suddenly hear a car horn toot a couple of times outside. A vehicle then stops, a door slams and the vehicle pulls off again. Doug comments that he's not sure that that Hansen lad is a good influence on John. John comes in and Doug asks how the BMX races were. John replies that they were OK, but he couldn't get in the mood; the people were OK and there were loads of pretty girls - and there was him like a wet blanket; one girl was really nice, but he kept comparing her to Jill. Rosie tells him that these things take time, and she adds that he's not to go changing; he should stay the way he is - he'll win out in the end. John sighs and says he doesn't know what the answer is; it's not getting drunk all time, that's for sure.

At Dural, Angela is still up, and as he comes out of the study, Gordon sees her in the hallway. He offers her a nightcap and the two of them go into the lounge room. Wayne and Jill are still in there but are about to go to bed. Before they do, Jill shows Angela the photo in the paper, and Wayne explains that they were caught in a restaurant. They head off. Indicating the bar, Gordon asks Angela what it will be; she asks for a small brandy. She then remarks that Wayne and Jill look happy, and Gordon agrees that they do; he then adds that she doesn't. Angela glumly says she'll be alright. Gordon remarks that he thought she'd be on top of the world, what with Paul and the baby. He asks if there are problems, and adds that talking might help. Angela says she doubts it - it won't solve anything with Christine. She takes the drink that Gordon hands her. He sits down next to her and puts his arm round her. She continues that Christine won't let go; she won't let her get near little Johnny. Gordon asks her if she's talked to Paul, but Angela replies that, if she says anything, it makes her look selfish. She then continues that it's not just that - it's a whole pile of things: seeing Patricia this morning... you shouldn't hate your mother like that. Gordon points out that Patricia brings it on herself. Angela asks him if he thinks things will work out between Patricia and Stephen, but Gordon says, "Who knows?" Angela says she hopes so - Patricia needs someone. Gordon comments that she still cares about her. Angela tells him that she can't forgive Patricia for what she did to David, but yes, she still cares about her.

The next morning, at the Morrell apartment, Patricia cheerfully tells Stephen that she has the feeling that everything's going to work out from now on. Stephen tells her that he hopes she's right - but that's hardly the way he felt after Barbara's visit. Patricia tells him that they're in the right - and it's hardly as if there's any love lost between her and Dee. She adds that he should stop looking so miserable: she knows he loves his mother - although sometimes, she can't imagine why... Stephen points out that she may not pull through. Patricia tells him that they'll find out when they go to the hospital - the doctors should have a pretty good idea by now. Stephen asks her what she means. Patricia replies that Dee might die - and if she does, they've got the will - and they'll burn it, won't they...

Barbara joins Gordon in the lounge room at Dural and tells him that that was the nurse on the 'phone: Dee has regained consciousness and is asking for her handbag. She continues that any upset now could bring on another attack which may be fatal; when she discovers Patricia has taken the will, she'll get herself so worked up...; she'll have to tell her something, but what...?

At Woombai, Rosie tells John that she wishes he would come, but John says he's not really into gardens. Doug indignantly says it's a nursery, not a garden - and a very good one. John says he'll come another time, maybe. Doug curtly comments that John would rather hang around with the Hansen lad. Rosie tells him not to go hungry. Terry comes in with the Sunday paper and asks John how he's feeling. He replies that he's fine. Doug and Rosie go out and Terry sits down. He asks John what he's missing out on, and John explains about the new nursery, adding that it sounds boring. He starts looking at the paper and suddenly spots the picture of Wayne and Jill. He reads what's written underneath and then angrily says to Terry that he didn't realise she was in such a hurry to get married; when he asked her to marry him after Brian died, she blew her stack; it doesn't make sense. He then quickly adds that maybe it does... He asks Terry if he minds going outside, as he wants to make a call and it's a bit private. Terry agrees and heads out onto the verandah. John dashes over to the 'phone.

The 'phone rings at Dural and Angela answers it. John tells her that he's just seen the bit in the paper about Wayne and Jill. Angela asks him what he means. John replies that Jill's pregnant and he's the father, right? Angela, looking wary, asks how should she know? John retorts that if there's anyone Jill would tell, it's her. Angela says that's not necessarily true, but John snaps that of course it is. He then adds that the least she can do is tell him if he's right, because he's coming down straight away. Angela reluctantly tells him that he's only half right. John snaps that no kid of his is being brought up by Wayne Hamilton. Angela insists that he doesn't know all the facts, but John snaps that he reckons he knows enough. Angela tells him that he doesn't - Jill is determined to go ahead with the marriage. John asks what she means when she says he doesn't know all the facts. Angela tells him that Jill and Wayne know what they're doing; it's not up to her to... John asks her to tell him. Angela reluctantly says Jill did talk to her; she supposes he's going to find out one day... John snaps, "For God's sake, what do you know?"

