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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

It's breakfast time at Woombai, and Jill remarks that she hopes Beth has got a good night's sleep. John asks Jill if she's found out about Beth's husband yet. Jill explains that, a couple of nights ago, Beth and her husband had a terrible row and Beth locked herself in her bedroom because he was getting really violent. She adds that the fight was about Beth seeing her; Beth and her husband's trip overseas had been delayed and Beth wanted to see her again. Wayne chips in that he doesn't know how Fiona will feel about having another non-paying guest, but John curtly points out that he hasn't seen Wayne putting his hand in his pocket lately. He heads off to work and Beth comes in. Jill goes to get her some breakfast, leaving Wayne to snap at Beth that she'll soon wear out her welcome. Beth sarcastically remarks that, one look at John and she can see why Wayne had no hope with Jill.

Fiona is driving towards the Woombai homestead, when she sees John working by the edge of the road and stops to talk to him. She asks him how things are going, and he replies that he's gradually getting there. He then tells Fiona that they have another visitor. Looking surprised, Fiona asks, "Who?"

At Woombai, Fiona curtly says to Beth that she thought she'd be overseas by now. Beth replies that she guessed Fiona wouldn't be happy to see her. Fiona asks Beth if Mr. Newman is with her. Beth replies that they've split up. She adds that she knows Fiona's not too keen on her, and she'll go to the guest house if she wants. Fiona, though, says that wouldn't be fair on Jill. Beth tells Fiona that she'll keep out of her way - she just wants time to make some decisions about her future. She then asks Fiona what she's got against her. Fiona retorts, "Nothing definite - just call it 'instinct'."

A car pulls up in the driveway at Dural and a man gets out.

Angela and Paul are in the lounge room inside, and Angela asks Paul if he heard a car. He says he didn't. Paul is reading some literature that Gordon gave him about the companies he wants him to invest in. Angela announces that she's going shopping, and Paul offers to come with her, but Angela puts him off, explaining that she'll be looking at clothes. The doorbell chimes and Paul goes to answer it. There is a man standing there who introduces himself as Michael Wilson; he explains that he's trying to contact Beth Newman. Paul responds that he's never heard of her; the Hamiltons live there. The man thanks Paul and walks back to his car. Paul goes into the lounge room and Angela asks who the visitor was. Paul tells her that it was a man looking for someone called 'Newman'. Angela tells him that that's Jill's mother! She runs off outside to catch up with him.

Wilson is just starting his car when Angela knocks on his window. He opens it and Angela tells him that Beth has gone overseas. Wilson asks her if she's sure. Angela replies that, if he wants to check, she can put him onto Beth's daughter. She takes out her purse and digs out a card with the address of Woombai on it. Wilson thanks Angela and smiles nastily.

In Melbourne, David and Lynn get out of a car; Lynn has to do a reshoot for the commercial she was filming a couple of days ago. David asks her how long she'll be, and she replies that she'll be there until about 2pm or 3pm. She asks David if he's going to stick around, and David replies that he thinks he will for a while. The equipment is set up, the lights are switched on and the shoot gets underway.

Sometime later, the shoot over, Mrs. Collins asks Lynn who the man is that's accompanying her. Lynn explains that it's her father-in-law, and she takes Mrs. Collins over to meet him. She introduces Mrs. Collins as 'Maggie Collins', and Mrs. Collins tells David that she's had his eye on him for the last hour-or-so; she thinks they have a lot to discuss.

At The Terrace, Lynn laughs that they offered David a job! Beryl asks if she means as a truck driver, but Lynn explains that she means as a model! Beryl laughs that she's kidding, but David, who's sitting at the kitchen table, tells her that it's true! Lynn adds that Mrs. Collins thinks David has the basic Aussie male quality. Beryl jokes that it's certainly basic! David interrupts the hilarity to say he told Mrs. Collins to forget it. Lynn asks him if he's going to forget the big money too - $2,000 per week. David snaps that he wouldn't prance around in front of a camera for $20,000 per week.

Jill has found at kite in a cupboard at Woombai, and Fiona explains that they bought it when Tommy Wilkins was there. Jill invites Beth to come outside and fly it with her, but Beth replies that it's too energetic for her! John comes in and Jill asks him, but he snaps that he doesn't have time to fly a kite. Jill says she just wants someone to get it airborne, and she and Fiona use their powers of persuasion to talk John into helping out. Fiona decides that, as someone else is going to be doing all the hard work, she'll come along as well, and three of them go out. Beth is left alone, but not for long, as Wayne comes in and asks where everyone has gone. Beth explains that they've gone to fly a kite. Wayne tells Beth not to get smart, but Beth retorts that she's telling the truth. Wayne comments about John slacking off work. Beth tells Wayne that he should forget about Jill and get on with his own life, but Wayne retorts that he got rid of Brian and, it might take more time, but he'll get rid of John too. Beth starts to say that if Wayne honestly cared-- but she's interrupted when Wayne snaps that she can talk. Beth insists that she's not trying to hurt Jill; she's grown very fond of her. Wayne snaps that at least he's not trying to put Jill in danger. Beth says she's not going to be found there.

