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    Written by: Christine V. Schofield   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Paul and Christine walk into the flat, and Paul points out Christine's room. Christine says she didn't know her coming there was going to cause such an upset; he should have told Angela that he was bringing her there. Paul asks her if she'll be alright, as he should get back. Christine wishes him luck.

In the lounge room in the main house, Gordon angrily asks what on earth Paul thinks he was doing. He asks Angela if she knew he was bringing that girl there today. Angela replies, "Sort of... but not today." Gordon snaps that Paul has got a damn hide. Paul comes in and tells Gordon that he's sorry. Barbara asks if she's got this straight: he has brought this Christine there to have his baby? Paul replies that it's not his baby - his name will go down on the birth certificate as the father. Barbara asks, "What on Earth for?" Paul retorts that he and Angela want a baby - this way means they don't have to go through all the red tape of a proper adoption. Barbara snaps that he can't be serious. Paul tells her that he's never been more serious in his life. Gordon asks if Christine doesn't want her baby, and Paul explains that she can't afford to bring it up: the real father dumped her when he found out she was pregnant. Gordon asks him where he met her, and he replies that a friend from the seminary told him about a home for unmarried mothers. Gordon, looking incredulous, asks if he just waltzed in there and picked out the most pregnant girl he could find. Paul yells that it wasn't like that - he sounded out a few and Christine jumped at the idea. Gordon snaps that Paul put her in the car and drove her to Dural without even asking him. Paul says it's only for a couple of weeks, but Gordon snaps that that's not the point. Paul retorts that if Gordon doesn't want them there, they'll leave. Fed up with the arguing, Angela asks Paul to come outside. Out in the hallway, she asks him what he's doing. Paul snaps that he thought it was pretty obvious. Angela tells him that he said nothing about bringing the mother there. Paul replies that it's all part of the deal - it was too good an opportunity to pass up; he thought they agreed that, if he found the right person, they'd go ahead. Angela tells him that they said they'd talk about it. Paul yells that she told him to go ahead and do whatever was necessary. Angela snaps that now there isn't even time to think about it. Paul asks her if she's saying she doesn't want to go through with it, but Angela says she doesn't know. Paul asks her if she wants a baby, and she replies that she does. He then tells her that here's her chance, then; don't blow it.

Jill is lying on the sofa at the Morrell apartment in Sydney when Wayne arrives home and remarks that some people have it easy! When Jill doesn't laugh, he asks what's wrong, and Jill replies that she's feeling a bit off - she thinks it's a virus or something. Wayne asks if can get her anything, but she says no. She then asks if he knows any doctors in the area, and he replies that there are plenty of them around. He goes to look in the 'phone directory, and Jill asks him to ring one. Wayne tells her that she doesn't want to be sick tomorrow, and Jill agrees that there's no way she's missing Brian funeral. Wayne finds a couple of doctors listed in nearby Walker Street. He tells Jill that he'll come with her, but she says she'll be alright. Wayne looks annoyed.

In the lounge room at Dural, Gordon tells Barbara that he doesn't like being kept in the dark, that's all - he doesn't know what to make of Paul, sometimes; he's not being unreasonable, is he? Barbara tells him he isn't, but she adds that there's nothing they can do about it. Gordon says Paul is taking advantage of a poor young girl - Christine must be at her wits' end to even consider it. He asks Barbara what they can do, and Barbara suggests they let her stay; if she can get to know her, she might be able to find out why she's doing it; let her stay and they can sort out all the facts.

Christine sits down at the table in the flat and carefully unwraps a cloth that she's placed on the surface. She takes out a set of cards, the backs facing upwards, and starts spreading them around the table. She then holds her right hand, palm-side down, over the cards and, after a few seconds, picks one up and turns it over. It's a tarot card: 'The Lovers'.

Sometime later, Christine thanks Angela for going to so much trouble, and she adds that it must have been a bit of a shock. Angela remarks that Paul always dives in head-first. Christine says she's a bit the same. Angela asks her if she's having second thoughts. In reply, Christine says, "Doesn't everybody?" She then continues that, this time, it's right - she knows she's meant to be there. Angela smiles and tells her that Gordon has invited them for dinner tonight. Christine humourously asks if he wants to check her out! She then tells Angela that it'll turn out right - she knows it will. Angela looks worried, though.

