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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

John and Paul help Christine into the house. Barbara rushes out into the hallway and asks what happened, as she heard the screech of brakes. John explains that there was nearly an accident - and it was his fault. Barbara asks Christine if she's alright, and she replies that she's fine. Barbara then asks about the baby, and Christine assures her again that it's fine. Barbara suggests to John that he go and get cleaned up. Before he heads upstairs, he tells Christine that he's sorry. He then adds that he'll see her when he's tidied himself up a bit. He walks off, and Christine remarks to Paul and Barbara that he seems seems very nice. Paul snaps that he was driving like a maniac. Barbara suggests to Christine that she should lie down, and Christine agrees. Paul suggests that they don't tell John about what's happening, as it would only cause a stir. The others agree. Barbara goes to help Christine across to the flat. Meanwhile, Paul walks into the lounge room, goes to the bar and pours himself a stiff drink. As he does so, Angela arrives back home and asks him if John is there, adding that she saw the car outside. Paul says he is. He then asks how Jill is, and Angela replies that she's alright; she's got a few problems but she can't really talk about them. Paul tells her that she just missed all the excitement!

In the flat, Christine points out to Barbara that she told her the cards worked for her. Barbara looks surprised, and comments that surely Christine isn't telling her that, just because John nearly ran her over, he's the one she's going to marry? Christine replies that Paul caused it too; she's not sure which one it is. Barbara tells her that it's a coincidence. Christine says, "Maybe..."

In the lounge room, Angela asks Paul about John, and Paul explains that he's upstairs having a shower - he came home looking a mess. Angela explains that he went to see Jill. She then adds that she wonders what John will think about Christine having their baby - he won't approve. Paul tells her that he doesn't care. He suggests that they should get ready for Brian's funeral. Angela tells Paul to go ahead - she wants to talk to John about Jill.

Jill is on the 'phone at the Morrell apartment, and she asks the doctor on the other end if there's no doubt. The doctor tells her that there isn't: the tests are positive - definitely. Jill says she sees, and she thanks him. Hearing the tone of her voice, the doctor says he can tell it's a shock, and he asks her if she wants to see him again. Jill assures him that she'll be alright, and she hangs up. As she does so, Wayne comes in and asks her if she's ready for the funeral. Jill uncertainly says she won't be a minute. Wayne tells her that, if she's that upset, she shouldn't go, but Jill insists that she has to. Wayne tells her that he'll be with her - she'll be right. Jill mutters, "Yeah, I'll be right." She puts her head on Wayne's shoulder and sighs heavily.

In the lounge room at Dural, John angrily asks Angela what the point is of telling him to be patient with Jill - she made it damn clear that she wants him out of her life. Angela tells him that Jill is upset and confused - she needs friends now. John points out that she's got Wayne, but Angela retorts that she doesn't think he'll stand by her. John asks her what she means and, realising she may have said more than she should, she quickly replies that no one can rely on Wayne. John snaps that that's Jill's lookout. He then adds that, anyway, he's going to Woombai, as he wants to see David. Angela asks him if he's leaving straight away, and John says he'll go as soon as he's apologised to Christine and packed a few things. Angela asks him about the funeral. John snaps, "You've got to be kidding."

Christine is laying out some more tarot cards on the table in the flat. Two of them are face up, but she turns them over and starts moving them around. She then picks one up and looks at it intently. As she does so, there's a knock on the door. She calls out to the person to come in. It's John. He asks her if she's suffering from delayed shock, but Christine assures her that she isn't, and she thanks him for worrying. John looks at the cards on the table and says they tell your fortune, don't they? Christine tells him that she just picked up a card and it said something really nice will happen to her. John smiles. He then tells her that he came to apologise and say goodbye. Christine's face falls, and she asks him where he's going. He explains about Woombai, and Christine asks how long he'll be away. He tells her that it's a case of the longer the better, the way he feels about Sydney right now. He wishes her all the best, adding that she's lucky she didn't have the baby on the spot, the fright he gave her!

Charlie joins Amanda in the living room room at Toorak and comments on the fact that Amanda is only just having breakfast. Amanda retorts that it's too early for anything else. Charlie, though, says she's been up for hours - she had a call from Patricia: she and Stephen are coming home tomorrow morning. Amanda, looking disconcerted, just says, "Oh." Charlie smiles and says she knew Amanda would be pleased! Recovering her composure, Amanda tells Charlie that she has to thank her for taking Phillipe off her hands, as it gave her a chance to go out with Rob - he's a terrific guy. Charlie points out that he went home very early, but Amanda assures her that the two of them had a marvellous time. She then asks Charlie about her and Phillipe, and Charlie smiles and replies that they got on famously - but as she's going back to Sydney soon, she decided to let him down gently, and not encourage him too much. Amanda smiles and says, "Yes, of course..." Charlie adds that she'd hate to leave him totally distraught. Changing the subject, she asks Amanda if she's got a job yet. Amanda glumly says, "No." Charlie smiles and tells her that Daddy won't be pleased. Looking annoyed, Amanda asks Charlie why she has to be such a bitch. Charlie tells Amanda that she got the knife out first, and Amanda has to admit that that's fair enough. She then adds that she's making the effort now. Charlie, though, says she wouldn't bother - a little healthy bitchery never hurt anyone! Amanda snaps that it does if it gets too personal. Charlie tells Amanda that if she were her, all she would worry about would be finding a job - and somehow, she doesn't think she'll be swamped with offers...

