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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Patricia snaps at Stephen that Dee can't be serious; trying to run people's lives by threatening them - it's so childish. Stephen calmly replies that that's especially the case when you're on the receiving end, eh? Patricia snaps at him that this is no time for wisecracks. Stephen continues that Dee has made these kinds of threats before - but this is the first time she's drafted changes to the will. He then asks what's wrong with them having a child. Patricia snaps, "To please your mother?" Stephen tells her that he means to please themselves; he wouldn't mind. Patricia, though, a slightly strangled note to her voice, tells him that she can't have any more children; it's a medical impossibility; she's sorry. Stephen tells her not to be; he didn't know. Patricia asks him if he's upset, but he reassures her that he married her because he loves her. Patricia comments that Dee is in for a big disappointment when she finds out the facts. Stephen retorts that they can't let her find out. Patricia suggests that they'll just have to bluff her - play for time; after all, she does have a weak heart. Stephen, looking indignant, reminds Patricia that that's his mother she's talking about. Patricia, though, cooly tells him that Dee can't expect love and affection when she carries on like a female version of Henry VIII! Stephen remarks that she wasn't always like this, but Patricia retorts that she is now - they'll just have to think of something to buy them the time they need.

Dee is sipping a cup of tea in the lounge room when Stephen comes in and sits down. She offers him some tea or a scone, but he declines both. He says to her that he hopes she realises the spot she's put him and Patricia in. Dee replies that she understands perfectly. Stephen tells her that he and Patricia aren't young - they can't just produce children on demand. He then asks why she wants a grandson; she's already got two granddaughters. Dee tells him blunty that they're not grandsons. Stephen points out that there are Barbara's boys: Simon, for example. Dee retorts that they are not 'Morrells'. She then adds that she's not joking about her heart condition; before she goes, she's determined to see the name continue; it's the only thing left in her life. Stephen says, "Even if it leaves me broke?" Dee tells him that she's introduced him to many women who were easily capable of giving him children - but he had to choose Patricia. Stephen retorts that that's because he loves her; he doesn't understand why Dee had to turn the whole thing into such a drama. Dee tells him that she's given him the greatest possible incentive to give him the grandson she wants...

Doug, David, John and Tony are playing poker on the verandah at Woombai when Terry rocks up and joins them. He asks if any of them are interetested in a bit of a party tonight, and Tony immediately says yeah. He asks where, and Terry explains there's a bucks party for one of his mates in the rodeo. Tony says he'll be in it. He asks David if he wants to go, but he says no, and so does John. Tony heads off to go and get changed. Terry asks John for a hand fixing the water pump in his ute. David heads inside to tell Rosie that there will be one less for dinner.

Inside, Rosie is on the 'phone to Wayne, and she tells him that she couldn't be happier for him. She asks him if they've set a date, but Wayne replies that they haven't; it'll be soon, though. Rosie tells him that she'll talk to him later. She hangs up as David comes in, and she says he'll never guess what's happened: Wayne is getting married to Jill; isn't wonderful?! David reluctantly says he supposes so; he then asks how John will feel, though, and Rosie's face drops as she admits that she hadn't thought about that; she wonders how he'll take it. David says he's not a kid - he'll handle it OK.

At the Morrell apartment in Sydney, Wayne tells Jill that Rosie will probably call tomorrow and ask how many tiers they want on their wedding cake! Angela is sitting next to Jill on the settee, and Wayne, who is about to go and post the invitations, tells the two women to start talking about dresses; after all, they don't want to leave it to the last minute! Jill laughs, "Last minute? That's the understatement of the year! I'll be Mrs. Hamilton in just over a week!" Wayne laughs and goes. Jill thanks Angela for being her matron of honour, and Angela tells her that she doesn't mind. Seeing the strained look on Angela's face, Jill asks her if she's alright, and Angela replies that she just needs someone to talk to. Jill asks if it's Christine, and Angela replies that the whole thing is starting to get her down: she wants little Johnny now, not when Christine wants to give him to her. Jill points out that things will be different when she and Paul move out, but Angela explains that Paul has got it into his head that Christine is coming with them. She adds that she's got an awful feeling that this whole arrangement is going to turn into one big mess...

