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    Written by: Jennifer Walsh    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Russell Webb

A doctor is checking Wayne over in the lounge room at Dural, but he tells him that he can't find any real damage; he adds that the pain is probably due to jarring when he fell. He then asks Wayne about his accident last year, and whether he was paralysed. Wayne replies that he couldn't walk for months. The doctor tells him that there's no need to panic, but you can't be too careful. He continues that, ordinarily, he'd wait and see, but he thinks they should get Wayne to hospital; they can take a few x-rays and keep Wayne under supervision. Wayne snaps that he can hardly move, but the doctor replies that he bets he'll be fine by the morning. He continues that he'll call an ambulance and then talk to Gordon. Wayne imediately snaps that he doesn't want the doctor to tell Gordon anything.

Out in the hallway, Gordon is standing looking worried while Barbara sits on the stairs. Gordon asks how much longer they're going to be, but Barbara points out that he's a doctor - he's being very thorough. The doctor comes out of the lounge room, and he tells Gordon that he's given Wayne something for the pain, and he's called an ambulance. Gordon says he'll go with him, but the doctor tells him that Wayne wants to go on his own, and he also doesn't want him to talk about his injuries. Gordon points out that he's Wayne's father, but the doctor just tells him that people say funny things when they're in shock; he really can't discuss it.

Jill, wearing her night clothes, goes into the living room at Woombai, and looks surprised to see Beth there. Beth explains that she was just thinking about a few things. Jill says she couldn't sleep, so she came to look for her book. Beth points out that it's on the table, and Jill jokes that she thinks she needs glasses! She sits down next to Beth on the couch, saying as she does so that the offer of some hot milk still stands. Beth declines, adding that she's got a few things to sort through. Jill remarks that she supposes Beth is missing her husband. Beth looks slightly sheepish as she replies that it's crazy - but she still loves him. Jill tells her that, if she wants to talk... Beth thanks her. Jill goes back to bed, leaving Beth sitting there looking worried. After a few seconds, she takes a piece of paper out of her pocket, looks at it and then walks over to the 'phone. She picks up the handset and dials three digits. The call is answered and Beth says, "Hello. Craig, is it?" She then continues that she thinks Michael Wilson was going to introduce her tonight; she's sorry, but she got held up. She then continues that she can come over now; she knows where his room is. As she hangs up, she looks worried.

The receptionist is sitting behind the reception desk when Beth walks into the guest house, and she looks surprised to see her. She asks Beth if she wants to see Michael Wilson, adding that he left a few hours ago. Beth says she doesn't; she's there to see a friend of his: Craig Bates - Michael introduced them this afternoon. The receptionist remarks that it's a bit late. Beth says she knows, but he insisted on a nightcap. Bates comes into the reception area and says, "Beth Newman?" Beth quickly tries to hide the fact that they don't know each other, and Bates catches on and explains to the receptionist that Beth was turned away from him earlier. They go to Bates' room.

Tony is eating breakfast in the kitchen at the Palmer house the next morning. There is silence as Beryl sits there drinking a cup of tea. David suddenly asks if Kev is out of bed yet. Beryl replies that he's playing with Davey. David jokes that he reckons Kevin and Peter have sore heads after last night! Sensing an atmosphere, Tony announces that he has to go now, and he thanks David for letting him stay. He leaves. As soon as he's gone, Beryl asks David if he had to ask Tony to stay. David retorts that the lad was too under the weather to get himself home, and he wasn't going to drive all that way. Beryl snaps that she would have got him a taxi. David remarks that she doesn't like Tony much. Beryl snaps back that he takes getting used to. David tells his wife to give him go, adding that he's not a bad kid when you get to know him. Beryl sullenly says she's sure he isn't, and she is trying; it's a bit difficult, that's all.

Tony is walking along a dingy alleyway when he passes one of his mates who tells him that he came looking for him last night. Tony retorts that he was out with some mates. As the two of them walk over to the Parker house, the other lad asks him if there's something wrong with his old mates - aren't they good enough now he's working? Tony indignantly asks who said he's working. His mate replies that it was his mum. Tony asks his mate what he wants. The mate replies that he wants a favour. As Tony asks what kind of favour, Mrs. Parker comes out of the house, and she looks at them in concern. Tony's mate, who Tony calls Daryl, nods his head towards Mrs. Parker and says it's a bit hard to say; he'll tell him later. Daryl walks off. Mrs. Parker tells Tony that she doesn't like that boy.

