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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Gordon tells Rosie that they shouldn't panic. Rosie points out that Gordon can't say he isn't worried. Gordon replies that of course he is, but he then asks who can remember details of things that happened when they were three. He continues that Angela will probably stew for a while and then forget it. Rosie says she hopes he's right. She tells him that she'd never have lied for him if it hadn't been for Wayne - she wouldn't want him finding out, not now he's finally making an effort with his son. Gordon tells Rosie that he appreciates what she's doing - things are very different between him and Wayne now. Rosie says it's about time too - he should have listened to her years ago; all they can do now is prey that Angela doesn't remember anything else. Gordon says he's sure she won't. There's a sudden banging elsewhere in Dural, and Gordon hurriedly tells Rosie to take care of herself, and they'll talk again soon. Rosie, looking surprised at the sudden halt in the conversation, then hears Wayne talking in the background, and she hangs up. At Dural, Gordon asks what happened to Wayne, who is hobbling. He explains that he twisted his ankle. He then asks what Rosie was worrying about, but Gordon just replies, "You know Rosie!" Wayne asks if she's OK now; not sick anymore. Gordon assures his son that she's over all that. Wayne says he couldn't get used to Rosie being sick - he was always the sick one as a kid. He continues that he won't be giving her any more grey hairs - there'll no more fights with Gordon, he's on good terms with Jill - he's a reformed character! He takes a drink that Gordon has poured, and the two of them raise their glasses.

In the flat at the back of Dural, Brian tells Jill that he'll see few a trainers about work tomorrow - he shouldn't have any trouble landing a job. He then suggests that they should front up to immigration, too. Beth chips in that it might not be a bad idea if they got their own place first. Brian thinks for a moment and then admits that it would look better. Jill asks why, and Beth points out that they don't want other people around if they can help it; the authorities might find it a bit funny, them living with Fiona. Brian adds that Fiona might not want them there when she comes back. Jill reluctantly points out that moving costs money, and she's practically broke. Brian says he can cover it, but Jill tells him that she can't live off him. In reply, Brian tells her that she did him a favour by marrying him; the least he can do is help her through this rough spot. Jill sighs and says she'll think about it. She goes off to start dinner, and Beth says she'll have a shower. Brian tells her not to worry - Jill will be alright. Beth says she hopes so - it really upsets her to see the girl so down. She leaves the flat, and Brian shuts the door behind her.

In the house, Gordon is heading into the study when Wayne asks him if he feels like staying in tonight. Gordon says it sounds good. Beth comes in at that moment, saying she needs a very large scotch. She and Wayne go into the lounge room, where Wayne asks what's up. Beth tells him that Jill's a mess. Wayne asks what she expected, but Beth snaps that she's getting worse every day. She pours herself a drink and continues that she thought at first that Jill would bounce back no matter what, but since she's busted up with John, she's never seen a kid change so much. Wayne says she'll get worse before she gets better, but he'll be around as a shoulder to cry on. Beth downs her drink and Wayne asks her if she wants some Chinese. Beth says she thinks she should stick with a liquid diet. Wayne, though, snaps that no she won't - they don't want her getting sloshed and shooting her mouth off. Beth looks annoyed. Wayne nastily says he knew she'd be sensible...

The next morning, Jill runs into Dural, and pants heavily in the hall, obviously out of breath. Beth is in the hallway, and she remarks that Jill is being very energetic. Jill explains that it's freezing out there! She then continues that she's tired of lying in bed - it's giving her bad thoughts. The two of them go into the lounge room for coffee, and Wayne, who's already in there, asks how it's going. Jill says she's had better days... Wayne assures her that she'll come good - they'll see to it. He leaves the room to go and do some work, and Beth asks Jill what she'd like to do today. Jill replies that she thinks she'd better start looking for a job. Beth points out that, the mood she's in, she doubts Jill will find any takers! Jill reluctantly says she supposes not. She then adds that, the mood she's in, she must be a pain to be around. Beth says she doesn't think she'll improve 'til she sees John and finishes things properly. Jill says she's hurt him enough already, but Beth tells her that she thinks Jill owes him some sort of explanation. Jill reluctantly admits that she knows Beth is right. She says she'll call him, as she can't see him; she really can't. She goes over to the 'phone and dials. She doesn't get very far, though, before she hangs up and looks at Beth. She then starts dialling again.

