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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Terry is driving a truck along the road at high speed. A car is coming the other way, signalling left, but before it can turn, Terry slams on the truck's brakes and brings the vehicle to a halt. The driver of the car - Doug - also stops and angrily yells at Terry to watch where he's going. Terry gets out of the truck and explains about Christine having her kid. He asks Rosie - who's in the passenger seat - if she can help. When Doug doesn't move, Rosie tells him not to just stand there!

A baby is crying, and John is standing in Christine's room at the homestead, holding it. It's a boy, and he hands the child to Christine, telling her that he's beautiful. Christine tells John that if it hadn't been for him... John replies that he was terrified! Rosie comes in and asks they how they're managing; she then sees Christine holding the baby! She says, "Goodness me!" and comments that the child is a lovely wee thing. She asks if it's a boy or a girl, and Christine tells her that it's a boy. Rosie smiles happily. She then turns to John and suggests that he get cleaned up and then break the news to the others; she'll finish off there. John says it's amazing, isn't it! Rosie smiles.

Out in the lounge room, Terry gives John a tinnie. John remarks that he's glad Christine had read enough about it to know what to do! They sit down. John continues that the birth seemed incredibly painful. Doug, who's also there, chips in that his wife was in labour for a full day with David. John comments that he could never understand why husbands wanted to be with their wives when they were giving birth, but he can now. Doug tells him that a husband's place is in the waiting room - not getting in the doctor's way! John says he guesses ideas change, but Doug retorts that he'll take the old ones any day! He then adds that it's probably a good job for Christine that he wasn't the only one around!

A while later, in the bedroom, Rosie has cleaned the baby up. Christine is lying in bed as Rosie holds the child, who is crying loudly. She appears to be distracted, though, and is lying completely still. Rosie looks at her and asks what it is. Christine says she doesn't know: something's wrong.

In the lounge room, Terry says he'd better get back to work. Before he can move, though, Rosie dashes in and tells the men that they need more water - and when the doctor arrives, tell him to join them. John asks what's going on. Rosie tells him that he only did half the job; there's another one on the way!

Charlie comes downstairs at Toorak and welcomes Patricia and Stephen as they arrive home. Stephen asks her if she's been behaving herself! Charlie notices the wound on Patricia's forehead and asks what happened, but Patricia tells her that it's not worth talking about. The two women go into the lounge room, while Stephen takes the bags upstairs, and Charlie offers Patricia a drink, but she declines. Charlie remarks that she can't blame Patricia for swearing off - she had Jane Davies on the 'phone; talk about a tongue and a half! Patricia asks if the gossip's out about her performance at the cocktail party. Charlie remarks that it's not like her, but Patricia assures her that she's not going to have another breakdown. Charlie tells her that she's sorry - she knows how much John and Angela meant to her. Patricia retorts, "Not any more - Stephen's my life now." Charlie suggests that it must be hard, and Patricia agrees that it is. Charlie then continues that things couldn't be better with Rob and Amanda. Patricia looks puzzled, and so Charlie reminds her that she rang to say she didn't want Rob around for Angela, so she pushed him onto Amanda; she seems rather taken with him. Patricia, looking blank, asks Charlie what she's talking about. Charlie remarks that she thought Patricia would be pleased. Patricia, though, comments that it all seems a bit pointless: they ignore her, she ignores them. Charlie asks Patricia if she's going to be alright. Patricia replies that she has to be or she'll be broke again; she's been through too much to end up back where she started.

David is in Christine's bedroom at Woombai, looking at the twins. John asks him what he thinks, and David tells him that it brings back memories of how he first saw him and Angela. John smiles and says he thought David might say that! David comments on the fact that it's a boy and girl too, and John remarks that it's history repeating itself. Christine smiles at him.

Out in the lounge room, Doug remarks that it's funny the doctor didn't put Christine in hospital. Rosie tells him that home births are the thing these days - not that she agrees with it. Doug says it's the sort of thing those hippies do! Rosie calls out to John and David to tell them that lunch is ready, and she asks Doug to go and get Tony from outside. John comes in and asks Doug to guess what Christine is calling the boy. Doug correctly guesses 'John'! David asks John if he's getting keen on Christine. John replies that he likes her but he hardly knows her; it's those babies - it feels like... David laughs and tells John that he's getting as bad as him. John replies that, going through something like that... they're more than just a couple of babies to him; he's glad Christine is staying in the area - it'll be nice to see them growing up.

