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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Lynn pulls away and tells Phillipe, "Don't." Phillipe tells Lynn that he hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since she left Paris. Not wanting Rob to overhear them, Lynn tells Phillipe to into the kitchen. In there, Lynn explains that they've got to be quiet as someone is asleep upstairs. Phillipe tries to kiss her again, but Lynn pulls away. Phillipe asks if the person asleep is Lynn's lover. Lynn looks sheepish. She tells Phillipe that it isn't, but there is something he should know: she's married; she has a husband and a baby. Phillipe looks upset.

Angela is at the Morrells' Sydney apartment, and she says to Patricia, "Surprise me next time!" Patricia tells Angela that she'll give her a guided tour of the place! Angela looks round and asks if they're going to use the place for entertaining. Patricia replies that they'll probably hold some business functions there. She also adds that she and Stephen are going to divide their time between Sydney and Melbourne. Angela asks how it all happened, as Barbara wouldn't give her the details. Patricia retorts that Barbara thinks she grabbed Stephen for his money, but nothing could be further from the truth; initially she went away with him for selfish reasons, but after a week, she was head over heels - he's so exciting! Stephen, who has just come into the room and has overheard this last statement, tells Angela that he's an amazing lover! Angela congratulates him on the marriage, and Stephen remarks that it's nice to see someone smiling at their news.

At The Terrace, Lynn tells Phillipe that that was the real story of her trip; she's sorry she lied to him - she doesn't want him to think she was using him as a shoulder to cry on. Phillipe asks what was she using him for. Lynn tells him that it was nothing - she was lonely. Phillipe points out that she was standoffish for two weeks after they met; why did she change her mind? Lynn replies that it was her and Kevin's wedding anniversary - some flowers arrived and she thought they were from Kevin, but they were from him. She continues that the affair happened, but... Phillipe interrupts to say she's sorry it did. Lynn denies she meant this, but then adds that it's a mess - for him as well, what with him coming all that way. Phillipe points out that it was his choice - he was trying to be romantic. He suggests that, if they can't lovers, they can still be friends - and he can have a wonderful holiday. Lynn thanks him for taking it so well. Phillipe replies that life is too short to be angry at things you can't change.

Angela tells Patricia and Stephen that being forced to talk about your marriage breakdown...; even the name 'marriage guidance' sounds grim. Stephen announces that he has work to do, and he tells Angela that he'll see her before she goes. He leaves the room, and Angela remarks to Patricia that he's very nice. She then asks her mother if she thinks she should have more sessions with Rob. Patricia, though, says she can't really give her any advice: if she tells her to go ahead, Paul will think she's the world's worst; if she tells her not to, Rob will think the same thing; and if she tells Angela that she's better off without either of them...; she can't win. She tells Angela that whatever she decides, she hopes she's as happy in the long run as she is with Stephen.

Rob comes downstairs at The Terrace and goes into the kitchen. Lynn and Phillipe are still sitting there talking, and Lynn introduces 'Phillipe Souchon' to Rob as a friend from Paris. She adds that Phillipe is over for a holiday. Rob asks him if he's staying in Melbourne long, but Phillipe says he's not sure. Rob remarks on the cases in the hall and asks him if Lynn has invited him to stay. Phillipe replies that she hasn't, and Rob tells him that the spare room is his if he wants it. Feeling awkward, Lynn says she thinks Phillipe has already made other arrangements. Phillipe suggests that it will be a bit cramped what with Rob, Lynn, Kevin and their child. Rob points out that Kevin is over at Beryl's. Lynn embarrassedly tells Phillipe that she hasn't filled him in on all the news. Phillipe asks her if she and Kevin are separated. Lynn nervously replies, "Not exactly." Phillipe turns to Rob and tells him that it's very kind of him to offer the room - he'll have a better holiday than he was expecting. Lynn smiles nervously.

