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    Written by: Jennifer Walsh    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Stephen snaps that that's enough. Amanda angrily insists that Dee has got a right to know what she's up against. Turning to her grandmother, she then adds that she should have seen her father and Patricia buttering her up. Looking shocked, Patricia says she thought the two of them were friends. Amanda retorts that Patricia was very lovey dovey once she knew Dee was coming. Stephen snaps at his daughter to go to her room - now. Dee smiles and remarks sarcastically that she's glad to see they're all one happy family! She then turns to Amanda and tells her that no young girl likes her new stepmother right off. Amanda tries to protest, but Dee tells her that that's enough. She then asks Patricia to show her round the house, and adds, "From one schemer to another: welcome to the family!" Patricia raises an eyebrow as they leave the room. Stephen looks concerned.

Beryl is helping with the washing up in the kitchen at The Terrace, and Rob apologises to her for dragging her in on her day off. She asks him what he's going to do about Amanda. Rob remarks that she seemed to be coping alright, and then: wham! He adds that he might go to the CES - someone will appreciate the work. He continues that he thought she would have stuck at it; too spoilt, he guesses. He heads off to the dining area to stack the chairs. Phillipe, who's also in the kitchen, says to Beryl that Rob is wrong: he doesn't understand Amanda; she's not bored with the job, she's upset about him; she came floating in this morning and Rob just treated her like a member of staff; she was hurt. Beryl says there's nothing serious going on between them, but Phillipe tells her that Amanda cares for Rob very much. Beryl remarks that she has a very strange way of showing it.

At the table in the living room at Toorak, Dee tells Patricia that she enjoyed dinner; she then remarks that Patricia is going all out to impress. Patricia smiles. Dee continues that she likes the house, and she suggests to Patricia that she must have been devastated when she had to sell. She then asks if that wasn't when she first met Stephen, and when Patricia says it was, Dee comments, "Every dark cloud, eh...?" She turns to her son and tells him that it's a load off her mind to see him finally married again - but he might have let her know beforehand. Stephen tells her that it was all rather rushed. Turning back to Patricia, Dee tells her that Stephen does a very good job managing her financial affairs... Stephen interrupts, though, and snaps that Patricia knows about his financial situation. Dee 'innocently' says she never thought otherwise: Patricia is obviously an intelligent woman; she's sure she would have made it her business to find out what she was getting into. She comments to Patricia that she must be very much in love with Stephen, and Patricia replies that she is. She offers Dee more coffee, but she declines, instead heading off to freshen up. As soon as she's gone, Patricia remarks to Stephen that everything Dee says has a sting in it. Stephen replies that, the angrier she is, the more she turns on the charm. He then suggests that they go and see Amanda and find out why she's in such a snit.

Amanda is in her quarters; music is playing loudly. Patricia and Stephen come in, and Patricia tells her that they want to know what's upsetting her. Amanda retorts that she's not going to lie to Dee for her benefit; her grandmother wanted to know what Patricia was like and she told her. Stephen snaps that she deliberately set out to make trouble. Amanda retorts that Patricia called her names behind her back. Patricia, looking surprised, asks her what she's talking about. Amanda tells her that she heard what she said this this morning; she thinks she's a nymphomaniac and that no one in their right mind would care two hoots for her; she's only being nice to her so that she can get on-side with Dee. Stephen snaps that that's rubbish: Patricia was sticking up for her; he wanted a piece of her for staying out last night, but Patricia talked him out of it. Amanda snaps that it's none of their business what she does or where she goes. Patricia says she's sorry, but they worry about her - they don't want her to get hurt. She suggests they have a talk when they've all cooled down a bit, but Amanda says there's nothing more to discuss: Patricia and Stephen stay out of her life and she'll stay out of theirs.

Later, in the lounge room, Stephen is alone with Patricia, and he remarks that he feels like he's been through World War III! Patricia suggests they have an early night, and Stephen says that sounds nice. They go out into the hallway, and as they do so, they find Dee coming downstairs, wearing her nightclothes. She explains that she can't: her body thinks it's midday! Stephen and Patricia head up to bed. Meanwhile, Dee walks along the hallway to Amanda's quarters and knocks on the door. Amanda invites her in, and Dee comments that this is where she hides. Amanda glumly says it's where she tries to hide. Dee tells her that today wasn't all that bad, but Amanda says it was for her - and she had a rotten day at work. Dee she has something that might make her feel better. She gives her a gift, which she starts to open. As she does so, Dee tells her that she was interested in what she said today - but she must learn to choose her time and place. Amanda opens the gift to find a gold necklace inside. She tells her grandmother that it's beautiful. Changing the subject, Dee asks her exactly what she meant about Patricia. Amanda remarks that she thought Dee was on Patricia's side. Dee tells her that she's not taking sides - not until she's found out everything there is to know...

