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    Written by: Billie Morton    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Amanda is sitting on the sofa at the Sydney apartment, and she lights a cigarette. John tells her, "Stunt your growth." He then says there's food in the 'fridge, but he's going out and he'll see her later if she's still around. Amanda sarcastically asks where she'd be going after a 24-hour flight. John suggests that she might want to see her Dad and meet his mother in Melbourne. Amanda, though, says she has no intention of rushing to Melbourne, and she adds that Patricia sounds like a pain in the neck. John tells her that she's never met her. Amanda says she has a better idea: John can take her to see her Aunty Barbara. John tells Amanda to drive herself, but Amanda asks how she's supposed to find Dural on her own. John suggests she find a roadmap! He goes out for a run, leaving Amanda looking annoyed.

Stephen hangs a painting on the wall of the lounge room at Toorak, and then tells Patricia that she smells wonderful. Patricia says the fragrance is bathsalts, and Stephen recalls that they cost him a fortune! He then tells Patricia that Amanda called while she was upstairs, and Patricia asks where from: Switzerland? Stephen tells her that it was Sydney - she was back a week early. Patricia asks when they'll see her, and Stephen replies that she's coming down later today. Patricia says this calls for a celebration - she'll cook something special for the three of them, as she'd like to make a good first impression. Stephen warns his wife not to expect too much of Amanda too soon, as she may be a little standoffish. Patricia asks if Amanda isn't pleased at their marriage. Stephen replies that she's used to her 'old bachelor dad.' Patricia tells him to leave it to her - by the end of the evening, she'll have Amanda convinced that she's the best thing that ever happened to him! Stephen doesn't look convinced.

Barbara arrives home from golf, and as Gordon helps her with her clubs, she says she feels a bit done in! They suddenly hear someone calling, "Darling!" and, recognising Charlie's voice, Barbara says "Oh my God!" As Charlie approaches, Barbara says she didn't know she was back. Charlie replies that she hasn't stopped for breath in the last six months. Gordon asks how Europe was, and Charlie replies that it was simply marvellous - although it's good to be back. Barbara asks her when she arrived, and Charlie says it was last night - and she's just spent all morning on the 'phone. Barbara asks if she was catching up on gossip, and Charlie replies that she hates to miss a thing! She adds that it sounds as if she's missed all the excitement, and she tells Barbara and Gordon that she's thrilled for them. She adds that she has a present, which she'll take inside. She goes in, and Barbara says to Gordon, "That's all I need!" Gordon starts to say, "I've just remembered..." but Barbara quickly stops him from getting out of it, saying, "Oh no you haven't!" Gordon laughs.

Inside, Barbara opens the present - it's an odd-looking vase. Barbara says, "You shouldn't have!" but Charlie doesn't notice the sarcasm in her voice! Gordon offers her a drink, and she asks for a small gin and tonic. She then remarks that there she was, traipsing round Italy, while Gordon and Barbara were tying the knot. Gordon tells Charlie that Barbara was very sorry she wasn't back for the wedding. Barbara gives him a look! Charlie continues that she was furious when she heard she missed a good party. She adds that she hears Patricia put in an appearance, and she hopes there was no unpleasantness. Barbara tells her that there was none at all - Patricia couldn't have been a more perfect guest. Charlie asks what else could she have been? She adds, "Talk about one in the eye - I bet she still hasn't recovered." Barbara, though, tells her that that's not all: Charlie obviously hasn't heard all the gossip - Patricia recovered very nicely and got herself remarried. Surprised, Charlie asks who the unlucky man is: anyone she knows? Barbara curtly replies, "Yes, I think you do know my brother." Charlie says, "Not Stephen? You poor thing!" Gordon asks her if she's ready for a top-up, and Charlie says she'd better! She asks where the happy couple are, and Barbara replies that they're living in Melbourne. Charlie immediately tells Gordon that, on second thoughts, she won't bother with another drink - she might just book a flight to Melbourne, instead...

Amanda is on the 'phone, and she asks the person on the other end if they're sure it can be delivered around dinner time. She then says 8pm is fine and hangs up. John comes in and Amanda asks how his run was. John says it was fine. Amanda remarks that he looks in pretty good shape, but John tells her that he just likes running. She pours him a glass of water at the bar and says she's still aching from skiing. She gives him his drink and then says he must think she's a real little brat. Before John can say much, she adds that she was thrown at hearing about her father like that. She tells him that she's sorry she took it out on him. John tells her to forget it. Amanda asks again about him driving her to Dural, adding that she'd really appreciate it if he took her to see her Aunty Barbara. John gives in, but adds that it'll have to wait until he's had a shower. He also says he still thinks Amanda should go to Melbourne. Amanda says she'll think about it once she's seen Barbara. She adds that there's no rush - Patricia and Stephen have plenty to keep them busy tonight...