Jill arrives home from the doctor's, but she pauses outside the front door before going in, and listens to Wayne and John arguing. Wayne snaps that he's the one living with Jill. John retorts that that's the case for now, but it won't take her long to wake up to him; the one thing he's looking forward to is wiping that grin off Wayne's face. Jill looks annoyed when she hears this. She opens the door, walks into the apartment and immediately asks John what he's doing there. He tells her that he wants to talk to her, and she asks what for. John asks if they can go somewhere private, but she snaps, "No." John looks disconcerted. He tells Jill that he knows he gave her a hard time over Brian - he stopped trying with her because as long as Brian was around, he knew things wouldn't work out for them; now, though, things are different... Jill asks him what he means. John continues that, with Brian out of the way, there's nothing to stop them getting back together. Looking astonished, Jill yells that Brian was one of her closest friends and now he's dead. He asks John how sick he is, but John tries to say he didn't mean it like that - he wants her to come back with him. Jill snaps that he's got to be kidding. John asks her if she still loves him, and she replies that she did... She tells him to get out and leave her alone. John angrily asks her if she doesn't think he wanted to interfere when he heard she was with Wayne; he thought 'what's the point?' - he knew they'd just argue again; it was Brian - he was the trouble. Jill snaps at him to shut up. She continues that Brian was good and he was kind and he wasn't just some 'thing' in the way of them getting married. She orders John to get out. Wayne chips in, sarcastically, that it was a bit of a wasted trip. John pleads, "Jill..." Realising he's not going to get anywhere, he gives up and goes. Wayne goes and holds Jill, and he tells her to sit down. She does, telling Wayne as she does so that she'll be alright - she just needs some time to herself. Wayne says he'll go for a walk and bring home some takeaway. He goes to door, but before he goes out, he looks at Jill in concern. When he's gone, Jill lies down on the couch, looking worried.

Angela comes out of her room in the flat at the back of Dural and asks if she looks alright. Paul tells her that she looks a million bucks! Angela says she hopes everything goes alright tonight. Christine comes out of her room, wearing a huge maternity dress. She tells Angela that it's the same old problem: nothing fits. Angela offers to get her a cardigan to keep her warm. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Paul answers it. It's Jill, who asks for Angela. Paul and Christine head for the main house, leaving Angela to take the call. She asks Jill how she is, but Jill ignores this and asks Angela if she can come over. Angela says she can't, really. She notices that Jill sounds miserable, and suggests they get together tomorrow morning instead. She asks if it's anything to do with John, but Jill just says she'll see Angela tomorrow. Angela, realising that there's obviously a problem, asks what wrong. Jill says they can talk tomorrow, but Angela insists she tell her. Jill gives in and says it's a real mess; she doesn't know what to do; she thinks she's pregnant. Angela, looking surprised, asks her if she's told John. Jill snaps that it's nothing to do with him. Angela remarks that it's his baby, isn't it? Jill says she'll tell her tomorrow.

Lynn comes downstairs at The Terrace as someone knocks on the front door. She answers it to find Beryl standing there. Beryl explains that she's there to see how Davey is, but Lynn says he's asleep. Beryl asks how he is, and Lynn replies that he's fine - they just have to wait to see if there are any after-effects. The two of them go into the kitchen, and Beryl asks how Kevin is. Lynn says, "You know..." Beryl asks if he still doesn't want to know about David. Lynn goes to get him. He comes downstairs, but as he does so, he tells his wife that he's not in the mood for this. Lynn replies that she thinks Beryl is lonely - David's away and she's stuck in the house by herself. Kevin agrees to speak to her, but he warns Lynn that if his mother says one word about Tony, that's it. They go into the kitchen and Kevin tells Beryl that he doesn't want to get off on the wrong foot, so there's to be no talking about David. Beryl tells him that she didn't come round for that.

The lighting in the lounge room at Toorak is subdued, and Charlie and Phillipe are sitting on the settee. Charlie is flirting outrageously, although Phillipe looks slightly worried. Charlie asks Phillipe if he likes the music, and he smiles and says it's very relaxing. He offers Charlie more wine. The two of them suddenly hear Amanda's voice and she and Rob come in. Rob tells Phillipe that he missed a great movie, and he asks him how it went with the food writer. Phillipe says it was good. He then asks Amanda if she got his message about why he couldn't come. Amanda, looking at Charlie, snaps that she got his message alright. She asks him if he and Charlie are having a wonderful time, and Charlie replies, "Certainly, darling!" Amanda snaps that she's sorry if they disturbed them, and she pushes Rob out of the room. Alone again, Charlie says to Phillipe, "Now, darling, where were we?" Phillipe looks uncomfortable.

