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    Written by: Michael Latimer    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Beth is talking to a male guest at the guest house when Jill comes rushing in. Beth introduces the man to Jill as Sam Eliot, and she then asks Eliot to excuse her for a moment. She asks Jill what's so important and Jill replies that she's going to Sydney - and she wants Beth to come with her. She continues that John is suspicious about everything she does, and she explains about the postcard. Beth suggests to Jill that she find John and talk about it, but Jill just asks Beth if she's going to come with her to Sydney. Beth points out that Jill doesn't have enough money. Jill says she'll get a job, then. Beth, though, tells her to go home, put her feet up and think about things. Jill snaps that she's done enough of that. She tells Beth that she didn't hear the way John talked - it was as if he doesn't trust her now about Brian. Realising she's getting nowhere, she storms out.

At Woombai, John asks Beth what she means when she says Jill up and left. Beth replies that she wanted to go to Sydney straight away - but she wanted some money for a flat, and she's gone to look for a job. John asks what kind of job. Beth asks how should she know? She tells John to go and find Jill and apologise for not believing her. John, though, asks Beth if she'd believe her. He shows her the postcard and says Jill has been talking about Brian living with them when he gets back. Beth tells him that he and Jill are so right for each other. John, though, bitterly replies that he saw what Angela did to Rob and Paul - trying to keep two men on the go at once - and it's not happening to him.

Jill is looking at a handwritten sign, stuck to a wall, saying 'Help Wanted - Apply Within'. She walks over to where a man is under a car and says, "Excuse me." The man asks her what she's done! Jill explains that she's there about the job, and the man, a mechanic at the garage, pulls himself out from under the car, looks at her and remarks that things are looking up. Jill asks what the job involves, and the man explains about the duties - helping out and occasionally using the bowser. Jill asks who she needs to talk to, and the man tells her to see the manager. Pointing, he adds that he's the ugly one! Jill walks off. The man wishes her good luck. Jill turns and smiles at him.

The 'phone rings at the Palmers', and Tony answers it. A woman comes on and asks to speak to David. Tony explains that he's not there. The woman introduces herself as Mrs. Collins and she tells Tony that she'd like David to come along to a photo session this afternoon. Tony looks surprised, but he then tells Mrs. Collins that David has been talking about modelling for days! Mrs. Collins seems surprised! Tony asks for an address, and Mrs. Collins tells him. As he hangs up, Beryl and David arrive home with Davey. Tony tells David about the call, but David insists that he's not doing any modelling. Beryl suggests to him that he could go and see what it's all about, but David tells her that he's not doing it and that's final. Tony takes Davey off to his room, leaving Beryl to tell David that it wouldn't hurt to take a look. David says, "Do me a favour!" Beryl replies that she did: she told Tony this afternoon that he can stay. David remarks, "Blackmail, eh?!" He continues that he'll feel like a blooming sissy. He reluctantly agrees to go along and have a look, but says they're not taking any photos of him!

The next morning, at breakfast, Tony tells Kevin to rib David about the photos. Kevin sullenly says it seems a childish. His enthusiasm dappened, Tony goes off to make his bed. Beryl tells Kevin to take it easy with Tony, but Kevin snaps that he gets on his nerves. He hears Davey crying, and goes into the lounge room. Tony is holding Davey and comforting him, and Kevin immediately snaps at him to put the kid down. Tony says he's been looking after kids all his life at home. Beryl points out to Kevin that it seems like he has a ready-made babysitter there.

Mrs. Collins arrives at The Terrace with a huge bunch of flowers for Lynn. Lynn reads the card that accompanies them and her face drops. She then quickly explains that they're from a friend in Paris. Mrs. Collins tells Lynn that David is coming to watch a session this afternoon; he must be very keen, evidently. She goes. Lynn reads the card again. It says:

"I miss you so much. Phillipe."

At Woombai, Fiona tells John that trust is the most important element in any worthwhile relationship. John says he knows that. Fiona asks him why he doesn't trust Jill enough, but John angrily asks why he's suddenly the villain. Fiona tells him that he's got to talk to Jill today. John replies that she's gone - she's got a job at some garage. Fiona tells him to go and see her, but John snaps that he's got his own job to think about - the aerobics classes start today. Fiona points out that he could make time if he wanted to. John says the way Jill's carrying on means she's guilty as hell; whoever heard of people sleeping together and not 'doing anything'. Fiona tells John to stop judging people by his own standards. John snaps that he's not judging anyone. Fiona tells him to pick Jill up this afternoon and talk - or, better still, listen.

At the Palmers', Tony is playing with Davey in the lounge room when David comes in and remarks that he's a big softy! Tony laughs that Davey likes it! Beryl comes in and reminds David to take the address of the photo sssion. David takes the piece of paper she hands over and then looks at Tony and tells him that he'll get him for this! He goes out. Beryl points out to Tony that they were due at The Terrace five minutes ago. She goes to get her bag. Tony says to Davey that, if he's real good, they'll go and watch grandad making a goog of himself!

At the Terrace, Lynn tells Kevin that the flowers came from the advertising agency she worked for. Kevin replies that she must have done a good job. He then continues that he thought she might like to come over tonight and spend the evening with Davey and him; his parents and Tony are all going out. Lynn smiles and says that would be nice. Kevin kisses her and tells her that he'll see her later. As he goes, Lynn looks worried.

