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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

At Dural, Barbara and Angela are polishing cutlery, and Barbara says it's good to have someone else who hates doing it, to give her a hand! Angela says Rosie used to be religious about it! Barbara laughs and says they're mad - they should eat with fingers! Gordon comes in, engrossed in a paper he's reading. He looks up, sees Angela doing the cleaning, and says he can remember a young lady who squealed every time housework was mentioned! Barbara tells her husband that she thinks he looks tired, and she sarcastically remarks that it was very good of Wayne to go away and leave Gordon with all the work. Gordon, though, replies that it won't make much difference - they can't really do much until Stephen gets the ball rolling in Melbourne. Angela says it's still not very fair of Wayne to leave him with it. Barbara says going to see Jill was just an excuse. Gordon replies that he imagines Jill's pretty depressed over John, and can probably do with some support. Angela and Barbara look at each other.

Fiona is driving along the track that approaches Woombai, when she overtakes a tractor and pulls into the side of the road, indicating that she wants the tractor to pull over, too. Russ, the driver and a local farmer, asks what the problem is, and he queries whether the car's playing up. Fiona says everything's fine - she just wants some help - it's about Terry Hansen. She tells Russ that she's thinking of employing Terry and would like to know more about him, as a lot of people in town say he's a nice bloke. Russ says he'd go along with that - Terry can be a bit of a lad at times, but everyone seems to like him. Fiona agrees that that seems to be the general opinion. Russ says he supposes Fiona got a few funny looks. Fiona asks him what he means, and Russ says that, with all the rumours going round at the moment, people probably think it's funny Fiona asking for a character reference, the reputation the riding school's got right now. Fiona curtly says, "People love to gossip." She adds, "Thankyou, Russ, for your help."

When Fiona gets back to Woombai, she finds Wayne sitting in the armchair in the lounge room. She asks him what he thinks he's doing, to which he smartly replies, "Sitting beside the fire?" Fiona snaps that she's in no mood for smart talk. Wayne replies that he came to see Jill, and from the way she looks, it seems he did the right thing. Fiona asks where Jill is, and Wayne says he talked her into going to her room to lie down. Fiona says that's good, and she tells Wayne that he can now leave. She adds that he can take that look his off his face - he's not welcome there. Wayne tells Fiona that she loves a bit of melodrama, and he laughs that this must be the tenth time she's threatened to have him kicked out of there; if she really means it, why doesn't she do something about it. He gets up and says he's going outside to watch the sunset. When he's gone, Fiona dials a number. When the call is answered, she says, "Louise, is Alan there? Good. Have him send over the biggest fellow he's got. I want someone given their marching orders."

Wayne is standing outside when he sees a large man approaching. The man goes to head inside, and he calls for Fiona, but Fiona comes out and asks him to please escort Wayne from the property. The man says it would be a pleasure, and he grabs Wayne's arm. Wayne sourly says he didn't think Fiona had the guts to do it. He then asks if he should start making a noise and wake Jill; he tells Fiona to make the man let go or he'll get Jill out, and he's sure she'd love to see how Fiona treats her friends. Fiona reluctantly tells the man, Keith, to let Wayne go. Wayne says he knew Fiona would see it his way. Fiona sighs.

Inside, Fiona says she supposes Wayne think he's very smart. In reply, Wayne asks why Fiona didn't tell him. Fiona asks what about. Wayne replies, "The rape, of course." Seeing the look of surprise on Fiona's face, he adds that Jill told him. He tells Fiona that, if Jill won't go to the police, it's up to them to make sure the bloke gets what's coming to him. Fiona snaps that she doesn't need Wayne's help, but Wayne replies that he and Jill are good friends, and he won't let the animal get off scott-free. He asks what the bloke's name is, and Fiona tells him that it's Terry Hansen. She adds that she's been trying to get something on him, but everyone thinks he's a good bloke. Wayne says two of them might be able to do better. Fiona asks how. Wayne replies that they have to do what they can for Jill's sake. Fiona says she supposes he has a point, and she reluctantly tells him that he might as well stay around.