The next morning, Phillipe is taking down the chairs from the tables in the dining area at The Terrace when Amanda comes in. She meekly asks if she's still got a job, and then adds that she wanted to apologise to everyone. She asks what Rob will say, and Phillipe tells her that he's in the kitchen - and he won't bite. Amanda smiles and heads for the kitchen. Rob is in there with Lynn, and he asks her if she's seen his flask. Lynn points it out. Amanda comes in and tells him immediately that she's really sorry. She asks for another chance, and Rob agrees, adding that she's just not to do anything like that again. He then says he's late and he'll see her in a couple of days. He goes. Seeing the expression on Amanda's face, Lynn tells her that Rob can only handle one thing at a time. Amanda replies that she had a big speech prepared, too. Lynn asks her if she's keen on Rob, and Amanda replies that she wouldn't have come back otherwise. She then adds that, when he first asked her out, she just thought it would be fun, but he grows on you. Lynn replies that Amanda wouldn't be the first to feel like that: there was Angela as well - and he's still not over her. Amanda glumly says she knows.

Dee joins Patricia and Stephen in the living room at Toorak, and Patricia offers her some breakfast, but Dee declines. She asks Stephen if he can call her a taxi, as she has business to attend to in town, and then she's going to try that restaurant of Amanda's. Stephen comments that it'll be worth it just to see Amanda working! He heads off to call the cab. Dee sits down and tells Patricia that they can have a little chat. She continues that Patricia may not know much about her, but she has been able to gind out quite a bit about Patricia; it seems they have mutual friends - and she likes what she's heard: apparently, Patricia is the sort of woman used to getting what she wants - and she approves. Patricia says that's good. Dee tells her that she's glad Stephen married again; she's not as young as she was - her heart plays up now and again. Patricia says she's sure she's a long way off old age, but Dee snaps not to patronise her. Patricia quickly says she's sorry. Dee continues that she's reached the time of life when she wants to tidy up her affairs - and there's something she'd dearly love to see: it's always bothered her that she's never had a grandson from Stephen; someone to carry on the Morrell name. Patricia, looking startled, starts to explain that they didn't plan on... but Dee interrupts and tells her that she's still a young woman; her childbearing days are far from over; nothing would make her happier than for Stephen and Patricia to present her with a grandson - and surely they'd be glad to indulge an old woman's whims? Patricia starts to protest, but Dee says she'd better go; she might peep in some shops while she's in town - see what the latest fashion is in baby clothes...

A short time later, in the lounge room, Patricia angrily asks Stephen what his mother thinks she is: a brood mare or something?! Stephen tells her to come on, but Patricia ignores this, and rants about Dee sitting there, telling her that she's worried about kicking the bucket, so would they get to it? Stephen tells her that his mother is just stirring, but Patricia insists that she meant it. She continues that Dee can't make that decision for them - they can only bow and scrape so much. Dee is in the hallway and can overhear what's being said as Patricia tells Stephen that they'll have to tackle her about it. Stephen agrees that, if they don't, his mother will think she's had a victory. Patricia tells him to be nice about it - there's no point in being unpleasant. Dee goes out.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Phillipe is explaining to Amanda about the ingredients for one of his dishes. Kevin is sitting at the table, looking through, and complaining about, the jobs in the newspaper. Lynn remarks that he doesn't sound too keen about the whole thing. Kevin replies that he isn't - he could stay at the bank if it wasn't for the money. Amanda asks him if he'll be ringing her father, but Kevin says he doesn't think so - as soon as her father hears his name, he'll hang up. Amanda asks him what he's got to lose, and Lynn pleads with him to give it a try - for her. Fed up with the interference, Kevin snaps that, if he goes for the job, he'll decide; no one else. He goes out. Lynn tells Amanda that he always was stubborn.

Kevin rocks up outside Toorak, and stands there for a few seconds, staring at the place. He is just about to head to the door when Patricia comes out. Looking surprised, she asks him what on Earth he's doing there: has he come to see her? Kevin tells her that he's there to see her husband - about the job he's offering. Patricia incredulously says he's not thinking of applying? Kevin snaps that he's got the right qualifications, but Patricia retorts that both of them know he doesn't stand a chance. Kevin ignores this and says he's applying to her husband, not her; it's up to Mr. Morrell if he's going to throw him out. Patricia tells him to go ahead. She then adds, though, that Stephen knows all about his family - she doubts if he'll give Kevin the time of day. She walks off. Kevin heads up to the house.

Stephen opens the door, and Kevin goes in. He explains that Amanda told him about the job - he's a friend of hers. Stephen sternly tells him that there's 'procedure'; you don't just land on the doorstep. Kevin retorts that he wouldn't have got an interview if he'd done it the proper way. He introduces himself and explains about David being his father. Stephen looks surprised. He asks Kevin what makes him think turning up unannounced will give him a chance. Kevin replies that the job sounds interesting - he just wants a chance to talk about it. Stephen comments that he's certainly got a hide. Kevin tells him that Mrs. Morrell and his family have had a few run-ins, but it's not them who's applying - it's him. Stephen asks him if he's brought a resumé, and when Kevin says he has, he suggests they go into the study and have a chat.

