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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

At the Palmers', Tony tells Beryl that his mate wanted him to do a break-in job. Beryl asks if this was the mate from The Terrace this morning. Tony says that doesn't matter - he didn't do it. Beryl asks why he wants her to say he was with him all evening, then. Tony replies that he was going to help with the break-in, but he changed his mind; he was thinking about his mum - he needed the money to help her - but once they got to the house, he changed his mind. Beryl repeats that he did go to the house. Tony replies that he left them to it - that's when the police came. Beryl asks him if the police saw him. Tony explains that he ran; if the police saw him, they'll think he was part of it and he wasn't. Beryl tells him that she doesn't like lying - especially to the police. Tony tells her that it's not a big lie. Beryl says she'll have to think about it. She then tells Tony not to be late for work in the morning. He goes, leaving Beryl looking thoughtful.

In the lounge room at Dural, Barbara unwraps a wedding present and looks distinctly unimpressed! The 'phone starts ringing and Gordon goes to get it, answering the 'phone on the bar. The STD pips sound and Beryl then comes on. Gordon asks her if she's after David. Wayne comes in and snaps that his bed is round the wrong way in the study; his head is under the window - the sun will hit him in the morning. Barbara growls, "Might not be the only thing..." Gordon asks her to put the call through to the flat. He then wheels Wayne back to the study.

In the flat, Paul tells David that he knows it must be difficult for him to accept, but it's the only way they could handle it; he loves Angela. David says he supposes he can understand how they feel. Paul continues that, as soon as Angela is free, they'll get married. The 'phone starts ringing and, when Angela answers it, Beryl asks if David's there. Angela hands over the handset and David asks his wife what the problem is. Beryl tells him that it's Tony: he turned up there tonight - he's not long gone - and he said he was out with his mates; they were going to go and commit a robbery, but he backed out at the last minute, and now he wants her to say he was at the Palmer house all night. David asks if the police have been onto him, but Beryl replies that that's what Tony's frightened of. David tells Beryl to tell the police that Tony was there with her - if he wasn't telling the truth, he would have got one of his mates to cover for him. Beryl says she can't lie to the police, but David replies that Tony came to him for help; he wants Beryl to say Tony was with her, and that's that.

Rob is in his pyjamas at The Terrace the next morning, and he remarks to Beryl that she had quite a night of it. Beryl says David hung up in her ear - it's not really fair of him to expect her to lie. Rob says he reckons David's time inside must have done something to him. He adds that they can't expect someone to spend three weeks inside and pretend nothing's happened. A thoughtful look crosses Beryl's face, and she says to Rob that, if David can help Tony come good, it makes it more worthwhile... She then adds that she just wishes she could be certain Tony's story is true. Rob says he doesn't know how she can prove that. Beryl says there might be a way... She goes out.

Mrs. Parker is sweeping the yard outside the rundown place where she and Tony live. She goes to pick up the dustbin which has been knocked over, and as she does so, Beryl approaches and asks her if she's Tony's mother. Mrs. Parker replies that she doesn't need Beryl's help anymore as Tony has got a job. Beryl replies that she knows, and she introduces herself. Mrs. Parker immediately apologises, explaining that she thought Beryl was from the Department. She tells Beryl that she and her husband have been so good to Tony. Beryl tells Mrs. Parker that she wanted to check on something. Mrs. Parker asks what Tony has done. Beryl replies that there was a robbery last night; Tony says he wasn't involved, but he wants her to say he was with her, and she wants to be sure he's telling the truth. Mrs. Parker looks as though she's going to cry as she says she thought it was too good to be true, him getting a job; he always lets her down. Beryl says she really doesn't think he's done anything. She suggests that she could ask Tony's friends, but Mrs. Parker tells her that they're the ones who get him into trouble. Beryl points out that it's worth a try. Mrs. Parker replies that they hang out up at the 'Blue Heaven' milkbar. Beryl says she'll give it a go. Mrs. Parker tells her that it'll be a waste of time; they don't change - they get worse. She then tells Beryl to thank her husband for trying. She goes back inside the house. Beryl walks off.

