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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Fiona tells Beth to come on - she doesn't buy a word of what she's said. Beth insists that it's the truth, but Fiona snaps that it's a pack of lies. Realising she has no choice, Beth tells Fiona that she does work for Michael Wilson; she then adds, though, that if Fiona was looking for her daughter, would she really want to advertise the fact that she was on the game? She continues that she had to appear respectable, or she'd run the risk of Jill finding out about her. Fiona listens, but then says it doesn't explain why Beth came back. She adds that Jill needs a mother like Beth like she needs a hole in the head.

In the reception area at the guest house, two men are having some drinks and are chatting to the receptionist about the lack of things to do in the area - they imply that they'd like some women around. Michael Wilson is sitting in a chair nearby, listening and smiling to himself. When the men wander off, the receptionist remarks to Wilson that she reckons they'd have been happier taking a holiday in Kings Cross. Wilson looks thoughtful.

In the main house, Beth tells Fiona that she thought she, of all people, would understand why she kept the truth from Jill. Fiona snaps that she doesn't know what Beth is inferring, but she makes it her business to know a lot of people. She asks Beth why she came back, and Beth replies that she was scared, and the only person who came to mind was Jill. Fiona asks Beth what she's scared of, and Beth tells her that the people are looking for her who had her bashed. Fiona asks about Michael Wilson, and Beth replies that he wants her back at the agency. Fiona tells Beth that she believes her, and agrees that she won't say anything to Jill. She then adds, though, that she wants both Beth and Wilson out of there first thing in the morning.

The receptionist at the guest house clears the glasses from the reception desk. Wilson and Beth are sitting in the chairs nearby, and Wilson nastily remarks to Beth that it's a bit of bad luck, as it's not convenient at all: a lot of guests there are wealthy men and there's not a lot to keep them happy... Beth looks shocked as he continues that some of the guests have good money, so why not spend it on her?

Wayne and Jill return to the house after a walk, and Jill asks if Beth is around. Fiona tells her that she isn't. Jill continues that she hopes Beth takes a while to sort herself out, as it would be nice if she could stay for a while. Fiona looks guilty.

Beth tells Wilson that it's too dangerous. Wilson retorts that it isn't if they're careful. Beth persists that Jill will find out, and it would hurt her if she found out the truth about her. Wilson snaps that he doesn't even know the girl and he points out that she isn't really even Beth's daughter. Beth reminds him that Fiona still wants them out. Wilson tells her to convince Fiona.

Gordon and Barbara arrive back at Dural, and Gordon tells his wife that he feels bad about coming home early. Barbara reminds him that it was her idea. She adds that, until he sorts things out with Wayne, he's going to be a pain in the proverbial! Gordon goes into the study to 'phone Woombai.

At Woombai, Jill and Fiona are talking about John's attitude to the men on the property. Wayne chips in that he's still acting like he's on the parade ground. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Fiona answers it. Gordon comes on and Fiona tells Wayne that it's his father. Wayne bitterly and sarcastically says, "Surprise, surprise." He takes the 'phone and snaps to Gordon, "Fancy hearing from you." Gordon tells Wayne that they need to talk - but face-to-face, not over the 'phone. He adds that he thinks it's bad for Wayne to be at Woombai. Wayne retorts that it never worried him before. Gordon asks Wayne to come home so they can talk quietly and calmly. Wayne just snaps, "Talk to yourself."

Barbara is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, looking at the post that has accumulated in her and Gordon's absence. Angela is also there, and she tells Barbara not to worry about dinner as there's lots of food in the kitchen. Barbara opens one of the envelopes and smiles when she sees that it contains a wedding card from David and Beryl. At that moment, Gordon comes in and announces that Wayne hung up on him.

Wayne is sitting, drinking, at Woombai when Jill comes in and asks if he talked to his father. Wayne says he did, but Gordon won't be calling back. He adds that his father wanted him to go home and talk. Jill suggest that that's good, isn't it? Wayne, though, snaps that Gordon doesn't give a damn about him - he's just trying to make himself feel happier. He continues that he bets Barbara's wondering what she married. Jill tells Wayne that he should talk to his father, but Wayne snaps, "No chance." He adds that nothing is going to solve the problem - nothing Gordon says or does or thinks or feels...; nothing. As he goes to take another sip of his drink, Jill tries to snatch his glass away, but Wayne stops her and he downs the contents. He then appears to think of something and continues that it would be fun watching his father try; watching him crawl...; if Gordon wants to talk, he'll give him talk. He tells Jill to let Fiona know that he's taken one of the cars. Jill tries to tell him that he can't drive in his drunken condition, but he ignores this and storms out, saying as he does so that it's time Gordon paid for what he did to him.

Sometime later, Fiona and Jill are playing a board game, but Jill is preoccupied, and she tells Fiona that she can't stop worrying about Wayne. Fiona comments that she can't understand why Jill is still friends with him. Jill replies that he's vulnerable... She adds that he's warm and affectionate with people he loves. Fiona asks Jill if she could ever fall in love with him again. Jill replies that he's a friend. She then adds that it's probably good that he's gone, as the way John's been carrying on lately, she's got enough on her plate.