John is lying on a huge beanbag on the floor in the living room at Toorak when the 'phone rings. Patricia comes in and says that, if it's an estate agent, she'll talk to him. John answers the call, and Jill comes on and says it's her - she knows she should have called sooner, but she was afraid. John asks what was the point - he got her message. Jill cries that she owes him an explanation, but John angrily asks why: so she can make herself feel better? He slams the 'phone down. In Sydney, Jill looks at the receiver in disbelief. At Toorak, John tells Patricia that it was Jill. Patricia asks, "And?" John tells her that she heard. He then adds that she'll have to call the agent herself. Seeing the beanbag on the floor, Patricia asks John if he slept down there last night. John replies that he did, adding that it may not look like much, but it's comfortable! He starts to head off for a shower, but Patricia stops him and says she wants to help. John tells her that there's nothing she can do. He continues that it makes you laugh: the airforce was the most important thing in his life, and he was prepared to scrap it - for her... He walks off. Patricia looks worried.

Beth tells Jill that it's only natural he be upset. Jill cries that he hates her, and she doesn't blame him. Beth says she knew Jill should have seen him; she tells her to go to Melbourne and force him to talk to her. Jill miserably says she can't - apart from anything else, she's broke. Beth tells her that she'll shout her. Jill says she can't let her do that, but Beth insists that she wants to - Jill will be miserable 'til she sees him and ends it properly; besides, she might find out he's decided not to stay on in the airforce. Jill points out that he keeps raving on about how good it is. Beth says she knows - but things can change; perhaps that's what he wanted to talk to her about when he came up there. Jill says it's grabbing at straws, but Beth replies that it's a hell of a lot better than just giving up. She continues that she wants to make it up to Jill for all those years she wasn't around. She stands up and assertively says, "Do I book the tickets or not?" Jill says she'll go and get ready. Beth suggests to her that they don't tell anyone they're going. Jill asks why not, and Beth replies that Wayne means well, but he's very protective, and if he knew they were going, he'd probably try and talk Jill out of it. Jill admits that he he wouldn't have to talk very hard... She leaves the room and crosses the hall to go to the flat, but as she does so, Wayne emerges from the study and says to her that Gordon doesn't need him for the day, so why don't they have lunch together, somewhere nice? Jill uncertainly says she can't, as she's going out with Beth. Wayne says Beth won't mind if he tags along - he'll treat them both. Jill looks round at Beth, who says she's just booked the cab. Wayne tells her to cancel it - he'll be their chauffeur for the day. At that moment, though, Gordon comes out of he study and tells Wayne that Hawkins has changed his mind - they have to go over to his offices straight away. Wayne disappointedly says he was just organising lunch, but Gordon tells him that it will just have to wait. Wayne turns back to Jill and says, "Duty calls..." Gordon tells the women that he's sorry to drag Wayne away. Beth suggests, "Maybe tomorrow?" Gordon and Wayne both go, and Beth suggests to Jill that they should get on the 'plane to Melbourne before anything else happens!

Doug and Rob arrive at Woombai in Rob's truck, and Doug remarks that they made good time. Rob jokes that he reckons Doug held them up, getting spruced up as he did at that last stop! Doug indignantly says he couldn't arrive there looking like a hobo! Rob teases, "Especially when you're seeing you-know-who!" He then adds that he still thinks they should have let them know they were coming. Doug says, "And spoil the surprise?" He takes out the case containing the ring, lifts the lid to look at the piece of jewellery and then adds, "Not on your life!" He smiles, happily.

