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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Kevin and Lynn are still at the hospital, but Kevin complains that he feels so useless just sitting there. Lynn assures him that the doctors will tell them as soon as they know something. Beryl joins them with some drinks from a vending machine, and as she hands them out, she tells Kevin that she wishes he'd talk to David. Kevin snaps that he only said what he thinks. Beryl tells him that David is just as worried about Davey as he is. Kevin snaps that he didn't say he isn't. Beryl continues that she feels just the same about Tony as he does, but Kevin snaps at her to tell that to David. Giving up, Beryl goes to sit with David just round the corner. As she sits down, David remarks that he hasn't seen Tony around. Beryl immediately snaps that she wishes he'd stop talking about Tony for five seconds; she wishes he'd try and understand how they feel towards the kid. David angrily asks Beryl if she thinks Tony did it deliberately. Beryl says she doesn't, but she does add that Kevin is out of his mind that Davey might die. David mutters that he's not going to treat a good lad like the mongrel dog everyone thinks he is.

At The Terrace, Rob is sitting at a table in the dining area, and he asks Angela to read out some figures. As she reads them out from a book, he types them into a calculator. She has only read out a couple of figures when she stops, a distant expression on her face. Rob asks her what's wrong, and she replies that she can't concentrate with Davey in hospital. Rob tells her that he's sure they'll hear if anything happens. Angela murmurs agreement. She then tells Rob that she hasn't been very fair on him about the coffee shop - letting him do all the work. Rob points out that Beryl and the kids help, but Angela tells him that he takes the responsibility, plus he has his other job; it was her idea to open the place and then she takes off and lets him run it. Rob assures her that it doesn't matter; it's just nice to sit and talk and not argue. As he says this, Phillipe comes in carrying a tray of food and wine. He tells Rob and Angela that he could overhear their converstaion from the kitchen and he wondered whether they should have someone looking after the business full time. Angela asks if he means they should employ a manager. Phillipe replies that it's up to them, but he's a fully-trained chef - he could make it the best restaurant in Australia! He also points out that it would mean no more worry for them. Angela says she thinks it's great idea! Phillipe assures her that she won't be sorry! The three of them raise their glasses.

Charlie is on the 'phone at Toorak, and she tells the person on the other end - Angela - that she'd love to come to lunch tomorrow! Angela explains that she's discovered a marvellous French chef - and he's very handsome! Charlie asks if he's married and Angela replies, "No!" She then adds a promise that Charlie won't be disappointed! Charlie says she can hardly wait! She then adds that she'll tell Patricia, as she'd love to join them. Angela, though, hurriedly suggests that that's not a good idea, as Phillipe works at The Terrace and Patricia doesn't get on with Rob. Charlie smiles and remarks that it's less competition for her! Angela assures Charlie that she doesn't have to worry about Patricia these days, as she seems pretty happy! Charlie agrees. She then tells Angela that Paul has been calling all evening and he didn't sound too happy when she told him that Angela was with Rob. She suggests to Angela that she call him, but Angela says she'll do it tomorrow. Charlie tells her not to leave it too long as she doesn't want to lose him... The calls ends and both women hang up. At The Terrace, Angela tells Phillipe that he'll be the talk of the track set by tomorrow night! Rob asks Angela what she's going to do tomorrow, referring to when she told Charlie that she'd call someone tomorrow. Angela replies that there's an old friend of the family she's supposed to call; it's nothing important...

At the hospital, a doctor tells Kevin and Lynn that there's really not any point in them staying. From around the corner, Beryl spots the doctor talking to the kids and she and David walk over to join them. The doctor explains that Davey is fighting pneumonia but he isn't getting any worse. Lynn tells Beryl that the doctor thinks they should go home. Kevin says he wouldn't be able to sleep, so he might as well stay, but Beryl tells him that the doctor is right: they can call the hospital in the morning. David offers the kids a lift home and Lynn smiles gratefully, but Kevin snaps that they'll get a cab, and Lynn's face immediately drops. They go. Beryl tells David not to get upset, but David snaps that he'll get more than upset - he'll clip Kevin round the ear.