At the Palmers', David is on the 'phone to someone, and he tells them that Beryl said to say 'hello'. He then continues that he'll see the person tonight. He hangs up and tells Beryl, who's in the kitchen, that Angela said to say 'hello' back. He then adds that he's just squared it with her to stay the night at the flat. Beryl points out that Paul will be there, but David replies that he has to front him sometime; he's not going to cut Angela off because she's staying with him, but he will tell her he'd prefer that she stayed with Rob. He also adds that he'll ask Angela where Patricia has got to, as there are a few things he wants to say to her. Beryl tells him that she's not worth it. Changing the subject, she then tells David that she spoke to Mrs. Collins again last night - Lynn was right: he can make a lot of money. David retorts that it's not on - he's already had a lot of ribbing about it from the blokes last night. Beryl asks him if he's got everything he needs. He replies that he thinks so and then goes.

Gordon opens the front door at Dural, and he pushes Wayne into the hallway in a wheelchair. Wayne snaps that he hopes Gordon realised how much it hurt dragging him from the car into the wheelchair like a sack of potatoes. Barbara comes out from the lounge room and asks how the patient is. Wayne snaps, "How does it look?" Barbara retorts that all she can see is a long face in a wheelchair. Wayne angrily asks what it matters, adding that he's stuck in the contraption. He then asks if he's going to have to sit there all day. Gordon pushes him into the living room. Barbara stands in the hallway, looking thoughtful.

In the flat, Angela tells Paul that it won't be that bad - it means David is making an effort. There's a knock on the door - it's Barbara. She tells Angela and Paul that Gordon has just brought 'his lordship' back from the hospital - but the doctors won't tell them what's wrong with him and now Gordon's waiting on him hand-and-foot. Angela says Gordon will never change. Barbara retorts that he will if she has anything to do with it. Angela says she can't believe he's so weak with Wayne. Barbara, though, replies that it's not weakness - Gordon has high principles. Paul remarks that it's a shame Wayne didn't take after him. Barbara bitterly says she thinks Wayne will play on Gordon's guilt like he wouldn't believe.

In the lounge room in the main house, Gordon puts a blanket over Wayne's legs. He asks about treatment, but Wayne snaps that it's none of his fathers' business. Gordon points out that if there's anything Wayne needs, he has to organise it. There's silsnce, which Gordon breaks by asking his son to give him a go. Wayne snaps that he's in a wheelchair - again; there's no treatment - he just has to wait until it fixes itself. He adds that it means they're both in for a hard time and then tells Gordon to keep out of his hair. Gordon tells his son that someone has to help him. Wayne snaps at Gordon to make his bed up in the study - unless he wants to carry him upstairs every night.

Beth comes into the living room at Woombai and Jill remarks on 'Sleeping Beauty'! Beth says she must have spent most of the night thinking, and there's going to be a new her: no more sitting around, depressed; she's going to start enjoying life. She then tells Jill that she met a nice man over at the house yesterday, and he asked her to go riding with her. Jill tells Beth that it's good to see she's cheered up. Beth, though, looks worried.

Fiona is out in the ground at Woombai with John; some of the men are sitting on a fence nearby. John and Fiona are talking about replacing fence posts when Beth comes over. John asks her if she's she off riding. Beth replies that she's going to see if she can improve her style - what there is of it! As she walks off, one of the men wolfwhistles at her, and John immediately shouts at the group of them to keep their minds on the job, not the guests. Fiona looks surprised, and she asks John for a quiet word. They walk over so they're out of earshot, and she then tells him that he can't go shouting at the men like that. John, though, says they've been giving her the runaround for too long - he wants to get some work done round there.

Craig Bates is talking to some of the other guests in the reception area at the guest house when Beth comes in. He suggests to her that they go and saddle the horses. As they head outside, he tells Beth that he really enjoyed seeing her last night, and he suggests they do it again tonight. Beth replies that she doesn't see why not.

