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    Written by: Tony Sheldon   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Back inside, Rosie is showing Fiona the ring. Fiona laughs that she never thought she'd say it, but Doug Palmer's got style - not many men would propose during a punch-up! Rosie says it took her by surprise, that's for sure! She smiles happily. Fiona asks if the ring fits, but Rosie says she doesn't know - she's afraid to try it on! She continues that it all happened so quickly. Expressions of doubt suddenly cross her face, and she suggests that maybe she shouldn't have said 'yes'. Fiona assures her, though, that when the man you love asks you to marry him, the only sensible thing to say is 'yes'. Rosie almost sobs that she thinks Fiona might be right! Fiona hugs her and tells her she's so happy for her. Rosie says she thinks she'll give Gordon a call, and she stands up to go to the 'phone. As she does so, Angela comes in with a basket of vegetables, complaining that Paul's going to cop it when he comes in, as he left her to do all the work. Fiona quickly explains that it was her fault - she sent Paul into town to buy a few things. Angela suddenly notices the ring that Rosie is placing on her finger and asks if it's new. Rosie smiles and says a friend gave it to her. Fiona, smiling in bemusement, says, "Oh, will you listen to her! She's gone all shy!" She continues that Rosie has just become engaged! Angela asks when did that happen. Rosie smiles happily and says it was a few minutes ago. Fiona adds that he blew in and out like the wind! Angela replies that, next time he's here, Fiona's not to send her into the garden - she doesn't want to miss all the action! Fiona and Rosie look at each other in concern.

A short time later, Rosie is on the 'phone to Gordon, who is standing by the bar in the lounge room at Dural. Rosie is saying that she wanted him to be one of the first to know. Gordon replies that he's delighted for her. He then continues that he hasn't got too much on, so he might pop up tomorrow. Rosie asks if he should, what with Angela remembering. Gordon tells her that it's probably the best thing he could do - it'll put both their minds at rest. Rosie says, "If you think so..." Gordon tells her that he does. He continues that he's been worrying about it; at least by coming up he's doing something positive - and he wants to give her a big hug! Out in the hallway, Wayne comes downstairs. Brian comes into the hallway from the flat and asks Wayne if there's a can opener he can borrow. Wayne replies that there'll be one in the kitchen. He then asks Brian if Jill or Beth said when they would be back. Brian replies that he thinks they're going to make a day of it. Gordon comes out into the hall and tells Wayne that that was Rosie on the 'phone - soon to be Mrs. Rosie Palmer! Wayne smiles and says, "You're kidding!" The 'phone starts ringing and Wayne goes to answer it. STD pips sound, and Wayne asks the caller to to hold the line. He turns to Gordon and Brian and says he reckons Rosie's news calls for a drink. Gordon agrees, and he and Brian go into the lounge room. Wayne turns back to the 'phone and says, "Hello." By the bar, Brian remarks to Gordon that it must be the season for weddings, as Gordon's tying the knot himself soon, isn't he? Gordon replies, "In a few weeks." Brian asks if it'll be a church wedding. Gordon says it will. Brian replies, "You can't beat them; I'm a traditionalist at heart!" In the hall, Wayne thanks the caller for letting them know. He then tells them to hold onto it - if there are 'plane tickets in there, they're sure to be calling for them. He says 'bye' and hangs up, looking annoyed. Gordon calls out to ask who it was. Wayne replies that it was for him, and adds that it's was nothing important.

At Woombai, Fiona and Rosie are standing talking to Angela, and Fiona asks, "Doesn't the name mean anything to you?" Angela replies that, no, she doesn't know anyone called Gordon. Fiona tells her that she'll meet him tomorrow. Rosie suggests that they should have Beef Wellington tomorrow night, but Fiona says she'll do the cooking; Rosie is supposed to be guest of honour! Rosie embarrassedly tells Fiona not to do that to her, as she'll spend all night blushing! Angela goes off to finish her book while there's some peace and quiet; she goes on to explain that, whenever Paul is around, he always wants to talk. She leaves the room. Fiona looks worried, and Rosie asks her how Paul is going to explain his bruises. Fiona snaps that he's got all day to think up a good excuse, but if he mentions one word about Rob, she'll have him straight off the place. Rosie remarks, "Poor Rob," and adds that it must have been a shock to him. Fiona says they did their best... Rosie says she supposes it's selfish of her, but when she looks at young people making trouble for themselves, she just wishes that everyone could be as happy as she is.