Wayne is on the 'phone at Woombai, and he says to the person on the other end that as long as he's not putting them out... He adds that he'll see them soon and then hangs up. Fiona asks if it was anyone she knows. Wayne replies that it was Mrs. Muir - an old friend of Gordon's and a town councillor - who's on her way over to give him a rundown on Terry Hansen. Fiona asks Wayne how he managed that, and Wayne tells her that he said they were considering Terry for a job and wanted to check him out first. Fiona says she won't be there to see Mrs. Muir, as she and Jill are going to see some horses for the property - although it's actually just an excuse to stop Jill from moping around. Wayne says he can find out all they need to know about Terry. Fiona sarcastically replies that she's sure he can. Jill comes in and asks if they're still going out. Fiona says yes, and adds that they'll have lunch on the way. Wayne tells them to enjoy themselves. As they're about to head out, Fiona remembers that her car's playing up, so she decides to get one from the riding school. She wishes Wayne luck.

Sometime later, Wayne asks Mrs Muir if she's sure she won't change her mind about a cup of coffee. Mrs. Muir declines. Wayne tells her that Fiona's sorry she couldn't be there, but there was an emergency at the riding school. Mrs. Muir asks what job Terry's being considered for, and Wayne replies that it's a foreman's position, and Fiona wanted an objective opinion. Mrs. Muir says she's glad to help: she thinks a job like that would do him the world of good and help settle him down a bit. Wayne asks if Terry can handle it, and Mrs. Muir replies that he may have the reputation of town larrikin, but he's very well respected, especially since the bush fire. Wayne asks what she means, and Mrs. Muir tells him that Terry risked his life to save some kids trapped in a house, and he's been a local hero ever since. Wayne then asks about Terry's work at the local garage, and Mrs. Muir explains that Terry moved to Sydney once, with his sister, but soon came running back; the work at the garage suits him, as it gives him time to play around with that car of his. Wayne asks if he's an enthusiast, and Mrs. Muir replies that, ever since Terry bought that old bomb, he spends every cent he earns on it - the car means more to him than anything else in world. Wayne looks pleased with himself...

Fiona and Jill have pulled into the side of the road with a flat tyre. Fiona kicks it and asks why it always happens in the middle of nowhere. Jill gets the spare out of the boot and says that at least that's not flat. Fiona then looks in the boot and realises there's no jack, but Jill reaches down and gets it out from under the car. She says she hopes Fiona knows how to use it! At that moment, a car pulls up and Terry gets out. He asks Fiona and Jill if they need a hand. Jill immediately moves behind Fiona, who tells Terry, "Not from you, thankyou." She orders him to get in his car and keep driving. Terry starts to say, "About the other day...", but Fiona repeats her order for him to get away from there. Terry ignores this and moves towards the spare tyre, telling Fiona and Jill to get out of the way. Fiona insists that she's quite capable, but Terry replies that he said he'll fix it. He bends down to pump up the jack. Jill remains standing behind Fiona, looking scared.

Mrs. Muir asks Wayne if there's anything else she can tell him. Wayne replies that she mentioned a sister earlier, and he asks if Terry's parents still live in the area. Mrs. Muir says they do, although they're getting on a bit now: old Warren Hansen must be retired a good ten years. Wayne remarks that they must have had Terry fairly late in life, and Mrs. Muir replies that, to tell the truth, Terry isn't actually their own - he was adopted as a baby. She adds that this is strictly between the two of them, and Wayne asks why the secrecy. Mrs. Muir replies that, in those times, adoption was a bit of a hushed-up matter - it was considered best not to let-on to the child in case they got upset, and so Terry still doesn't know he's adopted. Wayne comments on the fact that other people know, and Mrs. Muir tells him that the locals knew but kept it to themselves. Wayne then asks if Terry is close to his parents, and Mrs. Muir replies that he's not the type to say so, but yes, Terry thinks the world of them. She then tells Wayne that she must be going, as she has a council meeting this afternoon. She asks him to give her regards to Gordon and adds that she hopes Terry gets the job, as it'll do him a world of good.