At The Terrace, there's some awkwardness as Beryl tries to make conversation by saying she bets Kevin and Lynn are glad to have Davey home. Kevin just says, "Yeah." Beryl asks how Rob is, and Kevin replies that he's alright. Lynn chips in that he's starting to go out and kick up his heels a bit, and Beryl remarks that it's about time! Looking frustrated, she then says she knows she agreed not to say anything, but John and Angela are trying to patch things up with David. Kevin snaps that that's nothing to do with him - their argument is about Patricia. He continues that, every time he looks at Davey, he thinks that, if David had gotten rid of Tony, they'd have nothing to worry about. Beryl asks him how he thinks David feels, but Kevin snaps that he took Tony on holiday. Trying to prevent another argument, Lynn asks if anyone wants a biscuit...

At Toorak, Charlie tells Phillipe that there's a new restaurant in town, but she needs someone to go with... Phillipe makes it clear that he's not interested, though, and Charlie, giving in, asks what the French expresson is for 'brush off'. Out in the hallway, Amanda and Rob come downstairs and Amanda goes and stands outside the lounge room door, saying it sounds like it's getting exciting. Back in the room, Phillipe tells Charlie that she's a very nice person. Charlie smiles but asks if he's saying she's not his type. Phillipe says it's been very pleasant. In the hallway, Amanda tells Rob that she's got to go in there, but Rob says she can't. Amanda tells him that she wants to see Charlie's face rubbed in it. Rob, looking surprised, says he hopes she's joking, but Amanda retorts that Charlie asked for it. Rob tells her that they've had a beaut afternoon; why spoil it just to get back at Charlie? - it's not worth it. He suggests they go out again and forget about Charlie. Amanda looks surprised and remarks on how old fashioned Rob is. She adds that it makes a nice change! They go out.

There's a knock on the door of the flat at Dural, and Barbara comes in - she has Angela's cardigan. Christine tells her that it was a lovely meal last night. Barbara tells Paul that Gordon wants to speak to him about something, and Paul heads out. Christine offers Barbara a cuppa, which Barbara accepts. She asks if Angela is still in bed, but Christine replies that she's gone to see a friend - Jill, she thinks. Barbara asks if Christine is all on her own. Christine replies that she's used to it.

At the Morrell apartment, Jill tells Angela that she's so glad she's there - she needs to talk to someone. She asks Angela if John told her they had a blow-up last night, but Angela replies that he didn't come home. Jill comments that he was probably out drowning his sorrows. Angela asks if their argument was about the baby, but Jill says it wasn't. Angela then asks Jill if she's seen a doctor, and Jill replies that she went yesterday afternoon - she's just waiting for the results. Angela asks what she's going to do if she is pregnant. She then adds that Jill doesn't have to have it... Jill looks shocked as she says, "Get rid of it? I couldn't." She tells Angela that Angela wouldn't want to be in her position. Angela grimly agrees that she wouldn't if Wayne is the father, that's for sure. Looking surprised, Jill asks Angela if that's what she thinks. Angela reminds her that she said it isn't John, and it couldn't be Brian... Jill, looking upset, tells Angela that there's something she doesn't know; at the time, she wanted to forget about it, but it's a bit hard to now: something happened when she was at Woombai - it was stupid really, she just didn't think - you never think it could happen to you. She tells Angela bluntly: "I was raped." Angela looks shocked. Recovering her composure, she asks Jill if the baby could be his. Jill replies that it has to be.

Christine has a number of tarot cards laid out in a circle on the table in the flat, and she tells Barbara that there was some happiness in the past - and then some kind of tragedy: an accident or illness? Barbara, looking bemused, asks if Angela has been talking about her. Christine says, "Now the outcome." She turns over a card: it's 'Death'. Barbara says that's horrible, but Christine says it isn't necessarily - it means letting go of the past to start a new life. Barbara mockingly says, "Tarot cards - whatever next?! Christine starts to lay out a new set of cards for herself as Barbara tells her that you can't find answers in cards. Christine retorts that they work for her. As Christine studies the cards, Barbara asks her what's going to happen for her today: something exciting? Christine smiles and says yes: she's going to meet the man she marries! Barbara remarks that that's nice! Christine then says he's almost going to kill her! Barbara jokes that she'll have to keep Gordon locked up in the study, then! Christine tells her that this man is much younger and much better looking! Barbara smiles and says she knows now that Christine is teasing her. Christine says they'll see... She decides to go for a walk as she needs some fresh air.

A short time later, Christine is out walking in the grounds when Paul spots her and calls out, "Hi!" As Christine crosses the driveway to join him, a car suddenly comes out of nowhere and approaches at high speed. Paul calls to Christine to look out, but in her confusion, she stumbles and falls, her tarot cards scattering themselves over the ground. The car comes to a quick halt just in front of her, and John leaps out and rushes to see what's happened. Paul asks Christine if she's alright. She looks at him. She then turns and looks at John standing over her, thinking about the prediction in the tarot cards...


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