A woman is being escorted into the visitors' area at Pentridge Prison. Kevin is already there, visiting his father and telling him an amusing story about something that happened at the bank. David is smiling, and he says Kevin must be having him on. Kevin smiles back and points out that he got him laughing! Changing the subject, David asks how Beryl is, adding that she never says anything when she comes in; is she alright? Kevin replies that he thinks so - she gets a bit tired working at the coffee shop, although Peter is helping her now. David remarks that he's a good kid. Kevin continues that Jen has gone back to Portsy - she wanted some time to pull herself together. He then assures his father that the kids both know he shouldn't be in there. David nods. Kevin asks if he can bring anything in, but David says he's alright. Kevin then jokes that Beryl told him that his father had taken up smoking! David laughs and says, "No way!" He goes on to explain that he gives them to his cellmate; he points out Tony a short distance away, talking to the woman visitor who has just arrived, which he explains is Tony's mum. Kevin asks what Tony is in for, and David replies that it's robbery. Kevin jokes that David had better not tell him that he works in a bank! David laughs that it's a bit out of Tony's league, he reckons!

That short distance away, Tony's mother is looking upset, and she tells Tony that it's like a joke - in trouble with the police; his brother's too young to know any better. Tony tells her not to worry - he'll put him straight. Mrs. Parker snaps that he is partly to blame - his brother think it's smart to steal; his big brother does it, so it must be right. Tony says he'll bash his brother's head in if he pinches anything else. Tears start welling up in Mrs. Parker's eyes as she tells Tony that he didn't listen to her when he was that age, and he doesn't listen now. She sobs that, next time, they'll send Tony to a home. Tony says there won't be a next time, and he tells his mother not to cry. He says he's sorry, but Mrs. Parker has had enough, and she walks away. Tony calls out, "Please...?"

A while later, Tony is smoking in the cell when David comes in. He asks Tony if he's sick or something, but Tony says he isn't. David comments that it's the first time he's seen him pass up sweets! Tony explains that he can't eat sago. David starts washing his face, and he tells Tony that Susie couldn't eat it, either - she called it frog's eyes! Tony asks David if Susie is his wife, but David says no - it's his daughter; Beryl's his wife. Tony half-heartedly jokes that David will have to give him a list! He then asks him if he loves his kids. David says, "Yeah - off and on!" Tony asks if they do what David tells them to, but David says not his mob; they've got minds of their own! Tony then asks David if he'd still like them if they did something bad? David says he would - he'd still love them whatever happens. Tony asks, "Do you tell them?" David, who's now sitting on the edge of his bunk, says he guesses he's like his Dad, there: he remembers when he was about five, he went to kiss his Dad goodnight, and his Dad said, 'You're too old for that sort of stuff, son.'; he's always had trouble showing how he feels, but his kids still know he loves them. Puzzled at all the questions, he asks Tony if he's OK? Tony snaps, "Yeah, terrific." He turns over on his bunk and asks if a guy can't sleep when he wants to...

It's dusk, and in the hallway at Dural, Beth is telling Wayne that they went to Melbourne; what's the big deal? Wayne snaps that Jill is broke, so where did she get the money? Beth says she paid it. Wayne snaps, "With my money?" Beth says it's her money - her hard-earned money. Wayne nastily remarks that she had a little bit of extra business in Melbourne, eh? He then adds that it's lucky the cab company got their number out of her purse - he bets they had a whole bunch to choose from. Beth snaps that she's not an idiot, so he shouldn't treat her like one. Wayne snaps back that she had better tell him how Jill got it in her head to see John - and he hopes it's good - for her sake...

Brian and Jill are in the flat, drinking tea, and Brian asks Jill if she's alright. Jill quietly replies that she's a bit tired. Brian jokes that he's not surprised, flying round the country all day! He then continues that she should have told him she was going - he'd have come with her. Jill says, "I went to see John." Brian looks at her in surprise, but then says he figured that; he wouldn't mind meeting the fellow himself. Jill, though, says she won't be seeing him again. Brian says, "Never?" Jill explains about John chucking her out, and Brian tells her that it's not worth worrying about. Jill immediately snaps that that's a stupid thing to say - he might not think it's worth worrying about... Brian starts to try and explain, but Jill snaps, "Just forget it." She walks out of the room, telling Brian as she does so to leave her alone. Brian looks annoyed.