In the flat at Dural, David shakes Paul's hand and says it's good to have had a proper talk about things. He kisses Angela goodbye and Angela thanks him for being so understanding. He goes. Angela then thanks Paul, who points out that everything went OK. Angela says it means a lot to her. Paul tells her that it won't be long until the whole family is won over. He then asks her if she's done anything about the divorce. Angela points out that he hasn't even asked her to marry him, yet! She then adds that Rob is talking to his solicitor. Paul suggests to Angela that she talk to her solicitor, as it could be a year before the divorce comes through - and there could be other delays. Angela asks what he means. Paul replies that all he wants is for them to get married as soon as possible. He suggests Angela check with Rob to find out how things are going. Angela says she'll ring him. Paul then says she has a private call to make. He goes to use the 'phone in the house. Angela looks surprised and slightly suspicious.

Rob comes in the back door at The Terrace as Tony arrives. Tony says he thought Rob might need a hand. Rob asks Tony if he's trying to get in their good books! He throws him a bag of potatoes to peel. Tony asks if Beryl has made up her mind about what say to the cops. Rob tells him that he doesn't think he's been too fair on her. Tony asks what else was he supposed to do - David wasn't there. The 'phone starts ringing and Rob answers it. The STD pips sound and then Angela comes on. Rob asks what he can do for her. Angela tells him that there's no other way of saying it: she wondered how far he's got with divorce proceedings. Rob replies that he hasn't seen his solicitor yet. Angela explains that Paul wants them to get married as soon as they can. Rob says he'll contact his solicitor and ring her back.

Several teenage guys are mucking around at the 'Blue Heaven' as Beryl approaches. She asks them if they're Tony friends. One of them replies, "Who?" No one else says anything until Beryl says there was house break-in last night, and she wants to know if he was involved. One of the guys, having a laugh, asks her if she's going to give Tony the sack. Beryl replies that she isn't - she just wants to help him. Another of the guys remarks that he thought Beryl would be too old for Tony. He then menacingly adds that, if she's good enough for Tony... The guys start crowding Beryl. She quickly turns and walks away, to chants of "Go, go, go..."

Beryl arrives back at The Terrace, where she goes into the kitchen and asks Tony where Rob. Tony replies that he's upstairs on the 'phone, talking to his wife. He then asks Beryl if she's decided what she's going to say to the cops yet. Beryl asks him to leave her alone for a minute, but Tony mutters that he might have known she wouldn't care. Beryl turns to him and snaps that she's had enough - she's just been through one of the worst experiences of her life for him; she's just been to that milk bar where he hangs out with his so-called friends, as she thought they might be able to help. Tony points out that that's pretty dangerous. Beryl retorts that he doesn't have to tell her that. Tony tells her that she should have known better. Beryl angrily snaps that she wishes she'd never set eyes on him. She storms out of the kitchen and goes and slams the front door shut. She then goes into the dining area and starts noisily taking the chairs off the tables. Rob comes downstairs and joins his sister, remarking as he does so that he thought they had burglars! Beryl snaps at him not to say a word. Rob asks what the matter is, and Beryl replies that it's Tony. Rob asks what happened and whether she's going to stick up for him. Beryl says it's what David wants. Rob points out that David wouldn't be too impressed if he comes back and finds she didn't help. Beryl says she just hopes the police don't come, so she doesn't have to decide either way.

Sitting in the lounge room at Dural, Gordon remarks that that's quite a decision. Angela replies that, because she's only been married a short time, she and Rob have to go through marriage guidance before they can get a divorce. She then adds that it's either that or they have to wait two years until they can apply - but Paul wants to get married as soon as possible. Barbara chips in that counselling is obviously very good for a lot of people. Angela says she'll do it for Paul, just to speed things up. Gordon tells her that Paul is a very lucky young man. Wayne suddenly calls out, "Dad, come here." Gordon gets up and goes. Angela looks at Barbara in shock. Barbara says she knows - it's been going on since Wayne got back; she's had a hard time keeping her mouth shut, but it's up to Gordon. The doorbell suddenly rings, and Angela goes to answer it. The person standing there introduces himself as Father Thomas, and adds that Paul is expecting him. Angela looks shocked.

