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    Written by: Jennifer Walsh    Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Peter Andrikidis

Inside, Paul tells Fiona that he's stumped: Angela's in a hell of a state, and she won't come near the house while Gordon's there. Rosie comes in and says Gordon's very upset. Paul says he thinks it would be better if Gordon stayed out of Angela's way for a while - it's important to calm her down. He tells Fiona that Angela wants to stay at the Reid house. Fiona expresses her annoyance at Paul's suggestion that he goes back on their agreement to keep Angela near her, but Paul promises to behave. Fiona reluctantly tells him that she'll permit it, but only until Gordon goes. Paul leaves the room. Rosie immediately asks Fiona if she's really going to let Angela stay with him. Fiona glumly says she doesn't have much choice.

Gordon is outside, cleaning his shoes, when Paul comes out. Gordon notices the bruises on Paul's face, and Paul tells him that he had an argument with the stable doors. Gordon then says he was surprised that Paul brought Angela up there. Paul replies that Angela feels alright with him, and Gordon comments that he wishes she felt the same about him. Paul tells Gordon that Angela is very confused; she thinks Gordon is cruel. He adds that he thinks it'll help her if she stays at the Reid house. Gordon agrees that they should do whatever's best for her.

Back inside, Fiona tells Gordon and Rosie that she'll get them some cold drinks. She leaves the room, and Rosie sourly remarks to Gordon that Angela should be there, where they can keep an eye on her. Gordon points out that no one is taking much notice of what Angela is saying about him; he'll make an excuse and leave, as Angela is alright with Paul at the moment.

Angela is in the Woombai grounds, picking some daisies out of the grass, when Paul comes over to her. He tells her that they can stay at the Reid house, and Angela hugs him. Paul winces as she comes into contact with his bruises, and she remarks that he should know better than to get into fights. Suddenly appearing to make a decision, Paul tells Angela that he can't keep lying to her. He then continues that, before all this, they were more than friends: they were lovers. Angela looks surprised, and says, "You and me?" Paul adds that the person he was fighting with was Angela's husband - he got the wrong idea. Angela tries to take this in, but then says she needs time to think. Paul tells her that she can't mention this to anyone.

Beryl is visiting David at Pentridge, and David remarks that she looks tired. He adds that Kevin said everyone's pitching in. Beryl tells him that both Kevin and Peter have been marvellous. She then smiles and tells David about Doug popping the question to Rosie. David laughs and comments, "The old devil!" He asks what John thinks about the news, and Beryl replies that he's happy. David then remarks that he thought John might have been in to visit him. Speaking carefully, Beryl replies that he's trying to make time. David comments that he's due back at the base tomorrow. Beryl says she's sure he'll get there...

At Toorak, John joins Patricia in the living room, wearing his airforce uniform. Patricia snaps at him that he's really going, then. John points out that he'll be home for weekends. There's a buzz at the front door, and John goes to get it. The visitor is Beryl, and John lets her in. Beryl tells John that it's about David. Patricia snaps that Beryl can spare them the sob stories, but John and Beryl move into the hall, where Beryl tells John that David keeps talking about him; he's expecting a visit from him. John says he'd like to go and see him - he really would - but he's scared he'll put his foot in it. Beryl tells him that it'll mean a lot to David; she doesn't like to see him so down. Patricia listens in annoyance as John agrees. Beryl expresses her thanks and leaves. John goes to join Patricia again, and she immediately makes a sarcastic comment about a few crocodile tears from Beryl getting John exactly where she wants him. John snaps at Patricia that what she's going through is nothing compared to what David's going through.

Angela is out riding at Woombai.

Inside Woombai, Rosie is clearing some plates from the table. Fiona asks if anyone fancies a picnic, but Gordon replies that he can't, as he's heading straight back. He adds that Angela should be alright with Paul for a couple of days. A look of annoyance crosses Rosie's face, which Gordon notices, and he asks what the problem is. Fiona and Rosie look at each other, and Gordon presses the point. Rosie reluctantly tells him that Angela and Paul were having an affair; everyone knew except him.

