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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

John snaps that it Jill's hangup. Jill retorts that she just wants him to be honest. John replies that maybe he did think Eliot was referring to her - but with her background, she can't blame him; he only thought it for a second. Jill, though, replies that they both know what he thinks about her deep down. John tells her that she's making something out of nothing, but Jill retorts that he can't forget what she's been, and she can't take away the fact that he's hurting her, so it's pointless trying to work things out. John replies that he has hangups about her being on the game once, but he'll get over it. Jill, though, points out that it keeps coming up. She tells John that they'd better quit now before they end up hurting each other. John says he doesn't want to quit, but Jill insists that she's made up her mind, and she storms out.

At the guest house, Beth is chatting to a man - Bob Harper - and she tells him that she hopes he has a good time. Jill comes in and tells Beth that there's been some trouble: one of the guests came up to see Fiona. She adds that the man's name was Sam Eliot. Beth asks what he said, and Jill replies that he said someone propositioned him for money. She continues that she knows Fiona doesn't like Beth, but she didn't think she'd be so quick to think the worst. She adds that, as soon as Beth sets the record straight, she'll get Fiona to apologise and kick that awful man out. Beth, though, says it's a bit rough on the bloke when he was only telling the truth.

At the homestead, Fiona thanks Mr. Eliot for coming straight to her and telling her the truth. John listens as Fiona then thanks him for keeping quiet. She sees Eliot to the door and then joins John in the living room. He asks Fiona if she sorted Eliot out, and Fiona replies that it took some doing. She then adds that she's going to kill Beth when she catches up with her. John asks how she twigged, and Fiona replies that she met the pimp Beth works for in Sydney; she saw them together and the penny dropped. John incredulously says, "She's a pro?" Fiona explains that she made up a respectable background when she decided to look for Jill. John asks Fiona why she let Beth hang around. Fiona explains that Beth accused her of being prejudiced against her - and she may have been right. She then asks where Jill is, and John replies that she's gone out. Fiona comments that she thought the two of them were trying to sort things out. John bitterly replies that Jill was so touchy, there was no way he could get through to her. Fiona says the poor kid will be so disillusioned...

In the reception area at the guest house, Beth tells Jill that there's no husband and no kids - she made up the whole thing so Jill wouldn't have to know what she really did. Jill glumly comments that it was a smart move. Beth continues that, when things blew up like they did in Sydney, she ran to Jill. She continues that she's really sorry Jill had to find out and adds that Jill mustn't think much of her now. Jill replies that she's just glad it's all out in the open. She tells Beth that she's been terrific to her, and adds that she'd be as bad as John if she turned her back on Beth now. She suggests they go and talk to Fiona.

Fiona snaps at Beth that she doesn't care how it happened - she told Mr. Eliot that Beth will be out of there first thing in the morning and that is it. Beth remarks that that's fair enough, but Jill snaps that she doesn't think it's fair at all. John tells Jill to give it a rest, adding that he doesn't understand how she can stick up for Beth. Jill asks what he expected. He storms out. Beth tells Jill that John is right: Fiona has a business to run and Mr. Eliot is a customer; there's no way she can stay on. She asks Fiona for the train timetable. Jill, though, suggests they both book into the local pub until she's saved up enough money for them to move on. Beth says she doesn't want to lumber herself on Jill, but Jill tells her that she's her mum - she's stuck with her for good whether she likes it or not. Beth agrees to stay around and see how things work out.

The next morning, Jill asks Beth if she's all packed, and she says she is. Jill says she'll call a cab to take them to the hotel. Beth asks why they need to leave so soon. In reply, Jill asks why they should hang around. Beth tells her that country towns are great places for gossip; Mr. Eliot might have talked to the receptionist and word will be getting around. Jill agrees. She then tells Beth that if Fiona gives her any trouble, put her on the 'phone to her. Beth remarks that Jill really cares about her, and they hug. Beth then continues that the feeling is mutual. Jill goes out. Beth goes to the 'phone.

The 'phone rings at Dural and Wayne answers it. Beth asks him if he can talk, and Wayne says he can. He asks how things are going up there, and Beth replies that it's a disaster area: John and Jill are hassling over the stupid postcard Brian sent - Wayne smiles when he hears this - and now Jill has found out what she really does for living. Wayne's face drops and he curtly says he hopes Beth isn't going to tell her about their deal. He asks if Jill still think she's her mother, and Beth says she does. Wayne asks her what she wants, and Beth replies that she's taking off overseas but she's stuck for cash. Wayne disinterestedly says, "Yeah?" Beth tells him that he's spent a lot of money getting this far with Jill... Wayne warns her that she said she wouldn't say anything. He then adds that, if she tells Jill the truth, she'll hate them both. He also warns her that she can't bluff him, before adding that Jill has got to her, and she wouldn't want her 'daughter' to know how low she can be when she's chasing a quid. Beth warns Wayne that she wouldn't put it to the test if she was him. Wayne, though, nastily says he just did. Beth slams the 'phone down.

