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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

John is sitting in the reception area at the Defence Centre. There is a Corporal sitting at the reception desk, who tells John that he's sorry about his father. John thanks him and says he's finding it hard going. He then realises that the Corporal was referring to Martin. The Corporal asks John how his exams went, and John says they were fine. The man John was waiting for, Captain Blair, then comes out of his office and John immediately stands up and goes to salute. Captain Blair tells him to relax, as this is just a social visit, and he invites him in. John walks into the room and sits down. He then continues that he could be being presumptuous, but he knew Martin, and he was a fine man; when John decided to join the airforce, it was probably the happiest day of Martin's life, as he wanted the Healy name carried on. He then asks John if he's considered changing his name by deed poll.

Beryl arrives at The Terrace. Patricia and Peter are talking in the kitchen when she comes in, and Peter tells her that it's good to have her back. Patricia suggests to Peter that he should stay in the kitchen to prepare the food and wash the dishes; Beryl can serve and she can escort the customers to their tables and look after the money. She goes out to the dining area, leaving Peter to remark to Beryl, "Talk about a slacker." He adds that Kevin has told him about some of the lousy things Patricia has done, but he thought he was exaggerating; now he can see she has a nasty side.

Wayne leaves Dural by the front door, but as he does so, Brian's mini is pulling up in the driveway. Brian gets out of the car, and when he sees Wayne approaching him, he starts to walk in the opposite direction. Wayne catches up with him, though, and comments that Brian is avoiding him. He then asks Brian if he's thought about what he said. Brian tells Wayne that he's decided not to give into blackmail - he's going to tell Jill about Maureen himself.

A short while later, Brian walks into the flat at the back of Dural and sits down on the couch. He takes out his wallet and looks at the photo of his ex-fiancée. Jill suddenly comes out of her bedroom and Brian hurriedly puts the photo away. Jill is carrying a bag as she's on her way out shopping, but Brian tells her that there's something he needs to talk to her about - now. He shows Jill the photo in his wallet, and Jill recognises it as a picture of herself, although she remarks that she doesn't remember Brian taking it. Brian tells her to look at it more closely, and he explains that it's Maureen - the lady he was going to marry back in Ireland. Looking shocked, Jill asks how many more surprises Brian's going to spring on her. She then continues that it was unfair of him to let her marry him knowing that. Brian replies that he knows how bad it looks. He continues that, when he first met her, he knew she looked like Maureen, but it was her he fell in love with; Maureen's dead, and he never thought he'd love someone else. He tells Jill that he's doing his best to be honest, and realises he needs to be if they're going to have any sort of relationship. Looking upset, Jill cries that she still loves John; she could never love Brian - she doesn't even trust him. She then suggests that that's why he showed her the photo: he could forget Maureen, so she should be able to forget John. Brian insists that that's not it at all, but Jill snaps that he promised not to come the heavy with her about his feelings for her, and she storms out.

Wayne is sitting at a table by the pool when Jill comes out of the flat and slams the gate closed behind her. When she's gone, he walks into the flat and speaks to Brian, saying as if Jill would be interested in a no-hoper like Brian anyway. Brian goes to hit Wayne, but then decides he's not worth it. Wayne suggests to Brian that he take up Fiona's offer of work at Woombai.

John is out running with a mate from the Defence Centre. They stop for a break and discuss the fact that John is pushing it because he has a lot to get out of his system.

Beryl serves some customers at The Terrace and then walks over to a table where Patricia is working; she has the coffee shop's books laid out in front of her, and she remarks that things aren't looking very good. She then adds that that will change when she's made a few improvements to the place. Beryl snaps that Patricia's not going to do anything until she's talked to Rob. She goes to walk off, but as she does so, Patricia tells her that she thinks they, the staff, could do with improving their image as well, and she nastily asks if Beryl could wear something a little less 'folksy' in future.

John is back in Captain Blair's office, and he tells Captain Blair that he's not taking up the option to continue in the airforce. Captain Blair asks why, and John replies that he doesn't think he can handle the pressure of living up to Martin's name. He adds that it's hard to explain, and even if he could, it wouldn't do any good. Captain Blair becomes annoyed at the lack of explanation, and snaps that Martin was his friend. John insists that there are things the Captain doesn't know. He then breaks and snaps that all he's heard about is Martin and how great he is; but he was a coward and a bully, and he stuffed up his engagement. Captain Blair tells John to shut up; Martin was a fine man. John continues that he can't make a career out of being Martin Healy's son. Captain Blair says it's a great shame. John admits that he would have enjoyed the job, but he hasn't got much choice. Captain Blair tells John that he thinks he's very confused. John replies that Captain Blair isn't wrong.

