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    Written by: Billie Morton    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

A while later, Christine is alone with Paul, and she asks if it's all arranged then. Paul tells her that it's worked out perfectly for everyone. Christine asks what will happen if Angela changes her mind, but Paul asks why should she - she wants a baby more than anything else in the world. Christine then asks Paul what Angela thought about his blue with John, but Paul replies that he hasn't told her. Christine suggests that John is only her brother; he's the one she's in love with. Paul, looking wary, tells her that she doesn't know Angela and John - they're very close. Christine says Angela wouldn't put John before him, would she? Paul replies uncertainly, "Course not..."

John is sitting in a chair in the lounge room at Woombai when Rosie comes in and asks if he wants a hot drink. He declines. Rosie says she'll turn in, then, and she asks John if he's going to do the same. John, though, replies that he wouldn't be able to sleep. Looking concerned, Rosie sits down opposite him and tells him that this is all probably for the best. Looking incredulous, John says she must be kidding, but Rosie asks him why Christine was so keen to come running up there with him. John replies that she changed her mind about giving up the twins. Rosie asks if that's all. John says, "Yeah," and he asks Rosie what she's getting at. Rosie tells him that she had a little chat: Christine got quite a shock when she found out he's not rich like she thought; she thought she'd landed on her feet very nicely - a comfortable home, a rich husband ready for the picking... Looking surprised, John says, "Me?" He then adds that he didn't lead her on - he just felt sorry for her. Rosie explains that that's what she's playing on. John points out that he's not even rich, and he begins to realise that she really sucked him in. Rosie tells him that it's all over now - and she can't see Angie going along with it; she woudn't...

Angela comes into the flat at Dural and Paul asks her if everything is OK with Gordon and Barbara. Angela tells him that they think they're doing the wrong thing, but there's nothing they can do about it. Christine comes out and says hello, and the three of them sit down. Angela says to Christine that if they were her kids, she doesn't know if she could give them up. Christine replies that it's best for them, isn't it? Angela says she supposes so, but separating twins... Christine tells her that they'll make sure they see each other. Angela says she wouldn't have gone along with it otherwise - she knows what it's like to be separated from someone who's a part of you... She then adds that it's great that Christine named the boy 'John'. The conversation over, Paul suggests that they go to bed, as it's been a big day for everyone.

In the lounge room at Toorak, Patricia lets out a huge yawn, and she and Stephen decide to go to bed. As they go to move, though, the 'phone starts ringing, and Stephen gets up to answer it: it's Dee. Looking surprised, Stephen tells his mother that he didn't expect to hear from her so soon. Dee replies that she won't talk long - this is the third time she's tried to get through and she's absolutely exhausted after the dreadful flight. Stephen asks her where she is, and she tells him that she's in Singapore; she'll be arriving in Melbourne tomorrow, at 12:30pm local time. She asks Stephen to come and pick her up, and Stephen tells her that he and Patricia will be there. Dee, though, says she hardly thinks the airport is the place to meet her new daughter-in-law - it should be a quiet occasion. Stephen says he'll pick her up on his own, then, and Dee tells him not to be late - she hates to be kept waiting. The call ends, and Stephen hangs up. Patricia immediately asks, "12:30 when?" Stephen tells her, "Tomorrow." Patricia remarks that Dee hasn't wasted any time getting there. Stephen, looking amused, says he's just thought of a terrible joke: something about 'Dee-Day' finally dawning! He then says he thinks they should tell Amanda about her grandmother's impending arrival, but Patricia says she thinks she's out with Rob. Stephen snaps that that's the second time this week - and Rob's a married man. Patricia points out that he's separated, but Stephen snaps again that he doesn't like his daughter running around with married men. Patricia suggests that that's a bit much coming from him, the number of women he's run around with - and some of them were married. Stephen tells her that there's nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned double standard!

Amanda and Rob walk into the kitchen at The Terrace, holding a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. Amanda tells Rob that she really enjoys those old films and that she really enjoyed this evening. Rob says, "Watching TV?!" Amanda tells him that she did - it was nice to spend time with someone who's not shallow or self-centered like most of the guys she's used to. She walks right up to him and, flirting outrageously, tells him that she likes being with him... They start kissing, and when they pull apart, Amanda says she doesn't want to go home this evening. Rob tells her that he doesn't want her to, either...

Dural is in darkness. In the flat, Angela and Paul are asleep in bed. Angela turns over.

John is asleep in the chair in the lounge room at Woombai. He's having the recurring dream about Angela on the horse, with him standing watching her in a field - only this is a slightly different dream; he's no longer standing there as the curly-haired John from 18 months ago, but is John as he is now.