At Woombai, David joins John, who's working alone on Terry's ute. He asks how it's going, and John says they're getting there. David comments on the fact that Terry has gone, and John explains that he's off getting a spanner. David then tells John that Rosie just had a 'phone call from Wayne: he and Jill are getting married. John stops what he's doing, a shocked look appearing on his face. He says, "You're kidding...?" David assures him that he isn't, and John asks when they decided. David tells him that Rosie didn't say. John snaps that it didn't take Jill long to get over Brian. Terry rejoins them and John tells him that they'd better get a move on: he's got another starter for the bucks party.

A while later, inside, at the table in the living room, David remarks to his father that he thought John had more sense than to go out and get drunk to get over it; he's acting like a 16-year-old. Doug points out that John isn't stupid; he'll wake up to himself before very long. At that moment, Tony comes in and tells the two men that he'll see them in the morning. David tells him not to make it too late, but this causes Tony to snap that David is sounding like his mother. David reminds him that he's supposed to be responsible for him, but Tony snaps that he's over 18. David tells him to be careful, and Tony goes. David turns back to Doug and asks him if he is starting to sound like Tony's mum. Doug assures him that he isn't. David snaps that John and Tony are running away from their problems instead of facing up to them. Doug asks David if he's any different...

The next morning, in the living room at Toorak, Patricia asks Stephen if he's going into town. Stephen replies that he's not; he's going to carry on working at home. Dee comes in and asks where Amanda is. Stephen tells her that she's in bed, he should think. Changing the subject, Patricia tells Dee that she and Stephen have been talking about having a baby. Dee asks if they're going to have one. Patricia replies that they will if it's at all possible. Stephen adds that there will only be the one, and Patricia tells Dee that, when it will be, only she and nature can decide - and it could be a girl. Dee listens to this, but then says the will still stands. She continues that she'll have someone in Sydney witness it for her - she's flying there this morning to catch up with a few friends. Stephen asks her if she means Barbara. Dee replies, "Perhaps. Perhaps not." She then asks Stephen to arrange for someone to pick her up at the airport.

John is sitting outside Woombai, yawning, when Doug comes out. Doug asks him if got stuck into it last night, and John replies that he didn't get to bed until 3am. He continues that the party got out of hand: some of the guys started a sculling contest and some fights broke out; then they started drag races up the main street. Doug tells John that he hopes he wasn't involved. John replies that the blokes were a bit rough for him; he's sorry he went.

Inside, Tony is telling David that the party was terrific; talk about drink - it makes his old man look like an amateur! Doug comes in as Tony excitedly continues that, a bit after midnight, they started having drag races. He then adds that the blokes are moving on in a couple of days - and they offered him a job. David points out to Tony that he can't ride a horse, but Tony explains that he'd be doing odd jobs. David snaps that he's a bloody idiot if he takes it. Tony replies that he already has.

Charlie is in the lounge room at Dural, with Gordon and Barbara, and she tells them that that she's just heard on the grapevine about Wayne and Jill tying the knot. She adds that Gordon and Barbara must remember to give her plenty of advance warning for the date. Barbara tells her that it's really only going to be a small affair, but Charlie says she wouldn't miss it for the world! She then asks where she can find this Christine girl, as she hears she reads the tarot cards - and she must find out how many dark, handsome, strangers she has in store!

Dee arrives at the Morrell apartment with Wayne, he having collected her from the airport. Jill comes out from one of the bedrooms and Dee tells her that it's nice to meet her. Jill suggests to Dee that she and Wayne could make themselves scarce, but Dee tells her that she only popped in to freshen up. She then asks Wayne for a favour: can he drive her to Dural?