At the Morrell apartment, Stephen jokes that he even has to fold his own shirts for packing! Patricia, who's doing her nails, replies that if he wants nail polish over them...! She then remarks that it's early to start packing. Stephen replies that he thought they'd go down tonight and maybe eat on the way to the airport. Patricia says she didn't realise - she's asked John over for dinner. She asks if they can go tomorrow, but Stephen tells her that he wants her to see what he's done to the house. He adds that he guesses it can wait. He asks if Angela and Paul are coming. Patricia replies that she'd love to have Angela, but Paul's a bit of a problem. Stephen asks if it isn't time Patricia gave Paul a chance, as he can't be that bad. Patricia replies that if only Stephen knew... Stephen, though, says he doesn't, and he doesn't particuarly care, " let's have them both to dinner."

At Dural, Barbara answers the 'phone. It's Patricia, who asks to speak to John. Barbara goes to get him, and John takes the call in the hall. Patricia whispers as she tells him that she's glad she caught him. John tells her to speak up, but Patricia replies that it's difficult her end. Stephen is in the room as Patricia quietly explains to John that she'd love to invite Angela tonight, but she'd have to invite Paul as well. John asks if she has to, and Patricia replies that it would be difficult not to. She adds, though, that she was thinking he should be made to realise that he's not welcome at a family dinner. John says he couldn't agree more. Patricia says she just thought she'd warn John what he's in for. John replies that Paul won't get anywhere with him. Patricia tells him that she'll see him at 7:30pm. John says, "No worries."

At the dinner, Patricia asks Angela if she doesn't think John should come and live in the city. Angela agrees that they'd see more of him. John says he doesn't know... Patricia tells him that she knows he loved the country and the fresh air and all that, but there comes a time when you have to start thinking about life. John says he takes it like it comes, but Patricia tells him that he's not getting any younger! She adds that she's sure Stephen won't mind talking to him about business opportunities. Stephen says he'd be glad to, but John says he's not really ready for a suit just yet. Patricia pours more wine for everyone except Paul. Stephen tells John that it wouldn't mean working in an office nine-to-five. Patricia points out that, if John lived in the city, he could stay in the apartment. John says he thinks he could cope with living there! Stephen sternly tells Patricia to fix Paul's glass. Patricia 'innocently' tells Paul that she begs his pardon - she was talking too much...

At Dural, Barbara wonders out loud how things are going at the dinner, but Gordon says he doesn't really care that much. He adds that he feels a bit sorry for Paul, though. Barbara agrees, saying it's like going to dinner in fish tank full of piranahs! She adds that he's a brave boy. Gordon tells her that she shouldn't look so smug, and Barbara asks what she has to look smug about. Gordon replies that she might have avoided mixing with him so far, but she'll have to face up to it sooner or later - Stephen is his partner; it's inevitable.

The dinner party over, Patricia hugs Angela and says it's lovely to see her again. She thanks her daughter and Paul for coming, and says it's been a wonderful evening, but Paul angrily replies, "Don't be such a damned hypocrite." Patricia says, "I beg your pardon?" Stephen says, "Steady on," to Paul, but Paul ignore this and rants that Patricia and John had a wonderful time doing their best to make him feel like he wasn't there. Angela tells Paul that she thinks they'd better go, but Paul continues his tirade, saying he thinks it's about time they woke up to the fact that he and Angela are a couple - they do everything together and go everywhere together - and that includes dinner with Patricia, if they have to; that's the way it is. Patricia 'innocently' says she never thought of it any other way. Paul replies that that may be the case, but he knows she hates it, and he adds that it's too bad. He turns to Stephen and thanks him for his hospitality, saying he enjoyed his company. He and Angela then leave. John immediately asks what got into him, and Patricia replies, "Search me!" Stephen closes the door and grimly remarks that that was a bright end to the evening. Patricia snaps that she's glad he thinks it's funny.

The next morning, Stephen tells Patricia that there's no point getting hot under the collar. Patricia snaps that Paul suggested she deliberately ignored him, but Stephen tells her not to play innocent - she was an out-and-out bitch last night, and she knows it: Paul stood up to her, and good on him. Patricia sourly says they'd better get a move on if they're going to catch the 9am flight. Stephen tells her that she still has to pack his shirts - and she can't use her nails as an excuse this this morning! Patricia says she'll leave the apartment keys for John, as he's still asleep. Stephen tells her to leave the car keys as well. He asks how long John's likely to be staying, and Patricia replies that he has to get back to Woombai to organise some fitness classes later in the week. Stephen says Amanda is due in a couple of days, but Patricia says John should be gone by then - and even if he isn't, the place is big enough for two. She pauses and then says she's not sure if she should go to Melbourne yet, as John seems very confused still. She adds that maybe she should stay there for a few more days to provide moral support. Stephen, though, says John is old enough to look after himself and it's time he did. He adds that he has work to attend to in Melbourne and he'd like his wife with him. He suggests she go and pack his shirts. Patricia jokes that he'll be sorry!

