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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Christine is standing looking at the babies lying in their crib when John storms into the bedroom and asks what the hell is going on. He thrusts the birth certificate at her and angrily asks why Paul's name is there as the father. Christine bluntly replies that she had to put someone's name down. John incredulously asks if she's going ahead with the sick deal. Christine asks what if she is? John snaps that she can't go through with it; he thought she'd given up the idea of having anything to do with Paul. Christine tells him that she's got to think about their future; anyway, she's only giving up one of them - Paul and Angela can take little John; Felicity will stay with her. John, even more astounded, asks if she's going to separate them. Christine says it's the best thing she can think of. John, though, retorts that it's the worst thing she can do; he knows what it's like to be separated from your twin. He continues that he told her he'd help her, but Christine replies that the help she wants, he can't give her. John asks her what she means, but she tells him to forget it. John throws the birth certificate down on the bed and snaps that the doctor said he'd pick it up in the morning. He storms out and walks into the lounge room, where he tells David about her wanting to split the twins up. He angrily adds that she doesn't know what she's doing. A car horn sounds outside as John continues that he can't let her do it. David tells his son that he doesn't think it's any of his business to tell her what to do. The car horn sounds again, and David asks John if he's going out. John, though, says he doesn't fancy it. David points out that there's nothing he can do there. John asks his father if he thinks Angela will go along with it. David replies that they'll just have to wait and see.

Angela runs downstairs at Toorak and, in the hallway, Gordon asks her if she's on her way. Angela tells him that it's the last session. She kisses both him and Paul goodbye. They hear the 'phone start ringing in the flat, and Paul goes to get it. Gordon says to Angela that he thought Paul would have got over it by now. Angela asks if he means his hangups over her seeing Rob. She then adds that he'll always be like that, and she continues that, after tomorrow, the amount she sees Rob will be minimal.

Paul answers the 'phone in the flat: it's Christine, who tells him not to hang up. She then continues that she knows he must be annoyed with her for running away, and she's sorry, but she was confused. Paul asks her if she's changed her mind, and she replies that she has: his name's on the birth certificate as the father. A broad smile crosses Paul's face and he says that's terrific. He then asks Christine to hold the line. He runs back into the main house and asks Gordon, who's still in the hallway, if Angela has gone. Gordon replies that she's just driving off. Paul runs outside, but he fails to catch her and heads back in. Gordon suggests that he 'phone her in Melbourne. Paul, though, says he might wait - it'll be a nice surprise when she gets back. Gordon asks what he means. Paul says, "Nothing..."

At Woombai, Christine tells babies John and Felicity that they'll never have to leave her now - neither of them; she's making sure of it...

Barbara joins Gordon in the hallway at Dural and asks what all the carry-on is with Paul. Gordon explains that he's got some sort of surprise for Angela. Barbara remarks that he's really trying to keep their relationship together. Gordon, though, says he thinks Angela realises she's made a huge mistake taking up with Paul, but she can't face up to it. Barbara asks him if he thinks Angela still feels something for Rob. Gordon replies that he thinks the counselling sessinos are just a way of hanging on; they're not really necessary. Barbara comments that she'd far rather Angela went back to Rob. Gordon tells her that all they can do is pray to God that she comes to her senses before it's too late.

Rob is warming some milk in the kitchen at The Terrace when Lynn comes in to do the same thing. She asks him if he's worried about tomorrow, as he won't be seeing much of Angela after that. Rob curtly replies that that's fine by him. Lynn comments that he's been really funny about Angela over the last few days, and she asks what's up. Rob replies that it's just something he heard - something she's done; he feels like calling the last session off. Lynn asks why he doesn't. Rob tells her that it's a lousy thing to say, but he wants to see Angela's face when he tells her what he thinks of her.

