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    Written by: Tony Sheldon   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

At the Palmers', Kevin asks his mother if wearing a tie is too much. Beryl replies that she thinks he looks very smart. She then asks how Davey liked the football, and Kevin tells her that he loved it - until he fell asleep! David arrives home and Beryl asks him how his trip was. David doesn't answer, instead commenting on Kevin being spruced up. Kevin explains that he's got a date: dinner with Lynn! David says that's good, adding that Kevin's so dressed up he could be dangerous! Kevin goes out, and David remarks to Beryl that it's a good sign about Kevin and Lynn. He then tells his wife that Angela sends her love, and he adds that she and Paul seem happy enough. Deciding to come straight out with the truth, Beryl tells David that the police came to see Tony today and took him away for questioning; she couldn't lie for him. David snaps that Tony said he didn't do it. Beryl tries to explain that, if she said Tony was with her, she'd be lying. David snaps that now the kid could go to jail for something he didn't do. Beryl asks him how he knows Tony didn't do it. David replies that Tony wouldn't lie to him. Beryl tells David to call Tony and sort it out, as she's tired of being the villain of the piece.

In the flat at Dural, John bitterly says Jill really had him fooled. Angela tells him that he's just jumping to conclusions. She also points out that he and Jill had broken up by then. John, though, snaps that Jill lied to him, saying she and Brian were just good friends. Angela tells him that Jill would have known how would he react. John asks his sister if she ever saw Brian and Jill together, but Angela says she didn't. She then adds, though, that Wayne was around. John says he'd rather not drag him into it - or anyone else. Angela tells him that it's got nothing to do with anyone other than Jill or Brain, and she adds that he shouldn't have been reading Jill's mail in the first place. She tells John to let Jill explain before he goes off the deep end.

David is on the 'phone to Tony, who tells him that he's off the hook. David asks if his mother covered for him. Tony says she did, but then she chucked him out of the house, as she reckoned this was the last straw. David asks him if he's got somewhere to go. Tony says he hasn't yet . David tells him he can bunk at the Palmers', but on hearing this, Beryl, who is standing next to her husband, shakes her head vigorously. Tony says to David that Beryl doesn't like him, but David tells Tony not to worry about it. Tony accepts the offer and David hangs up. Beryl immediately snaps at David that he could have asked her first. David tells her that she would have said no. Beryl angrily retorts that she can't understand him - why the blind faith? David replies that he knows what it's like when no one believes you; no one. Taking this to be a reference to when she doubted him when he said he didn't kill Martin, Beryl snaps that that's not fair. David says he didn't mean it like that, but Beryl tells him that yes, he did.

In the lounge room at Dural, Wayne tells John that Brian O'Donnel seemed a decent enough sort of bloke. John asks if he's likely to turn up again, but Wayne replies that Jill could probably tell him. John mutters that Jill never talks about him much. He then asks if he and Brian would have hit it off. Wayne replies that it's not for him to say, before adding that Brian and Jill were getting pretty close before Brian went away. John asks how close. Wayne replies that Jill told him that, if Brian had stayed around, their marriage might have become more than it was; but then she would have told John that already. He continues that it's good that Jill has been so upfront about everything - at least John knows where he stands...

At The Terrace, Lynn is opening a present from Kevin - it's a belated wedding anniverary present: their wedding photo in a frame with a heart shape surrounding the actual picture. Lynn thanks Kevin and comments that the frame must have cost a fortune. Kevin tells her that it was worth it. Lynn jokes that dinner will be an anticlimax: it's spaghetti bolognese, whereas something such as caviar and champagne would be better. Kevin laughs and says it'll be fine, but he then announces that he's going out to the shops: they're going to do their anniversary dinner properly!

A while later, Kevin lights a candles that has been placed on one of the tables in the dining area. Lynn comes downstairs all dressed up, and Kevin tells her she looks beautiful. Lynn replies that he's not so bad himself! The two of them sit down and raise their glasses of wine. Kevin toasts a Happy Anniversary, and Lynn says it's one whole year. Kevin says, "Who'd've thought we'd make it?" They start kissing passionately.

At the Palmers', Tony says he doesn't know why he bothers sometimes - you tell the truth and look what happens; the cops will pin him for sure. David points out that he's got an alibi, but Tony says one of his mates will dob him in. Beryl comes in and tells Tony that his bed is made up. Tony thanks her and she leaves the room again. He then says to David that he'll go if it's going to be a hassle. He adds that Beryl really hates his guts. David, though, says she'll be alright, and he tells Tony to give her time.

