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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Down by the lake at Woombai, Tony is still fishing as John and David talk. John says to David that he's been a bit of a fool, and he asks if they can be mates again. David smiles and says, "What do you reckon?!" He suggests they pack up and have a couple of tinnies before dinner. John says he reckons David could talk him into it! David tells him that he's glad they've sorted things out. They start to head off, but Tony suddenly calls out "Dave?" David, realising he's forgotten about the kid, tells him to pack up and bring the things with him when he's finished. Tony looks put-out. John and David start walking, and David asks John if he really isn't going to see Patricia again. John says he won't if he can avoid it. David tells him that he saw Patricia right there by the lake - she was a mess. John comments that it sounds like David is feeling sorry for her. David admits that it's stupid after what she's done to him. He adds that he's too soft for his own good!

Patricia and Stephen arrive back at the Sydney apartment, and Patricia immediately starts complaining about the traffic and how long it took to get there. She goes to the bar and pours a drink. As she does so, she asks Stephen if he's going to change before seeing Gordon. Stephen, though, says it's too late now - he'll ring and put it off 'til tomorrow. Patricia says she thought they were going to Melbourne tomorrow. Stephen assures her that he can still go to Dural and get back in time for the flight. He then suggests that, as it's their last night in Sydney, they should go out to dinner and maybe see a play. Patricia curtly retorts that it's up to him. Stephen, annoyed at this response, tells Patricia to stop it. He adds that she's been acting like some 'difficult child' since leaving Woombai. Patricia tells him that she thinks he's imagining things. Stephen retorts that he's sorry for not telling her about his mother holding the purse strings, but since he told her, he can't get through to her; it's like holding a piece of ice; he wants their relationship to get back to what it was; what does he have to do? Patricia tells him that things have changed - it's his fault, not hers.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon congratulates Wayne and Jill and says he couldn't be happier. He shakes Wayne's hand and hugs Jill. He then asks a stern-faced Barbara what she thinks. Barbara remarks that it came as a bit of a surprise, and she asks Wayne how he'll settle down to married life. Wayne says, "Just watch me!" Gordon asks where the ring is, but Jill laughs and says she only said 'yes' an hour ago! Wayne adds that that's one thing they're not going to rush into - it takes time to pick the right one; he might even have it made: nothing's too good for Jill. Gordon asks if they've set a date, but Jill laughs and tells him to give them time! Gordon tells them to let him know when they decide, as he wants to give them the best reception possible. He then suggests they open some champagne. Barbara looks on disapprovingly.

At Woombai, Doug asks David, John and Tony why they're drinking beer, adding that it's too cold! John tells him that it's never too cold for a quiet beer! Rosie comes in and says Christine is still sleeping. David comments that he can't understand her strange carryings-on, and John asks what sort of a bloke goes around buying babies, adding that it's pretty sick. Tony asks who he's talking about, and John explains that it's Paul Sheppard. David says he never took to the bloke. Rosie comments, "To think he was studying to be a priest..." Doug recalls the punch he got when he was trying to separate Paul and Rob, and David tells him that he wants to learn to duck quicker! Rosie reminds him that that's the day he proposed! Doug smiles and says that was the best day's work he ever did! Changing the subject, David tells the gathering that Beryl said to say 'hello'. Rosie says she bets Beryl was pleased to know that he and John have been sorting things out. David says Beryl was hinting about him coming home, but he reckons he'll give it a while yet. Tony, looking put out at being left out of much of the conversation, points out that they've still got to catch some fish yet! He offers David another beer, but John goes to get it, saying he can never do too much for the old man! Tony looks annoyed. David says it feels good, getting back to normal - it's back to being like a family.

Gordon asks if he should open another bottle, but Barbara says she thinks they've had enough! Gordon goes to get rid of the bottles they have consumed, and Jill collects the empty glasses and takes them to the kitchen. Alone with Barbara, Wayne asks her if she pleased - honestly. Barbara replies, "Yes and no." She continues that she knows Wayne loves Jill, but she's worried because he has a habit of hurting the people he's closest to. Wayne replies that the two people he cares about most in the world - the only people - Jill and Rosie - he wouldn't do anything to hurt either of them. Barbara says she hopes so - for Jill's sake.

