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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

Wayne shakes his head to recover from his dunking, as Barbara stands by the side of the pool and remarks that he's had a miracle cure all of a sudden! Wayne angrily asks her what she's doing, and she retorts that she's proving he's a fake. Wayne snaps that he could have drowned, and he tells Barbara that she's sick. Barbara snaps back that that's very brave coming from him. She then tells him to get out and come inside - they need to talk...

In the study, Barbara throws a towel at Wayne so that he can dry himself off. Wayne asks her if she's going to tell Gordy. Barbara angrily asks him if he doesn't think Gordon should find out what type of person his son really is. Wayne snaps that he really did hurt his back, but Barbara demands to know why he put on the crippled act. Wayne snaps that Gordon owes him - he wanted him to die. Barbara snaps that that may be true, but Gordon has been putting himself through hell because of it. She tells him that she felt genuninely sorry for him when he fell down the stairs; now she realises how weak and small-minded he is. She then tells Wayne that she wants him to continue to fake his back injury so that Gordon is none the wiser; he can pretend that his back is gradually getting better, and while he does so, he can start acting like the son Gordon deserves. Wayne tries to protest, but Barbara threatens him that if he doesn't do what she says, she'll tell Gordon and everybody else about his little act - and she thinks that, this time, not even Rosie will forgive him - and there'll be no money and nowhere to live. As Barbara finishes talking, Gordon comes in and sees Wayne sitting in his wheelchair, dripping wet. He asks what happened and Wayne replies that he moved his wheelchair too close to the pool. Gordon suggests to him that he get out of his wet clothes. He offers to help, but Wayne says he can manage. Barbara tells her husband that Wayne needs some rest, adding - as she looks at Wayne - that the poor boy has had a nasty shock...

Out in the hallway, Gordon sadly remarks to Barbara that Wayne still doesn't want anything to do with him. Barbara, though, tells him that it shows Wayne is capable of doing things by himself. She then adds that she thinks his back is going to get better very soon...

The 'phone rings at Woombai, and Jill answers it. STD pips sound and Wayne then comes on. Jill tells him that she's been meaning to ring him. Wayne asks her how she'd like another guest for a few days; he wants to come back up to Woombai. Jill tells him that it would be a bit difficult at the moment - Fiona and Beth aren't getting on and John is missing the airforce... Wayne snaps that it's obviously too much bother. Jill tells him that she'd like to get a few things sorted out... but Wayne interrupts and snaps that he should've known better than to ask in the first place. He slams the 'phone down.

Later, in the living room at Woombai, John snaps that he doesn't know how half the blokes expect to hold down a job. Fiona asks what the matter is, and John replies that he had to sack Gary Allen. Fiona asks if that was necessary, but John retorts that the man is bone lazy. He then adds that he was expecting Fiona's backing. Fiona tells him that she wants to get Gary's side of the story, and she heads out. John looks at Jill, who tells him that she's setting the table for lunch. John snaps that he'll get himself a sandwich. As he heads off, Jill says to him that he's not happy there. John stops, and then admits that it's not working out like he expected; it's not like the airforce. Jill tells him that he could still make a career of flying - he could get his commercial pilot's licence and take some lessons... John, though, asks if Jill knows how much that costs. Jill looks disheartened, and says it's all her fault. John assures her that it isn't; he left the airforce because of Martin. He goes to get his sandwich.

In the guest house, a guy called Andrew Brooks is talking to Beth, and they agree to meet at 7:30pm tonight. As they talk, Jill comes in and asks Beth if she'd like to go into town. Beth accepts, and Jill goes to wait outside. Brooks asks Beth if Jill is someone else he should know. Beth replies that she isn't; she's just a friend of the owner's. She then tells Brooks that she'll see him tonight. Brooks smiles and says he's looking forward to it...