Terry is reading the newspaper outside while John is on the 'phone. Back inside, John asks Angela if Jill said who it was. Angela replies that she wouldn't say. She adds that there's no point coming down. John hangs up, a thoughtful look on his face. He heads outside, and when Terry sees the expression on his face, he remarks that it doesn't look as if it went too well. John, looking shocked, says it didn't: Jill's pregnant. Terry laughs, but John says it's no joke; she's... a while ago, she was raped...; the bloke that did it is the father. Terry suddenly looks shocked...

Stephen and Patricia are at the hospital when Barbara comes round the corner and finds them sitting outside Dee's room, waiting. The three of them exchange curt greetings, and Patricia asks Barbara if she's come to stir up trouble. Barbara retorts that she has already taken care of that. Patricia then looks down and sarcastically asks Barbara if she always carries two handbags. Barbara retorts that Dee has been asking for hers - she thinks Dee thinks she's dying and wants to change the new will - but once she discovers it's missing, they'll only have themselves to blame if she goes back to her original plan. Patricia sourly comments that Barbara will make sure that happens... Barbara retorts that it's up to Dee. She then adds that she thinks Patricia outsmarted herself this time. Patricia tells Barbara that if she goes in there and shoots her mouth off, the shock will probably kill Dee. She adds that it's not up to Dee at all; it's Barbara's decision...

A short time later, in Dee's room, Dee tells Barbara that she doesn't feel frightened; she doesn't know why. Barbara tells her that she'll soon be out of there - she'll be right as rain before she knows it. Dee looks wistful and tells Barbara that her father used to say 'as right as rain'... Recovering her composure, she asks for her bag, and Barbara hands it over. Dee starts to go through it, but quickly becomes flustered and says there's something missing. Barbara asks if she means a document, and then adds that she and Gordon realised that it must have been important, so they put it in the safe. Dee comments that she supposes they couldn't resist a little peek... She then adds that she wants it destroyed; it was a bluff - to control Stephen. Barbara says she'll burn it as soon as she gets home. Dee asks her to make sure she does; she wasn't ready for all this - she didn't expect to be going so soon; she hates the idea of all her wealth going to charity. Barbara tells her to consider it done. Dee tells her to go, as there's no point wasting time. Barbara says she'll see her mother tomorrow, and Dee says she hopes so. Barbara assures her that she will; she tells her to relax and stop worrying. Dee tells Barbara not to forget: burn it.

Barbara leaves the room and rejoins Stephen and Patricia. She tells them that she was right: the new will was a bluff. Patricia asks her if she told Dee, but Barbara snaps that of course she didn't - she didn't think it was very pleasant telling her that her son and daughter-in-law had stolen her will. Stephen asks her what she did say. Barbara replies that Dee wants the will burnt, so he should go home and do it. Stephen comments that if that's what she wants... Barbara tells him to thank his lucky stars that he got away with it.

In her room, the nurse tells Dee to get some rest. Dee, though, asks the nurse to make a call for her, adding that it's important - it's the same number as before: Mr. Hamilton, her daughter's husband; she wants to check that the papers he's looking after are still secure, in the safe. The nurse tells Dee that she's a worrier, but Dee says, "Please?" The nurse agrees and dials the number on the 'phone beside Dee's bed. At Dural, Gordon answers the call and the nurse tells him that Mrs. Morrell is wondering if the document is still in the safe. Looking surprised, Gordon asks what document. The nurse replies that she means the one he's looking after. Gordon says he doesn't know what she's talking about. At the hospital, the nurse tells Dee that Gordon asked what document she means. Dee says it's as she thought. On the 'phone, the nurse tells Gordon that it appears that Mrs. Morrell has made a mistake. Gordon starts to say that if it's about the will... but the nurse thanks him and hangs up. At the hospital, the nurse tells Dee that, if she's still worried about her papers, she can find out if her daughter is still there. Dee, though, says it's alright - she thinks she knows exactly what's going on...

There's an urgent knock on the front door of the Morrell apartment in Sydney, and Jill calls that she's coming. As she closes a door behind her, there are further knocks, and she calls out, "Hold your horses!" She gets to the front door and opens it. A look of shock and horror crosses her face when she sees Terry standing there. She asks him nervously what he's doing there. He replies, "Came to see you about something that concerns us both: our baby."


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