Inside, Fiona asks Rosie if she's seen Angela. Rosie says she thinks she's on a walk with Paul. She then remarks that Fiona is letting them spend lots of time together. Fiona just points out that Paul is behaving himself. Rosie shows Fiona a picture in a magazine and asks Fiona what she thinks, adding that it's for Doug. Fiona smiles and says it's him down to a 'T'! Rosie says she thinks she'll go into town and get the wool. Fiona offers to drive her, but Rosie assures her that she can manage. Fiona tells her not to overdo it - she's been very sick, and she's looking very peaky since yesterday. Rosie halfheartedly says there's nothing wrong with her...

Outside, Doug is using the wing mirror of Rob's truck to look at himself as he combs his hair. Rob jokes that he'll comb it all out at that rate!

As Rosie emerges from the house, she spots Rob's truck and a worried look crosses her face. She hurriedly goes back inside and tells Fiona that Rob is there with Doug; they're outside. Fiona says Patricia must have told them that Angela's there, but Rosie says she can't see it - they wouldn't give each other the time of day. Fiona asks why else would they front up? Rosie tells her that Doug said they had to go to Brisbane on business; the two of them haven't seen each other for quite a while, so Doug might have asked Rob to drop in on the way through. Fiona groans. She then tells Rosie to look after them, while she finds Paul and warns him. There's a knock at the door, and Rosie quickly asks Fiona what she'll do if she can't find them. Fiona says she doesn't even want to think about that. Rob calls out, "Anybody home?" Rosie goes to the door.

A short while later, Rob, Doug and Rosie are sitting in the lounge room, and Rosie is saying that she can't think what's happened to Fiona; she'll be upset if she misses them. Rob assures her that they've got stacks of time. Rosie replies that she's surprised - she can remember David saying the company cracked the whip if he was late. Rob tells her that they made pretty good time on the way iup - they've got a couple of hours to spare. Rosie reluctantly says that's nice... Rob says he might go and find Fiona, and leave Doug and Rosie alone. Rosie, though, hurriedly tells him to drink his beer; she'll go; she won't be long. She dashes off...

Outside, Fiona is just heading back to the house, and Rosie says, "Thank heavens you're back." Fiona asks if Rob knows Angela's there. Rosie says he doesn't - it was like she thought. Fiona says she's sorry, but it'll have to be the shortest visit on record. Rosie tells Fiona that if she's told Paul to stay away... Fiona, though, says she couldn't find him - she's got the staff out looking for him. She tells Rosie that they have to keep their heads. Rosie, looking upset, says it was the one chance she had to see Doug. She adds that she knew Fiona should have sent Paul packing; wherever he goes, you can be sure there'll be trouble...

Patricia is on the 'phone at Toorak, and she angrily says somebody must be buying. She then asks if it would help if she dropped the price by $5,000. The estate agent says that's fine, but she should give it a bit more time first. Patricia, though, snaps that she wants a quick sale, and she tells the agent to change the ad to the new price immediately. She hangs up and goes into the lounge room, where she half-jokingly says to John that she wishes he was studying economics; she could do with a few pointers. John suggests that she should have another go at getting a job, and Patricia reluctantly admits that it's not like she has any option. John tells her not to let one bad day get her down. Patricia replies that that's easier said than done - she's going to be a mess when he goes back to base. John looks annoyed. Patricia snaps, "Alright..." She then tells him to wish her luck. John asks where she's going now, and she replies that she's got an appointment with the accountant.

