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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

John is on the 'phone at Woombai. He's talking to Angela, and he incredulously says she's joking - he thought Patricia was just having a holiday with him! Angela replies that she fell in love - she's now Mrs. Stephen Morrell. John says that's great! Angela tells him that Gordon and Barbara aren't too happy: Barbara thinks Patricia married Stephen for his money, but she hasn't - she really loves him. John says he'll have to ring Patricia and give her his congratulations, but Angela suggests to him that he come down to Sydney and see her. John says he can't, as he's got his exercise classes. Angela asks him if he's got any over the next couple of days, and John admits that he hasn't. He then adds that he would like the break... Fiona comes into the room and looks at John as he tells Angela that things aren't too good there at the moment. He hangs up, and Fiona immediately tells him that running away won't solve the problem. John curtly replies that he's going to see his mother - she's just got married. Fiona looks shocked, and asks, "To whom?" John replies, "Stephen Morrell." Fiona continues to look astounded as she remarks that Patricia has obviously looked after herself very nicely. She then adds that it's a shame he hasn't done the same with his affairs. John snaps that he doesn't see any point hanging around, the way Jill is.

In the kitchen at the Palmers', Tony tells Beryl that Kevin should have known he was only having a go at him. Beryl retorts that Kevin is very sensitive about anything to do with Lynn at the moment. David snaps that Kevin can't tell him who he can have in his own house; he angrily asks who Kevin thinks he is, telling him that it's either him or Tony. Looking frustrated, Beryl gathers up the table cloth and heads out the back door to shake it. Tony tells David that he's always having rows like this at home, but they forget about it the next day. David, though, snaps that Kevin is getting too big for his boots lately - it's time he knows who's boss.

At The Terrace, Kevin sneezes, his cold still playing him up. Philippe goes to get some tissues from the kitchen, leaving Kevin to ask Lynn what Philippe is doing there. Lynn replies that he's come to Australia to look around; he's a chef - she met him when he did a catering job for a advertising firm in Paris; he was easy to get along with - he showed them the sights and the nightlife. She continues that he said he'd like to come to Australia, and she jokingly told him to look her up; she never thought he'd actually show up! Kevin asks why he's staying there. Lynn explains that Rob asked him. She then tells Kevin that he's got nothing to worry about - she and Philippe are just friends.

Sometime later, Kevin is in full flow, explaining to Philippe about the rules of Aussie Rules football. Philippe looks completely disinterested, and, as Kevin tells him that it's a lot easier when you've been to a match, Philippe's eyes droop completely and he nods off. He soon comes-to again, but comments that he can hardly keep his eyes open. Kevin, looking indignant, says he was trying to keep it as simple as he could. Philippe goes back to sleep, leaving Lynn to point out to Kevin that it is a bit late! She then adds that she thinks Philippe has jetlag more than anything. She tells Kevin to go home, adding that, with his cold, he should have been in bed hours ago. Seeing the look on his face, she continues that she knows he doesn't like her alone with Philippe, but they're just friends. Kevin gets up to go, and Lynn tells him that she'll give him a ring in the morning. She goes to kiss him, but Kevin stops her, telling her that he doesn't want her to catch his cold. He goes. Lynn starts to head upstairs, but Philippe calls out to ask if she's going to bed. Lynn replies that she is - by herself. Philippe joins her in the hallway, and she jokingly asks him if he always falls asleep at the table. Philippe replies that it was the way Kevin was explaining things... He remarks that Kevin is very young, but Lynn tells him that they love each other - that's the important thing. Philippe remarks that the two of them had one perfect night in Paris... Looking uncomfortable, Lynn tells Philippe that she has to go to bed, as she has an early call in the morning. Philippe says he'll stay up for a while and drown his sorrows in his Duty Free cognac!

David, Beryl and Tony are sitting in the lounge room at the Palmers'. There's a suitcase on the floor by the side of the couch. David looks at his watch and tells Tony to go to bed. Tony says he's not tired, but David tells him to go and read, as he doesn't want him around when Kevin comes in. Tony reluctantly gets up and goes. Alone with David, Beryl snaps that she's never heard anything so ridiculous in her whole life. David, though, retorts that he's made up his mind - and that's that. They hear the front door shut and Kevin comes in. He sees the suitcase and asks who it belongs to. David tells him that it's for him: he's to either apologise to Tony or get out. Beryl suggests that they talk about it in the morning, but David snaps that they'll talk about it now. Kevin angrily says, "No." He continues that, if David is going to take sides with a bloke he hardly knows, there's no point in him staying. Beryl tries to tell him that David didn't mean it but Kevin tells her to let David say that. David remains silent. Kevin snaps that he'll stay at The Terrace - Lynn can pick up Davey tomorrow. He storms out, leaving Beryl to snap to David, "Now you see what you've done?"