A short time later, Beth is walking in the grounds with Jill. Jill says she needs a job and she needs some money: John isn't happy there - he's missing the airforce; if she saves some money, he can take flying lessons. Beth tells Jill that John is lucky to have someone who loves him to care that much. Jill smiles and then tells Beth that she doesn't think she'll be on her own for much longer; she thinks some lucky guy will come along and snap Beth up! She asks about the man that Beth was just talking to. Beth replies that he was just lonely; he wanted someone to talk to.

In the living room at Woombai, John asks Fiona if Gary's pay is ready. Fiona tells him that it isn't as she's decided to keep him on. John snaps that the man is useless. Fiona retorts that the man is a plodder - and a nice one. John snaps that the men will have no respect for him if she over-rules his decisions. Fiona, though, suggests to John that he expects too much from the men. John angrily thanks Fiona for her support. Fiona tells him that it's obvious he's not happy, and she adds that there are plenty of other jobs on the property. John incredulously asks if he's the one being fired. Fiona tells him that no one is being fired - she's simply saying he might be happier doing something else. John snaps that he's not doing some stupid little job that she's dreamed up on the spur of the moment, and he storms out. Fiona says to Jill and Beth, who have just come in, that she was having too many complaints from the other men about John's attitude. She then adds bitterly that John was right - there was no other job for him. Beth listens and then says she has an idea. She heads out.

Beth catches up with John outside and John asks her what she wants. Beth tells him that she has a suggestion: why doesn't he go into business for himself - running fitness classes for the riding school; instead of shouting orders at the men, he can shout them at the guests. She adds that those sort of things are very popular at the moment - and it only has to be temporary. She then continues that he's certainly fit enough for the job, and she tells him to think of all the ladies at the Reid House swooning over him!

Back in the living room at Woombai, Jill smiles as she says she thinks it's a great idea! Fiona chips in that she agrees that it's terrific! John tells them that Beth deserves the credit! Fiona warns him not to expect her to go running up and down on the spot! John tells her that he's sorry he lost his temper before. Fiona says it alright; she then tells him to go and let Alan Pascoe know that it's his last day. John smiles and says, "Yes, boss!" He heads out. Fiona turns to Beth and says she guesses she owes her a favour. Beth replies that she just doesn't like to see friends argue. Jill smiles happily as she thanks goodness that Fiona and Beth are finally agreeing on something! She then tells Beth that she'll have to shake a leg if they're going to go into town. Jill goes outside. Alone with Fiona, Beth tells her that there's room in Jill's life for both of them.

Sometime later, John is loading old wooden gateposts into the back of a ute when a car pulls up and Fiona gets out. Seeing John stripped down, she jokingly asks him if he's getting a winter tan! John just replies, "Something like that." Fiona asks him if the posts he's loading is the last of them, and he tells her that it is. Fiona says that's good, and she asks him how he'd feel about making a quick trip to Sydney. John asks what for, and Fiona replies that she wants to finalise some purchases for the property. John suggests that she should take Alan, but Fiona tells him it would be better if he came along. John agrees to go. Fiona says she'll call Gordon and Barbara to see if they can stay at Dural. John says he's sure it'll be fine. Fiona smiles happily as she tells John that she's so glad they're friends again. John says, "Me too."

Barbara is on the 'phone in the lounge room at Dural, and she tells Fiona that they'll expect her and John for dinner. She then hangs up and tells Gordon about their visitors coming up on business. Gordon remarks that it'll be nice to see them. Barbara says she has some post for them upstairs, which she'll put out for them to pick up. Wayne wheels himself into the room, and Gordon comments that his son isn't heading out by the pool, he hopes. Wayne says a curt, "No." He then tells his father that he's sorry he snapped at him before - he knows he's been a lousy patient, and he'll try not to be as difficult. Gordon tells Wayne that he does care. Wayne says he knows, and he wheels himself out of the room. Gordon stands up to follow him, but Barbara tells him to let him go. Gordon sits down again and remarks that it's a start. Barbara smiles.