In the house, Wayne is pouring a drink as Beth explains that Jill has been talking about John ever since the wedding; she couldn't stop her going to Melbourne - she's supposed to be on her side. Wayne snaps that Jill held a gun on her until she handed over the fare, right? Beth replies that, if she'd refused, Jill would have been disappointed in her. She adds that she wouldn't expect Wayne to understand. Wayne says he doesn't: he thinks the whole thing was Beth's idea. Beth tells him he can think what he likes: they made the trip; there's nothing he can do about it. She then asks him why he's carrying on - he's got Jill where he wants her. Wayne, though, says he hasn't yet - he's still got to get rid of Brian. Beth impatiently says, "Give up, Wayne. You're not going to get Jill to fall in love with you, no matter how hard you try. She's a cluey kid; she's soon going to guess what you're up to." Wayne snaps that Beth has a lot of opinions all of a sudden. Beth retorts that she can't stand by and let Wayne wreck Jill's life. Wayne smiles and says, "No one's asking you to. You're fired." Beth looks shocked. Wayne continues that he told her not to interfere, and she didn't listen; he wants her out of there first thing tomorrow. Beth asks what she'll tell Jill. Wayne assures her that she'll think of something; she's a good liar. He then adds that he's jacked up the fee a bit, to make sure she does. Beth, looking upset, says Jill is expecting her to stay another week. Wayne snaps, "Tell her you've changed your mind." He then nastily adds that Beth's really getting off on the mother bit, isn't she? He continues that it's pretty pathetic when she's not really Jill's friend. He tells her that it's up to her - but if she stays, she's blown the deal and he doesn't have to pay her. He asks, "So what's it going to be? The money or your conscience?" Beth stands there, looking worried.

The next morning, at the breakfast table in the lounge room at Dural, Jill, looking upset, says it's so sudden. Beth says she knows - it's the worst time for Jill, but she has to go; he was so angry when he called - one of her so-called friends told him she was staying there; he's a lot more possessive than most husbands - he doesn't like her doing things behind his back. Jill suggests that maybe if he met her, he wouldn't mind Beth being there so much. Beth, though, very quickly says, "He doesn't want to meet you." She then adds that he wants her to come home - today; they don't know how long they'll be overseas, but it could be years, so it's silly for her and Jill to get too close if they're never going to see each other again. Jill, looking very upset, says, "I see." Beth suggests that, when she sees him, she'll convince him that Jill's no threat and that she's not going to neglect her other kids, and maybe he'll let her write now and again. Jill asks her when she has to go. Beth replies that the flight is at midday; the cab is booked for 10am. Jill half-heartedly jokes with her to hang onto her purse this time! Overcome with emotion, she gets up and runs off, saying she'd better see if Brian is awake, or he'll miss out on breakfast. She flees the room. Beth stands up as she goes, looking upset as well. She turns to look at Wayne, who's also sitting at the table, and who nastily says, "Wasn't so hard, was it?" He takes a piece of paper from his pocket and says, "Don't forget your cheque." Beth walks to him and snatches it off him, adding, "And don't think I don't hate myself." She walks out. Wayne looks grim.

At Pentridge, Tony is refusing to go out to the yard. David is getting ready to go outside. Tony is lying on his bunk with his back to the guard who is standing in the cell. The guard tells him to get a move on, but Tony cheekily tells him that he's out of there tomorrow, so at least this is the last he has to see of him. The guard says, "You'll be back. Your type always is." Tony says he'll tell the blokes that the guard wears ladies' undies if he doesn't watch out! The guard, who has walked out, returns and says, "Shut ya face, Parker." David tells Tony that he's a ratbag sometimes! Tony gets up from his bunk and says he had a crazy dream last night: he was in the yard, and his brother, Ian, came crashing through the wall, driving an Aston Martin! When they get home, the old dear says she has to take the car back to its owner, so he ties her up, puts her in the boot of the car and puts the car on a boat to America; got rid of her for good. David says he doesn't see that it's so funny. Tony says that sure it is. David asks Tony how he likes his Mum. Tony says it was only a dream - his Mum's alright; she just drives him up the wall with her whinging, that's all. He asks David what the matter is with him this morning. David replies that he doesn't know why Tony thinks he has to lie to him, but he's telling him now: he doesn't have to. Tony asks David who he's calling a liar. David tells him that he heard him in the visiting room yesterday. Tony asks if he heard anything good. David says, "Enough to know you're not as tough as you make out." He tells Tony that there's nothing weak about caring for people, and he adds that Tony wouldn't be a bad kid if he cut out the bull. They go outside.