At the Sydney apartment, Patricia sneezes. Stephen tells her that he's organised the tickets - the critics said the show was very funny. He puts his hand on Patricia's shoulder but she pulls away and walks across to the bar. Stephen snaps that she can't even stand him touching her. Patricia says she was hoping they could get through the evening without another argument. Stephen tells her that he doesn't want to argue either. Patricia says alright: she's been deliberately cool - but to suddenly discover that your husband has no assets and is working for 'mother' on a weekly salary... it takes some coming to terms with. She adds that she's been completely honest with him, and now he goes and hurts her; if she'd reacted like her old self, she would have gone out of her way to get even with him, but she can't do that - not to him; she wants their relationship back the way it was. Stephen tells her that there's no reason they can't start again. Patricia continues that, after all her financial problems... she can't see herself going down on her knees, begging to some battleaxe to keep their heads above water. Stephen assures her that it won't be like that. He adds that he knew she would react like this; he wanted her to have some time to sort out her own problems; it'll be alright as long as she doesn't start putting up walls. Patricia sneezes again, and Stephen asks her if she's getting a cold. She tells him that she doesn't think so - she's just been sneezing since she got back. Stephen comments that it must be the rotten city air. They suddenly hear a cat miaowing. Patricia tells Stephen that, if it's a cat, she knows what's causing the problem. Stephen looks round and spots Plan D sitting behind the settee. He picks her up and says she must belong to Wayne and Jill. Patricia curtly says she'll be having words with them.

At Dural, Barbara asks Jill where Wayne has got to. Jill tells her that he's upstairs, getting his jacket. Gordon suggests that the four of them should go out to dinner. Jill says she thought he and Barbara already had a dinner engagement, but Gordon says they can cancel: Barbara's suddenly not feeling well! Wayne comes in and Jill tells Gordon that they can't go out to dinner as she's got to go home to feed Plan D. Wayne chips in that Jill is spoiling the cat rotten! Gordon tells Jill to wait 'til she has children - he bets she'll be a real softy with them! A worried look crosses Jill's face, but Gordon doesn't notice. He tells the happy couple to let him know as soon as they decide on a date for the wedding. He and Barbara leave the room, and Wayne tells Jill that they'll have to get married as soon as possible - they don't want people jumping to wrong conclusions about the baby; they want people to think it's his. Jill tells him that they'll have to wait for four weeks - she found that out with Brian, when they needed four weeks after they got the licence. Wayne, though, says he thinks they can do it quicker in special cases. He suggests they get married in two weeks, and Jill says it would be good if they could; it just seems so soon, though. Wayne tells her that it's the best thing. Jill says she guesses so...

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia tells Wayne and Jill that the sooner they get married and move into their own place, the better! Jill smiles and tells Patricia that she's solved one problem: she's re-christened the cat 'Snuffles'! Patricia sarcastically says, "Thankyou!" Jill asks her if she'll be alright with Snuffles until they get back. Patricia says she will be as long as the cat stays in the laundry. Jill takes Snuffles out, leaving Stephen to remark to Wayne that it's a bit early - the Registry Office won't be open yet. Wayne tells him that he wants to make sure they're the first customers. Stephen comments that he doesn't believe in long engagements himself. Patricia chips in that he doesn't believe in any engagement! Jill and Wayne head out. Patricia immediately says to Stephen that she hates to be the voice of doom, but she gives it a year. Stephen remarks that she's very cynical. Patricia tells him that she isn't where Wayne's concerned - she's being realistic. Stephen comments that she doesn't like Wayne much, does she? Patricia replies that she can be polite... Changing the subject, she then tells Stephen that she did a lot of thinking in bed last night: now they know where they stand, they ought to take the next step: 'phone his mother and tell her about her. Stephen asks her if she's sure she's ready to cope, and Patricia says, "Yes." Stephen continues that his mother will be furious, of course - she'd picked out the perfect woman for him... but she's just going to have to come to terms with the fact he's found her. He goes to the bar and dials the number on the 'phone. It rings a couple of times but there's no answer and he hangs up. Patricia tells him that he could have held on a bit longer, and she asks Stephen if he's worried. He replies, "Not worried. Wary."

Terry is working on a car in the grounds at Woombai and Rosie asks him if he knows of anyone who might give Christine a job - as a housekeeper, perhaps. Terry replies that he hears the Morgans are looking for some help - Mrs. Morgan has to go into hospital for a while. Rosie thanks him and says she'll get Doug to drive her over when he's finished breakfast. Terry asks her if she's organised anything for tea yet, and Rosie replies that she hasn't. Terry explains that he's going shooting for rabbits this afternoon, and he might be able to bag her some. Rosie, looking thoughtful, suggests that he could take Tony with him. Terry looks dubious, though, and says he's not letting Tony near a gun after what happened last time. Rosie tells him that that was an accident - it would be a good idea if Tony could learn how to handle a gun properly. Terry insists that he doesn't want to teach him, but Rosie says she doesn't trust Doug... Terry reluctantly gives in. Tony is standing nearby, apparently staring at the view. Terry calls over to him and he comes over. Terry asks him if he'd like a go with the rifle, and have a few lessons. Tony says that would be terrific! Terry tells him that he's got to supply his own ammo.