Tony is juggling oranges in the kitchen at The Terrace, and Beryl snaps at him that the food is to be eaten, not played with. She tells him to take an order into some of the diners. Tony picks up the tray, and Beryl tells him that she'll bring the other order out. As he walks out into the hallway, Tony pauses. He then turns round and remarks to Beryl that she doesn't like him. Beryl retorts that she doesn't dislike him. Tony comments that she could have fooled him. Beryl tells him that she doesn't know him very well; David likes him, though, and that's what matters. Tony remarks to Beryl that she's just putting up with him. He leaves the kitchen to deliver the order, but as he does so, he notices Daryl sitting in the dining area. He's playing with an electronic game, and Tony stops and asks him what he's doing. Daryl replies that he thought he'd check the place out. Tony tells him that, if he's not there for coffee, he can rack off. Daryl, though, retorts that he's got a deal for Tony. Tony says he's not interested, but Daryl reminds him that he's owed a favour. Tony snaps that he doesn't owe Daryl anything. Beryl goes past, sees Tony talking and asks for a word in the kitchen. When they're alone, she asks Tony if that was a friend he was talking to. She then adds that it's not good for the customers to see their coffee going cold while he's chatting. Tony asks if that's everything, and when Beryl says it is, Tony says he'll get on with it, then. He walks back to the dining area and asks some new customers if they're ready to order. They're not, so Tony walks back to where Daryl is sitting. Daryl asks what the old bag wanted, but Tony replies that she just likes having a go at him. Daryl tells Tony that this isn't the place for him, but Tony retorts that David did him a favour getting him this job; he owes him. Daryl snaps that he didn't think Tony owed anyone a favour. He then continues that he's Tony's oldest mate - he stuck up for him in court. Tony says he doesn't want to go back inside for anyone; he doesn't want to do it. Daryl gives him details of the job - a break-in - and says they'll be in and out like a shot. Tony asks if it'll keep Daryl off his back. Daryl says it will, and Tony replies that he'd better mean it.

Later that evening, Beryl is sitting in the living room at the Palmers', sewing. There's suddenly a frantic knocking at the front door, and when Beryl answers it, Tony rushes in, saying he wants to talk to David. Beryl tells him that he's not there - he's in Sydney. Tony snaps, "Oh hell." Beryl asks what's wrong, but Tony says it's nothing. Beryl asks him if he's in trouble, but he says he isn't. Beryl says she might be able to help, adding that, once Tony tells David what it is, he'll tell her. Tony replies that he can't tell her. He then continues, though, that if anyone comes looking for him - like the cops - can she please tell them that he was with her.

David arrives at Dural, and he congratulates Gordon and Barbara on their marriage. Barbara asks how Beryl is, and David replies that she's fine. Barbara remarks that she must get around to meeting her sometime. They go into the lounge room, where Wayne is sitting in his wheelchair. David remarks on him having had a bit of bad luck. Wayne just snaps, "Yeah." Gordon takes David out to the flat, leaving Barbara to comment to Wayne that it was a charming welcome he gave their visitor. Wayne snaps that he doesn't like him - and hopefully, David's not too keen on him, either. Barbara tells him that he could at least be pleasant, but Wayne retorts that it's better to be honest than a hypocrite. Barbara snaps that she'll leave him to it and go upstairs - she's not a hypocrite, either.

Angela and Paul are talking in the flat when there's a knock on the door and Gordon and David come in. Gordon leaves them to it. David and Angela both start talking at once! David then tells Angela that it's good to see her, and the two of them hug. David turns to Paul and, in a friendly manner, asks him if he's been taking care of her. Paul replies that he's doing his best. The two men shake hands.

In the lounge room, Wayne is using the remote control to flick between the channels on the TV. He eventually turns it off. He turns to look at the newspaper lying on the bar, and he wheels himself over to get it. He finds, though, that the seats by the bar are blocking the way. Gordon comes in and starts to say that Wayne could be more considerate... but Wayne ignores this and snaps that he wishes Gordon would be more considerate where he leaves thing; how's he expected to reach the paper? Gordon says he's sorry; he picks up the paper and hands it to his son. He then says he's going to help Barbara, and he tells Wayne to give him a yell if he needs anything. Wayne snaps that he will. Gordon goes. Wayne puts the newspaper down on one of the bar seats and then stands up and pours himself a sctoch from the decanter on the bar. He smiles to himself, pleased with his deception...


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