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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Mark Piper

Fiona is vaccuming at Woombai when Paul comes in and says he thinks he'll take Angie for a ride. Fiona replies that Angela is tied up with Matt. Paul says he doesn't like Angela going through therapy, but Fiona immediately asks if he's an expert all of a sudden. Paul irately says he thinks Angela is better left to remember things her own way. Fiona snaps, "Your way?" Paul retorts that he doesn't think Matt is right for her, as he's too pushy. Fiona points out that Matt is a trained psychiatrist, and adds that she's sure he knows what he's doing. She continues that he's got Angela in Wayne's room, sorting out her worries about it. She suggests to Paul that he keep his opinions of Matt to himself.

Angela is furiously pacing the floor of the room Wayne slept in as a child, and Matt tells her to slow down. Angela complains that she can't concentrate, but Matt persists that she has to try. Angela admits that she's forcing it a bit, but says she's got so many funny thoughts... Matt asks her where she was standing when she first came into the room all those years ago. Angela thinks for a moment. She then starts recalling a little boy who was breathing strangely, trying to get some air - he was so sick...

Rosie puts some plates down on the table in the living room and tells Fiona to call Angela and Matt. Fiona replies that they're in Wayne's old room, trying to get Angela to remember what happened in there. Rosie immediately looks worried, and Fiona asks her if she's alright.

In the bedroom, Angela is thinking back to when she was young, and she tells Matt that the little boy was so sick... diptheria, she thinks it was called. She continues that Rosie was bending over him, saying the doctor hadn't come, and if he didn't come soon, Wayne would die. Angela recalls that Rosie wanted Gordon to get the doctor, but Gordon just kept saying he'd be there. The scene Angela is replaying in her mind suddenly comes into view, and Rosie is talking to Gordon, saying to him that he didn't call the doctor, did he. Gordon admits that he didn't. They're both standing over the bed, in which a young Wayne is lying. A young Angela is standing in the doorway, listening as Gordon continues that Wayne killed Nancy, and he therefore couldn't care if the boy lives or not. Rosie, looking shocked, says Nancy died while she was having Wayne; Gordon can't blame him for the last seven years for something that's not his fault. The young Angela continues to stand there as Rosie says she's going to call the doctor. Gordon orders her not to, adding that he hates the boy, and he doesn't care if he dies. Coming out of her memories, Angela tells Matt that Gordon was going to let the little boy die. Matt asks if that's everything she remembers. Angela recalls that Gordon acted as her father until she was grown up. Matt expresses his delight that Angela has remembered something that isn't pleasant, and the fact that Gordon looked after her, as it's a complete on-going relationship. Angela bitterly says she wishes she hadn't remembered, but Matt immediately asks her if Gordon ever treated her badly. Angela admits that he didn't. Matt tells her that she has to work on her relationship with Gordon, to bring back her other memories and feelings. Angela doesn't look happy, but says she understands, and she'll do what she can. Matt tells her to have a rest, as it's been a long session. He also suggests that they keep what they found out about Gordon to themselves.

A short time later, Matt joins Fiona and Rosie in the living room, and Fiona asks how the session went. Matt replies that it went very well indeed. Rosie looks worried and asks if Angela remembered what happened. Matt tells her that it's between him and Angela. Rosie then says she thinks she'll go and see Angela for herself, but Matt suggests that she let the girl rest. He then heads out, leaving Rosie looking very concerned.

At Dural, Gordon calls to Wayne, who's upstairs, and asks him to come down, as he has something to show him that's been delivered for him. They go outside, where a brand new sports car is waiting in the drive for Wayne. Wayne looks surprised, but delighted, and says it's fantastic. He then asks Gordon why he's got it for him, but Gordon just says he wanted to. Jill, who's returning from the shops, comes over, and Wayne asks her what she thinks of the car. Jill glumly says it's nice. Wayne comments on her lack of enthusiasm, and Jill quickly smiles and says she had a few things on her mind. She adds that the car's really great, and then hurriedly heads off to the flat.

In the flat, Jill tells Brian that she's been thinking about it all day, and she still can't handle him really wanting to be her husband. She continues that they were getting along really well, and now it's all mucked up. Brian tells Jill that he doesn't love her because of Maureen; he did at the beginning, but it changed, and he's fallen in love with her. He adds that he wishes he could go back to the start, but he's not going to push her. Jill listens to him, and then quietly says she can't promise anything. Brian suggests they go for a walk, and when Jill looks wary, he adds that he's not going to harm her. They go out.