Patricia walks down the drive and out the gate, turning left. Just after she's gone, a taxi turns up the drive from the right and pulls up outside the house. Jill and Beth get out and the taxi drives off. Beth tells Jill that she'll be fine once she goes in. Jill reluctantly says, "Yeah - all I have to do is make it to the front door..." Beth asks her if she wants her to come with her. Jill declines the offer, saying she'd better see him alone. Beth tells her not to get cold feet now. Jill smiles, nervously,

Inside, John is working when Jill knocks on the door. She knocks again, and John gets up to answer it. As soon as he opens the door, Jill tells him that she has to talk to him. She walks past him, into the house, and John shuts the door. She goes into the empty lounge room. John snaps, "What the hell did you come here for?" Jill replies that she couldn't leave things the way they were. John snaps that if she turned up to make herself look good, he's not interested. Jill doesn't reply, because she's looking at the airforce books on the table. She realises that John has signed on again. John says there was never any question about it. Jill, realising she's made a mistake, says, "No... suppose not..." She then tells him that she wanted to give him his ring back. She starts to continue that she wouldn't like him to... but is interrupted by John, who snaps, "Just go." Jill pleads, "Please, John... I really did love you." John snaps, "Sure." Jill says it's true - she didn't mean to hurt him; when she met Brian, she knew it was the wrong time to tell him that she'd changed her mind about it - he had studies, tests... she didn't want to mess him up. John snaps, "You wouldn't have stood a chance. My career's much more important to me than you ever were." Jill looks devastated. She looks down at the ground as John continues that, when she told him she was a prostitute - way back, when he first met her - he felt really bad about her. He continues that she can imagine the kind of things he thought; but she got to him - he was mug enough to believe how nice she was; now he knows all the things he thought about her first were right. Looking horrified, Jill thrusts the ring into John's hand and storms out. John throws the ring at the wall, in anger.

Jill runs out of the house, and Beth, who is sitting outside, asks what happened. Jill, though, says she doesn't want to talk about it. She tells Beth that there's a cab rank down the road, but Beth says they can't leave yet: she's left her purse in the cab, and she can't remember which company it was. She suggests they go to the post office and look through the Yellow Pages. She then adds that she's sorry, as she knows this is the last thing Jill needs at the moment, but the tickets are in her handbag, and until they get it back, they're stranded. They walk off.

Fiona and Rob step outside Woombai, and Fiona takes the opportunity to suggest that Rob must be anxious to go. She adds that she's tried to drop hints to Doug, but he's as deaf as a post when he doesn't want to hear! Rob laughs, but adds that they can't blame him - he has been missing Rosie a lot; that's why he suggested they take a walk - so Doug and Rosie can be left alone for a while. As they stand there talking, Angela's voice suddenly calls out, a short distance away: "Come on, slowcoach, they'll be wondering where we are." Rob looks round in surprise. Fiona, looking horrified, tries to apologise to Rob, but then tells him that she thinks he'd better stay where he is - Angela's not well, and probably couldn't cope with seeing him right now. Rob stands still as Fiona walks over to his wife, although she's hidden by some bushes. Angela tells Fiona that they're sorry they missed lunch - they got a flat tyre on Paul's bike in the middle of nowwhere. Paul chips in that he thinks he'll stick to riding horses! Rob looks annoyed when hears this voice. Fiona suggests to Angela that, now she's back, she might as well make herself useful; Rosie needs some tomatoes and beans for dinner. Paul offers to give her a hand, but Fiona hurriedly says he'd better stay and mend the bike. Looking surprised, Paul says, "OK..." Angela says she'll be back soon, and she walks off. As soon as she's gone, Fiona tells Paul that Rob's there. Paul says, "Oh hell." Fiona tells him to stay put while she explains the situation to Rob. They both turn round, to find Rob is standing staring at them, shaking his head.

Inside, Doug is showing Rosis some photos and articles from the Anzac March. Rosie says it was a disappointment to her - she was really looking forward to it. Doug says it couldn't be helped - she got sick at the last minute. Rosie thanks him for the flowers he sent. Doug tells her that he thought of coming up to see her, but he knew she had Gayle looking after her; he wishes he had, now, though - he could have taken her for drives, looked after her... and there was something in particular he was all set to ask her when she came down for the March. Doug's speech is interrupted when a group of loud voices suddenly appear in the background. Doug says it sounds as though something's up, and Rosie, looking worried, agrees that yes... yes, it does. Doug laughs that it's probably some fella trying to get away without paying his bills! He tries to continue what he was saying before, but Rosie hears Fiona saying, "Paul..." and asks to be excused a minute, explaining that she'd better see what's happening. Doug tells her that he'll come with her, but Rosie puts him off, telling him to finish his tea. She leaves the room. Doug sits there, looking put-out.