It's tense at Dural, at breakfast. When Angela curtly asks Paul for the sugar, he asks her if this is going on all day. Angela snaps that it's him. Paul replies that he's not sorry about last night - he meant every word he said. Angela says she thinks she'll finish eating outside. She goes, and Paul apologises to Gordon and Barbara. Barbara asks if there's something wrong between him and Angela, and Paul replies, "You could say that." Gordon asks if something happened last night, and Paul tells him that it was nothing too dramatic, but there was a bit of unpleasantness over dinner, which ended in him telling Patricia where to get off. Barbara laughs and says, "That's all?!" She adds that she wishes she'd been there to see it! Gordon says he hopes Paul didn't go too far. Paul says, "Only as far as the truth." Gordon warns him not to underestimate Patricia, adding, "You know what she's like at breaking up relationships." Barbara raises her eyebrows. Paul says he knows what Gordon's saying, but he has pretty strong ammunition to fire at her if he has to. Barbara cheerily says, "That's what I like to hear!" She decides it's time she got off to golf. She kisses Gordon and wishes Paul a nice day. Paul decides to go and make peace with Angela.

Angela is sitting outside, reading the paper, when Paul approaches and gives her a cup of coffee. He remarks that it's warm, sitting there in the sun. Angela tells him that she can't believe how stupid he was last night. Paul says Patricia was needling him all night, but Angela says he took the bait - why didn't he just ignore her? Paul replies that he didn't appreciate her dumping insults on him. Angela says it'll take Patricia a while to get used to them. Paul asks if he's expected to put up with John's digs as well, and he adds that he and Patricia are trying to break them up. Angela says they can't hurt them if they don't let them. She returns to reading the paper.

John is asleep in bed at the Sydney apartment when the front door slams and wakes him up. A young woman enters the apartment and dumps a pile of bags and suitcases on the sofa in the lounge room. She then heads off to the bathroom. John gets out of bed and walks into the lounge room dressed in only his underpants. He sees the cases and looks puzzled. He then goes to the kitchen. The young woman, who's now dressed in only a bra and knickers, walks back into the lounge room, opens one of her cases, and takes out a towel before heading back to the bathroom. John then returns, carrying a drink. He sees the open case and starts rummaging through it. He picks up a red bra and looks at it closely, holding it up in front of him, with both hands. The woman suddenly returns and says, "Well! If you're looking for something to wear, you've got the wrong suitcase!"

The woman asks John who the hell he is, and John replies that he could ask the same. The woman tells John to go first. John asks her if she wants to put some clothes on, but the woman says that can wait until after John has told her who he is. John introduces himself as John Palmer and explains that his mother lives there and he's staying there. The woman snaps that she can see that. John goes off to put some clothes on; the woman is still standing there in just her underwear! She calls to John to ask if his mother is another of her father's girlfriends, but John says, "Not exactly." He asks the woman if she's Stephen's daughter, and the woman asks him if he's talking about Stephen Morrell. John says yes. The woman says, "Then yes, I'm his daughter. Who's your mother?" John says she's Patricia. Amanda says, "Patricia what?" John replies, "Patricia Morrell, of course!" Amanda looks shocked, and says, "I beg your pardon?" John tells her that they're married. He returns to the lounge room with some clothes on. Amanda snaps that she doesn't like hearing news like that from a complete stranger. John says he's sorry. Amanda asks where Stephen and Patricia are, and John explains that they flew down to Melbourne this morning. Amanda asks for the number.

At Toorak, the 'phone is ringing, but there's no one there to answer it.