In a studio, David and Mrs. Collins watch as a guy Mrs. Collins calls Neil models against a blue background, as photos are being taken of him. David asks what time it is, and Mrs. Collins replies that it's a bit after 5pm. David says he'd better get home. He then adds that Neil is alright. Mrs. Collins says he's a great guy, and she asks David what he expected! She then continues that he's only been with them three months. The photographer tells Neil that he can go and change now. Mrs. Collins goes to talk to the photographer and tells her to get a few Polaroids of David when he's not looking. She then returns to David and the two of them walk over to where Neil is standing. Mrs. Collins introduces the two men, and then leaves them to chat. David remarks to Neil that he heard you can earn a lot of money in this job. Neil agrees. As they stand there, Mrs. Collins and the photographer look at the photos of David coming out of the camera.

Kevin is in the kitchen at the Palmers' when Lynn comes in and says Davey isn't in his room. Beryl comes in and Kevin tells her that Davey isn't there. Beryl replies that he was playing with Tony; Tony's probably taken him out.

Tony carries Davey into the photographic studio. Mrs. Collins is showing David the photos taken of him when he was talking to Neil. David remarks that he didn't even know the photos were being taken, and Mrs. Collins replies that that's how easy it is! David reluctantly says he supposes there are worse ways of making a buck. He suddenly notices Tony standing there, and Mrs. Collins tells the kid that visitors aren't allowed on-set without permission. Tony ignores this, though, and instead looks at the photos. He remarks that David is a born model if ever he saw one! David tells Mrs. Collins that he has to go. He then continues that he's had a look and he's very impressed, but this isn't for a bloke like him - he'll stick to his truck. He thanks her anyway, and he and Tony go.

In the lounge room at the Palmers', Kevin tells Lynn that maybe now she'll see sense - they wouldn't have to rely on half-baked babysitters if they were back together. David and Tony arrive home, and, seeing the looks on everyone's face, David asks what's up. Kevin snaps that Tony had no right to take Davey without telling them. He snaps that if they want a babysitter they'll get one - and it won't be him. He and Lynn storm out. David asks Beryl if Kevin and Lynn thought Davey been kidnapped. Beryl replies that of course they didn't. David snaps that they're flaming bigots, the both of them; they either wake up to themselves or they'll get a boot up the backside.

John's car pulls up next to a petrol pump at the garage where Jill is working, and Jill walks over to him. He asks her if she'd like a lift home, but Jill replies that Terry - the man she was talking to earlier - is going to drive her to the bus stop. John tells her that they've got to talk sometime. Jill bitterly says they've already tried, but John tells her that they can't can't go on ignoring each other. Jill snaps that she doesn't want another lecture. John, though, says he just wants to talk - well, listen. Jill reluctantly agrees. She turns to Terry and tells him that she won't be needing a lift as John is driving her. Terry looks at John and remarks, "Half your luck!" Jill sees the expression on John's face as he thinks about what Terry is implying. Jill immediately snaps at John that he can't help himself, and she asks him if he thought she's been getting it off with Terry. She storms off to get her bag.

Later, at Woombai, Fiona apologises for dinner being so late, explaining that the stove has been playing up. Neither John nor Jill answers. Fiona goes to wash the dishes, and Jill offers to help her, but Fiona declines, adding that, maybe with her out of the way. one of them can open their mouth other than to eat. She goes. John remarks that he's never seen anyone eat an orange like Jill is. Jill asks him what he means, and he replies, "So slowly." Jill asks if that's the best they can do. John replies that he doesn't know where to start. Jill asks what the biggest problem is. John replies, "Brian." Jill tells him that that's where they'll start, then.

Beth and Sam Eliot walk into the guest house, and Beth remarks that she always enjoys eating at a restaurant like that. Eliot suggests a drink in his room. Beth asks him if he knows the score: a little something for her? Eliot, looking surprised, asks her if she means money. Beth tells him that she'd like to go with him anyway, but-- Eliot finishes the sentence, saying she has to make a living? Beth replies, "Something like that." She then adds that she thought he realised the score. Eliot replies that he thinks they'd better forget it. Beth tells him that she wouldn't want anyone to know about... Eliot says he's sure she wouldn't... Beth decides to go and have a brandy at the bar. Eliot walks over to the receptionist and asks about Beth, saying she's staying with Mrs. Thompson at main house, isn't she? The receptionist replies that yes, she is. She asks if something's wrong, but Eliot replies that it's nothing he can't handle.

At the homestead, John tells Jill that she'll just have to get in touch with Brian and tell him it's off. Jill, though, says she doesn't know how to get in touch with him. John bitterly remarks that it's stupid: she's married to the guy, but she doesn't t know what their relationship is or how to contact him. Jill tells John that she and Brian made a deal - he went into the marriage in good faith; she can't just dump him. She then tells John that Brian isn't their main problem - he is. She asks him how he thinks it makes her feel when he doesn't trust her. There's a knock at the front door and Fiona leaves the kitchen to go and answer it. It's Sam Eliot. He explains to Fiona that he's staying at the guest house and then continues that he has a rather serious complaint to make: there's a woman from there working at the guest house as prostitute. John looks at Jill as Fiona hurriedly tells Eliot that she thinks they should discuss it in private. She leads him to the kitchen, but as she does so, Jill asks her who Eliot is talking about. Fiona reluctantly says she thinks it must be Beth. Jill sits back down and John comments that Eliot seemed a bit drunk - he wouldn't believe a word of it. Jill, though, retorts that he thought it was her. John denies this, but Jill tells him that she saw the way he looked at her; as soon as Eliot said it, he looked at her. She cries that there's not a hope for them - not anymore - not if he thinks like that about her.


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