Outside, Rob snaps to Fiona, "Fine friend you turned out to be." Paul tells Rob that he's got it all wrong, but Rob snaps at him to shut his mouth. Rob tells Fiona to tell Doug he's leaving straight away. Fiona tells him that she wishes he'd let her explain, and Paul chips in that Rob could at least give her a hearing. Rob, though, snaps that he doesn't need Paul's advice. Paul tells Rob that he's making a fool of himself. He puts his hand on Rob's arm to try and calm him, but Rob pushes him away, and Paul topples over the bike, which is just behind him, leaving him lying sprawled on the ground. Fiona cries, "Rob..." Paul gets up and runs at Rob, and a struggle ensues. Fiona cries, "Stop it, both of you." Rosie watches from the doorway, in shock.

A few seconds later, inside, Doug says, "What?" Rosie explains that they were hoping that he and Rob would have left before Paul turned up - but now they're outside, shouting at each other; she tells Doug that he's got to do something. Doug snaps that this would have to happen now. The two of them go outside, and Rosie tells Doug to stop them. Looking at the two men struggling with each other, Doug bitterly comments that it would need the fire brigade to stop those two! Fiona says she was going to get a couple of the men... Doug, though, tells her to leave it to him. He walks towards Rob and Paul and goes to stand in between the two of them, to stop them getting to each other. As he moves forward, though, Paul lunges out and hits him in the stomach. Fiona and Rosie both gasp in horror as Doug falls to the ground. Rob, looking shocked, immediately asks him if he's alright, and he tries to help him up. Paul says he's sorry - Doug just walked into it. Rosie looks upset. Doug indignantly says he wouldn't have copped it if he'd been on his guard! Rosie helps him over to sit on the verandah steps; he tells her that he'll be alright. Rob turns to Paul and snaps, "You're not worth it." He then calls to Doug to make it fast - he's not hanging around there. Fiona says to Rob that she knows how he feels. Rob turns to Paul and says, "Now you've been asking for that - ever since I found out the two of you were having it off." He then look at Fiona and continues, "And as for Angela, I reckon they deserve each other." He walks off. Paul starts to walk to the house, and Fiona asks him where he's going. Paul says he's going to keep Angela out of it 'til Rob has gone. Fiona tells him that she'll do that; he's to keep cleaned up and keep away from Angela until he's thought up some story about what happened. Paul snaps that he's getting pretty sick of Fiona laying down the law. Fiona yells, "One more word out of you, and I'll have you thrown off my property. Now I'm just in the mood." The two of them walk off in different directions. Doug is still sitting on the steps outside the house, and Rosie gives him a glass of water, which he drinks. Rosie takes the empty glass and asks him if he's sure he's alright. He assures her that he's fine. Rob yells out from the cab of his truck: "Come on, Doug." Doug yells back that he's coming. Rosie tells him that he's sorry it wasn't much of a visit, and she adds that he's to take care of himself. Doug, annoyed at what's happened, decides to seize the day. He says, "Dash it all. I'm not going 'til I say what I came to say." He looks at Rosie affectionately and continues, "I was going to pop the question at the March, but you went and got sick on me." Rob yells out that if Doug doesn't hurry up, he'll go without him. Doug yells back at him to hold his horses. He turns back to Rosie and says, "What do you say, Rosie? Will you marry me?" Rosie smiles broadly. Doug gives her the ring case, and Rosie nods. Doug kisses her on the cheek, runs to the truck and calls back that he'll ring her from Brisbane! Rosie, who's trembling, says, "Alright!" Doug leaps into the cab, closes the door and leans out of window, smiling happily. As the truck pulls away, he waves to his fiancée vigorously!


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