Terry helps John stagger into Woomabi; John is drunk and laughing loudly, talking about the women they met that evening. Disturbed by the noise, David storms in his his pyjamas, and snaps at John that he's had too much to drink. Terry says he'll be right. David snaps that he'll see them in the morning, and he tells John to go to bed. He returns to his room. John tells Terry that there's something he's got to do first. Warning Terry to be quiet, he tells him to come on. They go into Christine's bedroom and John says to Terry loudly that they've got to get the kids out of there. Woken up by the ruckus, Christine puts the light on and looks shocked to see the two men standing there. John slurs that she'll never forgive herself if she gives her kids away. Christine angrily yells at both him and Terry that if they're not both out of there in five seconds... Terry drags John out.

Back in the lounge room, Terry tells John to get to bed. John slurs that, if he could understand it, it would be OK, but she changed her mind like 'that'. Terry asks what's to understand: she's got the choice of being set up by some rich bloke or working as a housekeep. John slurs that she said she didn't want Paul's help. Terry tells him that people go where the biggest bucks are being made - it's human nature.

The next morning, at Toorak, Amanda offers Patricia some more coffee, which she accepts. Patricia turns to Stephen and asks him when he's starting the interviews, and Stephen replies that they'll be this morning, with some more tomorrow. Amanda asks what interviews they're referring to, and Stephen explains that he's hiring a new assistant - he and Gordon are doing so well that they need an extra pair of hands. Amanda asks what the person would be doing, and Stephen replies that it would just be general duties. He asks her if she's thinking of applying, but she tells him that she isn't; she's just curious.

In the kitchen at The Terrace, Kevin says he wouldn't stand a chance. Amanda, though, tells him that he'd be perfect - it's just what he needs: good money and a great future. Lynn suggests that he could at least check it out, but Kevin sourly says he can imagine what kind of rap Patricia would give him. Amanda tells him that it's nothing to do with Patricia. Phillipe chips in that he could give it a chance, and Lynn tells him to at least go and see Mr. Morrell. Amanda says she's sure Patricia wouldn't interfere, and Lynn points out to Kevin that he's got nothing to lose. Amanda tells him that the interviews are today and tomorrow. Kevin tells everyone to stop pushing, and he gets up and heads out to work. Amanda tells the others that she's going to go and annoy Rob. She goes out into the hallway, where Kevin is standing by the front door. She tells him that he won't regret it - and she knows how much it would mean to Lynn. Kevin goes. Rob comes downstairs at that moment, and Amanda tells him that she was just on her way up to get him out of bed! Rob goes to the front door and Amanda asks if everything is OK. He replies that he's just in a hurry. He goes out. Amanda asks Lynn what's up with him, and Lynn replies that she thinks he's just upset about seeing Angela. Amanda asks if there's any chance of them getting back together. Lynn asks her if she's interested in him, and she replies that she could be - he seems to really know how to care about people.

Angela is standing outside the offices of the marriage guidance centre when Rob walks up and joins her. She asks him how he's been, but Rob ignores this and tells her that he's cancelled this morning's session. Angela asks why, and Rob replies that he thought about giving her a ring, but he wanted to tell her what he thinks of her face-to-face. Angela asks him what he means. Rob snaps that he's talking about that lousy scheme that she and Paul cooked up; what else? Angela, looking surprised that he knows, tells him that that's all fallen through, but Rob angrily retorts that there are no excuses; he couldn't believe she'd be in it - she's always been damn selfish, but this takes the cake. He continues that Paul is welcome to her - the two of them are as low as each other; he counts himself lucky to be rid of her. He storms off, but Angela chases after him and tells him that it's not happening - and it was Paul's idea. Rob snaps at her to stop trying to pass the buck. Angela persists, explaining that they're not going through with it - and she's glad they're not; she didn't want it to happen in the first place. Rob, though, snaps at her to save it - he knows what a mug he was, thinking the counselling might patch things up. He continues that she didn't even make an effort. Angela tells him that that's not true, but Rob continues that there's no difference between her and Patricia - they're as greedy as each other; he doesn't care if he never sees her again. He storms off, leaving Angela looking shocked.

A while later, Rob and Beryl are sitting at the table in the kitchen at The Terrace, and Rob tells his sister that, even if Angela came back now, he wouldn't take her. Phillipe, who is busy preparing food, asks if he should leave, but Rob tells him he doesn't have to. Beryl says she supposes Angela will push the divorce through now, and Rob says he supposes so. He then adds that it'll be a relief when it's all over. Amanda comes in as Beryl points out to Rob that he's single again. Rob agrees, saying, "Footloose and fancy free!" As he adds that it's not a bad feeling at all, a smile crosses Amanda's face.

