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    Written by: Michael Latimer    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

A short time later, Wayne is inside the Hansen property, and he tells Warren and Enid that he's sorry, but there's no point in them saying it's not true - after the attack on Jill, he had Terry investigated and he's got proof: Terry is Fiona's son. Enid indignantly asks what proof he's got, before adding that Terry is their boy - they adopted him; Wayne can't just come in and... Warren, though, interrupts and tells Enid, "He knows." He then asks Wayne if Fiona knows, and Wayne replies that she doesn't yet - he wanted to hear what they had to say first. Warren starts to explain that he and Enid couldn't have a child of their own so they applied to adopt, but they were told they were too old - they were into their thirties; one day, old Alec Reid - Fiona's grandfather - came to see them - that was in 1953; he was a fine old gent and they'd known him all their lives; he told them that there was a baby they could have as their own - but were conditions: everyone had to think the child came from the adoption people; no one was to know the truth. He continues that there was some sort of reason they thought Mrs. Thompson was an unfit mother, but they never said what the reason was; they worried what sort of life she could give a baby, though. Enid starts pacing the room as Warren goes on to explain that it was a home delivery - Fiona didn't want to go to hospital; the day after the delivery, she got the 'flu - and so did Terry; they were both really bad; when Fiona came out of the fever, she was told that her baby had died and that they'd already buried it - they thought it was the best thing for the kiddie. He adds that the child was beautiful - only days old; they gave him a home, a proper family, all the love they had... Enid asks Wayne what he's going to do, but Wayne says he'll have to discuss it with Mrs. Thompson. Enid asks what good it would do after all these years. Wayne replies that he owes it to her - however hard it is on them, Fiona deserves to know. Enid tells Wayne that, if he feels he must, there's nothing they can say... She breaks down in tears.

Wayne arrives back at Woombai, a broad smile on his face. Fiona comes in and comments that she thought he might be Jill. She then remarks that he's looking very pleased with himself and adds that she supposes he's heard the news. Wayne asks, "What news?" Fiona tells him that he's been given a reprieve: Johnny isn't coming back after all. Wayne sarcastically says, "What a shame..." He then asks why the change of mind, but Fiona just retorts that he has his own reasons. Wayne comments that John must have decided to butt out of other people's business, and he adds that it's a pity Fiona doesn't do the same. Fiona assures Wayne, "No way!" Wayne then remarks on how wonderful it would be if women like Fiona and Barbara vanished in a puff of smoke. Fiona retorts that she can't speak for Barbara, but she's not vanishing anywhere. Wayne smiles nastily and tells her that things change - you never know what's around the corner...

Amanda is sitting in the back room at Toorak, which has been converted into living quarters for her. She's reading a magazine and looking bored when there's a knock on the door. It's John. Amanda asks him if Patricia has sent him in to butter-up her naughty stepdaughter. John, though, ignores this and replies that he thought Amanda might like to spend some time with him - do the tourist bit round the city. Amanda reluctantly says she supposes it will help fill in some time... John then tells her that Patricia wants to be friends, and he suggests to Amanda that she try liking her. Amanda asks why. John replies that it's more fun than hating her. Amanda, though, says she would hate anyone who's her father's idea of the perfect wife. John says he doesn't understand. Amanda tells him that there are lots of things he doesn't understand. She then impatiently grabs her coat and asks if they're going out or not.

John and Amanda are seen walking along a crowded street in the heart of Melbourne. When a tram stops by them, they hop on, and are later seen walking along a grass-covered area in the middle of the city, talking. They eventually arrive at Government House, and Amanda remarks to John that she wouldn't mind living there. She then bitterly says her father has done some unforgiveable things. John comments that he doesn't think fathers are ever meant to be perfect. He tells Amanda to give Patricia and Stephen a go, adding that it's their lives; pulling stunts like the telegram doesn't achieve anything. He adds that, if Amanda really loves her father, she should give him a go. Amanda listens and then asks if they can go home, as she wants to tell them she's sorry.