Philippe opens the front door at The Terrace and Kevin remarks that he thought he'd be in bed. He then quickly adds that he's not there because he's jealous; he had a bit of an argument at home. He asks where Lynn is, and Philippe replies that she's gone to bed, as she's got to be up early in the morning. He offers Kevin a cognac.

A short time later, Philippe fills two glasses. Kevin blunty asks Philippe if he's having an affair with Lynn. Philippe smiles and says, if he was, would he be down there drinking on his own? Kevin says he supposes not - but he had to ask. Philippe tells him that, if Lynn wasn't married, it may be a different story. He proposes a toast.

Philippe and Kevin are asleep, both their heads resting on the kitchen table. Lynn comes in, wearing her nightclothes, and sees the two of them there, a look of surprise on her face. She wakes Kevin and asks him what he's doing there. Kevin tells her that David kicked him out - they had a row about Tony and he couldn't think of anywhere else to go. Feeling his head, he asks if Rob keeps any aspirin there. Lynn goes to the cupboard as Kevin tells her that he and Philippe ended up having a better time than over dinner - but he shouldn't have had so much cognac as he's got to go back to work today. Lynn tells him to get upstairs and off to bed. Kevin agrees, but he asks Lynn what she's going to do about Philippe. Lynn, though, tells him that he's the one she's worried about; she suggests they go up to her room...

A car pulls up at the garage in the town near Woombai, and Fiona gets out as the mechanic, Freddy, watches. Fiona walks over to him and says she was wondering if he could tell her where she can find Jill Taylor; she adds that Jill is a friend of hers. Terry replies that he doesn't have a clue. Fiona asks if she isn't there, and Freddy replies that she isn't. He adds that the boss rang the pub where she lives but the owner couldn't get any answer when he knocked on Jill's door; she must be still out painting the town red. Fiona says she understands Jill got a lift from someone there yesterday. Freddy tells her that she's looking for Terry: he's inside. Fiona goes into the store. Terry is on the 'phone, but after a few seconds, he hangs up. Fiona introduces herself and explains that she's a friend of Jill Taylor's - she's trying to find out what happened to her, as no one seems to know where she is. Terry tells her that Jill hasn't rocked up there today. Fiona says Freddy told her that Terry gave Jill a lift yesterday. Terry replies that he offered her a lift to the pub - more fool him. Fiona asks what he means. Terry tells her that Jill was a crazy lady - as soon as she got in the car she started getting hysterical about someone she reckoned was following her; he drove around for a bit but she wouldn't stop and he told her to either to shut up or get out and walk. Fiona says, "And?" Terry continues that she got out and walked. Fiona asks where this was, and Terry replies that it was a couple of blocks from the pub. He then adds that if Jill doesn't rock up soon, she won't have a job. Fiona asks Terry to get Jill give her a ring if he sees her, and she goes. Terry watches her as she walks out.

Jill is lying curled up on the bed in her room at the pub, tears still falling down her face.

Back at Woombai, Fiona has 'phoned the pub, and she starts to explain that she's calling to ask... but she's interrupted by the man at the other end, who says he's been trying to call her for the last hour. He asks Fiona if she's a friend of Jill Taylor's, and Fiona asks if Jill is there. The man replies that one of the maids found her in her room - she was lying there huddled up on the bed, and the maid couldn't get any sense out of her. Looking worried, Fiona says she'll be right over. The man then says he hopes Fiona doesn't mind him calling. Fiona asks why should she? The man replies that, after the trouble she had at the riding school, he didn't know if she'd want to see the young lady again. Fiona asks why wouldn't she? The man replies that there's talk - it's a small town. Fiona angrily snaps that the sooner she takes Jill away from it, the better.

Terry is sitting at the desk in the store at the garage when Freddy comes in. He asks Terry if he's coming to the pub at lunchtime, but Terry says he can't because the boss isn't back. Freddy then asks how it went with Jill last night. Terry replies, "Not bad." He then adds that it wasn't easy. Freddy asks if she took a bit of convincing, and Terry mutters, "Yeah." Freddy asks what happened, and Terry tells him that Jill gave him the big come-on and then tried to get out at the last minute; he wasn't having that so he showed her who's boss. Freddy comments that she probably enjoyed it. Terry mutters, "Yeah, probably." Freddy remarks that it's strange she's not in this morning. Terry says she probably pretending that she's upset about being all roughed up. Freddy asks what she expects - she's only a hooker. Terry says he reckons she's worn out her welcome round there.

Fiona helps Jill onto the sofa at Woombai. She says she'll call a doctor, but Jill shouts, "No..." She then adds that she doesn't want to see anyone from the town. Fiona pleads, "Please," but Jill again cries, "No..." Fiona tells her not to get upset. She gives her a tissue so that she can wipe her eyes and then sits down next to her. She asks Jill to tell her what happened and how she got the bruises: was there an accident? Jill starts sobbing heavily as she quietly spits out the words, "He raped me..." Fiona looks horrified and she puts her arms around Jill and hugs her tightly.

