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    Written by: Tony Sheldon   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Recovering her composure, Jill tells Wayne that she doesn't know what to say. Wayne says he supposes he should have kept his mouth shut, but Jill tells him, "Better out than in!" Wayne asks her to please not laugh at him. Jill assures him that she's not - she's just rattled. Wayne suggests that she must have had some idea, but Jill says she didn't - she's thick as a brick! She tells him that maybe he just thinks he loves her; he's upset - he's not thinking straight about anything. At that moment, they suddenly hear Fiona calling out for Jill. Wayne asks Jill not to go, as they've got to talk.

Out in the grounds, Fiona suggests to Barbara that they go inside as it's getting chilly out there. They look over at Gordon, who's chatting to a couple of the men from the property, and Fiona remarks happily that she's glad to see him so keen to start! She and Barbara then pick up the tray and take the drinks and glasses inside.

In the bedroom, Jill tells Wayne that she'd better go and see what Fiona wants. Wayne asks her if she'll come straight back, and Jill replies that of course she will. She joins Fiona and Barbara in the living room and explains that she was talking to Wayne. She continues that there's a bit of a problem: she just found him in his old room - he's feeling upset again; she thinks it might be best if she spends the evening with him, talking to him. Fiona tells her that she's taking it too seriously, but this just prompts Jill to ask angrily why Fiona is always so hard on him. Fiona snaps, "Tit for tat." Jill retorts that Wayne loves her - she can't let him down. Barbara looks at Fiona. Jill goes back into the bedroom and closes the door. She asks Wayne how he's feeling and he replies that at least he's got her on his side; that's something to be grateful for - he's just sick of everyone putting him down. Jill asks him if he was listening just now, and Wayne points out that the door was open. Jill retorts that it's none of their business. Wayne turns his back to her and stands looking at the bed again. Jill eventually remarks that she thought he wanted to talk. Wayne asks what's the point, and Jill replies that she doesn't know what's going on inside his head. Wayne replies that neither does he: he's in love with her and that's about all he does know. Jill tells him that she doesn't love him. Wayne asks her if she wants him to leave Woombai, but Jill replies that of course she doesn't. She asks if they can still be friends, but Wayne says he can't be friends anymore - she doesn't know what he's been going through: her marrying Brian, a guy she hardly knows, and then John turning up again and treating her like dirt, the same as he always has; why?; why did Jill take him?; he could have given her so much more - more than John or Brian or anyone else. Jill cries, "Don't." Wayne says he's sorry; he's just sick of seeing guys using her - she means more to him than anything else in the world. Jill listens and then tells Wayne that he can't expect answers straight away. Wayne replies that he doesn't.

In the living room, Barbara curses about her and her big ideas. Fiona comments that, after their last affair was such a disaster, she thought Jill would run a mile; she was counting on it; going along with Barbara's idea, she realised she'd be stuck with Wayne initially, but she thought that after Wayne told Jill how he felt, she'd give him his walking papers. She continues that, what Jill said just then, there was affection in it. Barbara asks Fiona what she's going to do, but Fiona replies that she's really stumped this time. Gordon comes in and asks if there's another bottle of champange open. An unopened bottle is sitting on the table and Gordon picks it up to do the honours. He asks where Wayne and Jill are and Fiona tells him that Wayne is lying down as he's feeling a bit queasy. Gordon suggests that maybe he's caught Jill's virus...

In Melbourne, David arrives home from work and says to Beryl that he hopes there's something decent on the box to watch after dinner. Beryl, though, tells him that she's been on the 'phone to the hospital and Davey has just taken a turn for the worse: he's got trouble with his breathing. She suggests that they should get over there, but David tells her that Lynn will get in touch if there's any news. Beryl, looking shocked, tells David that she thought he'd want to be with them, but David snaps that they haven't been in touch. Beryl tells him that she wishes he'd talk to Kevin - if he told Kevin what he told her this morning, he'd understand why David feels how he does about Tony. David, though, snaps that nothing he can say will change Kevin's mind. Beryl reluctantly says she'll call the hospital again later - maybe there'll be some news for them then.