Inside, John, David and Doug are having breakfast and talking about early starts. Rosie comes in and tells them that there's work to be done! Tony, who has followed her, tells David that Terry is giving him a few rifle lessons, but he needs to supply his own ammo and he was wondering if David could give him a lift into town. David says he's got a few other things on, and he suggests Doug take him. Rosie, though, says Doug is taking her over to the Morgans' - she wants to sound them out about a job for Christine. David agrees. He asks John if he wants to come as well, but John says he'd better not; he'd rather keep an eye on Christine. Tony heads outside, annoyed at David's lack on enthusiasm. David warns John to take care, as, before he knows where he is, he could be in trouble he can do without. John explains that he feels sorry for her, that's all - she got pregnant to a guy she hoped to marry and then he dumped her; she didn't have any way of supporting the kid so she decided to have it adopted. Rosie asks to be excused, and she leaves the room. David asks John if that was when Paul got in on the act, and John says, "Yeah..." Rosie finds Tony outside. She tells him that David didn't mean it. Tony asks what she's talking about. Rosie tells him that she has to understand what David and John have been through. Tony insists that he does. Rosie tells Tony that he's been a good friend to David; she doesn't like seeing him left out. Tony says David is a good mate. Rosie agrees that of course he is - but now he's got John back, he's so happy. She asks Tony not to spoil David's fun by getting annoyed. She heads back inside. As she does so, David comes out and tells her that he and John might try out the horses this afternoon. Rosie looks at Tony and tells David he might take the kid out shooting. Tony calls out that it's OK - David's got better things to do. David agrees that he wants to spend a bit more time with John, but he suggests to Tony that he come riding with them. Tony laughs and comments that if they think he's going on a horse, they've got to be joking!

A while later, Doug is looking for his car keys, but Rosie says she hasn't seen them. All of a sudden, something occurs to her, and she tells Doug that she remembers now: the feeling she had with Christine - it's all coming back to her. She continues that, when Gordon brought Patricia and Angela there for the first time, that's what Patricia said: "It's lovely here. I feel right at home already." She adds, "Patricia stood right there and said it. Isn't that strange?"

John goes into Christine's room. She's lying in bed and he asks her if she's OK. She smiles and says she's wonderful! She thanks him for bringing her there. John tells her that he's going for a swim, and he asks if she wants to go for a walk. Christine agrees and she goes to get out of bed As she does so, though, the baby kicks, and she tells John to feel. Looking awkward, John places his hand on Christine's belly. He asks if a walk won't be too much of a strain, but Christine assures him that it won't. He tells her that he'll see her outside. He goes, leaving Christine smiling happily.

Sometime later, Christine and John are walking towards the lake, and Christine complains that she's fed up of being pregnant - she can't wait to get back to being able to swim herself. John tells her that, if she's still around when the baby's old enough, he'll teach him! Christine points out that it could be a her! She then adds that she's so glad her baby is going to grow up in the country - people with money don't know how lucky they are.

At the Sydney apartment, Stephen is on the 'phone, and he impatiently says, "Yes, mother." He then tells her that there's no reason to come straight away, but a few seconds later adds that he'll see her when she gets there. He hangs up and Patricia asks how she took it. Stephen replies that she turned on the charm. He then continues that he knows her too well: the more furious she is, the more charming she is; she also told him that she can't wait to meet his new wife - which means she hasn't accepted it at all. Patricia asks if she's flying home to see what she can do about it. Stephen tells her that she'll arrive next week. He adds that he hoped it wouldn't be like this, and he warns Patricia that he thinks she has a battle on her hands.

John is skimming stones across the lake, and Christine laughs that she thought he was going in! She suddenly gasps loudly, and starts panting. John, looking worried, asks what's wrong. He walks over to help her.

A short time later, the two of them are walking back to the homestead. Christine is panting heavily. John spots Terry in the distance and calls out to him to get the doctor as the baby is on its way.

Christine is back in bed at the homestead. Terry comes in and tells her and John that the doctor is out on his rounds. Christine, through her gasps, asks when Rosie will be back, as she's scared the doctor won't be there in time. John tells her that they'll see if they can find someone else. He turns to Terry and asks him if he's ever delivered babies! Terry says he hasn't. He says he'll go to the guest house and see if there's a doctor staying there; if not, he'll get one of the girls to come over. He then warns John that he might have to do the honours. He runs out. John kneels down at the side of Christine's bed, looking at her in concern as her labour continues.


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