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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Barbara glares at the couple and they says they can't be serious. Patricia says, "Sorry...!" Stephen adds that he and Patricia realised it might take her a while to get used to it. Barbara snaps that she can't stay and pretend to approve of something that's going to end in disaster. Patricia tells her that it won't seem as bad once she's had a drink, and she asks Stephen to open the champagne. Stephen walks over to the bar and Barbara joins him, while Gordon and Patricia sit and talk about the honeymoon in Paris. Barbara angrily tells Stephen that he's done many stupid things in his time, but this takes the cake. She adds that she warned him about Patricia. Stephen calmly replies that he was grateful for that, as the warning really stirred his interest. Looking infuriated, Barbara snaps that she's not staying. Gordon tells her to take it easy, but Barbara snaps at him to stay if he wants to - she'll get a cab. As she storms out, Patricia 'charmingly' remarks that she's sorry she can't stay! Gordon apologises to the hosts for the mess the evening has turned into, adding that the news was a bit too much for Barbara.

Paul is sitting and Angela is lying on the settee in the lounge room at Dural, and Paul asks Angela if she's asleep. She murmurs that she isn't. He then tells her that he's been thinking about Father Thomas: every way he looks at it, everything boils down to choosing between her and the church; he's asked himself if he can live without her, but he can't - he loves her too much. Angela smiles and points out that giving up the church means a big sacrifice; as long as she's not forcing him to do something he'll regret. Paul tells her that it's his choice. Wayne comes in just as the 'phone starts ringing, and he answers it. It's Rob, who asks to speak to Angela. Wayne tells Angela that it's her husband, and, looking surprised, she takes the call. Rob tells her that there's been a bit of a mix up with messages - he just found out that they're supposed to see the marriage counsellor tomorrow. He asks Angela if she wants him to rearrange the appointment, but Angela tells him that she can still fly down tomorrow. Looking annoyed, Paul wanders out into the hallway, where Wayne sarcastically asks him if Angela his making his day with her hubby! The call ends and Paul returns to the lounge room. Angela asks him if he can run her to the airport, but Paul tells her that he'll come with her. Angela points out that if Rob saw them together, it would just make things worse. Paul, though, replies that he hates being apart, and he asks whether his decision to give up something really important didn't make that clear. Angela smiles and agrees that they can both go.

Beryl and Rob are sitting at the table in the kitchen at The Terrace. Rob has a plate of food in front of him, but he tells Beryl that he's too tired to eat. Beryl comments that he must have a stomach full of butterflies; he must hold out some hope for the counselling. Rob, though, says it's a lost cause. He tells Beryl to go home.

Gordon and Barbara storm into Dural, and Gordon angrily asks Barbara to think about what sort of position it puts him in: Stephen is his business partner. Barbara snaps that he's her brother. They go into the lounge room. Wayne stands in the hallway, listening as Barbara snaps that Stephen is ruining his life. Gordon points out that they're adults, and it's best that he and Barbara keep their opinions to themselves. Barbara, though, snaps that she's not going to stop seeing her brother on Patricia's account. She adds that the marriage won't last as soon as he realises what Patricia is like. She continues that she's going to take every opportunity she can to make him open his eyes. In the hallway, Wayne smiles...

Angela is at the Palmers' the next morning, and she explains to Beryl that she wanted to see her while she was down there, but she wasn't sure what sort of reception she'd get. She adds that, after everything she's done to Rob, she supposes she's mad to hope he'll forgive her; she just misses everyone. Beryl tells her that she mustn't think they hate her, because they don't - whatever problems she and Rob have, they still have a soft spot for her.

There's a knock on the front door at The Terrace, and Lynn asks Rob to get it. He opens the door to find Mrs. Collins standing there with a bunch of flowers, which she explains are for Lynn. Rob invites her in, and Mrs. Collins tells Lynn that she has a good mind to set up an Interflora agency! She then adds that, although she shouldn't have, she had a look at the card - the flowers are from the young man Lynn met. Lynn says, "Phillipe..." She reads the card, which says:

"Missing you madly - Paris isn't the same since you've gone. You haven't heard the last of me."

Lynn wonders out loud what he means by that. Mrs. Collins suggests that she sort it out now, before it gets out of hand.