John and Terry are working on one of the vehicles at Woombai - they're trying to replace a tyre, but John gives up in frustration. They suddenly hear the sound of a helicopter overhead, and Terry remarks that it's the air ambulance - and it looks like it's coming down on the homestead. John growls that Paul organised it to take Christine back to Sydney. He starts to walk off.

Christine is looking out of her bedroom window as the helicopter lands. She then turns and tells the twins that they'll soon be on their way. Paul jumps out of the helicopter and runs towards the house. As he reaches the front door, though, he finds John standing there, barring his way. John tells him that he's not taking the children; he's not letting a creep like Paul screw up these kids like Patricia did with him and Angela. Paul tries to push past John, but John pushes him back. The two of them start struggling, and Paul ends up sprawled on the ground. John threatens him that if he gets up, he'll knock him down again. Christine suddenly comes out of the house and tells John to keep out of it. John snaps that he knows what's going to happen: he and Angela were kept apart for the first twenty years of their lives and it's still messing them up; he's not going to let her do the same with John and Felicity. Christine tells him that it's his hangup, not hers, and she snaps that it's none of his business; he can't stop her - whatever he does will only make things worse for everyone. She then turns to Paul and tells him to get up and help her carry one of the twins. The two of them go inside, leaving John standing there looking annoyed.

It's dark, and in the flat at the back of Dural, Paul says to Christine that he wishes Angela would hurry up and get there. Christine says the twins are beautiful, and Paul agrees that they certainly are - he knows Angela will be glad that they've decided to go ahead. Christine asks if Angela will mind him supporting Felicity as well, even though she's having her. Paul assures her that Angela will be fine. Christine comments that Gordon and Barbara didn't seem too happy, but Paul tells her that Gordon has agreed to go along with whatever they decide. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Paul answers it. It's Barbara, who tells him that Angela is back. Paul asks Christine if she could go to bed, and Christine agrees. Paul heads over to the main house, leaving Christine smiling.

Paul joins Gordon and Angela in the hallway in the main house. Gordon heads to the study to deal with a mountain of paperwork. Angela tells Paul that she had a terrible time with Rob - she spent most of the day wandering around Melbourne, trying to get over it. Paul excitedly tells her to wait until she sees what he's got to show her!

In the lounge room at Woombai, David tells John that he thinks he'll call it a day. John says to his father that he's sorry he missed the duckshoot. He then adds that he thought at least one of them might have scored! David tells John that he doesn't like seeing him down, but John says he'll get over it. David says he knows - he just thought John would like to know that he understands what he's going through: when Pat took off with Angela, it really shook him up; he could have killed her. John says he felt that way too - he felt he had a responsibility to stop Christine, but he didn't succeed, did he? He then adds that delivering a kid was such a buzz; he thought things were improving for him, but no such luck. David tells his son that he doesn't reckon Angela will split up the twins, because she knows what it's like. John replies that if Angela does go along with it, he'll hate her for it.

In the flat at Dural, Angela is standing with her back to the crib. Paul tells her to look at them, but she snaps that she doesn't see how he thinks she could be interested. Paul tells her that it's not the same as with her and John - these kids will grow up knowing each other; they'd let them see each other as much as they wanted to. Angela says she couldn't do it. Paul lifts baby John out of the crib and asks if he isn't the most beautiful baby Angela ever saw; they could give him a wonderful home; she just has to say 'yes'. Angela slowly turns round. Paul extends his arms and tells her to hold baby John. Angela refuses, saying it's not right. Paul continues to hold the baby out to her, though, she she eventually takes him. Paul tells her that it is right - for them and little John. Angela asks if that's his name. Paul explains that Christine decided on it because John helped with the delivery. Angela looks at the child and says he's beautiful; what can she say? Paul tells her to just say they can keep him. Angela nods and says, "Alright - we'll keep him." She smiles as she cradles little John in her arms.


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