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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Patricia places Martin's burning letter in the ashtray on the table.

At Woombai, Rosie is busy cleaning when Fiona comes in and tells her that she's there to visit, not to work! Rosie happily says she doesn't mind! The 'phone starts ringing, and Fiona gets it. STD pips sound and Patricia then comes on and asks to speak to Angela. Fiona, obviously surprised, asks Patricia what makes her think Angela's there. Patricia snaps at Fiona not to beat around the bush: the receptionist at the Reid House told her she's there. Fiona tells Patricia that she can't speak to her - Paul brought her there to get away from her. Patricia sarcastically remarks that Fiona's such a good friend of Paul's that she'd do anything to help him. She then adds that she knew Fiona would do anything to get back at her, but she didn't think she'd jeopardise Angela's health to do it. Fiona asks her what she means. Patricia replies that Angela is supposed to be under regular psychiatric care; or is Paul too busy dragging her round the countryside to tell Fiona that? Fiona snaps that Angela's not been dragged anywhere. Patricia says Paul is the worst person she could be with at the moment. Fiona grimly says, "I could think of one worse." Patricia snaps that what Fiona thinks doesn't count: she's coming up there to collect Angela and bring her back to Melbourne, where she can have proper care. Fiona snaps at Patricia to save what's left of her money, as the staff there will be instructed not to let her on the property. She tells Patricia that she won't get anywhere near Angela, and she angrily asks her if she understands, before slamming the 'phone down. Rosie, smiling, comments that Fiona gave Patricia a mouthful! She then asks if Patricia will try and come up. Fiona says she doubts it - she's not much of a threat now she's broke.

In Melbourne, Beryl leaves the Palmer house, walks down the path and crossses the street, carrying her shopping bag. Just after she's disappeared from view, a taxi pulls up outside the house. Margaret is inside, and she asks the driver to put something in the Palmers' letter box. The driver gets out of the car.

John comes downstairs at Toorak, and Patricia angrily says she's just had the most amazing conversation with Fiona. John wryly comments that it's not her first. Patricia says this is serious: she got Margaret to talk, and found out that Angela is at Woombai; the problem now is that Fiona says she'll have her thrown off the property, and she said she'll look after the girl. John points out that Fiona probably thinks she's doing the right thing, but Patricia snaps at him that he'd believe Fiona if she said black was white. John says he knows Fiona wouldn't let anything happen to Angela - that's the main thing. Patricia asks if he's implying that she would? John replies that of course he isn't; as far as he's concerned, it's a relief knowing where she is; it stops him worrying. Patricia snaps that she's not prepared to take the risk, and she tells John that there's no alternative: he'll have to go up there. John immmediately says he can't, and Patricia asks why not. John says he's got exams. Patricia impatiently asks what's more important: his exams or his sister's health? John retorts that if he seriously thought Angela was in trouble, he'd be up there like a shot, but she's probably better off where she is, than seeing some psychiatrist. Patricia glares at her son as he continues that he'd hold fire for a while, instead of turning the whole thing into a tug of war.

Paul enters Woombai and tells Fiona that he saw Rosie on the way in, and she said Fiona's on the warpath. Fiona is laying the dinner table as she replies that she just had Patricia on the 'phone. Paul asks how she found out that Angela was there, and Fiona replies that it was a shot in the dark, probably - but that's not the point. She then asks Paul why he didn't tell her that Angela is supposed to be having psychiatric help. Paul explains that he thought it was more important that she go somwhere to relax. Fiona tells him that he's taking a lot on himself, but Paul points out that it's working, isn't it? Fiona admits that Angela is rather chirpy. Paul asks her what she's worried about, then. Fiona replies that if the doctor recommended psychiatric help, that's what she should be having - and she should be back in Melbourne having it. Paul asks what good copping interference from Patricia would do her. He then adds a promise that if there's the slightest sign of deterioration in her condition, he'll take her straight back. Fiona looks at him and says, "Alright." She adds, though, that she'll be keeping a very close eye on her. Paul replies that he's positive she won't see anything to be worried about.

Later, Rosie is serving dinner to Angela and Fiona, and Angela laughs as she tells Rosie to stop fussing, as she's killing her with kindness! Fiona jokingly warns Rosie that if she doesn't have anthing to eat, she's going to hit her! Rosie says she's just getting everything settled. She then sits down. Angela yawns, and Paul asks her if she's OK. Angela replies that she's just tired. Paul tells her that if she's not up to a ride this afternoon, they can put it off 'til tomorrow. Angela, though, assures him that she's fine, apart from a lack of skeep. Rosie asks her if her bed is uncomfortable, but Angela says it's fine. She then, though, says it's the room: it gives her the creeps every time she goes in there. Fiona remarks that it's such a pretty little room. Rosie begins to look strangely uncomfortable as Angela says it's hard to explain, but as she remembers things from when she was a child, she gets the strangest feeling whenever she goes in there; she's confused, but she gets the feeling that something awful happened in there - like she saw a little boy, she thinks - and an adult - arguing in there, and shouting; it's scary; the trouble is, she can't tell if it's something she remembers, or if it's her imagaination. Rosie looks worried, but Fiona cheerily tells Angela that it sounds like a ride will be the best thing in the world for her! Paul jokes that Angela will be telling them ghost stories next! Rosie still looks concerned.