Beryl tells Angela that she understands how she feels; she wasn't the most stable person either when she lost her baby - it brought up lots of unhappy thoughts, she moved to Sydney and almost had an affair with Hal Mason. Angela looks surprised, but remarks that Beryl didn't go through with it. She then adds that it's not pride that stops her going back to Rob; things have gone too far - she couldn't try again. Beryl replies that she thought she and David may have left it a bit late, but they worked it out. Angela sadly says she always just wanted her own home and family - but she always spoils it; she can't put Rob through that again - he deserves better. There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Angela says it'll be Paul. Beryl looks annoyed at the sound of his name, and angrily asks how Rob will feel seeing Angela with him. She then adds that, for a minute, Angela actually had her believing she was putting Rob first. She tells Angela that she can be so thoughtless at times. They go to the front door, where Beryl says a curt 'bye'.

At The Terrace, Mrs. Collins tells Lynn to write to Phillipe and let him know that he's wasting his time. Lynn, though, replies that it's not as simple as that. Mrs. Collins warns her that he's not just going to keep chasing after her with flowers. Rob joins them and says he's going. He asks about the flowers, and Lynn tells him that they were from a client. Rob goes, leaving Mrs. Collins to tell Lynn that, if she's already lying to her family, she'd better put a stop to it. Lynn, looking upset, explains that she led Phillipe on; if she writes to him now, it'll seem like she's playing a hard-to-get act. She adds that, hopefully, he'll get bored and give up - after all, he's in France and she's there. Mrs Collins tells Lynn that it's up to her, but Phillipe struck her as very persistent - if she doesn't discourage him straight away, he could do something rash - and then Lynn runs the risk of Kevin finding out what happened. Lynn looks worried.

Barbara is cleaning the lounge room at Dural when the doorbell rings. She answers it to find Stephen standing there. He asks her how his favourite sister is, and she snaps that she's fine. Stephen takes the cloth she's holding, smells it and remarks on the fact that it doesn't smell of chloroform so he's safe! Barbara snaps at him that, if he's expecting her to condone his insane marriage, he can forget it. Hearing the voices, Gordon emerges from the study and tells Stephen that he's sorry about last night. Stephen tells him not to be, as it just meant he and Patricia had two quails each! Barbara snaps that this morning they're copping the 'charm' act. Stephen remarks, "Deep down, she loves me!" Still angry, Barbara asks him how his daughters will feel, and Gordon chips in to ask if they know he's remarried. Stephen replies that he cabled Samantha in America and he'll tell Amanda when she gets back from her skiiing holiday. Barbara tells him that both his daughters are still very angry with him over the way he treated their mother; they're not going to like his new marriage - and he won't get her support in trying to talk them through. Stephen replies that he'll cross that bridge when he comes to it.

Wayne is at the Morrell apartment, and he tells Patricia that, if Mr. Morrell is there, he'd like to congratulate him. Patricia smiles, and says she was wondering how long it would take him to come around - now she's in the money again. Wayne smiles and says he's just happy she's found her way out of her financial worries. Patricia tells him that she didn't marry Stephen for his money, but Wayne retorts that he doesn't care why they married - if they want to stay married, he has some information she might find useful. He continues that, last night, he overheard Barbara and Gordon talking: Barbara threatened to do anything she can to break her and Stephen up. Patricia listens, but then says it doesn't worry her. Wayne tells her that he thought she should know, but Patricia retorts that it's also a way into her good books again. Wayne tells her that they've made a reasonable team before, but Patricia replies that she's sorry - he'll have to try somewhere else. She then tells him that, if there's nothing else... She starts to walk over to the 'phone on the bar, asking as she does so if Angela's at the flat or the house. Wayne replies that she's at neither - she's gone to Melbourne for marriage guidance counselling. Patricia, looking annoyed, snaps, "The idiot!" Wayne goes. Patricia picks up her handbag and takes out a card: it has Matt Kennedy's address and 'phone number on it.

Rob is driving from the Palmers' to The Terrace when his car pulls up at a set of traffic lights and he notices a young female hitchhiker standing by the side of the road. He asks her how far she's headed, and she replies that she's only going as far as the shopping centre. Rob tells her to get in.