In the bedroom, Rosie serves Christine some lunch, and Christine thanks her. Rosie remarks that she suppsoes the babies will be yelling for theirs soon. She then asks if Christine has decided on names, and Christine tells her that she's calling the boy 'John', but she hasn't decided what to call the girl, yet. Rosie tells her that it's a lovely idea calling the little fellow 'John'. She then tells Christine that she saw some people she knows - the Morgans: they have a job for Christine as soon as she's back on her feet. Christine listens but then tells Rosie that she didn't have to do that as she'll be staying there, at Woombai; that's what John wants: she knows how he feels about the babies; he's going to want to have them around...

Tony and Doug are on the verandah outside, and Tony is talking about the fact that he and David are going duck shooting in the morning. Doug tells Tony that he'll be a crack shot after his lesson this afternoon! Tony asks Doug if he and Rosie want to come along, but Doug just says they'll see. The two of them are about to head inside, but as they do so, Rosie comes out. Tony heads in, but Rosie stops Doug and tells him that she's worried about Christine: she told her about the job with the Morgans and she doesn't want to take it; she thinks Christine expects John to look after her and the kiddies, but he can't even look after himself; it's like she's out to grab herself a meal ticket. She reminds Doug of what she said to him this morning, but Doug replies that he can't see Christine being another Patricia. Rosie tells him that Christine is sweet enough, but so was Patricia when she first came there. Doug tells Rosie not to get carried away, but Rosie insists that she isn't; Christine has got the wrong idea about how well off John is; she thinks she'd better put her straight; it'll be interesting to see what she does after that...

In the living room at Toorak, Stephen is telling Charlie that Amanda is going to be in a lot of trouble when she gets back. Patricia comes in and asks them what they're talking about. Charlie explains about Amanda having a job at Rob's restaurant, and Stephen adds that he thinks she's done it to get on Patricia's nerves as she'll be seeing more of the Palmers. Patricia suggests that, if they don't make a big song and dance about it... Stephen says it's one trick too many on Amanda's part. Patricia has a big plaster over the wound on her forehead, and she tells Stephen and Charlie that what they need now is peace and quiet; that's what the dressing is all about: when madam comes home, she'll be 'slightly under the weather'; it might make Amanda start acting like a normal human being towards her. Stephen says he'd rather have it out with her, but Patricia tells him no: when his mother arrives, she'd rather they play happy families - and that means starting with Amanda.

Amanda carries a tray into the kitchen at The Terrace and tells Phillipe that it's fun! She then explains that she's never had a proper job before; she didn't think she'd like it so much. Kevin and Lynn come in and Amanda comments that they don't look too happy. Kevin tells her that they've just had a whole bucket of trouble dumped on them. Lynn adds that it looks like they may be up to their necks in debt for the rest of their lives.

A short time later, Amanda says they can't do it to them - she thought medical benefits were there to help people. Kevin tells her that they are - as long as they're paid up. Phillipe tells Amanda to take the order he's prepared out to the customers, but she doesn't move as Kevin explains that he let the benefits drop five months ago - so because Davey suffered the brain damage during those five months, they aren't covered. Phillipe snaps at Amanda to go, but she still doesn't move, instead asking Kevin and Lynn if they can't get the doctor to lie for them. Phillipe snaps again, "Go," and Amanda finally moves. When she's gone, Kevin remarks that he can tell she's never had to deal with anything like this. Phillipe suggests that, hopefully, Davey won't have any complications. Kevin tells him that, if he does, the doctor told them it could be expensive. He then adds that he could kick himself. Phillipe asks what they're going to do about getting the money. Kevin replies that he hasn't a clue. Lynn sighs heavily.

Charlie is getting in a taxi at Toorak, and as she does so, she tells Patricia to keep her posted on how Stephen's mother is going. Patricia tells her that it's been lovely to see her, and Charlie replies that she's glad they got their troubles sorted out. She waves through the window as the taxi pulls away. Patricia and Stephen go back inside and close the front door. Standing in the hallway, Patricia tells Stephen that Charlie is a good friend, but she would have been one mouth too many with his mother around - you never know what she might come out with! Stephen comments that he likes Charlie, and Patricia replies that that's good. She then adds that Gordon couldn't stand her, and Stephen agrees that Barbara can't, either. Patricia tells him that Gordon reckoned having Charlie as a neighbour would lower property values in the area! They both smile and hug each other. Patricia tells Stephen that she thinks she's starting to calm down a bit - there's just Amanda and then Dee to cope with. Stephen says, "One thing at a time..."