At the Palmers', David says he thought pneumonia wasn't dangerous anymore. Beryl replies that it isn't, but it's those few minutes that he stopped breathing. David asks what they'll do if he grows up handicapped? Beryl assures him that Kevin shouting at him was just because he's upset, but David snaps that he's sick to death of getting it in the neck. Beryl points out that he's got the Queensland run tomorrow - it might help take his mind off things. David bitterly remarks that it will only help for a couple of days. Beryl suggests that he can start sorting things out when he comes back, but David appears to have an idea, and he tells Beryl that he might stay up there for a while with Doug and Rosie. Beryl asks how long he'll be away for, but David says he doesn't know - just until things settle down; if he doesn't get away for a while...; there's Kevin, John... ; a whole pile of things - and now he's starting to take it out on her; he just needs to get away. He adds that he doesn't like leaving her there by herself, but Beryl reminds him that she's a truckie's wife - she's used to it. She adds, though, that she wishes he'd explain to Kevin why he's sticking by Tony before he goes. David, though, says Kevin would think he's just making up another story. He then adds that there's something he has to do - and he hopes Beryl understands.

Outside the Parker house, Tony excitedly says, "Queensland?! Tomorrow?!" David tells him that it will do them both good; they can get away from everything for a while. Tony reminds him that Davey getting sick was his fault, but David replies that no one was to blame; Beryl says it's OK so is Tony coming or not? Tony says he's got nothing else on! David tells him to come and stay at their place tonight, but Tony, looking reluctant, says he'd rather meet David in the morning. David assures Tony that Beryl is happy for him to stay with them. Tony goes inside to fetch his things.

Stephen and Patricia are sitting in the lounge room at Toorak, and Stephen remarks that girls of 18 are so grown up these days; he can't help wondering if the problem with Amanda is that he still treats her like a child. At that moment, John and Amanda arrive home, and Amanda immediately asks Stephen for a word in private. Stephen says sure, but first he has good news: the police called - it seems like they're onto the guys who stole their furniture. Amanda immediately looks worried, but she says it's wonderful... Stephen asks her if she still wants a word. Amanda says she does, but she wants to get changed first.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Tony tells David that he's never been out of the city before! Beryl comes in and tells David that he's all packed apart from one item which she couldn't find. David goes off to look for it in the bathroom, leaving Beryl alone with Tony. She asks him if he's looking forward to the trip, and Tony says he is. Beryl continues that she knows they've had their problems... Tony interrupts and says he knows what Beryl must think of him. Beryl asks him just to look after David while they're up in Queensland, and Tony says, "Sure." The 'phone starts ringing and Beryl answers it. The calls is for Tony, and Beryl tells him that it's the same young lady that rang the other day. Tony takes it and Amanda comes on and and tells him that he's got to come over. Tony says he can't. Amanda snaps that this can't wait. Tony asks what's happened, but Amanda says she'll tell him when he gets there. She adds that he's not to let anyone see him, and he's to use the side door when he arrives.

Wayne is back at the Hansens', and he tells them that he's discussed the matter with Mrs. Thompson and she's asked him to handle the whole thing on her behalf. He continues that they think it best if Terry isn't told Fiona is his mother. Enid smiles and says she and Warren are so grateful. Wayne adds that Fiona would like to do the right thing for Terry's furture, so she's thinking of offering him a job on the property - she wants to get to know him - and they'd prefer the Hansens didn't do anything to stop him accepting it. Warren and Enid willingly agree. Wayne then adds that there's one other small thing: Fiona had a photograph taken of Terry soon after he was born, but she lost it in a fire - so if, by chance, they have a photo of him soon after he got there... Enid smiles and says, "Of course," and she goes to get one. As she does this, Wayne says he'd like to come over tomorrow for a chat, and to patch things up with Terry. Warren assures him that he can come over whenever he likes. Enid gives Wayne a black-and-white photo of Terry as a baby, and Wayne tells her that Fiona will be very pleased - it will mean more to her than they can possibly imagine...

A while later, Wayne walks out of a junk shop carrying a package wrapped in brown paper. He gets into his car and puts the package on the passenger seat. He then starts unwrapping it carefully and lifts out one of the items: it's an old photo album, full of black-and-white photos.

