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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Dee cheerfully remarks that she has to say that it's wonderful to be back in Australia. Barbara curtly asks her how long she's staying. Dee says, "Who knows?" She then adds that maybe she'll stay put this time. Barbara bluntly asks if she'll be living in Melbourne. Dee says she will for most of the time. Looking at Gordon, she tells him that she's very pleased to finally meet him; turning back to Barbara, she tells her that she's made a very fine choice. Barbara snaps that she thinks so. Dee then asks Gordon if he'd mind terribly if she and Barbara had a moment alone. Barbara suggests to him that he go and finish the paperwork he was talking about, and he heads out to the study. When she hears the door shut, Barbara asks her mother laughingly what she wants to talk about. Dee replies that she knows things haven't always been the best between them, but isn't it time they sorted things out? Barbara snaps back that she told her ten years ago that it wouldn't worry her if she never saw her again. Dee explains that she has a heart condition, but Barbara laughs that she's as strong as an ox. Dee tells her that it's true - she could drop dead tomorrow. Barbara says she's sorry. Dee continues that that's why she's there: to make up for her mistakes. Barbara, though, snaps that she thinks it's time Dee went, and she calls to Wayne to come downstairs. Dee tells her daughter that she's flown from Melbourne to see her and she's not even being given a chance. Barbara retorts that it doesn't matter - neither of them has changed. Dee insists that she has, but Barbara just says she's sorry. Dee snaps at Barbara that she was always the ungrateful one of the family. Barbara, looking furious, tells her mother that she tried so hard to love her, but she wasn't Dee's daughter; she was just some possession that Dee wanted to dress up and parade around in front of her friends - and because she wasn't cute and frilly, she ended up being pushed to one side. Dee snaps at Barbara that she always did what was best for her. Barbara yells back that Dee did what was best for herself. She then orders her mother to get out of her house - now. Dee walks out as Barbara glares at her. Wayne, who is standing on the stairs, smiles and remarks that he didn't know Barbara and her mother got on so well! He laughs and goes.

Outside, Dee goes to get in the car but finds the door won't open. She starts tugging at the handle, and as Wayne comes over, he apologises, explaining that he probably locked it. As Dee continues to pull at the handle in anger, she suddenly clutches her chest and drops to the ground.

The 'phone rings at Toorak. Stephen answers it and Barbara comes on. She tells him that something terrible has happened: Dee has had a heart attack; the two of them were having an argument, and when she left, she had an attack. Stephen says he'll get the next 'plane. He turns to Patricia and quickly tells her what's happened before saying goodbye to Barbara and hanging up. He then remarks to Patricia that they can't say Dee didn't warn them. Patricia agrees. She then says she'll come with him to Sydney. Stephen points out that it's not going to be any fun sitting round a hospital bed. Patricia, though, replies that Dee has taken her new will with her; she doesn't want anyone else to get their hands on it. Stephen asks Patricia if all she can think about is money. Patricia retorts that he wanted a strong wife, didn't he? Stephen admits that he did. Patricia tells him to take her to Sydney, then; she'll get hold of the will and destroy it.

It's dark when Patricia and Stephen arrive at the Morrell apartment. Stephen says to Patricia that it's such a shock seeing Dee lying there unconscious. Patricia says it always is when someone's been so healthy all their life. Stephen says his mother has never been sick for as long as he can remember - and there she is in intensive care. Patricia tells him that there's nothing they can do but wait and see. She then continues that it was very nice of Barbara to let slip that she'll be back at the hospital in the morning; it gives her a chance to get to Dural: the will must be in Dee's handbag, which must still be at the house. Stephen asks how they can know Barbara hasn't seen it, but Patricia points out that she would have said. She then adds that it's worth a try. Stephen says he was thinking about Dee dying - and him and Barbara not feeling anything - just numb...; if the will wasn't so vital, he'd feel her going was a great weight off his shoulders; the crazy part is, he knows he'll feel very empty when it happens. Patricia tells him that they have to be practical; she just hopes the will is still at Gordon and Barbara's.