Beryl and David arrive home and, finding the house empty, David remarks that he thought Tony would have been there. Beryl snaps, "Did you?" David asks where else he would go. He heads off to check Tony's room while Beryl goes into the kitchen and gets some milk and eggs out of the 'fridge. As she closes the 'fridge door, David comes back and announces that Tony has shot through: all his things are gone. Beryl tells him that Tony's not his responsibility, and she suggests that he's more interested in Tony than in his own family. She adds that, pretty soon, none of the kids will want to know them. David snaps that, if they want to walk around being unreasonable, good luck to them - but he's not going to apologise for something he didn't do. He starts to head out and Beryl asks him where he's going. David snaps, "Out to get drunk - I've had the bloody lot of you." He stops in his tracks, though, and turns and tells Beryl that he's not taking it out on her. Beryl replies that she wants to understand but she's stuck in the middle. They hug, and David tells her that he just wants to bring Tony back; there are a couple of things she doesn't know.

The next morning, Kevin is on the 'phone at The Terrace, and he asks the nurse at the hospital to call if there's any news. He hangs up and tells Lynn that there's no change. He adds, though, that Davey is a little fighter. He then tells her that he gave the hospital her work number, but she replies that there was no need, as she's staying home. Kevin asks what Mrs. Collins will think, but Lynn snaps that she hasn't got a sick baby. Kevin says he feels like he shouldn't go to work, but Lynn points out that it's easy for him to get away if he has to. She tells him to get a move on and she'll ring Maggie. Kevin heads off and Lynn goes to the 'phone. As Kevin is about to open the front door, Phillipe comes in carrying a box of vegetables. He asks how Davey is and Kevin replies that he's the same as last night. Phillipe says he's sure he'll recover soon. Kevin goes and Phillipe heads into the kitchen. Lynn is on the 'phone, arguing with Mrs. Collins and saying she's just explained... She eventually gives in, but tells Mrs. Collins that, if she's called away, that's it: she's going. She hangs up and turns to Phillipe, telling him that Maggie is sure Davey will be OK. Phillipe remarks that Lynn doesn't really want to go, and Lynn shakes her head. Phillipe asks her if her husband and child mean more to her. Lynn replies that she's only just starting to realise how much. Phillipe tells her that he's sure everything will work out. He kisses Lynn on the forehead and Lynn tells him that he's a good friend.

Barbara and Gordon arrive at Woombai and Fiona welcomes them and asks if they had a good trip. Barbara replies that they have the perfect marriage: Gordon drinks and she drives! Gordon asks if Wayne isn't about and Fiona replies that he and Jill have gone for a walk somewhere. Barbara suggests that that gives them time to chat, but Fiona says she was hoping to talk serious business with Gordon.

A short time later, Gordon is looking at a set of books as Fiona tells him that he can see her problem: ever since Ramberg went to the wall it's been a struggle to make ends meet. Gordon asks if the riding school isn't paying its way, and Fiona replies that it will in twelve months, but not yet. Gordon asks if the bank can't lend her some money, but Fiona replies that it's not exactly carryover finance she needs. Gordon says, "Capital?" Fiona says yes - plus it would be nice to have some help in running the place - so she's decided to take on a partner. Barbara looks surprised and remarks that that's a bit risky. Fiona says she knows - that's why she's giving Gordon first option. Gordon raises his eyebrows and says, "Me?" Fiona tells him that she always said she'd give him the chance to buy back in one day. Gordon looks worried and says he doesn't know. Fiona comments that she thought he'd jump at the idea. Gordon replies that he appreciates her thinking of him first, and he could put her in touch with a couple of people who might be interested, but, as for him, he'll have to say 'no thankyou'. Barbara looks surprised.

At The Terrace, Charlie is telling Phillipe and Angela about her trip to France and about how she saw all these men in uniform maching past her window and she didn't even realise it was Bastille Day! Phillipe asks her if she enjoyed the parade, and Charlie replies that it was marvellous - all those uniforms; she's never had so much fun! Laughing, Angela suggests that they'd better order! Charlie says, "Decisions decisions!" and remarks on the fact that they have their very own private menu. She then adds that she thinks she'll have Phillipe instead! Angela laughs, "Charlie!" Charlie orders something in French and Angela says she'll have the same. Phillipe goes to prepare the order, leaving Angela to ask Charlie what she thinks. Charlie replies that, if his cooking is half as good as he looks, she'll book a permanent table!