Wayne wheels himself to the breakfast table and Barbara comes in with her bag of golf clubs. She asks if that was a message for Gordon, but Wayne snaps that it was for him. Barbara mockingly says, "Oh!" Wayne snaps that he does have friends. Barbara comments that she would have put that in the singular! She then tells him that she's got a present for him; she gives him the walking stick he used when he really was ill. She tells Wayne that he'll need it next week - when he starts to walk. Wayne snaps that it's too soon, but Barbara retorts that he's going to tell his father that the doctor said he's made a great improvement and he really can use the stick. She continues that she doesn't want Gordon knowing Wayne is a fake - and at the end of next week, he'll be walking again. She then adds that, when Wayne is back on two feet, he'll tell Gordon that he wants to make it alone. Wayne snaps that the only reason he's helping Gordon over his hangups is so that he can stay there - that's their deal. Barbara agrees that he can stay there, but she warns him that he's not ever to bludge off Gordon again. Wayne points out that Gordon wants him to join the company. Barbara replies that that's fine, but adds that, once Gordon gets over his hangups, he'll make Wayne earn his money for once. She tells him not to think he'll ever get one up on Gordon while she's around.

Beth is sitting at the table in the living room at Woombai, writing. Fiona comes in and asks her what she's still doing there. Beth replies that she's catching the 10am train. Fiona asks what made her change her mind. Beth, though, replies that she hasn't - she decided to leave as soon as she was sprung. She then explains that she's conned Jill, so she'll be well and truly on her way before Jill reads the letter. Fiona asks Beth if she intends to keep in touch. Beth replies that that wouldn't be fair on Jill, and she tells Fiona that Jill is better off with her. Fiona asks Beth where she intends to go: Sydney? Beth, though, replies that that's too dicey; she might go somewhere up-north - they say there's not much action up there, so there should be plenty of work for her. She finishes the letter and asks Fiona to give it to Jill. Fiona agrees. Beth goes to get an envelope.

Wayne is sitting in his wheelchair in the lounge room at Dural, holding the walking stick. Gordon comes in and asks him what he's doing with it. Wayne replies that Barbara got it for him. Gordon asks him if the doctor said he could start doing some walking soon. Wayne, though, says no: it was Barbara's idea - but he doesn't need a stick to walk; there's nothing wrong with him. He stands up.

Wayne tells Gordon that he's been having him on - all he did was sprain his back a bit in the fall - but he pretended things were worse so Gordon would feel even more guilty about him; all he could think about was getting back at him for nearly letting him die when he was a kid. He adds that he realises it was a pretty childish way of doing it, and it was almost a relief when Barbara sprung him. Gordon, looking surprised, says, "She knows?" Wayne replies that she didn't want him to find out - so they decided to go through the motions of him getting better. Gordon asks why Wayne is telling him now. Wayne replies that the truth always comes out, and he's sick of all the lies. He continues that he doesn't know what he's going to do when he leaves there, but at least he's got his self respect. He adds that he doesn't know if they could have worked out all their problems, but he's a complication Gordon doesn't need right now. He walks out of the lounge room and goes upstairs, looking thoughtful as he does so.

Patricia and Stephen are sitting on the settee in an apartment. Patricia remarks that, if this is Tuesday, they must be in Sydney! Stephen, wearing just his dressing gown, tells Patricia that he likes her outfit. Patricia replies that he should do - he paid for it! They start kissing and cuddling, and Stephen tenderly tells Patricia that she knows all the right buttons to push. Patricia replies that she's having such a lovely time; she doesn't want it to stop. Stephen, though, says they'll have to, as Gordon will want him to get to work when he hears he's back. Patricia says, "Don't tell him!" Stephen jokes that he'll send her back to Melbourne if she doesn't behave! He then continues that he really should ring Barbara and let her know he's there. Patricia tells him to do it later... Stephen tells Patricia that she's a brazen hussy! Patricia laughs that he's just saying that 'cos it's true! The start kissing passionately again!