Wayne goes into the lounge room at Dural, his head buried in a file of papers. He goes to the bar to pour himself a drink, and as he does so, he notices Dee's handbag lying there. He starts gently lifting it up to see if there's anything inside it. He spots the will and starts to take it out, but he then hears Gordon and Barbara approaching and quickly puts it back. When Gordon and Barbara come in, Wayne asks how Dee is, and Gordon tells him that there's no change; they're just going to have a quiet drink and then head to bed. Indicating the handbag, Wayne asks if he should put it in the safe, but Gordon tells him to leave it. Wayne walks out of the room. Gordon pours drinks for himself and Barbara. As he does so, Barbara says to him that he must think she's as hard as nails, but she just can't feel sad about her; it's as simple as that. Gordon tells her that she seemed to be sad at the hospital, but Barbara explains that she was thinking about Roland, and when he had his heart attack in America; she knows there's more to your emotions than what goes on in your head, but she just can't feel sad for Dee; her mind... her memories; they just won't let her; she watched Dee try and destroy their father - playing around with other men... not that he found out about it for quite a while; but when he did, she was even worse - like she'd do anything to break him; and she did: she killed him; and if she'd stayed there, Dee would have done the same to her; Dee never once showed or said she loved her; she thanks God that she was able to tell Wendy how she felt, or the same thing would have happened to her and her daughter; she knows it's an awful thing to say, but she can't feel anything at all, even though she knows her mother is a sad, lonely old woman.

Wayne is standing in the hallway, apparently trying to listen in on the conversation between Barbara and Gordon, when Jill joins him and asks him if he's ready to go back to town yet, as she's getting fed up with Angela! Wayne tells her that he just has to get a couple of things out of the study. He heads in there, and Jill goes back to the flat to say goodbye to Angela. As soon as she's gone, Wayne walks back to where he was standing outside the lounge room. When Barbara and Gordon open the door to come out, though, Wayne quickly runs back to the study. The two of them go upstairs, and when he's sure the coast is clear, Wayne walks into the lounge room. He sighs in relief when he sees the handbag is still on the bar. He takes out the will and starts reading it. He turns over the first page to read what's printed on the second and then smiles, apparently in glee. All-of-a-sudden, though, Barbara appears behind him and, an icy look on her face, asks him just what he thinks he's doing. Momentarily disconcerted, Wayne quickly recovers his composure and tells her that he wouldn't do his block if he was her; indicating the will, he says she'd better save it for that. He gives her the sheets of paper and she starts reading.

There's a knock on the door at the Morrell apartment, and Stephen, who's dressed in just his dressing gown, opens it. When he sees Barbara and Gordon standing there, he tells them that he and Patricia were trying to have an early night. Barbara snaps that so were they. Stephen says he doesn't understand. Barbara tells him that neither do they. She gives Stephen the will, but Stephen tells her that Dee hasn't discussed its terms with him. Barbara snaps that perhaps it's time they did. Gordon tells Stephen that Patricia is involved as well. Stephen replies that she's in bed, but Gordon tells him to get her out of bed. Barbara tells her brother that what intrigues her is how Dee came to leave a share of the company to anyone: what share?

A short time later, Barbara snaps angrily that there is no possible excuse: Stephen has lied to her for years about how successful he's become, about how independent he's been - and about how he's almost an organisation in itself; now, she not only finds out that it's all lies, but that Dee holds the purse strings. She continues that this is a lovely way to start the partnership with Gordon; what angers her the most is that it's put her right back under Dee's thumb; God knows, it took her years enough to get out. Stephen insists that what she's saying isn't true, but Barbara retorts that she's married to Gordon; half the business belongs to Dee; that's quite enough. Gordon suggests that this isn't the best time to discuss it - the best approach is to wait and see what happens to Dee, and then they can look at the situation as far as the partnership is concerned. Stephen says that's fair enough. As she and Gordon get up to leave, Barbara suddenly remembers the will, which is lying on the coffee table, and she grabs it. She tells Patricia and Stephen that if anything does happen to Dee, and the will does become effective, they'll be getting no more than they deserve. They storm out. Patricia and Stephen sit there, looking furious.

The next morning, at the breakfast table at Dural, Gordon remarks to Barbara that he heard her up and about a lot last night. Barbara tells him that she couldn't work out what he's going to do - he was so glad to go in with Stephen. Gordon replies that he doesn't think they can assume the partnership is over yet; it's business - emotional issues shouldn't come into it. Barbara agrees. Gordon continues that, if Dee doesn't survive, under the new will, her share will go to charity, and he and Stephen can wind the partnership up. Barbara asks what if Dee lives. Gordon replies that he'll have to get to know her better; there must be some way to relate to her on a business level - he can't throw everything in without trying. Barbara tells him that she's not going to see Dee, but if he thinks he can work with her, fine. She then smiles as she adds that she may be feeling rotten this morning, but she can think of two people who are probably feeling worse...