At Woombai, Barbara tells Gordon that she can understand why he's not taking up Fiona's offer: it's Wayne - he's worried how he might react. Gordon replies that Wayne is tolerating him at the moment because it suits him financially, but he can break through to him if he does the right thing. Barbara listens but then tells Gordon that she thinks he's wrong to dismiss the idea out of hand. Gordon, though, says Wayne is more important to him than Woombai. Barbara tells him that she thinks he'll be very sorry he didn't think the matter over more carefully. Gordon jokingly asks her if that's what she sees in her crystal ball! Barbara smiles but insists that she's serious! Gordon tells her that if he does buy in, it will be through the company and Stephen will find himself half-owner. Barbara asks him to think things over carefully, and not make any snap decisions. Gordon decides to go out for a wander.

A while later, Barbara joins Fiona outside on the verandah. Fiona, who is writing some letters, asks where Gordon is. Barbara explains that he's out walking; she then adds that she thinks she might have managed to convince him to rethink Fiona's offer. Fiona comments that she was surprised when he said no, but Barbara tells her that he feels he has his reasons. Fiona suddenly spots Wayne and Jill walking in the distance, and Barbara, also spotting them looking very friendly, remarks that, when John came up to Sydney, she wondered why Wayne was so keen to go visiting; he's obviously as keen as mustard. Fiona says Wayne and Jill are just good friends - and if she had her way, they wouldn't even be that. Barbara, though, tells Fiona that she thinks she's too close to see it. Fiona replies that Wayne doesn't stand a chance with Jill - she learned her lessson from him last time. Barbara, though, says Wayne doesn't know that - he's too conceited. A thought then appears to cross her mind and she tells Fiona that Gordon might agree to be her partner if she agrees to let her the little idea she has in mind work.

Sometime later, inside, Wayne snaps that Barbara has got to be kidding - why the hell should he let Gordon think he's forgotten everything? Barbara retorts that it's so he won't feel bad about buying a half share in Woombai. She asks Wayne if he hasn't heard of the word 'forgiveness'? Wayne snaps that he hasn't when people want him dead. Barbara snaps that if Wayne had any sense he must realise be there would be something in it for him if Gordon takes up the offer. She continues that Fiona will give him his marching orders as soon as she and Gordon leave, and there'll be no more cosy walks with Jill... Wayne warns Barbara, "Hang on..." but Barbara continues that, if Gordon takes up the offer, no one could kick him off the property...

A while later, Fiona serves drinks in the living room, and Barbara thanks her for going along with her. Fiona sourly comments that Wayne has been up to a few tricks since he arrived and she was looking forward to giving him the big heave-ho; Gordon being so happy is the only thing that could really make up for it. Barbara asks how Jill is, as she looks a bit strained. Fiona, wanting to keep the real situation quiet, replies that it's nothing serious - just a bit of a virus...

Outside, Fiona proposes a toast to a long and very happy partnership! Gordon says he feels as if he's come home again! He then continues that Wayne is one he should be thanking - it was his idea more than anyone's. Wayne points out that it's Gordon's money. Gordon smiles and replies, "Our money."

Lynn is in the middle of a photoshoot and she poses for a couple of shots before the photographer tells her that there's just one more set-up. Lynn walks over to her bag, which is resting on a chair, and as she does so, one of the assistants on the shoot comes over to her and gives her a piece of paper with a message written on it. Lynn reads it and then angrily asks the women when she got the message. The woman replies that the call came an hour ago. Lynn immediately yells at the women, telling her that she has a very sick baby in hospital. The woman insists that she didn't know it was urgent, but Lynn snaps that any idiot would know it was urgent from what it says. She picks up her bag and storms out. The woman tries to tell her that she's got another set-up, but Lynn snaps that she knows what she can do with it.

In the grounds at Woombai, Jill remarks to Fiona, Gordon and Barbara that Wayne been inside for a long time, fetching the next bottle of champagne. She decides to go in and hurry him up.

As she enters the homestead, Jill calls out, "Wayne? Where are you?" Wayne is in the bedroom he slept in as a child, standing over the bed. Jill finds him and asks him what he's doing in there. Wayne snaps that he hates him; he was lying when he said he didn't mind him buying back into Woombai. He continues that, where he's standing now is where Gordon must have stood saying he wanted him dead. He tells Jill that Gordon is only being nice because he still feels guilty and Barbara is being polite because she doesn't want to upset Gordon, but they all hate him. Jill asks him why he told Gordon to go ahead then. Wayne tells her that it was so he can be near her. Jill assures him that she'll get over what happened to her, but Wayne replies. "I can't help it. I love you. I'll never stop loving you." Jill looks shocked.


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