In the flat, Paul explains that he asked Father Thomas over to say where they stand in the eyes of the church, now that they've decided to get married. Father Thomas tells Paul that he's delighted he's decided to come back to the church. Paul, though, says there are problems: Angela's not divorced yet. He then adds that it will be no problem after that as far as the church giving them an annulment is concerned; her mother effectively forced her to marry. Angela asks him what he means about an annulment. Paul explains that, before they can get married, there has to be a civil divorce and a church annulment. Father Thomas, though tells Paul that he knows from his training that there are other things he must do before coming back to his faith. Angela asks what he's talking about. Father Thomas tells her that she's a married woman; until she's free to marry Paul, they can't live together. He then tells Paul that, if he wants to practice his faith and take the sacraments, there's a great deal he has to do.

Beryl is making a stew in the kitchen at The Terrace when there's a knock on the front door. Rob jokes that that's what they get for opening up half an hour late! He goes to open up, leaving Tony to apologise to Beryl for earlier. He tells her that he's scared to hell; what if the cops turned up? Beryl tells Tony to tell her the truth. Tony tells her to tell the police that he wasn't anywhere near the place, otherwise they'll pin him for sure. Rob comes in and tells Tony that he has visitors. Tony looks round and sees two policemen standing at the front door. Tony asks what he's going to do, and he pleads to Beryl, "Please will you stick up for me?" Beryl replies that she's sorry - she can't. Tony bitterly says, "So much for friends."

At the front door, one of the policemen asks Tony where he was last night. Tony replies that he was at home - with his mum. The policeman asks how long he was there for, and Tony replies that it was all night. The policeman, though, tells him that he'll have to come down the station with him. Tony says he can't, as he's working. The policeman tells him that he'll have a word with Tony's boss, but Tony quickly says it's alright - he'll ask. He goes into the kitchen. Rob, in a sympathetic manner, says, "Off you go, mate." Looking worried, Beryl asks Rob what David will say.

In the flat at Dural, Angela says to Paul that she doesn't see why he's so concerned about going back to the church. Paul tells her that it's something he feels he has to do, but he can't explain it. He continues that he wants her to be his wife, but he also wants to return to his faith; they both have to do all they can to make that happen. Angela replies that the only thing she can do is go through with marriage counselling - it won't be easy, but it might prove that her and Rob's marriage doesn't have a hope.

In the lounge room in the main house, Barbara, who's been sitting reading the newspaper, listens as Wayne snaps at Gordon to take it easy and then orders him to push him into the living room. Barbara gets up and puts the newpaper on top of one of the tall cabinets before storming into the kitchen. Gordon pushes Wayne into the room and then leaves him. Wayne looks around and spots the newspaper on the bookcase. He tries to reach for it, but it's too far away, so he stands up and takes it. As he goes to wheel himself out, Barbara comes in and asks him if there's really any need for him to treat his father the way he is. Wayne snaps, "None of your damn business," and he wheels himself out. Barbara looks round and spots that the newspaper has been removed from the bookcase. Looking thoughtful, she puts one of the chairs from the table beneath the bookcase, sits on it and stretches up to see if she'd be able to reach the paper. She finds it would be impossible. Realising that she and Gordon may be being duped, she strides over to the 'phone on the bar and looks up a number in the index. She then dials and the 'phone at the other end rings. When it's answered, Barbara asks to speak to Dr. Gleeson.

Wayne is sitting by the side of the pool, reading the paper, when Barbara comes out and says, "Ah, there you are." Wayne angrily asks her what she wants. Barbara replies that she was so concerned about him and his father that she thought she'd give Dr. Gleeson a ring, just to check up on him. She tells Wayne that, from what Dr. Gleeson told her, she knows exactly how to take care of him. She walks round behind Wayne's wheelchair, turns it round and then pushes it and Wayne into the pool. Wayne yells out. Barbara stands there, smiling!


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