Paul and Angela are standing outside the marriage guidance centre. Paul looks at his watch and remarks, "Trust him to be late." Angela snaps that he's not. She then tells him that she was getting somewhere with Beryl until he showed up. Paul retorts that she shouldn't worry about what Beryl thinks - once they're living in Sydney they shouldn't have much more to do with her. Rob's car pulls up across the road and he and the young woman get out. Angela looks surprised. Rob walks over to the marriage guidance centre and, seeing Paul standing next to Angela, sourly remarks, "A united front." Angela asks Rob who his friend was. Rob replies that it was just a mate. He adds that Angela can meet her later on if she likes. They go inside.

At the Morrell apartment, Patricia thanks Matt for coming over so soon. Matt replies that he was hoping to see her before too long. Patricia curtly tells him that he's there to discuss Angela's progress. Matt suggests that they can discuss more interesting things over dinner tonight, but Patricia then points out the ring on her finger, and Matt reluctantly asks who the lucky fellow is. Patricia replies that it's Stephen Morrell. Matt congratulates her. Patricia tells him that she understands Angela has gone back to Melbourne for counselling with Rob, and she asks if Angela is going back to him. Matt replies that he can't tell her what Angela might have said in a consultation. Patricia snaps that she's her mother. Matt, though, says he can't tell anything to anyone - he values the trust placed in him by his clients. Patricia snaps that she's not asking - she's telling him that she wants to know what Angela is up to. Matt replies that he can't. Patricia snaps that she finds it difficult to accept 'ethics' as an excuse from someone who tells a brother to make love to his sister. She asks him how much he wants, but this just causes Matt to remark that she's really living up to her reputation. Patricia asks, "As what?" Matt replies, "It has four legs, a tail and breathes fire!" Patricia snaps at him to get out! Matt tells her that he offered her his best wishes earlier; he should have offered them to Mr. Morrell - he can see he's going to need them.

Rob arrives at the Palmers' and Beryl asks how things went. Rob replies that it's hard to say. Beryl asks what the next step is, and Rob replies that they're going to continue the sessions and try and sort things out. He remarks that Angela seemed pretty on-edge, and Beryl nervously says she hopes it wasn't her fault. Rob, though, says it was him: he gave some girl a lift on the way over and Angela thought it was someone he's going out with; he saw Paul and just saw red. Beryl tells him that she had a go at Angela over the same thing.

Patricia is checking herself in the mirror when Stephen arrives home. He asks Patricia if she missed him, and they hug and kiss. He apologises for being late. Patricia asks him if he got anywhere with Barbara, but he says he didn't - she won't even listen to Gordon. Patricia asks if she'll calm down, and Stephen says she will - eventually. He then adds that it's Gordon he feels sorry for - it won't be easy for Gordon, working with him, knowing that Barbara isn't happy with them. Patricia points out that it could place a strain on their marriage. Stephen says he wouldn't have fallen for that 'drive me home' stunt that Barbara pulled last night. He adds that Gordon is digging his own grave if he lets Barbara rule the roost too often. He heads off for a shower, leaving Patricia looking thoughtful. She goes over to the 'phone.

The 'phone rings at Dural and Barbara answers it. Patricia tells her that she was hoping to catch her: she was wondering if they could get together and sort something out - it's ridiculous to make everyone else suffer because they don't get along. Barbara snaps that she doesn't believe it. Patricia says she and Stephen just want a normal married life. Barbara tells her to forget it - she's not backing off. Patricia warns her to remember that she offered an olive branch, and she threatens that if Barbara does anything to upset their marriage, she'll make her pay. Barbara snaps that that's the Patricia she knows. Patricia tells her not to think she's fooled by all the 'brotherly love' talk. She then adds that Barbara's just jealous because she's got a real man for a husband...

Rob arrives back at The Terrace, and when Lynn sees the look on his face, she remarks that the counselling wasn't good, eh? Rob tells her that she and Kevin should knock their heads together - they need one decent marriage in the household. He goes upstairs to get ready for work. As he does so, there's a knock at the door. Rob tells Lynn that, if it's for him, he's not home. Lynn opens the door to find a young man standing there. Looking shocked, she says, "Phillipe!" She asks him when he got there, and he replies that he arrived this morning - it took him a while to find her. Lynn tells him that she only got his flowers today. Phillipe replies that they should have arrived yesterday - their anniversay - if you can call two months an anniversary. Seeing the expression on Lynn's face, he asks her if she's not glad to see him. Lynn replies that of course she is. Phillipe replies, "Not as much as me." The two of them kiss and then hug. As they do so, Lynn looks worried.


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