It's nighttime when Tony arrives at Toorak. Sitting in Amanda's quarters, Amanda tells him that she doesn't think he realises how serious it is: he's going to have to bring the furniture back. Tony looks incredulous, and snaps that this isn't the Salvation Army! Amanda warns him that the police are onto his friends, and as soon as they're found, Tony has had it. Tony, though, says his mates won't dob him in. Still looking worried, Amanda asks what about her. Tony points out that she didn't seem too worried the other day - she said she had the perfect alibi. Amanda, though, says the whole thing has got out of hand - she's scared. Tony tells her that she's worrying about nothing - even if the police catch his mates, they won't say anything. Amanda snaps that she doesn't believe that 'honour amongst thieves' stuff. Tony tells her that there's nothing they can do unless they steal it back. Amanda excitedly suggests they do that, but Tony tells her this isn't kindergarten! He then adds that, anyway, he's going to Queensland tomorrow. Amanda snaps that that's charming, and she insists that he's got to help her. Stephen suddenly calls out for her. Amanda says she'll just be a minute, before turning to Tony and saying there must be something he can do. Stephen again calls out and asks Amanda to come to the living room now. Amanda tells Tony to wait where he is, and to hide if anyone comes. She walks out and into the lounge room where Stephen and Patricia are standing with two men. Stephen tells her that they're from the CIB. He continues that the police have caught the men who stole the furniture, and when they were questioned, they came up with rather an odd story: something about Amanda co-operating. One of the detectives tells Amanda that there are one or two puzzling factors about the robbery - perhaps she can shed some light on them...?

A short time later, Amanda is telling the detectives that it was terrifying: they threatened to hurt her if she didn't do exactly what they said; they said they had time for her, too, if they wanted - she didn't know what they'd do next. One of the detectives asks Amanda if she was assaulted, but Amanda replies that they didn't touch her. The detective asks why she didn't 'phone the police after they'd gone, and Amanda tells him that the theives threatened that, if she 'phoned the police, they'd get her. The detective thanks her. Stephen asks him when they can expect their furniture back again, and the detective replies that it'll probably be tomorrow afternoon. Patricia asks if Amanda will have to make a signed statement and appear in court as a witness. The detective replies that they'll be in touch about that. Patricia goes to show them out. Amanda also makes to leave the room, but Stephen angrily asks her where she's going, and he orders her to sit down. When she's seated, Stephen comments that the police seemed to believe her. Amanda 'innocently' asks why shouldn't they? Stephen snaps that she didn't fool him; she helped in that robbery because she thought it would put him in a position that would force him to tell Patricia about his financial situation. He continues that, well, it didn't work; all it succeeded in doing is forcing him to treat her in the way she deserves. He continues that she's going to get a job and start doing something useful; in the meantime, he's cutting off her credit cards - she can start taking charge of her own life for a change. He then adds that he and Patricia are flying to Sydney tomorrow to launch the new company officially, and when he returns, he shall expect a full report: applications and interviews. He tells Amanda to get out and thank her lucky stars that that's all that's happening to her. Amanda storms out, leaving Stephen looking furious.

Amanda returns to her room and calls for Tony, who emerges from his hiding place in the back hallway. He tells Amanda that he's got an idea, but Amanda replies that it's too late: that was the police - they caught his friends and they told the truth. Tony looks worried, but Amanda tells him that the police believed her. She then adds that her father didn't, but Tony's in the clear. Tony asks Amanda if she's OK, but Amanda just tells him to go before anyone finds him there. Tony starts to head off, but as he does so, Amanda bitterly asks why she always leaves things too late. Tony asks what she means, but she snaps that it's nothing, and she tells him to go, and leave her alone.

At Woombai, Jill is looking at some ornaments lying on a cloth, and she asks Wayne where he found them. He replies that they came from a junk shop in town - they're peace offerings. Jill picks up a brooch and pins it to her top. Wayne picks up a small sculpture, which he hands to Fiona, who reluctantly says it's very nice. Wayne then picks up the photo album, which was underneath the ornaments, and says he couldn't resist it - he got it for Rosie. Jill opens it and starts going through the pictures, and she tells Fiona to come and look. Fiona says she's got to get on with dinner, but Jill insists. Wayne points to a picture of an old car and says Gordy had one just like it! Jill looks at the photos from a wedding and comments on the hairstyle of a woman in one of the shots. Fiona laughs that that's how she used to look. Jill goes to turn another page, but Fiona suddenly snaps, "Don't." She looks at one of the photographs - the one that the Hansens gave Wayne - and says it's Scott. Jill says it can't be, but Fiona says she's looked at his photo every day for thirty years. She looks shocked as she murmurs, "That... is Scott."


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