The 'phone rings at the Palmers'. Kevin calls out to ask someone to get it, but Tony, who's sitting in the lounge room, doesn't budge. Kevin annoyedly comes in and answers it. It's Lynn, who, hearing the irate tone in his voice, asks what's wrong. Kevin snaps about Tony's laziness and about the fact that he has a lousy cold. He then asks Lynn if she just called to say hello. Lynn replies that she's got a friend staying there from Paris - she was hoping Kevin can come over for dinner tonight. Kevin tells her that he'd be lousy company, but Lynn pleads, "Please?" Kevin agrees. He hangs up and doesn't hear as Lynn says her friend's name is Phillipe. At The Terrace, Rob comes in and says he's heading off to Adelaide and will be back tomorrow. He goes. Phillipe asks Lynn about the fact that she's not living with her husband. Lynn nervously replies that he's coming over for dinner tonight. Phillipe laughs at Lynn and comments at the look on her face. He asks her what she thinks he's going to do. Lynn tells him that she and Kevin are working out their problems. Phillipe replies that he looks forward to meeting the competition!

Tony and Kevin are in the Palmers' kitchen; Tony has lost a comic. David comes in and asks Kevin how he feels. He complains that he's feels lousy. He then adds that he's going out tonight - a friend of Lynn's is over from Paris and she wants him to meet her. Tony jokes that they should bring her round there and introduce her!

At Woombai, John is exercising in the living room with the radio on loudly when Fiona comes in. She curtly remarks on the noise, but John explains that he's working out his routine for the exercise class - he's got three bookings this afternoon, and what with the attention that the notice in town is getting, he should have a good-sized class. Fiona tells him that it's more morbid-curiosity than anything else. She explains that she got quite a few odd looks in town - word is out. John asks her if she means about Beth. Fiona replies that Sharon in reception has had a gossip field day. John asks her what she's going to do, but Fiona says, "Nothing." She then adds that she's more worried about Jill than the reception of the riding school - she just hopes she doesn't cop any flack. John says he doesn't see why she should, but Fiona tells him that people can ask some pretty tactless questions when they're curious - and to have a 'real live hooker' in the area is probably the biggest news since sliced bread. John points out that it's not as if Jill is doing anything. Fiona suggests that he call by and see her, but John retorts that, if Jill has any trouble, she knows where to come. Fiona snaps at him not to be so damn proud, but John just replies that he'll see her after class, and he walks out.

At the garage, Terry is filling a car with petrol when two teenage lads go into the store area. Jill, who is at the counter, asks them if she can help. One of the lads says she used to work out at the riding school, didn't she? Jill says, "Yeah." The lad asks her why she's working there now. Jill replies that she has to earn money somehow. The other lad says he bets she doesn't earn as much there as she did at the riding school. Jill tells them that she wasn't working out there. The first lad laughs that that's not what they heard. They snigger and then run off, leaving Jill looking shocked. Out on the forecourt, the boys get on their bikes and ride off. Terry warns them to watch where they're riding. He goes into the store and asks Jill if they nicked anything. Jill says they didn't. Terry asks what they were up to, but Jill replies that they were just being kids. Terry tells her that, if they cause any more trouble, she should just give him a yell. Jill says she's sure she can manage. Terry goes back outside, where one of the other workers, Freddy, comments to him that he's after it for free, is he? Terry snaps at him to give it a rest. Freddy then asks him if he reckons she's the one. Terry replies that she's good looking enough to charge, that's for sure. Freddy says it has to be her. He asks Terry if he's going to have a crack at it, and Terry says, "Maybe..." Freddy tells him that it's a good thing it's payday, but Terry retorts that he's never paid for a woman in his life, and he's not intending to start now. He then adds that he might do her a favour and ask her out.

Later, Terry is sitting in his car on the garage forecourt. Freddy tells him that he'll talk to him tomorrow. They see Jill come out of the shop and Freddy tells Terry to go for it - he reckons he'll have no worries. Terry starts up his car and calls out to Jill to ask if she wants a lift. Jill, though, says it's a nice day for a walk. At that moment, John pulls up in his car and gets out. Jill quickly gets in Terry's car and tells him to drive - and to lose John's car while he's at it. Terry roars off.