Terry finishes replacing the tyre. Fiona tells Jill not to worry, as he'll be gone soon. Jill snaps, "Good." Terry stands up and nervously says he's not good at speeches but they got it all wrong the other day: he thought that... Fiona angrily interrupts and says, "We know what you thought." Terry gets in his car and snaps that he doesn't know why he even bothers. Fiona and Jill watch him drive off, and Jill cries, "I'm scared of him, Fiona: every time I close my eyes I see him coming at me." She breaks down and Fiona hugs her.

A while later, at Woombai, Wayne asks if Jill's alright. Fiona replies that she just wanted to come straight home; she'll be alright after a lie down. She asks how Wayne went with Mrs. Muir, and Wayne tells her that it was the same old story: Terry Hansen's a good bloke. Fiona annoyedly says they're back to square one, but Wayne says, "Not quite." He adds that he has a few ideas: Terry doesn't know he's adopted, or they could let his dear old parents know he's a rapist. Fiona asks if there's nothing else. Wayne replies that Terry's only interested in his car - which could be the answer if it's found at the bottom of a cliff. Fiona snaps at Wayne not to be so childish. Wayne annoyedly asks her what she's got in mind. Fiona says she doesn't know, but she tells Wayne that he's not going to start pushing cars over cliffs and upsetting elderly people.

Mrs. Muir is at the garage, and Terry lifts up her car's bonnet. Mrs. Muir tells him that the only time it gets checked is when she comes there for petrol. Terry replies that it's all part of the service. Mrs. Muir asks how his parents are, and Terry replies, "Not bad." Mrs. Muir says she must call round and see them. She then wishes Terry good luck with job - she hopes he gets it. Surprised, Terry asks, "What job?" Mrs. Muir tells him she means the one with Fiona Thompson; she quickly adds that she hopes she hasn't let the cat out of the bag. Terry suspiciously asks her where she heard about this, and Mrs. Muir explains that she's just been at Woombai, putting in a good word for him. Looking annoyed, Terry tells her he'll get her change. Mrs. Muir looks worried.

Terry's car races up to Woombai and screeches to a halt. He gets out and approaches the house; Wayne is standing outside. Terry tells him that he wants to see Fiona. Wayne innocently asks who he should say is calling: Jack Brabham?! Terry gives his name, and Wayne immediately suggests he leave before Fiona has him thrown off the property. Terry asks why he should. Wayne tells him that he's trespassing, and he orders him to push off. Terry angrily snaps that he wants to know why Fiona's snooping round asking questions about him and saying she's offering him a job. Wayne replies that, if he's talking about Mrs. Muir, he was one doing the asking. Terry asks who the hell Wayne is, and so Wayne introduces himself and adds that his father used to own Woombai. Terry snaps that just because Wayne's rich, it doesn't mean people round there will listen to him - he's local and he's liked, so Wayne hasn't got a cat in hell's chance of causing trouble. Wayne replies that Terry shouldn't be too sure of that, and he repeats his order to him to get off the property. Terry lashes out and punches Wayne on the jaw, adding that that's a warning: if Wayne doesn't lay off, next time he'll break his rich little neck. He goes. Wayne touches his sore jaw.

He goes inside, where Fiona is looking through a cookbook and says she thought she might go mad tonight and whip up an omelette - Jill's favourite! She then looks up, sees Wayne touching his jaw and his lip - which is bleeding - and asks what happened. Wayne explains that it was Terry Hansen, who came looking for her. Fiona asks Wayne why he didn't have Terry thrown off the place. Wayne snaps that he wasn't trying to invite him in for drinks. He angrily adds, "I'll get him." Fiona, though, says it's gone far enough - she hates to admit it, but unless Jill wants to press charges, there's little they can do. Wayne says, "You reckon?" and he adds that it's personal now. Fiona tells him to stay away from Terry, as she doesn't need any more trouble round there. Wayne snaps that it's nothing to do with her, anymore.