Michael Wilson arrives at the riding school guest house and asks the receptionist if they have a room. The receptionist tells him that they normally only let the rooms to guests, but Wilson charmingly replies that he's driven a long way. He then adds that, if it makes any difference, he's a friend of Jill's. The receptionist gives in. Wilson then asks if Mrs. Newman is there. The receptionist replies that she is, and Wilson says he thought she might be. He asks if there's a 'phone he can use to ring across to the homestead.

The 'phone rings at Woombai, and Beth answers it. The receptionist comes on and tells her that there's a call for her. Wilson then comes on and says, "Hello, Beth." Beth nervously asks Wilson what he's doing there, and he replies that one of Jill's friends let on. He adds that he thought it would be a nice surprise. He then suggests that they meet in the guest house in twenty minutes, and adds that he'll see if he can rustle up a couple of drinks.

At the guest house, Wilson finishes a game of pool and walks back into the reception area, where the receptionist gives him a tray of drinks. Beth comes into the reception and immediately tells Wilson that she's not going back to the agency. Wilson tells her that her clients have been missing her, and asking, "Where's Meryn Foster?" - referring to her 'working name'. Beth snaps that she's finished for good. Wilson retorts that a lot of girls say that, but they soon find that $4 an hour as a checkout girl in a supermarket doesn't pay the bills. Beth snaps that she'll survive, but Wilson retorts that it won't be in the style she's accustomed to. He then nastily adds that he'd hate to see her go into business on her own... He tells Beth that he knows how to look after his girls, but Beth angrily asks him if he means like her getting a beating. Wilson replies that one of the men got carried away - he was a jumpy client and they had to convince him that she wouldn't talk. Beth tells Wilson that she'd trust him as far as she could throw him; she wouldn't work for him again. Wilson suggests that they talk again in the morning, and he adds that he can make it to her real advantage to come back to him. Beth storms off.

Angela, carrying a shopping bag, stands outside a tall building, looking at it nervously. She then goes inside. She walks into a barely-furnished office, but as she does so, a man suddenly jumps in surprise at and asks her what she wants. Angela replies that she's sorry - she wants Matt. The man tells her that Matt is out, and Angela asks when he'll be back. The man asks who wants to know, and Angela explains that she's a patient. The man tells her that Matt has gone for some coffees; they're in the middle of a consultation. At that moment, Matt comes in and, seeing Angela standing there, remarks that he wasn't expecting her. He then tells the man, Mr. Ward, to take the coffees out to the balcony. When they're alone, he asks Angela to hang around while he finishes the consultation. Angela tells him not to rush on her account. Matt asks if this is social or business. Angela replies that she wishes she knew...

Paul is sitting at the table in the living room at Dural, reading a book, which he slams down on the table impatiently. He then gets up and goes to look out the window before sitting down again.

Matt says goodbye to Mr. Ward. Angela is sitting on the floor looking at a pile of magazines and asking why he, a psychologist, has them. Matt replies that everyone needs a hobby. He takes the magazine Angela is holding and reads from it briefly; it's a woman's magazine, with tales of love and romance! He then asks Angela why she's really there. Angela replies that the trip to Melbourne was a big worry: she still wants a divorce, but after her and Rob's obligatory slanging match, he had to tell her he still loved her; she walked away, but she half wanted to go back and say she felt the same, and half wanted to walk away. Matt asks her if she's back with Paul. Angela replies that she's determined to make a go of it, and Matt asks her if, after seeing Rob, she's no longer sure. Angela tells him that Paul has been so good to her... Matt asks her who she's trying to convince. Angela says, "No one." She then adds that, alright, she wishes Paul gave her more room to breathe sometimes, but she knows it can work. She tells Matt that the agony she put Rob through was so that she and Paul could get back together; if it doesn't work, she'll have put Rob through all that for nothing.

At the riding school guest house, Michael Wilson asks the receptionist if there are any decent restaurants in town. The receptionist tells him about a couple as Fiona comes in. Wilson heads off, and Fiona immediately asks the receptionist the name of that guest. The receptionist tells her his name and points out that he's signed the register; she then adds that he's a friend of Mrs. Newman's. Fiona, looking annoyed, asks how long he's been there. The receptionist replies that he arrived that day. She then adds that she thought he'd be eating at Fiona's place, so it was strange that he was asking about restaurants. Fiona storms off.

When Fiona arrives back at Woombai, Beth is just pouring herself a drink and she asks Fiona if she can get her something. Fiona responds with a curt, "No," but then adds that Beth can oblige with an explanation about Michael Wilson. Suddenly put on the spot, Beth tells Fiona that she's hardly knows him; he wants to do some work for her brother-in-law, and she thought it a bit of a cheek claiming to be a pal. Fiona ignores this and tells Beth that Michael Wilson is a partner in one of the sharpest call-girl rackets in the city, plus a few other ventures. Beth asks Fiona where she read that. Fiona replies that she didn't - people like that manage to keep their name out of the paper. She then adds that she does know he wouldn't be mixing in Beth's world if Beth was as half as nice as she'd have them believe. Beth stands there as Fiona tells her that she wants to know exactly what her connection with Michael Wilson is; she then adds that, if it's anything like she expects, Beth has got one hell of an explanation on her hands.


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