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    Written by: Christine V. Schofield   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Sometime later, number 44 is called, and Patricia, who is just about to light a cigarette, puts it away and walks over to the counter. She complains to the clerk that she's been waiting for an hour and a half, and the clerk tells her that she's lucky she came in on a light day. He then asks Patricia if she's got her forms, and Patricia asks what forms. The clerk explains that she's got to register at the CES office first, then come back there. He asks Patricia where she lives, and she tells him, "South Yarra." The man writes something down, and Patricia thinks he's going to help her, but he then gives her a piece of paper and tells her that it's the address of her local CES office. Patricia storms off.

Wayne is with Jill in the flat at the back of Dural, and he comments that she and Brian should make sure they get their story straight, as it's not easy to fool the officials. He adds that it may be particularly hard, the way they've been cracking down on illegal immigrants. Jill assures him that she knows what she's got herself into.

At the CES, the clerk tells Patricia that that's all they need to know. He then adds, though, that with no training and little experience, he can't offer her much. Patricia bitterly remarks, "Beggars can't be choosers; is that it?" The clerk ignores this and tells her that social security will ask her about her income from shares, property investments, etc. Patricia tells him that she's got nothing. The clerk comments that she owns her own home, and Patricia replies that yes, she does, but it's on the market - and it's heavily mortgaged, as she needed the money for a business transaction. A look crosses the clerk's face. He asks her again if she doesn't have income from any source, and Patricia replies that she doesn't at the moment.

Beryl and Peter are clearing things up after another day at The Terrace when Patricia walks in through the front door. She tells the two that she's there to help while Angela is ill. Beryl and Peter look surprised, but Beryl agrees and tells her that she can start by doing the washing up. Patricia curtly says she had more of a business management role in mind, and she asks Peter for the books. Beryl snaps at her that she's not going to take over like that. Patricia slyly comments that it must be tough, what with David's legal fees. Beryl asks Patricia if she's accusing her of putting her hand in the till. Patricia retorts that she just wants to see Angela gets her share of the profits. Beryl tell Patricia that she thinks she should go, but Patricia ignores this and asks Peter for the books again. Beryl suddenly snaps and announces that if Patricia wants the place, it's all hers. She storms out.

It's nighttime, and in the flat at Dural, Brian gets in and announces to Jill that he's got a job with another trainer. He gives her a bunch of flowers and continues that they should get their own place soon. Jill suggests that she should start looking for a job, too. Brian persists in talking about a place of their own, but Jill tells him that there's no rush - they need to get to know each other better before they move out; they're practically strangers. Brian assures her that he'll tell her everything, but Jill still looks concerned.

A while later, Brian clears the dinner plates, and, as he does so, Jill says they should talk about their situation. Brian asks her if she's sorry she married him, but Jill assures him she isn't; she just says he never talks about things. She continues that it's not just her being curious, but what if immigration asks her? Brian retorts that she should tell them that he doesn't really like talking about those things - he came to Australia to forget about all of that.

Beryl is on the 'phone at the Palmers'. Kevin is standing behind her. Beryl hangs up and tells Kevin that it was Doug: he can't get his money out of the hydroponics scheme. She then shows Kevin a bill that's arrived from the solicitor. Kevin looks at it and comments that he really charges. Beryl glumly comments that it's just the first. She then adds that it serves her right, tossing in the coffee shop like that. Kevin suggests that he could give her his wages and get a part-time job as well, but Beryl assures him that they'll be alright.

Jill is sitting in the flat at Dural, looking at a photo of John in his airforce uniform. Brian comes out of his bedroom and comments on her being up. Jill explains that she didn't feel like sleep. She continues that she should be more like Brian: forget what happened. She then says, though, that she can't forget she was going to marry John, and now she may never see him again. Brian tries to comfort her, telling her that he thought he had everything, then he lost it all, and he never thought he'd feel that way again - then he saw Jill; the very first time he saw her, he knew he wanted her - and he hopes that, one day, Jill will feel the same about him. Jill immediately snaps that Brian should have told her how he felt, as it's not fair on her. Brian points out that he hasn't tried anything; he's not going to jump on her. Jill maintains that he should still have told her from the start. Brian insists that he wasn't trying to trick her - she's got nothing to fear; he can't help the way he's feeling about her, but nothing will happen unless she wants it to.