Barbara arrives back at Dural after her round of golf and she joins Gordon, who's sitting on the sofa. Wayne walks in, much to Barbara's surprise. Gordon explains that there have been a few developments since she left. Wayne puts down the bags he's carrying. Gordon tells him that he'd rather he didn't go. Looking shocked, Barbara says, "Gordon!" Gordon, though, says he knows what he's doing. He continues that he thought about what Wayne said, and he's convinced they could work things out . He asks Wayne why they don't give it one more try. Wayne asks his father if he's sure, and Gordon says he is. Wayne tells him that if that's what he wants... Gordon tells him to take his bags upstairs. Wayne leaves the room and Gordon closes the doors. Wayne stands out in the hallway as Barbara snaps at Gordon that he's letting Wayne walk all over him again and adds that it's another act. Gordon says he knows; it's taken him a while but he can finally tell when Wayne is conning him. Barbara asks him why, if he knew... Gordon interrupts her and tells her that letting Wayne go would have been taking the easy way out; he does owe him something - he has to take his share of responsibility for the way he turned out; if they'd argued, he would have gone off and he'd never have seen him again; given time, if he includes Wayne in the business and in their life and shows him that he really does care for him, maybe he has that chance. Barbara tells Gordon not to let Wayne hurt him again. They hug, and Barbara tells Gordon that he's a very fine man.

Patricia and Stephen are having lunch in the Sydney apartment. Patricia offers Stephen a refill of his wine. Stephen says, "Why not?" He then tells Patricia that no woman who looks like her should be able to cook - it goes against all his principles! Patricia laughs that she thinks his taste buds have gone on holiday. Stephen tells her that she's as bad as Barbara - she can't take a compliment. He then adds that he really should call them, and he goes to the 'phone.

Barbara wheels the wheelchair out of the study at Dural and tells Gordon that he can have the room back! The 'phone rings and Gordon answers it in the lounge room. Stephen says, "Guess who's back in town!" Looking surprised, Gordon asks him when he got back. Stephen replies that it was yesterday. He then asks if Barbara's there, and Gordon puts her on. As he hands over the 'phone, Barbara asks him if Stephen said whether Patricia is still with him. Gordon says he didn't. Barbara humourously and sarcastically thanks Stephen for all the letters and cards! Stephen replies that he didn't have time to write. Barbara remarks that it sounds as if Patricia was quite a demanding travelling companion. Stephen agrees that she kept him on his toes, but then adds that he got her eating out of his hand. He then continues that he hopes Barbara and Gordon are free as he wants them to come to dinner tonight. Barbara asks him if he's cooking, but Stephen says no - Patricia won't let him near the kitchen. Barbara looks horrified, and she sourly remarks that Patricia is still with him, then. She reluctantly agrees to dinner. Stephen tells her not to make it sound like she's coming to a funeral. The call ends, and Barbara tells Gordon that the affair is still on. She then adds that she thinks Patricia has misjudged her mark this time...

At Woombai, Jill is reading the letter from Beth, and Fiona tells her that Beth wanted her to know... Jill interrupts and asks what the name was of the agency Beth worked for; she wants to trace her. Fiona replies that Beth isn't going back to Sydney. She then tells Jill that it'll never work, even if she did find her. Jill asks why - and then answers her own question by saying that Fiona thinks that, if they lived together, she'd go back on the game. She angrily tells Fiona that she and John are as bad as each other; she's glad she's not going to be there for much longer. Fiona tells her that she has no reason to go, but Jill snaps that Fiona must think she's really thick to think she didn't notice the way she resented Beth when she was there. She continues that Fiona can give her all the excuses in the world as to why she won't tell her where Beth really is, but she knows the real reason: Fiona is a jealous old woman. She storms out, leaving Fiona looking shocked and upset.

Wayne comes downstairs at Dural as Angela comes in the front door. She looks shocked as she comments on the fact that he's walking. Wayne tells her that he had a miracle cure. Angela realises he was faking. Wayne tells her that Gordy knows all about it, so she can butt out. Angela says she wants to have a talk with Gordon, but Wayne replies that she'll have to wait 'til he gets home: he and Barbara are having dinner with the lovebirds. A puzzled look crosses Angela's face, and Wayne explains that he's referring to Patricia and Stephen: they're back in town and shacked-up together.

In the Sydney apartment, Stephen remarks to his sister that he was sure she'd refuse to come to dinner. Barbara retorts that, if Patricia amuses him, why make a fuss? Patricia comes in and says she supposes Stephen told them what a good time they had. Barbara nastily comments that it must have been a relief to have had no money worries for a while. Patricia cheerily replies that it was super - Stephen spoils her rotten. She then turns to Stephen and asks him if he's told them the news yet. Stephen says he hasn't even hinted at it. He asks Patricia if she'd like to do the honours, and Patricia says she'd love to. She turns to Gordon and Barbara, smiles and says, "Well, you can be the first to congratulate us: Stephen and I are married." Barbara looks shocked.


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