Sometime later, at the hospital, a doctor is talking to Kevin and Lynn. Angela is sitting nearby. The doctor announces that Davey is out of danger - he put up quite a fight. Lynn and Kevin both look relieved, but the doctor then continues that there are a few complications: Davey stopped breathing, and although they put him on a support system immediately, it took some minutes for his respiration to resume normally. Angela asks if he'll be alright. The doctor replies bluntly that they'll know in a few days if there's any major damage to the brain. Lynn gasps in shock as the doctor continues that Davey might suffer some motor dysfunctions in adolescence, problems with his co-ordination, learning difficulties... Kevin, in shock, murmurs, "Brian damage..." The doctor says there's nothing to panic over now, but they will have to face the prospect of problems with the child. Lynn, still looking upset, says the main thing is he's alive. She asks when they can take him home, and the doctor says next week should be OK. He adds that he's sorry the news isn't more encouraging. Kevin hugs Lynn as tears pour down her face.

Wayne is sitting on the verandah at Woombai when Jill comes out of the house and remarks that he's up early. Wayne explains that he was having trouble sleeping. Jill admits that she couldn't sleep very well either - she kept thinking about last night; they can't go on just being friends, can they? She continues that she told him she doesn't love him - not in the way she loved John - but she does care about him, and maybe one day it can grow into something more; she can't promise anything, but they can be friends for now, and, in time, maybe something else. Wayne looks grateful and he tells her that at least she's not running a million miles.

A short time later, inside, Wayne tells Gordon and Barbara that he and Jill aren't rushing into anything. Gordon comments that it's been quite an eventful visit! He congratulates Wayne, but Barbara takes the opportunity to ask where John fits in. Wayne retorts that he had his chance and blew it. Gordon asks if Jill is coming in for breakfast, but Wayne replies that she's gone for a walk. At that moment, Fiona comes in and Barbara tells her that she's just missed the big announcement. Wayne turns and tells Fiona that he and Jill are getting together again. A furious expression crosses Fiona's face. Barbara suggests to Gordon that he come and help her prepare breakfast in the kitchen, and the two of them leave the room. Alone with Wayne, Fiona snaps that he surely doesn't expect her to believe Jill has made some sort of commitment to him? Wayne taunts Fiona, saying she hates it when things aren't going her way. He continues that, yes, Jill has made a commitment to him; what's the big deal? Fiona snaps that Jill is like a daughter to her - she's watched her make big mistakes when it comes to relationships, but he's the biggest mistake of all time. Wayne tells Fiona that she's just going to have to live with it. He continues that he'll be in his room when breakfast is ready. He walks out, leaving Fiona looking annoyed.

The 'phone rings at Toorak and Patricia answers it. Fiona comes on and asks to speak to John. There's then silence for several seconds until Patricia breaks it, saying she could stand there happily chatting for hours! She calls out to John that it's an old friend of his: Fiona. John comes downstairs and tells Patricia that he just saw a truck pulling up outside - it's probably the new furniture. Patricia goes to deal with it, leaving John to tell Fiona that he was going to try and ring her today and ask her to cancel a couple of classes. Fiona, though, tells him that she'd like him back there - pronto. John asks what's wrong and Fiona replies that it's Jill: she's about to do something really stupid: getting involved with Wayne again. John replies that it's nothing to do with him, but Fiona tells him that Jill still loves him. John snaps that she latched onto Wayne quickly enough. Fiona tells him that as soon as she sees him, she'll realise what a terrible mistake she's making. John thinks for a moment and then says he can be up there this arvo.

Fiona and Jill clear the breakfast plates and Wayne asks Gordon if he's finished with the newspaper. Gordon says he has, and he asks who wants to join him for a ride. Barbara says she'd prefer a brisk walk, and the two of them go out. Fiona asks Wayne what his plans are for today, and Wayne replies that that depends on what Jill wants to do. Fiona retorts that Jill will have enough to occupy her: John is coming up from Melbourne - she's sure they'll have a lot to talk about. Wayne, looking annoyed, asks what he's coming for. Fiona replies that he's going to talk some sense into Jill, she imagines. Wayne snaps at Fiona that he told her to keep out of it. Fiona pauses and then tells Wayne that he can't do anything to hurt her, but when Jill realises that Johnny still cares for her, she won't want to know about him; he might as well quit while he's ahead. Wayne looks angry.