At the Morrell apartment, Stephen tells Patricia that there's no way of getting around it. Patricia tells him not to be so defeatist, but Stephen points out that everyone knows what's in the will now. Patricia, looking thoughtful, says that, at a will reading, you have to have the will; no solicitor would take somebody's word for the contents; if the signed will can't be produced, they haven't got a worry in the world. Looking puzzled, Stephen asks her what she's talking about. Patricia replies that she's going to call on Charlie; she has a very good view of Gordon and Barbara's from the patio. Stephen, looking suspicious, asks her if she's thinking what he thinks she's thinking. Patricia tells him that, while she's having coffee with Charlie, she'll be able to see when Gordon and Barbara leave for the hospital. Stephen remarks that he doesn't like the idea very much. Patricia tells him that there's nothing wrong with 'phoning an old friend for a get-together. She then suggests that he go and visit Dee while she goes to see Charlie...

Tony is packing his things into a backpack at Woombai, and he says the rodeo is going to be great. Doug laughs that there's nothing he'd like more than to be thrown off a horse five or six times a day! A truck horn sounds outside. John shakes Tony's hand and wishes him luck. They head outside, where Tony tells Doug to let David know that he'll write to him. Terry suggests to Tony that he get a move on. He goes.

Beryl is cleaning the dining area at The Terrace when there's a knock on the front door. She goes and opens it - and finds David standing there! He smiles and says, "Curly!" They throw their arms around each other, and Beryl happily tells him that it's so good to see him. As she pulls her arms away, she comments that he's put on some weight, and David laughs that that will be all that country cooking! They go inside, and David asks how things are going. Beryl replies that the French chef is pulling them in! David asks what else has been happening, but Beryl asks where to start! She then continues that, being Saturday, Kevin is home - he's upstairs with Davey; she wonders if David has given any thought to the way things were before he left. David replies that he wants them to be mates again; when Kevin comes down, he'll tell him he holds no grudges.

Sometime later, Kevin and Lynn run downstairs, talking to each other at the top of their voices. They come to a halt as they suddenly see David standing in the hallway. Kevin bluntly snaps, "You're back." David asks them where they're going, but Kevin angrily asks why he'd care. Lynn looks upset at the fighting, but she follows Kevin as they go out without saying another word.

Charlie and Patricia are sitting drinking coffee on the patio of Charlie's place. Patricia isn't really listening to Charlie talking about Paul and Angela and Christine, and what an extraordinary business it is, though; instead, she's keeping an intent eye on the front door at Dural. Charlie offers her more coffee, and only then does she realise she's being spoken to. She mutters a blank, "Hmm?" Charlie irritatedly mutters that Patricia hasn't been listening to a word she's said.

Barbara and Gordon comes downstairs at Dural. Wayne and Jill are in the hallway, and Gordon asks them if they're heading back to the apartment now. Wayne says they are - and they've decided they might stay there in Sydney for a while. The four of them head outside. At Charlie's, Charlie is saying to Patricia that she's going to nail Phillipe if she gets a chance, as he's such a nice young man, but Patricia is still ignoring her. Seeing the party leaving Dural, Patricia suddenly says she thought she might pop over and see Angela. Charlie remarks that she didn't think the two of them were talking. Patricia replies that she may be able to get the relationship going again. Charlie says she hopes Patricia knows what she's doing...

Patricia opens the front door at Dural and walks into the hallway. She has a quick look in the study and then in the lounge room to see if anyone is about.

In the flat, Angela and Paul are changing the babies' nappies; Angela is changing John's. She hasn't got very far, though, before Christine says she'll take over, and she asks Angela to look in main house, as she thinks she left some nappy liners with the main shopping. Angela looks put out as Christine picks up and coos over her son. She then heads to the main house.

As Angela heads through the hallway, she goes past the study. She sees someone coming out, but without paying much attention to who it is, she says she thought they'd gone to the hospital. She then looks up and realises Patricia is standing there. She has the will in her hand. With both women looking shocked, Angela asks her mother, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"


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