Patricia and and Stephen pull up out the front and Patricia remarks that the outside hasn't changed. Stephen says there was no need for it to - but he tells her to wait until she sees the inside. Patricia says she hopes it hasn't been ruined. Stephen assures her that she'll love it. They go in just in time to hear the 'phone stop ringing. Patricia says someone's quick off the mark. Stephen says it couldn't be very important. He goes to pick Patricia up, to carry her over the threshold, but she quickly puts a halt to that idea! The 'phone starts ringing again, and Stephen comments that they're not going to give up! Patricia tells him to forget it, but Stephen says he can't stand ringing 'phones. He goes to pick Patricia up again, but she tells him that she doesn't want him to do his back in. Stephen remarks, "I'm carrying your bags, aren't I?!"

Amanda hangs up, and John says, "Told ya!" Amanda testily says, "Alright!" John suggests she try again later, and Amanda says she will. She asks what Patricia's like, but John replies that she's just his mother. Angela suggests that she's not a plain little housewife, and John agrees. Angela asks again about what she's like, but John says he can't understand why she's so worked up. He adds that, if she's worried about someone making Stephen look stupid, then she shouldn't be, because his mother has a lot going for her. Amanda asks, "Like what?" John replies that she's good looking. Amanda says, "Right - even glamourous, elegant?" John says, "Yes, she is." Amanda continues, "And I suppose she's also very strong-minded; can get what she wants when she wants it?" John, looking surprised, says, "Pretty much." Amanda goes on, "And she's probably also very intelligent and has a terrific sense of humour, even though she can be a bitch from time to time? Even ruthless?" John asks her if she's some sort of mindreader, but Amanda says no. John asks her how she knows so much about his mother, then, and Amanda tells him, "Because she's exactly the sort of woman my father would be dumb enough to marry!" John tells her to hang on a minute. Amanda says she's sorry if she's insulted his family background, but she knows her father too well. John suggests she wait until she meets Patricia. Amanda replies, "Oh, I've met her. Quite a few times..."

The front rooms at Toorak have been completely refurbished, and Patricia tells Stephen that the little back room she was using before seems poky now. Stephen says they can let Amanda use that area. He asks Patricia what she thinks, and she replies that it looks stunning. They hug, and Patricia says she's very happy. She tells Stephen that it seems like a new house: a lot has happened there, and she never thought it could feel warm. Stephen replies that it depends who you share it with. The 'phone starts ringing again, and Stephen remarks that he'll give them ten out of ten for persistence. Patricia says that, if it's for her, she's not there, and she goes upstairs. Stephen answers the call and hears the STD pips. Amanda's voice then comes on and says it's about time he answered. Surprised, Stephen asks his daughter where she's calling from. Amanda replies that she's in Sydney. Stephen remarks that she's back a lot earlier than he expected. Amanda snaps, "Obviously." Stephen asks her if she's met John. At this point, Amanda asks John to leave them alone. She then says to Stephen that she knows about him getting married. Stephen says he wanted it to be a surprise, and Amanda snaps that it was. She asks her father what the hell he thinks he's doing. Stephen replies that he's very happy and very much in love with Patricia, and he doesn't want Amanda making it hard for him. Amanda says, "Come on, Dad." Stephen suggests to Amanda that she meet Patricia, as they might like each other. Amanda, though, tells him that he only dumped her mum because she wasn't right for what he wanted. She adds that she knows why Stephen picked this one, and she asks how he thinks Patricia will feel when she finds out he's only using her. Stephen says he's not using her, but Amanda tells him that of course he is, and they both know what for. Angry, Stephen orders Amanda to get on a 'plane and get down there that night. He adds that, if she says a word to anyone in Sydney about this, he'll give her the hiding of her life. Amanda asks, "Why? Because I'm right?" Stephen just snaps that he'll see her tonight, and John will give her the address. He tells Amanda to remember what he said. Amanda hangs up and John comes back in, sarcastically saying it sounded like it went well. Amanda asks him if he was listening in. John replies that he wouldn't waste his time. Amanda, who is still dressed in just her underwear, tells John to stop perving on her, and she heads off to have a shower.

At Toorak, Patricia comes back downstairs and starts to ask Stephen if a suit should be sent to the dry cleaners, but she suddenly notices the expression on his face and asks what's wrong. Stephen replies that it was just a business call. Patricia tells him not to get upset: "The most important thing that you should have on your mind right now is us, and only us." They hug, but Stephen looks worried.


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