Outside, Angela tells Paul that it's like she told him the story of someone else. Paul asks her if she doesn't feel anything, but she replies that she doesn't; she just feels relaxed with him. Paul tells her that he doesn't want to push her, and the two of them hug. As they do so, Paul looks and sees Gordon in the distance, watching them.

Inside, Gordon snaps to Fiona that Paul wasn't just being Angela's friend out there. Paul comes in and quickly starts to explain that Angela was upset; she's been like it since Gordon got there. He asks if he can't comfort her, and continues that Fiona and Gordon are insulting him if they think he'd do anything to hurt Angela. Fiona listens and agrees to give Paul the benefit of the doubt - this time. Gordon says he's worried about Angela - she needs proper medical attention. He continues that he'll arrange a psychiatrist when he gets back to Sydney.

David is escorted into the visitors' area at Pentridge to find John standing the other side of the screen. The two men pick up their respective telephone handsets, and John tells David that he's looking well. David asks John about the airforce, and John replies that he'll probably sign on for good. David tells him that it's really good to see him.

Patricia is sitting in the office of an employment agency, being interviewed by a young man, who tells her that she hasn't filled out her last three employers. Patricia replies that she's been mainly self-employed. The man also comments on her lack of qualifications and tells her that there are few positions for people with her 'skills'. Patricia snaps that there must be something. The interviewer suggests she consider re-training, but Patricia says she needs a job now. The man asks her if she's applied for unemployment benefit. Patricia asks if he can't just arrange an interview for her. The man apologises and says there's nothing at the moment.

At Pentridge, John tells David to keep smiling, and he tells him he'll write. David says to John that he does think he's innocent? John looks down, guiltily, as he says to David that he'll get off. David snaps at John to look at him. John looks up and tells David that he knows he didn't mean to... he doesn't want to believe it, but David had the gun in his hand... He implores David to tell everyone what really happened - then he'll probably get off with manslaughter. David angrily snaps at John that he really is Martin Healy's son...

Back in his cell, David listens as Tony says he'll be out by tonight as he found a mate who'll give him a cast iron alibi. David absent-mindedly recalls that it's Tony's hearing today. He then explains that he had a visit from John, but it didn't go too well; John thought he was guilty. Tony tells David that he reckons John is wrong; he reckons David is a real good bloke. David remarks that Tony doesn't even know him, but he thanks him anyway.

Beryl is in the kitchen at The Terrace when John comes to the back door. He joins Beryl and says he tried... He then becomes upset and says he doesn't know what's happening to him; he can't do anything right. Beryl hugs him and he tells her that he hates what's happening to them - he loves her and David.

Patricia is sitting on one of the few remaining chairs in the living room at Toorak, at the only remaining table, when the 'phone starts ringing. She answers it and Mr. Davis comes on, asking her about last month's mortgage payment. Patricia, looking annoyed, tells him that it's difficult to meet the payments at the moment - that's why she put the house on the market. Mr. Davis points out that it's a matter of accounting. Patricia retorts that she's thinking of getting a personal loan. Mr. David tells her that, whatever steps she takes, he would appreciate it if she would inform him immediately. Patricia hangs up. A thoughtful look crosses her face, she picks up her bag and goes out.

David, alone in his cell, calls out to a prison warder to ask how Tony got on. The warder replies that they let him go. He adds, though, that ten-to-one Tony will be back inside before David can turn around; his type always are.

Patricia stands outside the social security office, looking through the window. She eventually pulls open the door and goes inside. She goes up to the counter, where the clerk is calling out for number 31. She tells him that she would like to make an application for benefit. The clerk asks if she's number 31, but Patricia insists that it will only take a minute. The clerk tells her that if she's not number 31, she should go and take a number and wait her turn. Patricia asks if she can be squeezed in, as she has lots to do. The clerk says he's sorry. Patricia, looking annoyed, walks away, over to the machine that issues the tags with numbers on. She fiddles with it and manages to rip a number out. She then goes and sits down next to a young man who asks her what number she's got. She bitterly replies, "44," and stares into space, a look of resignation upon her face.


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