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    Written by: Christine V. Schofield   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Rosie and Angela are outside at Woombai; Rosie is sweeping the ground, and she tells Angela that she doesn't believe in psychiatry. Fiona suddenly comes out of the house and tells Rosie that it's her turn. Rosie looks surprised, but Angela tells her that Matt won't bite. Rosie reluctantly goes inside.

A short time later, Rosie is telling Matt that the way Angela is with Gordon only shows how mixed up she is - she just needs time to sort it out herself. Matt replies that Paul told him that Angela became upset when she first moved into a room there. Rosie suggests that it was just a nightmare, but Matt tells her that something may have stirred up a memory. He asks if it was the same room that Angela had when she was younger, but Rosie says it wasn't. Matt asks whose room it was, then, and Rosie tells him that it was Wayne's - Gordon's son's. Matt asks if Gordon ever lost his temper with Angela in that room, but Rosie says he didn't; she adds that Gordon hardly ever loses his temper. Matt, sensing that Rosie is hiding something, says to her that whatever she tells him will be in complete confidence. Rosie curtly replies that she's an honest woman and she won't have him saying otherwise. Matt sighs heavily.

David is escorted into the visiting area at Pentridge and is surprised to see his visitor is Tony. He remarks that the lad can't keep away from the place! Tony awkwardly says he just came to see how David was going. He also shows off the new clothes he's wearing, saying they're for a job interview. David asks how things are, and Tony replies that he's been catching up on all his old girlfriends! David then asks him if he's got a job yet. Tony says he hasn't, but he reckons he'll get one pretty soon. David asks him what job he's trying for, and Tony replies that he wants something that pays OK. He then admits that the places he's been don't want to know, as he hasn't got any experience and he hasn't got his HSC - and with his record, no boss will give him a look-in. David asks him the real reason he came in, and Tony replies that he can talk to David. He tells him that he wants to go straight - honest. David asks him how he'd feel if he lined up a job for him. Tony asks what it would be, and David replies that Beryl was saying they needed some help at the coffee shop. Tony halfheartedly agrees that he could check it out. David says he'll ring them and let them know Tony's on his way.

Doug is wiping tables at The Terrace when Rob comes downstairs. Doug explains that he's come over to give Beryl a hand, as they're short-staffed since Patricia was asked to leave. Rob snaps that Patricia gets his back up every time. He then remarks that things will get worse what with Doug heading up north in a couple of days' time. Doug happily replies that Rosie will be coming with him! Rob remarks that he's surprised they're not marrying in Melbourne or Sydney, but Doug tells him that they just want a quiet wedding; Gayle will be coming up, but they don't really want any fuss at their age. Rob realises he's going to have to do something about getting more staff, but Doug then tells him that David rang and is sending his ex-cellmate round. He adds, though, that if Rob takes his advice, he should send the kid packing. Rob remarks that David seems to think he's alright, but Doug reminds him of David's judgement about Noel Devlin. There's suddenly a knock at the front door, and Rob says that will be Tony now. He goes to answer it, but finds John standing there. John says there's something they have to talk about.

Tony is walking along the street, looking at a piece of paper with the address of The Terrace written on it. Inside The Terrace, in the dining area, John snaps at Rob that there's no excuse for the way he treated Patricia. Outside, Tony walks up to the front door. Meanwhile, Rob is yelling at John that it sounds like Patricia has been spreading her usual lies. Outside, Tony can hear the arguing. He listens to the raised voices for a few seconds and then turns and walks away. Back inside, Rob tells John to go, but John snaps that he wants to know what's happening to Angela's profits. Rob snaps that Angela can go begging - he doesn't owe her a thing. John storms off, and Rob heads into the kitchen, but Doug stops John and tells him that he doesn't like to see bad feelings between him and Rob. He continues that he reckons Rob still cares about Angela, and he suggests the two men try and sort it out. He adds that Patricia said she'd take legal action. John says he'll stop her. He then walks into the kitchen and he and Rob make up and shake hands.

Angela is on the verandah at Woombai when Matt comes out and joins her. He suggests they give it a miss today, and asks Angela to show him the local nightlife instead! Angela smiles!

Sometime later, Angela and Matt are in an amusement arcade, and Matt is complaining that he can't believe the only place to eat was a fish and chip shop! Angela points out that it's the middle of the week. Matt asks which game Angela wants to play. She points to a space invaders machine next to them and says, "Galargo"!

At Woombai, Rosie is knitting a jumper for Doug, while Fiona admires her, saying she's never been keen on knitting! Fiona then says she wonders how Angela and Matt are getting on. Rosie sourly comments that Matt is Angela's doctor, but he's spent more time with them. She then adds that she doesn't trust him - he's too smooth for her liking. Fiona points out that he seems to know what he's doing.

At the arcade, Angela reaches level five on 'Galargo' but then loses her final life. Matt asks her how she got so good, and she replies that she and Paul have been there a few times. The machine suddenly plays a tune, and when Angela looks at it, she sees she's got the highest score and is being prompted to enter her initials. Above the other initials to indicate the high-scorers, Angela enters 'AJK'.

Back at Woombai, Matt asks Angela who 'AJK' is. Angela looks blank and says she must have made a mistake, as she's Angela Hamilton. Matt asks who told her she's Angela Hamilton, and Angela replies that it was the woman who first nursed her: Patricia. Matt asks what 'AJK' stands for, then. Angela asks if Patricia lied to her, but Matt just tells her to think about it overnight. He heads off to bed, leaving Angela looking puzzled.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, Rosie tells Angela to slow down her eating. Matt comes in and immediately asks Angela who 'AJK' might be. Angela snaps that it was a mistake, and she gets up and storms off. Matt follows her. As they leave, Fiona comes in and asks Rosie what that was all about. Rosie replies that Angela is seeing Dr. Kennedy for the know-all he is.

Outside, Matt tells Angela that there's no point avoiding him, and he asks again who 'AJK' is. Angela yells that she doesn't know. Matt tells her to think harder, but Angela bitterly replies that she lay awake all night; there was nothing there, and she wants him to leave her alone.

Back inside, Matt joins Fiona and Rosie at the breakfast table. Fiona asks if someone should go after Angela, but Matt says it's best if she's left alone. He explains that she's fighting against something she's scared of, and he adds that it'll get a lot worse before they see any results. Matt asks about 'AJK', and Fiona explains about Angela's married name being Keegan. Rosie then reveals that Angela's middle name is 'Jane' - 'AJK' is Angela Jane Keegan. Matt tells the two women that Angela thinks she's Angela Hamilton, as it's what she was told when she was first recovering. Fiona angrily snaps that that was Patricia: she didn't want Angela to remember she was married. Rosie looks annoyed, and she stands up and goes. Matt comments to Fiona that he doesn't think he's too popular.

Later that day, Matt is sitting at the table doing the crossword when Angela comes in and sits down. Rosie also comes in and says she wants to lay the table for lunch. Matt offers to do it, explaining that he wants to have a private chat with Angela. When Rosie has gone, Matt tells Angela that he's not there to hurt her - he just wants to get her mind working properly again. He then tells her that 'AJK' stands for her real name, but 'AJK' is not a happy person, so she doesn't want to know who she was. He suggests that they try another memory: what happened in that room. Angela immediately looks upset and says she doesn't want to; she's not ready. Matt tells her that she is - there's nothing to be frightened of; he'll be with her all the time. He holds out his hand and Angela takes it. Matt smiles at her and says, "Good girl." Angela looks worried, though.


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