Kevin says he thought Victor night have remembered their anniversary, but he didn't say anything; he was really miserable when he got home, and Beryl was there with a chocolate cake she'd made specially. He then asks Lynn what she did on the proper day of their anniversary, and she replies that she sat in her hotel room, watching some awful French movie on TV - and then the flowers arrived. Kevin asks what flowers. Lynn explains that Mrs. Collins sent her some to cheer her up. Kevin tells his wife that he's sorry he didn't call. Lynn tells him that it doesn't matter. Kevin tells Lynn that he loves her, and Lynn replies that she loves him too. They kiss, and Lynn then asks Kevin if he brought his toothbrush - she thought he might like to stay the night... A smile on his face, Kevin happily asks her if she means it? Lynn smiles broadly and says, "Yes!" They hug, but Lynn looks slightly worried.

John is sitting in near-darkness in the lounge room at Dural when Fiona comes in. She remarks that she thought he'd be in bed, but John explains that he's not tired. Fiona tells him not to stay up too late or he'll be useless tomorrow. John asks her if she can manage without him tomorrow, as he wants to go back to Woombai as soon as possible. Fiona, looking surprised, asks if anything's wrong. John replies that something has come up, adding that it's personal. Fiona tells him to get some sleep and they can talk in the morning. John, though, says he has to go now. Fiona tells him that he can't drive all that way in the middle of night - he'll fall asleep. She asks what's wrong, but John says he doesn't want to talk about it. Fiona tells him that she'll give him the car keys in the morning. John insists that he can't wait 'til then, but Fiona tells him that he'll just have to. She then tells him to go to bed, as he looks exhausted.

The next morning, in the kitchen at the Palmers', David asks what's for breakfast. Beryl snaps that it's the same as always. David asks her if she wants a hand, but she snaps that she's alright. Realising there's still a problem, David curtly tells Beryl that there's no need to argue. Beryl snaps that Tony isn't their responsibility. David asks if he should wake Tony up and tell him to get lost. Beryl replies, "Not before breakfast..." At that moment, Kevin arrives home and joins his parents. Beryl asks him if he had a good time, and he replies that it was great. Beryl then asks him if he'll be getting back together with Lynn soon. Kevin says he hopes so. Beryl offers him some breakfast, but Kevin replies that Lynn made him some. He heads off to get changed, leaving Beryl to remark to David that it sounds like the kids have come to their senses. David suggests that maybe they should follow Kevin and Lynn's example. Beryl tells him that she doesn't want Tony taking over their lives. David says he just wants him to stay a bit longer so they can sort things out. Beryl says they'll talk later.

Angela is sitting in the flat when John knocks on the door and comes in. She asks him if he's calmed down since yesterday. He replies that he has, and he's come to say goodbye, as he's going back to Woombai. Angela tells him to listen to Jill when he gets back; she warns him not to fly off the handle. John promises that he won't shoot his mouth off. He goes to leave, but Angela stops him, saying she's got something to tell him: she and Rob have decided to divorce - Paul wants her to marry him. Looking surprised, John asks her if it's what she wants. Angela retorts that she wouldn't go through with it, otherwise. John tells his sister that they're as bad as each other when it comes to sorting out relationships; it runs in the family. He goes.

In the lounge room at the Palmers', David asks Tony if he wants to call his mum to tells her where he is. Tony says he doesn't think she'll be worried; it's his mates he's worried about. Kevin comes in and looks annoyed when he sees Tony sitting there. He announces that he's going over to Nelson's place. David virtually ignores him, and just says he'll see him later. Kevin heads off, looking angry. David tells Tony that it's only his mates' word against his mum's. Tony says the cops have got it in for him. Beryl follows Kevin out into the hallway, where Kevin asks what Tony's doing there. Beryl explains that his mother threw him out and David asked him to come and stay. Still looking annoyed, Kevin asks how it went last night. Beryl just replies that she's sure he had a better night than she did. Kevin goes and Beryl returns to the lounge room, where David says Tony told him that she had some trouble yesterday at the milk bar. Beryl explains that she just wanted to see if Tony's story was true; she just had a bit of a fright. David asks where the milk bar is. Tony tells him to forget it, but David replies that Tony is coming with him to see Tony's mates - and Tony can stop him from banging their heads.