In Sydney, Angela is having exactly the same dream: she's riding a horse and John is standing in the field, watching her. She's smiling at him, but as she does so, he suddenly becomes Paul watching her. And then he becomes John watching her, again. He turns and starts walking away and Angela calls out to him. No longer on the horse, she starts running after him. He stops, but when he turns round, Angela finds it's Paul who's facing her. Angela looks in the other direction and John is there. He starts walking away and when Angela turns back to Paul, Christine is standing next to him, and they're holding one twin each. The two of them then turn round and walk away, Paul's arm around Christine. As Angela watches, they disappear. John walks off in the opposite direction and then also disappears. Angela finds herself all alone, looking around. She shouts out, "John..." In her sleep, she also shouts out, "John..." At Woombai, John shouts out, "Angie..."

The next morning, John walks quickly to his car, gets in and puts the seatbelt on. He starts the car and roars off.

In the flat, Paul tells Angela that he'll get onto a couple of estate agents this morning - the sooner they get their own place, the better. Angela suddenly blurts out that John was upset yesterday: she had bad dreams last night, and got the feeling that he was really upset about something. Paul reluctantly tells her that he got uptight about him going to Woombai to bring Christine back. Angela asks what happened, and Paul explains about John attacking him, and about how he went crazy when he found out the twins were to be separated. Angela says it's no wonder he freaked - he thought it would be a repeat of what mother did to them. Paul tells her that it won't be, but Angela replies that John doesn't know that; she has to give him a ring. Paul tells her to leave it - they should concentrate on getting a house; he asks her what she reckons: a house or a flat? Christine chips in that a house would be better - then they wouldn't be living on top of each other. Angela looks shocked, and she asks Christine if she's going to be living with them? Christine turns to Paul and asks if he didn't tell Angela. Angela answers the question herself, though, saying bluntly, "No." Paul tells her that Christine has still got to wean the twins. Christine adds that it will probably only be for a few weeks. Paul suggests to a worried-looking Angela that they should get moving. They go out.

As they head into the main house, Angela tells Paul that she doesn't think it's a very good idea Christine moving in with them. Paul says it will only be until John goes onto the bottle, but Angela points out that, by then, Christine isn't going to want to give the twins up - breastfeeding bonds a mother and baby - and she wants to become a mother to John. Paul says he can't just sling Christine out, but Angela tells him that she'll be on own sooner or later. Paul says it won't be for long - and then Angela can have little John all to herself. Angela reluctantly agrees, but says Christine can only stay for a few weeks, nothing more.

Patricia and Stephen are sitting at the table in the living room at Toorak, and Patricia tells Stephen to enjoy his breakfast, but he says he's not hungry. He asks Patricia how the shopping list is going, and Patricia replies that she's listed Dee's favourite food and drink. She asks Stephen what soap his mother uses, but Stephen snaps, "How should I know?" He then adds that they're not entertaining the Queen! As they talk, Amanda arrives home, says a quick 'good morning' and heads for her quarters. Stephen snaps to Patricia that his daughter has got a damn nerve running in there as if she's just come back from choir practice. Patricia tries to calm him down, pointing out that they don't want an argument with Dee coming. She gives Stephen the shopping list and says she'll talk to Mrs. Burrows about the cleaning; she's going to make this visit a success if it kills her!

Sometime later, Patricia comes downstairs as Amanda comes along the hallway and asks where her father is. Patricia explains that he's gone to collect some of Dee's favourite provisions. Amanda says she's due at work any minute. As she goes to head out, Stephen comes in, carrying a box and some bags. He and Patricia go into the living room and he tells Patricia that he couldn't get the nectarines she'd asked for. Changing the subject, he asks what Amanda said about staying out all night, but Patricia tells him that she didn't ask. Amanda is standing out in the hall as Stephen snaps that, if she wants to carry on with a married man, she can leave. She continues to listen as Patricia tells her husband that he has nothing to worry about: Rob wouldn't have slept with Amanda if he really thought anything about her; she knows Rob - he puts the women he loves on pedestals, not in his bed. In the hallway, Amanda looks shocked and upset. She storms out.

Rob and and Phillipe are in the kitchen at The Terrace, talking about the menu, when Amanda arrives. Rob tells her that he's just talked Phillipe into making him some gourmet lunches for the road! Phillipe leaves them, and Rob tells Amanda that he has to get down to the depot to pick up his roster. He then adds that he enjoyed last night; he has to go away for a couple of days, but maybe they can get together when he get back? Amanda just snaps, "Maybe - if I'm not too busy." Apparently oblivious to the tone of her voice, Rob tells her that he'll see her later, and he heads out.