Amanda finishes her first day at The Terrace and, surveying the pile of dirty plates in the kitchen, remarks to Phillipe that this is the part she's not going to like! Changing the subject, she then tells him that it makes you think how lucky you are - she's never had any worries as serious as Kevin and Lynn's; she feels pretty stupid the way she makes big dramas out of everything; she came there because she thought it would get up her stepmother's nose; pretty childish, eh? Phillipe agrees and Amanda laughs. She tells him that it's nice coming there as everyone is very honest. She then adds that it helps if you treat people the way you want them to treat you, and Phillipe tells her that it's an old saying. Amanda suggests that maybe she had better be the one to get the ball rolling at home.

Rosie is in Christine's bedroom at Woombai, looking at the twins lying in their crib. Christine thanks her for being so good. Rosie tells her that she should have heard John earlier: he's feeling quite proud of himself after delivering little John like that. She continues that he's such a nice boy - she hopes he gets his problems sorted out soon. Christine, looking surprised, asks, "What problems?" Rosie tells her that he's had a very confused few months, and not having any work isn't helping, either. Christine replies that the money is still there, even if the job isn't, but Rosie tells her that Paul, Mr. Hamilton, Fiona... they've got money - piles of it - but not John: he was brought up by David. Christine's face drops as Rosie continues that the Palmers were a good, honest working-class family; right now, John hasn't got two bob to rub together. She then suggests that that's enough talking, and she tells Christine to get some rest. Christine looks upset.

Terry arrives home and Enid, who's doing stirring cake mixture in a bowl, asks him if he got a lift. Terry replies that he did - from a bloke on the property. Enid asks him if he had a good day. Terry tells her that he'll never guess what he did: he helped deliver a baby; he wasn't there, but he did all the running around; he reckons this John bloke was packing it! Enid, looking surprised, asks if he did it himself. Terry replies that he looked like he'd won the Lotto! Enid smiles and tells Terry that she remembers when he helped out in the fires - it was the same thing. Terry suddenly asks her how it was when she had him. Enid, immediately looking wary, asks why he wants to know. Terry replies that you never really think about your mother going through it. He asks if he was any trouble, but Enid just says no - not really. Terry asks her if she went to hospital when she had him, and Enid replies that of course she did - she didn't want to run any risks. She then adds that very few women have babies at home. Wanting to put a quick end to the subject, she snaps at Terry to go out and fix his car. Terry looks surprised.

It's nighttime, and in the lounge room at Toorak, Stephen tells Amanda that it's nice to see her being so reasonable about everything. Amanda replies that she had time to think while he was away, and she thanks him for not kicking up a stink about where she's working. She announces that she's going for a shower, and as she gets up, she remarks to Patricia that her wound looks nasty, so she'd better be careful for a few days. She leaves the room, and Patricia remarks immediately on Amanda being concerned about her well-being. Stephen agrees, saying, "Talk about a transformation!" Patricia, though, says she thinks there's a lot more to it. Stephen tells her that the only other time he's seen Amanda so meek and mild, she was head-over-heels in love. Patricia looks thoughtful, and she recalls that Charlie said something about Amanda and Rob Keegan. Stephen says it's more likely to be the Frenchman, if you ask him - he doesn't think Charlie likes to admit that she lost out. Patricia replies that, as long as whoever it is keeps her happy, she won't be arguing.

The doctor is with Christine in her bedroom at Woombai; Christine is filling in the birth certificate. The doctor asks her if she's finished yet, but she asks him to have a look to see if she's done it right. The doctor takes the form, looks at it and then says he assumes she left the name of the father off deliberately. Christine says, "Yes." The doctor suggests that she write in the space, 'Father unknown'.

David and Tony join John in the lounge room and John asks if they're all set for the morning. Tony says, "Too right!" He heads off to his room. David asks John if he feels like stepping out on the tiles. John says he'll see how he goes. He asks if the doctor has come out yet, and he wonders what Christine has decided to call the little girl. David laughs that it's a wonder she didn't call it 'Angela'! The doctor does come out at that moment and says he's going now. John asks what name Christine gave the little girl. The doctor takes the birth certificate out of his jacket pocket and says, "Felicity." John, who has moved so that he's looking over the doctor's shoulder, grabs the certificate and angrily asks what the hell is going on. He gives the piece of paper to David and snaps, "Why the hell did she do it? Name of father: 'Paul Sheppard'."


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