One of Tony's mates calls out to another - Jim - when David's car pulls up, joking that Tony's brought his old man for protection. They then realise that it isn't Tony's old man. David gets out of the car and asks the lads if they there yesterday. One of the lads asks him what he wants. David asks if they picked on his wife yesterday. One of the lads asks who his wife is when she's at home. He then adds that David shouldn't have come snooping around. David asks the lad if he's saying he never touched her. One of the guys jokes that she was Tony's girlfriend. David says the cops came round yesterday. Jim tells Tony that they told the cops he did it - he's gutless because he ran out on them. David tells Jim that he's taking him to the police station. Jim tells David to get nicked. David immediately grabs Jim's arm and forces it up behind his back. He drags him to the car and tells him that the cops will look after him. The other lads run off.

Later, at The Terrace, David tells Beryl that the police were going to put it on Tony because he was the one with a criminal record. Tony explains that the others would have got away with just a warning. Beryl snaps that she wishes David had called, as he was away for hours. David says it took longer than they thought. Tony excitedly tells Beryl that she should have seen Jim when Dave got him in a headlock! Looking concerned, Beryl asks David if he hurt the lad. David assures her that he didn't. Tony suddenly offers to finish the cleaning Beryl's doing. Looking astonished, Beryl says, "Seriously?" Tony tells her that it's a once-in-a-lifetime offer! Beryl accepts! Tony heads into the kitchen to get some more materials, leaving David to ask Beryl if she's changed her mind about him. Beryl replies that there's something about him that worries her. David tells her that Tony wants her to like him. He asks her to let the kid stay for bit, adding that, the first sign of trouble, he'll kick him out. Beryl reluctantly says that if that's what David wants...

Wayne's car pulls up at Dural, and Fiona gets out. The rain is pouring down and there's a rumble of thunder.

Wayne is lying on the bed in the study, wearing his pyjamas. There's a sudden knock on the door, and Fiona asks to come in. She thanks Wayne for the use of his car. Wayne replies that it's not much use to him in his condition. He then asks Fiona if she got all her work done. Fiona replies that it would have been easier if John had been there, but he was determined to go back to Woombai. Wayne remarks that he heard him leave at the crack of dawn, and he asks if there's a problem of some kind. Fiona asks Wayne if he had an argument with John, but Wayne replies that he hardly spoke to him yesterday. Fiona comments that something was certainly upsetting him. Wayne smiles...

A while later, in the flat, Fiona asks Angela if John said what the matter was. Angela tells Fiona that she said she wouldn't say anything, but Fiona insists that she'd like to know. Angela replies that it's pretty silly - not worth worrying about. Fiona asks, "What isn't?" Angela gives in and explains that John thinks Jill had an affair with Brian. Fiona says "Oh no..." Angela says she's sure it'll be alright, but Fiona reminds her that she knows what John is like. She adds that Angela should have told her sooner; if she'd known anything was wrong, there's no way she would have let him go. She continues that she can smell a disaster a mile off...

Jill comes out of the Woombai homestead and walks along the verandah. She smiles when she sees a car pull up and John getting out; she calls out that she wasn't expecting him back for hours. John explains that he left early. Jill asks where Fiona is and John replies that she's flying back later. Jill puts her arms round him, but John asks if they can go inside, and he heads towards the house. Jill looks surprised.

In the living room, Jill asks how life is in the big smoke, but John replies that he didn't see much of it. He gives Jill her mail, and Jill asks if they're bills. John says no: there's a postcard from Brian. Jill remarks that it's about time he wrote. John tells her that Brian misses her, too. Jill suspiciously says it sounds like John read it. John snaps that he read it alright. He continues that Brian didn't pull any puches - the best bit was about their last night together. Starting to get upset, Jill tells John that it's not what it looks like. John asks what is he supposed to believe? Jill tells him that Brian was a good friend - he knew she was upset about him, and the fact that Beth was leaving so soon, and about him having to go because of the Immigration people; she felt alone and frightened - she just needed someone to hold her. John snaps that she did spend the night with him, then, but Jill tells him that it wasn't in the way he thinks. John snaps that she's not very convincing. Jill cries that it's only because he's made up his mind that she's a liar and a slut. John tells her not to talk like that, but Jill persists that that's what he thinks: no one is safe when she's in the room; everyone's fair game unless they're nailed to the floor. She tells John to trust her. John tells her to stop it, but Jill cries that she loves him. Looking at him, and seeing the uncertainty in his eyes, Jill grabs the engagement ring off her finger and throws it at him, telling him he's wasting his time on a tramp like her. She runs out of the room in tears. John stands there, looking shocked.


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