John's car pulls up outside Dural. He gets out and goes up to the front door. He bangs the knocker, but when no one answers, he opens the door and goes in. He calls out for Gordon and Barbara, but there's no answer. He shuts the door and calls out to ask if there's anyone home. There's still no answer, and so he heads through to the flat.

Christine is sitting in the flat when there's a knock on the door. She tells the person to come in and looks shocked when she sees John standing there. She asks him what he's doing there, but John ignores this and asks where Angela is. Christine tells him that she and Paul have gone looking for houses. John asks if they're moving, and Christine replies that it'll be a bit cramped in the flat with the baby. John, looking shocked, asks if Angela's taken him? Christine tells him that they'll be back soon. John snaps that he doesn't know why she's hanging around, as she has no chance of getting her hands on Paul. Christine says she doesn't know what he's talking about, but John tells her that he knows she's looking for a rich husband. Christine retorts that he doesn't understand, but John yells that he understands alright; the whole damn lot of them make him sick - Angela included.

Angela and Paul pull up outside Dural, and, as they get out of the car, Angela suggests that maybe they're being too choosy. They don't notice John's car parked on the other side of the driveway. They go inside and find John standing in the hall. Paul immediately threatens that if he's there to cause trouble... Angela stops him, though, saying it's between her and John. She tells John that it's not as bad as it seems. John angrily asks if she's implying that splitting up the kids is good for them. Angela tells him that no one is going to split them up. John snaps that it's not right and she knows it. Angela angrily tells him not to preach at her about what's right and what's wrong; what she does is her business, and if he doesn't like it, he knows what he can do. John snaps that she can kid herself all she likes, but if she goes ahead with this, she can count him out of her life for good. He storms out. Angela goes to chase after him, but Paul tells her to stop. He then tells her that he loves her; she can be his wife and bring up their child - that's all that matters. Outside, John starts his car and roars off down the driveway.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Rob remarks to Phillipe that Amanda is in a funny mood; he wonders what's eating her - she seemed alright at breakfast. Phillipe suggests that maybe it was last night - perhaps he wasn't romantic enough this morning? Rob, though, tells Phillipe that he's got the wrong end of the stick - he was miserable and Amanda likes a good time... he's not the type of guy she can get serious about; more likely, it's a problem at home. In the dining area, a gentleman customer calls Amanda over and says he thought he ordered the pepper steak. Amanda bluntly tells him that that's what he's got. The man tells her that he likes the sauce hot. Amanda asks him if he would like to change it for another dish. The man, though, snaps that he's very busy, and he expects to get what he orders. Amanda, plainly getting annoyed, snaps back that, if he wants a pepper steak, she'll give him a pepper steak; she picks up the pepper grinder and starts grinding pepper all over his plate. Rob comes in as she does so, and asks what's going on. The man tells him that Amanda is acting like a lunatic. Rob apologises, and he picks up the plate from the table. Amanda snaps that she's had enough, and she takes off her apron and throws it at Rob. The man comments to Rob that he thinks he has staff problems. Rob says she must be upset about something.

Amanda arrives home, and, noticing how early she is, Patricia asks if there were problems at the restaurant. A car horn sounds outside, and Patricia remarks that it sounds like Stephen and Dee have arrived.

Outside, Stephen opens the car door for his mother. Dee gets out, looks at the house and says it's very nice; he chose well. She then adds that she's anxious to meet his new wife.

Patricia opens the front door, and, as they walk into the house, Stephen says to her that he'd like her to meet his mother. He introduces the two women, and, after a quick appraisal, Dee remarks to Patricia that she's not exactly what she was expecting: after all the silly young things Stephen usually chases, she's delighted to see he's come to his senses! Stephen and Patricia both look bemused, and Stephen remarks to his wife that he told her his mother is one in a million! Patricia suggests to Dee that she might like to go and rest, but Dee says she had a good sleep on the 'plane; she's ready to hear all about Patricia and her son. They go into the living room, where Amanda joins them. Dee hugs her, warmly, and comments that she hasn't heard from her in months. Amanda replies that she did try to ring but Dee was never there. She continues that she she really wanted to talk to her - she thought she'd warn her about what to expect there at Toorak. Patricia looks at Amanda warily. Amanda goes on that her father isn't exactly known for his good taste in women, but this time he's really gone and done it. Stephen angrily yells, "Amanda!" Amanda ignores this, though, and tells her grandmother, "Your new daughter-in-law is nothing but a money-hungry schemer. I just thought I'd put you in the picture before she started playing her games on you, too." Patricia glares at her.


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