A car is driving along a busy main road in the rain. John is at the wheel, and as he heads for Woombai, he starts thinking about what Fiona said about Jill still loving him. His thoughts then turn to the argument he had with Jill where she threw her engagement ring back at him and told him that he was wasting his time on a tramp like her. As the confrontation rages through his head, he flicks the indicator and turns off the road. He sits there for a few moments, thinking, and then turns the car around and heads back the other way.

Patricia is arranging flowers in the lounge room at Toorak when John comes in. She asks what's wrong and John tells her that there's no point going up there - nothing will have changed between him and Jill; they'll still have the same problems they always had. Patricia tells him that they can work it out, but John retorts that Jill has been right all along: he can't handle the whole thing with Brian. Patricia asks if he's going to leave her to Wayne, but John snaps that he doesn't care anymore. Patricia says she doesn't believe that for a minute. John admits that, OK, he'd like to punch Wayne's head in, but it's Jill's life and she can do what she likes; he'll call Fiona and tell her he's not coming back - not at all.

At Woombai, Jill is clearing the grate for the fire in the living room. She tells Wayne that she's angry with Fiona, too, but when - if - John turns up, she'll just tell him to get lost. Wayne comments that Fiona has really got it in for him; the sooner she learns a person's real mother is the only person with a claim on them, the better. Jill remarks that she's always been like that - she gueses it was losing her own child that did it. Wayne says, "Right..." Jill looks at him and realises he's staring into the distance. She comments that he's not listening to a word she's saying. Wayne tells her that something crazy is going on - it would explain what they said... Jill asks who he's talking about, but Wayne says it doesn't matter - he's just rambling. He tells Jill that he has to go into town this morning and pick up something for Gordy, but he then asks if they can do something when he gets back. Jill says they can - on one condition: he call a truce with Fiona, as she hates to see them fighting. Wayne agrees. He heads outside. As he stands on the doorstep, he thinks about what Enid Hansen said about anything to do with Terry being none of Wayne's business - or Fiona's either; he's their son.

At the Palmers', Beryl tells David that it's a load off her mind knowing Davey is going to be alright; she only wishes Kevin and Lynn had rung to tell them themselves. David says they should hope the kids are so happy that they forget what the fight was about in the first place. Beryl tells David that she's glad he's going with her to see them. David replies that he'll tell Kevin the reasons why he helped Tony, and and if doesn't like it, he can lump it. He adds that he's pretty cheesed off that they didn't call and they had to find out what was happening from some nurse. Beryl suggests they get going.

At The Terrace, Kevin is about to head out to work, but Lynn tells him that she wishes he'd stay home. Kevin, though, says he's going crazy just sitting round there. He suggests Lynn go back to bed as she looks wrecked. Lynn says she feel so helpless. She thinks back to how excited they were when Davey was born, but Kevin tells her that it might all work out alright - they'll still love him - probably more than ever. He adds that, if he has learning difficulties, maybe he'll just cheat in exams like his dad! He then continues that, if he needs treatment or therapy, they'll get it for him no matter how much it costs. Lynn smiles and tells Kevin that she loves him. She heads upstairs to go back to bed and Kevin goes to head out to work. As he opens the door, though, Beryl and David are standing there. They go in, but Kevin snaps that he has to get to work. Beryl explains that she asked David to talk to him about Tony; now Davey is out of danger, she's sure they can talk about things calmly and sensibly. Kevin shakes his head and snaps that Davey isn't out of danger - the worst of it is just starting: he'll live, but he stopped breathing for a while and will probably grow up handicapped thanks to David and his precious Tony. He glares at David and yells, "I never want to see you again."

At the Hansens', Terry says 'bye to his mother, wipes his van, gets in and drives off. Wayne watches in his rear view mirror as he turns off onto the main road. When the van is out of sight, he gets out of his car and walks up to Enid Hansen. She looks at him in concern and asks him what he's doing there. Wayne tells her that he'd like a word with her. Enid retorts that, if it's about the young girl, they haven't had a chance to discuss it with Terry. Wayne, though, says it's about something else. He continues, "I'd like to talk to you about Terry being Fiona Thompson's son." Enid puts her hand to her mouth in shock. Wayne smiles as he realises he's hit on the truth.


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