Gordon is pacing the floor of the lounge room at Dural. Barbara and Angela both point out to him that Wayne won't be there until late, but that doesn't stop him going outside to have a look. Barbara follows him to the front door and asks him to come and sit down. Gordon, though, goes to the study to do some work. Barbara says to Angela that she hopes Wayne will be reasonable. Angela smiles and tells Barbara that she's glad she married Gordon. Barbara thanks her, and then asks about her and Rob. Angela replies that she's handling it OK now; Rob is the one she's worried about.

Rob, David, Kevin, Peter and Tony pile back into The Terrace after a men's night out! They're talking loudly and laughing as they go into the kitchen, where Rob gets some more cans of lager out of the fridge and hands them around. He jokes about David prancing around in front of a camera, and Peter asks David if he's really going to go into the modelling business. David tells him to wait and see. Rob says he reckons Mrs. Collins has got her eye on David! There's laughter all round!

At the Palmers', Beryl opens the front door and lets Mrs. Collins in. They go into the lounge room where Beryl offers Mrs. Collins a cuppa. She then adds that she hopes they can finish before the men get home. They sit down and Mrs. Collins asks if David could be interested in her offer. Beryl replies that he isn't yet... She then tells Mrs. Collins that she'd like more details, and asks if David could really earn all that much money. Mrs. Collins looks bemused as she replies that it's possible, but only in the top bracket; David won't get that much initially. She continues that David is different from most men - he has an earthly quality that could interest a number of her clients. Beryl remarks that it's not going to be easy to talk him into it. Mrs. Collins asks her to get David to come along to a photographic session. Beryl agrees to try. Mrs. Collins decides to go before they're caught talking behind David's back.

At The Terrace, the men are sitting around a table in the dining area, trying to be quiet because Lynn is asleep upstairs. Kevin stands up and announces that he reckons they should let Peter know how they feel. He continues that the reason they're there tonight is for Peter, to wish him luck; he'll be sorry to see him go, as he's been a good friend. He holds out his hand and Peter shakes it. Peter himself then stands up and tells the group that he's never met a nicer bunch of people; it's great to know he's got good mates - especially under the circumstances. Tony looks uncomfortable as the speeches go on, and he stands up and says he's going to the kitchen to get another beer. When he's gone, Kevin tells David that he thinks Tony is a pain in the neck.

Gordon is sitting in the study at Dural with only the minimum of light. He suddenly hears a car approaching and then screeching to a halt outside. In the hallway, Angela tells Barbara that she'll get out of the way. Gordon comes out of the study and tells Barbara to wish him luck. Wayne bursts in through the front door and slurs at Gordon, "If you want to talk, let's talk."

A short time later, in the lounge room, Wayne slurs that he only came back to tell Godon that there's no way he's coming back there to live - not even if Gordon was to go down on his rotten knees and beg. He then adds that it would be really good to see his father do that, but it wouldn't make any difference. Gordon tells him to calm down, but Wayne refuses. He then turns to Barbara and tells her that he reckons she's married a German. Gordon snaps at Wayne to shut up. Barbara tells Wayne to go upstairs and sober up; they can talk later. Wayne agrees, saying he wants to be able to think straight enough to tell Gordon exactly what he is. He goes. Gordon says to Barbara that Wayne hates him.

Beth is on the 'phone at Woombai, talking to Michael Wilson. She tells him that Fiona still wants them out in the morning, and there's no way she'll change her mind. Wilson retorts that he hasn't changed his. He then tells Beth to come over to the riding school, as there's a gentleman over there who he wants to introduce her to. As Beth hangs up, Jill comes in to say goodnight. She then heads off to bed. Fiona, who followed Jill in, asks Beth why she didn't tell Jill that she's leaving. Beth replies that she was hoping Fiona would change her mind. Fiona retorts that she's not going to change her mind. Beth tells Fiona that she's one of the hardest people she's ever met. Something suddenly appears to occur to her, and she accuses Fiona of being jealous of her. Fiona tells her not to be so ridiculous, but Beth continues that Fiona has been acting like Jill's mother and now she doesn't like her, a prostitute, coming in and taking over. Fiona looks furious, but Beth tells her that, if she can look her in the eye and say there isn't an ounce of truth in that, she'll pack her bags and leave now. Fiona angrily snaps, "Alright, you can stay." She storms off.

Gordon and Barbara are talking in the lounge room at Dural, and Gordon remarks that Wayne has been upstairs for a while now. They suddenly hear a noise coming from upstairs and they go out to the hallway. Wayne is standing on the stairs, still looking the worse for wear. Gordon offers to help him, but Wayne snaps that he doesn't need help. He suddenly appears to lose his balance, though, and he rolls down the stairs to the bottom. He ends up lying on his back on the hallway floor. Gordon tries to help him up, but as he moves, Wayne yells in pain. He cries that it's like it was after his accident: he can't move.


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