Wayne and Gordon are getting into Wayne's new car, and Gordon is telling Wayne that he has a confession: he's already had a test drive! Wayne settles into the seat and looks in the rear view mirror - where he sees Jill and Brian reflected, walking hand-in-hand down the driveway. He looks angry, starts the car and roars off.

Rosie is knitting in the living room at Woombai and asks Fiona the time. Fiona tells her that it's 4pm. Angela comes in and Rosie immediately remarks that she had a long session with the doctor. Angela replies that he was wonderful. She then asks if Paul is around, and Fiona tells her that he's gone for a walk. Angela heads off to find him. Rosie comments to Fiona that it looks as if the session with Matt has done Angela some good. She decides to ring Gordon. Fiona says she's going over to the guesthouse, and she leaves Rosie to it. Rosie gets up and goes to the 'phone.

Wayne's car roars up and stops outside the front door at Dural. The 'phone starts ringing, and Gordon gets out of the car and goes inside to answer it. Wayne roars off again.

On the 'phone, Rosie tells Gordon that Angela couldn't have remembered a thing about it, or she'd be upset. Gordon says he never imagined that Matt would make her remember that night. Rosie tells him that, whatever Matt's done, it seems to be working. She adds that she's so glad everything seems to be fine, as she'd hate him and Wayne to be hurt by it.

Wayne knocks on the door of the flat. Jill is on her own. Wayne goes in and tells her that he was worried about her, and he asks if he can help. Jill tells Wayne that she and Brian have worked everything out, and they've decided to try and make their relationship work. Brian comes in and Wayne quickly heads off to put his car away. Brian asks Jill what Wayne was up to, but she says he was just trying to help. Brian excuses himself, saying he's going to have a look at Wayne's new car...

Wayne is behind the bar in the lounge room in the main house when Brian comes in. He tells Wayne that things are good between him and Jill and he wants them to stay that way. He then says to Wayne that he thinks Wayne is trying to get Jill for himself. Wayne accuses Brian of being paranoid, but Brian threatens Wayne that if he does anything to come between them, he'll be ready to fight. As Brian heads off, a thought appears to cross Wayne's mind, and he smiles nastily.

Later that evening, Jill and Brian are watching TV in the flat, and Brian gets up and turns it off. The two of them have been drinking Irish coffees! Brian yawns and says he thinks he'll go to bed, as he has to be up early. Jill tells him he'll freeze in the morning, but Brian starts thinking back to when he was at home in Ireland, and he tells Jill about how he used to get up early and it was really nice; his mother made porridge and would toss in some whiskey. He'd then get wrapped up to go out; it felt so good. Jill says she thinks there's some porridge in the cupboard, and she tells Brian that she'll get up in the morning and make him some, if he likes. Brian tells her that she only has to do it if she wants to. They find themselves looking each other closely in the eyes, and there's an embarrassed silence, which Jill breaks by saying she thinks they should both go to bed. They don't get very far, though, deciding to have another Irish coffee first. As Brian gets up to go and pour it, Jill looks concerned.

In the lounge room in the main house, Gordon turns the TV off and asks Wayne if he's alright. Wayne replies that he's tired, thats's all. Gordon gets up to go to bed, and as soon as he's gone, Wayne stands up, goes to the bar and picks up the 'phone directory. He leafs through it until he comes to the heading 'Immigration'. He then looks down the various entries until he gets to 'After Hours'...

Jill and Brian are still talking in the flat, and Brian thanks Jill for the evening. Jill tells him that she knows it sounds stupid, but she hates going to bed. Brian asks her if that's why she's such a night-owl. Jill explains that she goes to bed, and tries to go to sleep, but she always starts thinking about things - about John. Brian's face drops. Jill continues that she feels so alone - she goes over and over everything in her head. She adds that she's alright during the day. Brian tells her that he wishes he could help, and Jill replies that he can. She asks Brian if he'll stay with her, and hold her until she goes to sleep. Brian gently tells her that of course he will. Jill tells him that he's such a nice person.

Wayne is about to make a 'phone call when Gordon comes back. Gordon tells his son that he could see he had a problem, and now he's realised what it is. He continues that there's no need to worry about Barbara's brother: Wayne will succeed this time - he just has to play it straight down the line; he has nothing to fear. Wayne, looking impatient, thanks him, and Gordon heads off to bed again. Wayne goes back to the 'phonebook and looks up the number again. He then dials and the call is answered, "Immigration Department." Wayne says, "Yes, I'd like to report an illegal immigrant..."


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