In the lounge room at the Palmer house, Davey is crying as Kevin wraps a football scarf round his neck and puts a bobble hat on his head. He tells Davey that they're going out with his mum to the football, but they're running late and Lynn won't be very happy.

Lynn is on the 'phone at The Terrace, speaking to Mrs. Collins and telling her that they should have called her earlier. Mrs. Collins tells Lynn to be there at 5pm. Lynn says she'll make it. She hangs up and Rob asks who the caller was. Lynn explains that she's got a job, and she's got to be there at 5pm. Rob asks about the football, but Lynn says she can't go. Rob points out that Kevin will be disappointed, but Lynn says there's nothing she can do. Rob tells her that she could 'phone Mrs. Collins and say she's not going. Lynn says she can't - it's her job. Rob, though, comments that she's not making much of an effort to straighten out her marriage. Lynn retorts that it's Kevin who has to make the effort. Rob tells her that she and Kevin have got so much going for them, but it looks like she wants it all her way. He continues that she needs to sort out whether she really wants the marriage to work or not - because if she's going to keep letting work get in the way, it's her whose attitude needs changing, not Kevin's.

Kevin is holding Davey at the Palmers' when the 'phone rings. He answers it and Lynn comes on. Kevin tells her that he's sorry he's late, but he had to spend some time with Beryl after the upset with Tony. Lynn is about to start telling Kevin that she can't make it when she appears to have a change of heart and tells him not to be long. The call over, Lynn tells Rob that she's going to the football. Rob tells her that she made the right decision. Lynn replies that he doesn't have to face Mrs. Collins...

Barbara is in the lounge room at Dural when Wayne wheels himself in. Barbara asks how his back is, but Wayne ignores this, instead asking if Jill is coming with John and Fiona. Barbara says he isn't. She then tells Wayne that he did very well this afternoon, adding, "Keep it up!" Wayne wheels himself back out into the hallway, where he spots the pile of mail on the side table. He has a look through what's there and picks up a postcard, which he reads. It's labelled as coming from Ulladulla and says:

"Dear Jill
Having a great time, but missing you. Meeting lots of nice people and the money supply hasn't dried up yet.

Wayne smiles and hides the card under the blanket over his legs.

At The Terrace, Lynn is holding Davey after the football. Kevin says he'd better get home, but Lynn suggests they have dinner. Kevin tells her that he has to get Davey home to bed, but Lynn suggests that she take him home and then come back. Kevin happily agrees. Lynn tells him that, when he gets back, he can peel the potatoes! They go to the front door, where Lynn kisses Davey goodbye; she then also kisses Kevin. He tells her that he'll see her in about an hour, and he goes. Lynn goes into the kitchen, where Rob asks how the footie went. Lynn replies that it was good. She then tells him that she'll be able to cook him some dinner, as Kevin's coming over later. Rob, though, says he's going out; she and Kevin can have the place to themselves. Lynn suddenly hugs him and thanks him for talking sense into her, earlier.

In the study at Dural, Wayne has found a pen with ink the same colour as that on the postcard and is forging Brian's writing, adding the following to the bottom of the card:

"P.S. I love you. That last night together meant so much to me."

When he's done, Wayne puts the card under his blanket and wheels himself out from the study into the hallway. As he does so, he hears Gordon offer drinks all round in the lounge room. Wayne puts the card back with the pile of post, picks the whole lot up and wheels himself in to join the others. The chatter immediately stops. Fiona curtly tells Wayne that she was sorry to hear about his accident. Wayne retorts, "These things happen." He then gives John the pile of mail, explaining that some of it is for Jill. Barbara tells the new arrivals that they're going to have to put up with her cooking while Rosie is away! Gordon asks Fiona about the business trip, and Fiona explains that a friend of hers is putting some machinery on the market; she's bargain hunting! As she says this, John is reading the postcard. Wayne smiles as a shocked look crosses John's face...


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