A while later, at The Terrace, Amanda tells Rob that he'd be proud of her: she really managed to bite her tongue! She then adds that she hopes he doesn't mind her coming over, and Rob assures her that he doesn't. The two of them go into the kitchen. Beryl is out there, working, and Rob introduces the two women to each other, Rob explaining to Amanda that Beryl is his big sister. Amanda tells Beryl that Rob has said lots of nice things about her! She then bluntly asks Rob if he could give her a job. Rob looks surprised and says she must be kidding, the money her family's got. He asks why, and - looking at Beryl - Amanda smiles and replies that the staff seem nice - and she had a falling out with Stephen. Beryl asks her if she can cook, but Amanda replies, "Terribly." She continues that she can't do much at all - except serve a few cocktails - but she's sure she could be of some use around the place. She suggests they talk it over while she goes and waits in the backyard. She heads outside, and Beryl remarks to Rob that she seems bright enough. Rob suggests that she'll probably make a good waitress. Beryl, looking concerned, says she doesn't think they should get involved with any of Patricia's family, but Rob tells her that he doesn't think Amanda can stand Patricia. Beryl says that, in that case, they'll see how it goes. Rob goes outside and tells Amanda that he and Beryl had a talk: she's got a job as a waitress! Amanda smiles and asks if that makes him her boss. He tells her it does, and she then asks what his attitude is to taking out one of his employee. Rob tells her, "First chance I get!" Amanda hugs him and says she accepts!

Angela and Paul are standing outside the crematorium, and Angela is explaining to Paul that someone stopped to give Brian a lift, and then when the driver pulled out into the traffic, he didn't see the other car coming up behind him; there was a terrible smash and the car Brian was in caught fire - they didn't even recognise the bodies. Paul asks how they knew Jill was Brian's wife, then, and Angela tells him that Brian's haversack was thrown clear - it had Jill's name and address in it. At that moment, Wayne and Jill pull up in a car further down the road. As they get out, Paul remarks that Jill doesn't have much luck with boyfriends... The two of them walk over, and Jill thanks Paul and Angela for coming. She suggests they go.

A short time later, they arrive at the crematorium. The hearse pulls up outside the door.

John closes the front door at Dural and walks to his car, carrying a bag. He gets in, shuts the door and starts the engine.

Christine is sitting in the flat looking at one of her tarot cards. She puts it down, gets up and heads out.

As John is about to pull away, Christine shouts out to him that she wants to talk to him. Hearing the noise, Barbara comes out of the house and looks at them in concern.

A short time later, in the lounge room, John comments that, buying a baby... he's never heard of anything so... sick. Barbara tells him that she and Gordon got a shock, too. John snaps that Paul thinks he won't be able to keep Angela any other way, but Barbara tells him that Angela seems pretty secure about the whole thing. John tells her that Christine is coming to Woombai - she's keeping the baby. Barbara asks him if that's why she grabbed him outside. John explains that he just mentioned that he was going to the country to live and she said she wanted to come along. Barbara asks how she's going to support herself, and John replies that she'll get a job. Barbara points out that it's even harder to get a job in the country than it is in the city. John tells her that Rosie will help - she knows all the locals. Barbara asks if Christine is going to have the baby and then get a job afterwards, and John says, "Yes." Barbara asks how she's going to live in the meantime, and John retorts that he said she can live at Woombai. Barbara, looking angry, says she's glad Christine is keeping the baby, but the whole thing seems very stange to her. John asks what's strange about wanting to bring a baby up in the country. Barbara tells him that he hardly knows the girl; how come he's on her side all of a sudden? John retorts that, if he can get her away from Dural, it might make Angela change her mind. Barbara points out that Angela won't appreciate the interference, but John snaps that he doesn't care - he's not having Angela tied to Paul by someone else's kid. Barbara says she agrees with his sentiments, but she doesn't think he's going about it in the right way. John snaps that he does. He then continues that Christine should be ready, as she said she didn't have much to pack. Barbara goes to see if she needs a hand.

Christine is putting her things in a bag. She then puts her pack of tarot cards on top of the cloth on the table and wraps them up. There's a knock on the door, and she calls, "Come in, John." The door opens and Barbara is standing there. She walks in and asks Christine what she thinks she's up to. Christine replies, "Nothing," Barbara tells her that, if she's chasing John because of some stupid message she read in the cards, she's being very silly. Christine 'innocently' asks why she should do that? She then continues that she's going with John because she wants to bring her kid up in the country; it's nothing to do with the cards.