Charlie has arrived at Toorak, and she tells Patricia that the place is simply marvellous! She adds that Patricia should have moved out of that dreary backpath months ago. Patricia points out that she wasn't married to Stephen, then. Charlie says, "Oh yes: Stephen - we have fallen on our feet!" Patrica says to Charlie that she thought they'd fallen out, but Charlie replies that life is too short to hold grudges. Patricia says she never did get a chance to apologise for snubbing Charlie like that, but Charlie tells her to forget it. She adds that Patricia's new marriage must agree with her, as she looks marvellous! Patricia agrees that she feels a lot better than the last time they met. Charlie says, "I should think so!" She adds, "The notorious Stephen Morrell..." and says she wants to hear all about it. She tells Patricia to show her to her room, so she can dump all her bags. Patricia's face drops when she hears this, but Charlie doesn't notice. Patricia starts to explain that, actually, they've made up the spare room for Amanda, as she's coming to stay. Charlie, though, just says she can't wait to meet her! Patricia has a look of resignation on her face!

John and Amanda arrive at Dural, where Barbara hugs Amanda and says she's her favourite niece! Amanda tells her not to let Prue know that! Barbara remarks that Amanda has put on weight, but Amanda indignantly says, "I have not!" Barbara assures her that it's in all the right places! She suggests they have a drink, but Amanda says she actually wanted to talk. Realising what she's implying, John says he'll go and find Gordon. Barbara tells him that he's in the study, and she tells Amanda to come into the lounge room. She asks what her niece wants to talk about, and Amanda asks why no one told her about her father getting married. Barbara replies that it was simply because no one knew: the first she heard of it was when Patricia and Stephen came back from their overseas trip and made the big announcement. Amanda sourly says he could have let her know. Barbara points out that, when Stephen makes up his mind to do something, he does it; now he's decided he's in love with Patricia, and there's very little they can say to change that. Amanda has a wry look on her face... Out in the hallway, John emerges from the study with Gordon, who suggests they play billiards before having a drink. He adds that he hasn't met his new niece yet, but she's quite a girl from what Barbara's told him. John says she certainly is! Gordon asks John how he is, but John just replies, "OK." Gordon asks if there's trouble with Jill, and John admits that they've split up for a while. Gordon jokes that, in that case, he'll let John thrash him at billiards! In the lounge room, Barbara tells Amanda that it was a whirlwind romance: no one took it seriously. Amanda says her daddy obviously did - he's always had women falling at his feet, but he's never proposed to any of them before. Barbara says Patricia's not the sort to fall at men's feet. Amanda remarks that her aunt doesn't like Patricia very much, but Barbara says it doesn't matter if she likes her - Amanda must make up her own mind. Amanda persists that Barbara doesn't like her. Barbara says the last thing she wants to do is make trouble for Stephen by badmouthing his wife, but the fact is, she can't stand her, and she thinks they'll find they've made a very big mistake. Amanda says that's exactly what she thinks. Barbara tells her that it doesn't mean she won't like Patricia, but Amanda replies, "You wanna bet?" Barbara says Amanda won't know until she meets her, but Amanda says she doesn't want to. Barbara says that's not the point: Amanda should have gone to Melbourne the minute her father asked her to. Amanda says she'll be there - in spirit, anyway...

At Toorak, Patricia, Stephen and Charlie are sitting around, smoking. Patricia suggests they start dinner: the beouf bourginon will be wondering what's happened to it! Stephen snaps, "Not to mention what's happened to our other guest." Patricia suggests that Amanda has probably been held up somewhere, and she can join them when she arrives. Stephen snaps that it infuriates him to be kept waiting. Charlie tells him that he knows how unreliable kids are - she doesn't know how her poor parents survived having her around for all those years! Stephen snaps that Amanda should know better. Patricia remarks that she's famished, and she'll go and serve. At that moment, there's a knock at the door, and Stephen says that'll be Amanda. He goes to get it, and Patricia joins him. It's not Amanda at the door, though - it's a young man, who, waving a piece of paper in front of him, says he has a telegram for Stephen. Stephen goes to take it, but the man says it's a singing telegram! Charlie joins them and says "Oh, darling, what a laugh!" Stephen snaps that it's a load of American nonsense. To the tune of 'Glory, glory, hallelujah!', the man sings:

"I wish I could be there to see the happy man and wife,
Dear Patricia, keep your guard up as you start your married life,
You may have my father's chequebook but prepare yourself for strife,
Get out while there's still time.

You'll be sorry that you met him,
He will use you if you let him,
Cut your losses and forget him,
Get out while there's still time.

The telegram concludes with the words:

'Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Morrell, love Amanda.'

The man hands the telegram to Patricia. She looks at Stephen; both are stony-faced.


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