The next morning, Patricia is in the kitchen at The Terrace, and she tries to pick up a cake with her hands but it breaks into two pieces. There are bowls and plates piled up around her and Peter, and she snaps that the place is inefficient - it needs someone else helping in the kitchen. Peter tells her that they managed alright when Beryl was there. Patricia snaps that things have changed now, and Beryl Palmer is not setting foot in that kitchen again. She walks out to open the front door and open the place up. She then goes into the dining area and starts setting vases on the tables. A young couple walk in and sit down. The young man, Richard, calls for service, and when Patricia walks to the table, he comments that, if she's a new waitress, she's better looking than the last one! The woman with him, Linda, tries to stop him, as an look of outrage crosses Patricia's face. Linda then asks if they have any donuts, but Patricia snaps that there's just what's on the menu.

Beryl arrives home at the Palmers' after doing some shopping, and looks at the pile of letters she's picked up on the way in. One of them is for Kevin - sent by airmail.

At The Terrace, Patricia strides purposefully into the kitchen, where Peter is working, turns and points to the dining area and says, "Kill!" She then tells Peter that they're not the sort of customers they want to encourage. Peter starts preparing the order that Patricia has written down, and he offers to take it into them. As he does so, he tells Patricia that it's not so bad when you get used to it - and it's better than being in the dole queue...

At the Palmers', Beryl tells Kevin that there's a letter for him. Kevin opens it - it's from Lynn, and contains another picture of Davey, along with details of how tall he is and how much he weighs. Beryl and Kevin recall when Beryl used to put marks on the doorframe of how tall he and John were, when they were growing up. Beryl gets out a tape measure so they can mark on the doorframe how tall Davey is.

Brian is pacing the flat when Jill comes in from having a swim. He remarks that the new trainer he's working for is a good bloke, but Jill doesn't seem to listen, and heads for her bedroom, saying she's going to get changed. Looking surprised, Brian remarks that he's seen her in her swimsuit before. He then apologises for last night, and asks if they can be friends. Jill snaps that she just doesn't want to sit around in a wet costume.

A while later, Jill is with Wayne, walking along by the Hamiltons' swimming pool. Wayne asks if Brian's tried anything, but Jill says he hasn't; he just makes her feel awkward. Wayne suggests that it's a bit much when Jill was only doing Brian a good turn; why should she have to put up with him? He jokingly offers to teach her a few karate chops so that she can keep Brian in line! He then makes a suggestion: why doesn't Jill move into the house, and put a bit of distance between her and Brian? Jill is initially reluctant, but agrees to think about it.

At The Terrace, Patricia says to Peter that it wouldn't take much - improve the menu, upgrade the decor... Peter, who is sorting out the day's takings, remarks that the place seems alright to him as it is. He then gets up and goes to do the washing-up, leaving Patricia to put the money in the safety deposit box. She sits down at the table and starts picking up the bundles of notes. As she does so, she suddenly hesitates and looks at the money. She then slips a couple of notes out one of the bundles and puts them to one side. She picks up a pen and writes on a blank sheet of paper 'IOU $40', signing it at the bottom. She puts the paper into the cash tin and closes the lid...

Kevin walks into the Palmers' lounge room from his bedroom, hearing Beryl sigh as he does so. He asks her if she's alright, and Beryl hugs him, telling him that she has to be. She then adds that they've got to get the bills paid, so she's going back to the coffee shop. Kevin laughs as he says he'd give anything to see the look on Patricia's face!

A while later, Beryl is at Toorak, where Patricia tells her that there's no point talking - they've got nothing to say to each other. Beryl, though, announces that she'll be back at work tomorrow. Patricia snaps that she can't just walk back in, but Beryl says she was wrong - it's a good job, and she owes it to Angela and Rob to stay on. Patricia snaps that the real reason is that Beryl needs the money for David's sake. Beryl admits that that's correct, but then, looking around her, she adds that it looks like Patricia needs the money as well - and if Patricia doesn't like it, she knows what she can do.

Wayne is in the flat at Dural with Brian, and Brian asks if there's something wrong. Wayne replies that he's worried about Jill. Brian comments that she looks alright to him, and he adds that she hasn't said anything. Wayne continues that he thinks a change might do her good - maybe she'd be happier if she moved into the house. He adds that he doesn't like seeing Jill down. Brian snaps that he thinks Wayne should mind his own business. In reply, Wayne nastily says he wonders how Jill would feel if she found out that she's just a stand-in for a dead girl. Brian sharply asks Wayne what he's talking about. Wayne reveals about Bert telling him when he was drunk, and he adds that it might put Jill off. He then puts it to Brian that he should suggest to Jill that she move into the house, and he gives him a couple of days to make a decision. Brian realises that Wayne is blackmailing him. Wayne nastily retorts that Brian can call it what he likes, but, "...I've got the upper hand, don't you think?"


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