A short time later, in the main house, John takes Christine's bags from her and suggests they go. Barbara looks on disapprovingly.

Jill, Angela, Paul and Wayne leave the crematorium, and, as they walk back to the car, Jill says to Angela that she wonders what would have happened if things had been different between her and Brian. Angela tells her that it's silly to think like that - there's nothing she can do for him now; she's got other things to worry about. She asks if the doctor is sure there's no mistake. Jill says, "Yeah." Angela asks her what she's going to do. Jill glumly says she doesn't know.

Jill and Wayne arrive back at the apartment, and Jill immediately spots a large basket resting on the coffee table. She asks where it came from, and Wayne tells her that he had the building manager bring it up. Jill asks what's inside, and Wayne tells her to have a look! She goes to open it - and finds a cat in there! She lifts it out, smiling happily, and tells Wayne that it reminds her of when he gave her Plan C. Wayne says, "We need a successor: 'Plan D'?" Jill laughs.

Doug and Tony are sitting at the table in the living room at Woombai, while Rosie is sitting on the couch. Doug has a fishing rod, and is preparing bait. He tells Tony that, of course, sometimes the fish aren't in the mood for worms; that's when you use a fly. He starts talking about when he learnt to fish, and tells Tony that he caught his first fish when he was eight; he'd been pestering his Dad for ages to go fishing, but it started to rain, and his Dad wanted to go home; he didn't, though; he didn't get anything until he started using a fly! As the story ends, David comes in with a handful of worms. Doug gives Tony the rod. Rosie calls out that, if they don't catch anything, she's got plenty of meat in the freezer! David and Tony go out. Doug says to Rosie that he hopes Tony catches something, as he'd get a great kick out of it. Rosie remarks that it seems as if Tony is enjoying the country life. Doug says the kid isn't as bad as he first thought. Rosie tells him that that's David's influence - he's been very good for the lad. Doug admits that he was a bit hasty in saying David was making a fool of himself.

At Dural, Paul angrily asks Barbara why she let Christine go. Barbara snaps that she's not the girl's keeper. Paul snaps that he bets John put her up to it, but Barbara tells him that Christine asked John to take her. Angela points out that the girl has got the right to change her mind. Barbara adds that she obviously didn't want to give it up in the first place - and short of dragging her back by force, there's nothing they can do. Paul tells her that they're going to Woombai, but Angela says no: Barbara's right. Paul says, "Angie..." but Angela tells him that she means it. Paul angrily asks why everything has to go wrong.

John's car pulls up at Woombai, and he and Christine get out. Rosie comes out of the house to greet them, and John introduces the two women.

They go inside, and Rosie introduces Christine to Doug as a friend of John's who's staying there 'til she has her baby. John comes in with the bags. Rosie says to Christine that she supposes she's feeling tired, and Christine admits that she is, rather. Rosie suggests she have a lie down, and she asks John to show her the spare room. John asks where David is, and Doug tells him that he's down at the waterhole, fishing. John says he might join him. Christine looks around, smiles and says, "It's lovely here. I feel at home already." She and John leave the room. A strange expression crosses Rosie's face, and she says it's funny: someone else said that. Doug asks what she means, and she explains that someone else said they felt at home already in the house. She adds that she feels a bit strange; there's a name for it - it's French and means it happened before; it gives her the shivers. Doug tells her that it's probably the draught from the front door!

John walks up to David and Tony who are fishing in the lake, and he asks Tony how they're biting. Tony says they're not having much luck. David looks surprised at seeing his son, and asks him where he sprang from. John explains that he decided to come up and stay for a while. He tells David that he remembers the last time they came fishing - they did alright, didn't they? He then asks David how he's going, and David replies that he's not bad. John tells him that he has a lot of apologising to do; he's sorry. He holds out his hand, and David shakes it.

At the Morrell apartment, Jill and Wayne are watching Plan D drinking from a saucer of milk. There's a smile on Jill's face, and Wayne tells her, "I love you." Jill says she knows. Her face then drops as she continues that there's something he doesn't know. Wayne says he doesn't care what it is - nothing could stop him marrying her. Jill, looking worried, tells him not to say that - it only makes her feel worse. Wayne asks what she's talking about. Jill, looking upset, says she feels so ashamed. Wayne asks what it is. Jill tells him: "I'm pregnant - to Terry Hansen, when he raped me." She continues that there's no way Wayne will want to marry her as she wants to keep the baby - she thinks of it as hers, not his. Wayne, looking shocked, says he can't believe it. Jill tells him that she'll understand if he never wants to see her again. Wayne, though, tells her that nothing's changed - he still wants to marry her. He asks if there's a hope. Jill tells him that she has to be honest: it's not love, but she is very fond of him. Wayne says that sounds good enough to start with. Looking sincere, he asks, "Will you marrry me?" Jill smiles and says, "Yes!" Wayne smiles as well and says sincerely, "I don't care about anything else - you've just given me everything I've ever wanted."


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