Brian puts Beth's bags in the boot of the cab, and Beth hugs him goodbye; Jill is standing a short distance away, by the front doors of the house. Beth tells Brian to look after her daughter, and Brian promises. Beth then calls out to Jill to look after Brian - he's a good friend; she should remember that. Wayne comes out of the house and nastily comments, "Leaving already?" He then adds that he couldn't let her leave without saying goodbye. He continues that she's not to worry about her daughter - she's got friends there. Beth walks over to Jill and tells her never to forget it. Jill asks Beth to send a postcard, but adds that she'll understand if she can't. Beth tells Jill that she doesn't get rid of her that easily; they're mates now - right? She starts stroking Jill's hair, and Jill nods and hugs her. Beth tells her that, whatever happens, she's always to remember she loves her. Jill says she will. Beth gets into the taxi and it drives off as Wayne, Jill and Brian watch. Brian asks Jill if she's alright. Jill tells him that she owes him an apology - she doesn't know how he puts up with her! Brian replies that it's like the man says: for better or for worse. Jill assures him that it'll get better - she promises. Wayne looks on in annoyance as Brian puts his arm around Jill and they smile at each other. The three of them go inside, and Jill remarks to Brian that Beth said she'd send a postcard; she bets she doesn't, though! Brian smiles and says, "Twenty bucks I bet she does!" Jill laughs that he's trying to cheer her up again. Brian says he isn't; he needs the money! Wayne asks Brian if he can see him for a minute, and Jill tells her husband that she'll see him back at the flat. The two men go into the lounge room, where Brian asks what it's about. Wayne says it's nothing - Jill wants to be by herself, so he thought Brian could make a clean exit. Brian, looking incredulous, asks if that's why Wayne brought him in there. Wayne tells him to let Jill have a good cry and get it out of her system. Brian snaps that she might have wanted the company, but Wayne says he doubts it - she's a predictable kid - goes right into herself when she's upset. Brian snaps that he didn't realise Wayne was such an expert. Wayne replies that he's known her a lot longer than Brian. Brian snaps that that doesn't mean Wayne can tell him what to do. Wayne nastily says, "You're still a guest in my house, mate. Remember that. All I'm saying is, we're both working in Jill's best interests. We can help her through the bad times if we both work together." Brian looks at him and says, "I don't have to work with anyone to make her happy - 'mate'." He curtly thanks Wayne for the advice, but adds, "It's an Australian expression that I like: 'You can shove it'." He walks off, leaving Wayne looking annoyed.

Gordon has arrived at Woombai, and he approaches Rosie, who is standing outside, and says, "We are gathered here today..." Rosie laughs, "Don't you start! Fiona sings the Wedding March every time I walk into the room!" Gordon offers his congratulations, and he gives Rosie a present. Rosie tells him that he's very naughty! She then invites him inside. Gordon asks if Angela knows he's coming. Rosie replies that she didn't recognise his name. She then adds that she's fine now they've moved her out of Wayne's room. Gordon asks if she remembers anything more about that night. Rosie says she thinks Angela is satisfied that it was just a bad dream; the poor girl doesn't know what to think about anything.

Inside, Fiona says, "Angela, this is Gordon." Gordon tells Angela that it feels strange, being introduced to someone you've known for years. Angela laughs and says, "I bet!" She then tells him that she hopes he doesn't think she's rude - there's really not a lot she remembers. Fiona offers drinks, and Gordon accepts. He then asks Angela how she's finding Woombai, and she replies that it's beautiful - everyone's been very kind to her. Indicating the present, Fiona asks Rosie what she's got, and Rosie explains about it being a present from Gordon. She opens it as Gordon tells her that it's not her wedding present - it just tickled his fancy when he saw it in a shop. As he says this, Angela stares at him as if she's suddenly remembered something unpleasant. Rosie tells Angela to come and see her present, but Angela, a frown on her face, says she might skip lunch, as she's not feeling very well. Fiona, obviously concerned, asks what's wrong. Angela says it's just a headache; she needs some fresh air. She goes outside, and Fiona looks at Gordon and shrugs. She then remarks that Angela was as white as a sheet, and adds that she'll just go and check she's alright.

Outside, Fiona catches up with Angela and asks her to wait. She then asks what's wrong. Angela says, "Who is that man? Where do I know him from?" Fiona tells her that he's a friend. Angela, though, says, "Oh he's not; he can't be." They start walking, and Angela continues that she can't remember why. She asks Fiona to tell her who he is, but Fiona holds Angela and tells her to stop it. She adds that she can't tell her any more about him than she already has; Angela's just going to have to trust her. Angela says she only wants to know about one person. Fiona tells her, "Gordon loves you. He wouldn't hurt you for the world." Angela, though, replies that she can't even bear to be in the same room with him.

Inside, Rosie tells Gordon that she can't understand it - Angela didn't recognise his name, and she obviously didn't recognise him when they were introduced. Gordon points out that it didn't take her long to get a gut reaction. Rosie, looking very unhappy, says the two of them were so fond of each other. Gordon says he thinks she does remember him - he thinks she picked him as the man Rosie was arguing with in Wayne's room. Rosie, quivering, says, "Oh, please, God, no..."

Outside, Fiona tells Angela that she can't tell her anything about Gordon that will explain her feelings. She suggests Angela come back inside and talk to him, but Angela says she doesn't want to see him again - as long as he's there, she doesn't want him anywhere near her. Fiona calmly says that's silly, but Angela says she doesn't care - he's frightening. Fiona soothingly says, "Angela... " Angela says, "It's true. He did something... something very cruel. I can't remember, but I will, sooner or later." She gets up and walks off, leaving Fiona looking worried.


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