In the lounge room at Woombai, David calls out to Tony. Tony comes in and asks him what he wants. David replies that he's been thinking about this idea of Tony's; they're mates, and mates generally stick together: he's heading back to Melbourne soon, and he thinks Tony should come with him. Tony tells him that the blokes in the rodeo won't be forever, but David points out that those guys are a lot older than he is - they could end up landing him in trouble. Tony snaps that it's none of David's business. David tells him to come back and stay with Beryl and him, and they'll look after him. Tony, though, insists that he's made up his mind. David snaps that this is for Tony's own good; after all, he's still a bloody kid. Tony snaps back that David is acting like his father, when he isn't; they're mates - and mates don't tell each other what to do. He continues that he's joining the rodeo, and if David doesn't like it, that's too bad.

A short time later, Doug is sitting at the table with David, and he remarks that his son looks like he lost a quid and found sixpence; is it anything to do with the yelling match between him and Tony? David snaps that Tony is an ungrateful coot, but Doug tells him that the kid isn't his responsibility. David says he was just trying to do the right thing; if someone had taken him in hand when he was Tony's age... who knows where he would have been now? Doug, though, tells David that Tony doesn't owe him a thing; it's like with his own kids: you can teach them so much, then it's up to them what they do. He then asks David if he hasn't been away from Melbourne long enough: there's Beryl... Kevin... he bets his life they're missing him. David bluntly says he doesn't think Kevin is. Doug tells him to go home and not to spend his life arguing; that's the mistake he made. He tells David to get on with his own life and let Tony get on with his.

David is packed and is outside, heading to the car. Rosie tells him to say 'hello' to Beryl for her and Doug reminds him to make peace with Kevin. John shakes his father's hand. David turns to Tony and tells him to make sure they look after him on the rodeo. He starts to walk over to his truck, leaving Tony standing there looking thoughtful. He gets into truck's cab and he yells at the others that he'll see them all later. Tony suddenly runs towards the truck and he thanks David for everything. David tells him that it's OK. Tony continues that he'd probably be back in Pentridge if it wasn't for David. He adds that he did think twice before deciding to join the rodeo; he'll be alright. The two of them shake hands. David starts the truck and drives off. Tony stands and watches as David heads off down the track, saying goodbye with a final wave through the cab window.

Wayne, Jill and Dee get out of Wayne's car at Dural. Jill says she'll go and see Angela while she's there. Looking at the house, Dee remarks that Barbara seems to have done well for herself. Wayne tells her that she and Gordon are very happy. Charlie, who was just leaving the house, comes over and loudly offers her congratulations to Wayne and Jill; she kisses them both. Wayne then introduces Dee, and Charlie tells her that Patricia has told her all about her. Looking completely disinterested in Charlie's wittering, Dee snaps, "Has she?" Charlie continues that she's heard all about Dee and the European social scene; unfortunately, they've never managed to catch up with each other when she's been there. Dee snaps, "How unfortunate." As they start to head towards the house, Charlie asks Dee how many years it is since she's last seen Barbara. Dee snaps that it's quite some years. Charlie says she can't wait to see the look on Barbara's face when Dee walks in. This is one remark too far, though, and Dee turns to Charlie and snaps that this is a private family matter. She walks off. Wayne smiles at Charlie and says he thinks she's just been told! Charlie, looking hurt, comments on how mean Dee is. She then wonders aloud what sort of reception she'll get. Wayne replies that he thinks Barbara hates her.

Inside, Barbara and Gordon are sitting in the lounge room, and Barbara thanks goodness that Charlie didn't want to stay for lunch! They suddenly hear the front door open, and Barbara comments that, God, she hopes that isn't Charlie coming back. Gordon laughs that even God couldn't be that cruel! Barbara stands up to welcome the visitor. Dee suddenly appears in the lounge room doorway and says, "Hello, Barbara - it's been quite a long time." Barbara stares at her mother, stony-faced.


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