John arrives at Dural. He hugs Angela and tells her that it's good to see her. They go into the lounge room, where Angela asks where Jill is. John tells her that they've broken up - she threw the engagement ring back at him. Angela asks why: was it something to do with Brian? John bitterly replies that it was Brian and a few other things. Wayne comes in and says Jill has finally come to her senses, has she? Angela snaps that she and John are having a private conversation. She tells John to come out by the pool. They go outside. Wayne stands there, smiling.

Jill cries that Terry thought she was on the game - that's what half the town thinks because Fiona kicked Beth out at the same time she left; she should have realised. Fiona snaps that Mr. Hansen is not going to get away with it, but Jill bitterly replies that he already has. Fiona says he won't have when they've been to the police. Jill, though, says no: she doesn't want Fiona to do anything - Terry is one of the most popular guys in town and she's new; if it went to court, there's no way they'd believe her, especially with her background; she just wants to forget the whole thing. Fiona says no: Terry is going to be punished for what he did. Jill cries that, if she went to the police there would be questions, newspapers... She adds that it's always the women they're hardest on; she can't win. She tells Fiona to please keep out of it. Fiona replies that she's only trying to help. Jill says, "Then don't go to the police."

In the lounge room at Dural, John is on the 'phone to Patricia and he tells her it's terrific. He adds that he'll see her tonight, and he then hangs up. Wayne comes in and says he's sorry he's not sticking around to enjoy John's company. John snaps that he can stay away for as long as he likes. Wayne retorts that he's glad John feels like that as he's going up to spend a few days at Woombai. John and Angela both look at him in surprise. John asks, "What for?" Wayne replies that Jill probably needs cheering up. John angrily tells Wayne to stay out of it. Wayne says he thought the love affair of the year was over. He then adds that it's none of John's business who Jill spends her time with.

Jill is lying on the couch in the lounge room at Woombai, a blanket over her. She lifts her head slightly and says, "Fiona?" Fiona, who is stoking the fire, tenderly tells her to go back to sleep. Jill asks what time it is, and Fiona says it's late - 4:30pm. Jill remarks that she feels like she's been sleeping for hours. Fiona tells her that she has - and a little bit more won't do any harm. Jill lays her head down again and quickly goes back to sleep. Fiona pauses for a moment, looking thoughtful. She then picks up her car keys from the coffee table and goes out.

Fiona is driving towards the garage. When she sees Terry standing by one of the petrol bowsers, she starts heading straight for him. Freddy suddenly spots what's happening and yells at Terry to watch out. Terry jumps out of the way as Fiona brings her car to a sudden halt, the tyres screeching as the brakes are applied sharply. Terry runs round to Fiona's window and angrily asks her what the hell she's trying to do - she could have killed him. Fiona snaps that it's a pity she didn't. Terry yells that someone should get the cops onto her. Fiona yells that he's the one who should be behind bars. Terry asks her what she's on about. Fiona snaps that everything he told her this morning was a pack of lies. She then adds, "Now, I want the truth."

Jill is lying asleep on the couch when Wayne walks in. He is standing looking at her when she suddenly wakes up. She looks at him in surprise and asks him what he's doing there. Wayne replies that he heard about her and John, and he thought she might need a friend. He goes to hold Jill's arm to comfort her, but, fearing his touch, she shouts, "Don't do that." Wayne quickly pulls his hand away and asks what the problem is. Jill tells him that he shouldn't have come; it's all such a mess. Wayne says he knew she'd take it badly. Jill ignores this and continues that you read about it all the time in the papers: someone else has been raped; you never think it might happen to you. Wayne looks shocked as Jill continues that she's never felt so frightened; so dirty; so ashamed... Wayne tenderly tells her that there's no need to feel ashamed with him - and she's got nothing to be frightened about, either - he only came there to see her because she's his friend. Jill, still looking upset, gets up and hugs him. She tells him, "I feel so lonely..." Wayne reassures her that it will be alright.

In the store at the garage, Terry tells Fiona that what happened between Jill and him is none of her business, so she can butt out. Fiona snaps, "To hell." Terry continues that Jill is a hooker and he paid her for it: OK? Fiona snaps that it's not OK - Jill is not what Terry says she is. Terry tells her that the whole town knows. Fiona snaps that the whole town is wrong, but Terry asks who she's kidding - everyone knows what happened out at her place. Fiona tells him that that was someone else - Jill is a respectable young lady, and she happens to be a very good friend of hers - and he raped her. Terry retorts that it's Jill's word against his. Fiona growls, "You scum." Terry tells her that, if she causes any trouble, he'll get five of his mates to say they had Jill before him. Fiona angrily tells him that she wishes she had run him down. Terry retorts that then she would have been up on a charge. Fiona angrily tells him that he hasn't heard the end of this: Jill may not want to press charges, but he'll pay; she'll see he does. She adds, "You make no mistake about that."


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