A taxi pulls up by some empty parking spaces in town, and Dee gets out. The taxi drives off. Dee walks up a grass verge and along the pavement to a building, outside which is a plaque on which is printed 'Turner, Moulton & Pritchard - Solicitors'.

As Patricia heads back into Toorak, Kevin is just coming out, and Stephen is telling him that he'll let him know when he makes a decision. Kevin thanks him for seeing him, and goes. Looking surprised, Patricia asks Stephen if Kevin told him that he's David's son. Stephen says he did. Patricia snaps that he's got a cheek asking him for a job. Stephen replies that he has guts, and a mind of his own - it's the sort of thing he's looking for. He then adds that Kevin is promising, and he's young, but he hasn't got the experience. Patricia tells him that he'd be asking for trouble if he did hire Kevin. She then wonders out loud if Amanda had anything to do with it. Stephen remarks that Kevin doesn't seem the sort to be pushed into anything.

Phillipe is still cooking in the kitchen at The Terrace when Amanda brings in another order. She tells him that she hopes he's in good form, as she raved to her grandmother about him! Lynn asks when she's coming, and Amanda tells her, "Today!" Lynn then asks what she's like, and Amanda replies that she can be awful sometimes - but she likes her. Phillipe comments that he hopes she's nothing like Charlie! Amanda explains that Dee used to be a chorus girl - that's what she was doing when she met her husband: she was in the chorus at Williamson's. Lynn looks amused as she says she can't imagine Mrs. Hamilton's mother doing something like that. Amanda tells her that Barbara doesn't take after her; the one thing about Dee is, you never quite know what to expect from her...

Dee is in the reception area at the solicitors', and she thanks Mr. Turner for fitting her in at such short notice. Mr. Turner tells her that he can always fit her in. They go outside, and Turner hails a taxi. He then continues the previous conversation and tells Dee to find the original and return it to them early next week. Dee replies that, if it all turns out as she hopes, it won't be necessary - they can just tear it up. Mr. Turner tells her that that's her option, of course. A taxi pulls up, Dee gets in and the taxi drives off.

Sometime later, Dee is sitting at a table at The Terrace, and Amanda serves her with her entrée. Dee says the escargot look delicious, and Amanda tells her that Phillipe is going to teach her how to prepare them! Dee remarks that she never thought she'd see her granddaughter hard at work! She then asks if she's going to meet the main attraction, but Amanda sidesteps this and says she has to get back to the kitchen! In the kitchen, Kevin has just arrived home, and he tells Lynn that he knew it would be a waste of time. Lynn asks him if he rang Stephen, but Kevin explains that he just fronted up. Amanda, who has joined them, comments that her father wouldn't be too impressed with that. Kevin glumly says he doesn't think Stephen looked impressed, full stop. Lynn, looking annoyed, asks him why he didn't do it properly, but Kevin tells her that he couldn't just send him an application as if he was Joe Blow. Amanda suddenly says there might be something she can do. Kevin tells her that he doesn't want her pulling any strings with her father, but Amanda asks who said anything about him? She dashes off, just as Phillipe tells her that her next order is ready. He raises his arms in frustration when she calls out that she'll be back in a minute. She heads into the dining area, where she goes to Dee's table. She reminds her about how she told her about the Palmers and Patricia; well, the friend of hers who just came in - he's just been to see Stephen because he's hiring an assistant, and she thinks Kevin would be really good, and they need the money and their baby's been sick... Dee listens to all this in bemusement, until she finally gets a chance to tell Amanda to wait just a minute... She then tells her that she leaves these sort of things entirely up to Stephen - she never interferes with his decisions regarding business. She suggests to Amanda that she bring her her main course and then adds that, right now, the question of who Stephen hires and fires is of little interest to her - she has more important things to think about.

A taxi pulls up outside the front of Toorak. Dee gets out and goes inside.

Stephen asks his mother if she had a pleasant morning in town, and Dee replies that it was most rewarding. Stephen tells her that he and Patricia were hoping to have a chat, and Dee says she thought they might. They go into the living room. Dee says to the two of them that, before either of them say anything, there's something they should know: she's been with her solicitor this morning - Angus Turner - and he's drawn up a new will for her; it's not signed yet; they might like to look it over... She gives it to Stephen and tells Patricia that it will be of interest to her, too. She explains that she thought she'd hold fire on signing it while they're thinking about it; they can have three days. She leaves them to it. Stephen starts reading the revised will and almost immediately says it's outrageous. Patricia asks what she's done. Stephen tells her that his mother has re-worded everything - it all depends on them having a kid; if they don't, the whole lot goes to charity. He continues, "If we fail to produce a son, we're cut off without a cent."


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