After a while, Terry stops his car on a track, apparently in the middle of nowhere. Jill says he must think she's crazy. Terry asks her who the guy was, and Jill replies that he's an old boyfriend. She suggests they get going, but Terry tells her that there's no rush. Jill says she'd rather not just sit around there. Terry suggests that they don't just have to sit, but Jill tells him not to be silly. Terry says he's not being silly - he likes her. He starts stroking her hair and tells her that he doesn't see why they can't have a bit of fun. Jill tells him to stop it, but he persists in running his fingers through her hair, and Jill angrily asks him what the hell he thinks he's doing. She opens the door, gets out of the car and says she'll walk. She's only taken a few steps, though, when Terry catches up with her and tells her to get back in the car. Jill snaps that she's not going to hang around and have him mauling her. Terry asks if his money's not good enough - he supposes she prefers those rich old blokes at the riding school. Jill angrily asks him what the hell he's talking about. Terry pulls a wad of notes out of his jeans and tells her that, if she wants money... He then grabs her and starts dragging her back to the car. Jill tries to struggle but Terry is too strong...

At the Palmers', Tony is reading Playboy magazine! Kevin comes in and asks if it's one step up on Spiderman! Tony shows him the centrefold and says he'll take her over Spiderman any day! The 'phone starts ringing and Tony answers it. Lynn comes on and asks if Beryl is there. Tony replies that she's at the shops, and he asks if there's any message. Lynn says to tell her that Phillipe is coooking a meal for her and Kevin tonight and he's using coffee shop supplies, but she'll see they're replaced. Tony asks if Phillipe is the French sheila. Lynn replies that he's a bloke - 'Phillipe' is the French version of 'Philip'. Tony smiles and says he'll give Beryl the message. He hangs up and goes into the kitchen, where Kevin is looking for the shoe polish. Tony tells him that he doesn't have to worry about impressing the frog sheila, as the frog sheila is a frog bloke. He tells Kevin to get over there pretty quick, as they tell him the frog blokes come on stronger! Kevin snaps at Tony to cool it, but Tony tells Kevin to knock before he goes in - he doesn't want to walk in on anything! Upon hearing this, Kevin grabs Tony by his shirt collars and tells him that he's really had a gutful of him. David comes in at that moment, though, and asks what the hell is going on. Kevin tells his father that he might want Tony there, but he and Beryl don't; if he's not gone by the time he gets back, he's going.

At The Terrace, Lynn tells Phillipe that he'll really like Kevin. Phillipe replies that Kevin is very lucky. Lynn tells Phillipe to be careful what he says, as Australian men are very possessive; she and Kevin are trying to sort things out and get back together - she doesn't want him to be jealous or think-- Phillipe concludes the sentence, saying, "We're having an affair?" Lynn tells him that they're not. There's a knock on the front door and Phillipe promises Lynn that he'll be on his best behaviour. Lynn goes to answer the door and, upon seeing Kevin, tells him that he looks terrible! Kevin, though, says he'll be right. He hands her a bottle of wine. Lynn says she'll put it away as Phillipe has cooked a meal and bought the wine to go with it. Kevin looks put out. The two of them go into the kitchen, where Lynn introduces the Kevin to Phillipe. She offers them both a drink. Kevin says he'll have a beer, while Phillipe opts for mineral water. Kevin remarks that he read that they're better off drinking tap water. Phillipe, though, says he likes it - that's all that matters. Kevin asks what's for dinner, and Phillipe replies that it's bouillabaisse. Kevin peers into the pan on the stove and asks why all the fish heads are in there. Phillipe replies, "More flavour." He tells Kevin that he doesn't have to eat them, but Kevin snaps at him that he should have cooked something Australian, as he's not in France now.

At Woombai, John tells Fiona that if Jill's going to be so childish, he doesn't want to know; she and her boyfriend took off like a rocket, and when he tried to follow, the bloke started doing wheelies round bush tracks and lost him; he must be some kind of speed freak. Fiona listens and then tells John that he knows damn well that the guy isn't Jill's boyfriend. She tells John to act like a sensible human being for once in his life. John snaps that the sensible thing to do is forget about her.

It's dark when Jill opens the door of her room at the pub, having just arrived back there. She shuts the door and turns the light on; there's a look of horror and fear on her face. She makes her way over to the bed unsteadily, sits down on it and starts crying, the shock at what has happened overwhelming her.


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