Patricia joins Peter in the kitchen at The Terrace, and they start discussing what a slow day it's been. Patricia tells Peter that Beryl means well but she's no businesswoman, and she asks for his support in what she's planning to do. Peter, reluctant to get involved, replies that he just washes dishes and makes sandwiches. He tells Patricia, though, not to upset Beryl, as she's got enough worrying her already. At that moment, Beryl comes into the kitchen and says four customers have just arrived, and she slyly suggests Patricia might like to seat them. Patricia walks off, leaving Peter to ask Beryl if he can use her 'phone later, as he wants to ring Paris and see if Adam and their gran are back. Beryl says that's fine. She then asks how Jen is settling in in Portsy, and Peter tells her that his sister is fine and has got a job in a milk bar.

At Woombai, Fiona is on the 'phone to Gordon, and she tells him that they'll see the person they're talking about tomorrow. Gordon asks if Paul is still behaving himself, and Fiona says he is. The call ends, and Paul, who's sitting on the couch, asks if Gordon has lined up a psychiatrist. Fiona says he has - his name's Matt Kennedy, and Gordon knows him because he treated Barbara when she was going through some rough spots. Paul remarks that he can't imagine Barbara with a psychiatrist. He adds that if someone is coming to treat Angela, he needs to know something about him.

Gordon is walking along the driveway at Dural with Matt Kennedy, and he tells him he's grateful to him. Matt jokes that he was in the mood for a holiday anyway! Gordon tells Matt that he wants Angela to get over her worries about him. Matt replies that the mind is a funny thing, and he tells Gordon not to worry: once Angela remembers the later years, the earlier memories will be repressed; no one remembers any details from earlier than about five years old at the earliest. He gets into his car and comments that, as he's opening a new practice in the city, he'll soon be joining the classy car set! He then asks Gordon seriously whether he can trust the three people Gordon mentioned are also at Woombai. Gordon replies that he thinks so.

At Toorak, Patricia hugs John and tells him that she's so glad to have him back. She suggests they go out for a celebratory dinner, but John says he'd rather not waste his money. Patricia says it's her shout, and explains about working at the coffee shop. She adds that she and Beryl are burying the hatchet, and continues that she thinks she could be just what the place needs. She suggests they find a cheap restaurant and John can tell her his plans. John replies that he wants to hitch up to Woombai, sort things out with Angie and then worry about himself.

Angela and Paul are sitting on the verandah at Woombai, talking, when a car pulls up and Matt Kennedy gets out. Fiona, who's standing nearby, calls out to welcome him and tells him to bring his things in. Matt looks at Angela and asks if she's the patient. Angela says yes and introduces herself as Angela Hamilton. Matt tells her that he's got the electric shock treatment in the back of the car, and it won't take a minute to unload it! Fiona quietly comments that Matt is very good looking! Angela looks suspicious.

Inside, Matt tells Fiona that it's a lovely spot where they are. He then suggests to Angela that they start as soon as he's unpacked. Paul says he and Fiona will make themselves scarce, but Matt tells him that he wants to sort them out before he starts on Angela.

Rob and Doug have arrived back at the Palmer house, and Beryl hugs Rob, telling him she's sorry about Woombai. She also hugs Doug, congratulating him on his engagement to Rosie. Doug thanks her, but then apologises about the money, explaining that it's all tied up. Beryl turns to Rob and tells him that she's sorry for laying this on him so soon, but Patricia has moved in on the coffee shop and is working there, 'looking after Angela's interests'.

Peter and Patricia are in the kitchen at The Terrace, talking about John, when Beryl and Rob come in. Patricia quickly says to Rob that she hopes she'll be given a chance to put her case. The two of them leave the kitchen and move into the dining area, where Rob tells Patricia that there's no way he's having her round there. Patricia points out that her daughter owns half the place, and adds that it was her money that bought it in the first place. Rob snaps that that was a wedding present. Patricia snaps that she's entitled to look after Angela's interests. Rob retorts that he doesn't want her there - he'll send Angela's cheques to her and send her copies of the books, but he doesn't want Patricia there. Patricia snaps that Angela is her daughter, and she's the only one showing concern for her. She adds that if it wasn't for Martin, Angela would still be with her. She continues that if Angela had gone back to Rob, she'd have the same miserable, inadequate marriage she's had for the last year. Rob goes to grab Patricia, but she pushes him away, snapping as she does so that she's going to work there and look after Angela's interests; if Rob's trying to stop her, she'll take legal action. Rob snaps at her to do what she likes. He grabs her arm and pushes her towards the front door. As he does so, he snaps that, law or no law, if she comes back, she'll get the same treatment. He pushes her outside and slams the door shut. He then smiles to himself.


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