A while later, Fiona is relaxing before she helps Rosie with the dishes, but Rosie tells her that there's no hurry - she wants to shift Angela's room first. Fiona jokes that Rosie will be wearing herself out, but Rosie says she doesn't want to take any chances. Fiona suggests that Angela's probably just reacting from being away from her own room. Rosie, though, says she's thinking more of Patricia: if she gets wind that Angela's unhappy, she could use it against them to take her away. Fiona says she doesn't think there's much chance of that, but she adds that Rosie should do what she thinks is best. Rosie says she's sure it will help.

Oustide, Paul helps Angela with her horse, and Angela says she can't believe how much everyone is doing for her. She tells Paul that he's been terrific, but she then says she supposes she hasn't been all that fair on him. Paul asks her what she means, and Angela replies that she hasn't even asked him if he can afford to spend so much time with her; for all she knows, he may be wondering how he got trapped with looking after such a pest! Paul assures her that this isn't the case, but Angela suggests that he's feeling sorry for her, then. She asks what was the connection between them. Paul replies that he'd really like to tell her, but... Angela completes the sentence, saying she has to remember it for herself. Paul tells her that, if he said anything, Fiona would have his guts for garters! He then adds that it's pretty involved, but let's just say they've been friends for a long time. Angela says that's fair enough, and she rides off, leaving Paul looking worried.

Beryl arrives home to find Kevin in the kitchen. Seeing the expression on his face, she asks what's wrong, and Kevin replies that it's nothing - maybe. He then explains that he found a letter in the letterbox. He indicates the envelope he's holding and takes out a wad of notes. He tells his mother that he's counted it: there's $1000 there. Looking incredulous, Beryl asks if there's note. Kevin says no - there's nothing. Beryl asks who it's from, then - unless... she then says she thinks she knows who it could be. She goes to the 'phone.

At Toorak, John is on the 'phone, and he curtly tells Beryl that he doesn't understand what she's talking about. Beryl snaps that they can do without his money, thankyou - and they don't like the way he went about it, either. John snaps, "What money?" Beryl looks at Kevin before telling John that Kevin found the envelope in the letterbox. She continues that if David needs anything, it's John's moral support, not some sly handout because he's too ashamed to come round there. John tells Beryl to hold her horses, before saying he didn't shove any money in the letterbox: if he'd wanted to give her something, he'd do it in person. Beryl looks surprised. John continues that he was too busy studying to play postman, and she made it pretty clear the other day that she didn't want his help. Beryl says to John that if he didn't give it to them, who did? John says he doesn't know; he's got exams to study for, so if there's nothing else... Beryl says she's sorry. John snaps that he's sick of being treated like a louse because he's the only one being realistic about David - and if Beryl must know, it hurts. He slams the 'phone down. Beryl hangs up and tells Kevin that she really put her foot in it. Kevin assures her that John will cool off. Beryl says John is the most likely one. Kevin, though, says there's one other person: Margaret - she's already offered once. Beryl remarks that that would be $1000 from someone they hardly know... Kevin says that, as soon as he gets off work, he'll go and have it out with her. Beryl tells him not to, as he'll probably make just as big a fool of himself as she did with John. Kevin, though, says he can handle it. Beryl tries to warn, "Kevin..." but Kevin walks out, saying he's going to see her.

At Toorak, Patricia comes downstairs and tells John that she's going for a walk, as she's got to get out of the place. She asks who was on the 'phone just now, and John tells her that it was Beryl, and he adds that he copped an earful. Patricia asks what it was about, but John says it's too stupid to talk about. Patricia asks if things are still a bit shaky between him and Beryl. John replies that they're worse than ever; he can't wait to get back to the base; he's sick of being expected to do the right thing by everyone else but himself. Patricia coldly says, "Thankyou very much." John snaps that she shouldn't sound so hard done by - she's as bad as the rest of them. Patricia snaps that he can hardly say it was 'carrying on', with no house, no furniture and about $50 to her name. John snaps that that's all the more reason for him to make sure he holds on to his job. Patricia smiles nastily and tells him that he used that excuse before; it's a cop out because he doesn't want to face up to his responsibilities. John snorts in derision and he tells Patricia that he loves her, but she's not his responsibility: she's not helpless, so why does he have to come up with all the answers? Patricia snaps that she's sorry to be such a nuisance. John replies that she's got talent, she's got contacts, and she's good looking, so she should use them: if she wants money, she should get a job; it won't kill her to work. He storms out, leaving Patricia standing there looking annoyed. She calls out after him, "Alright. If you won't help me, I damn well will do it myself."

Sometime later, Patricia is sitting in a waiting room when the receptionist sitting nearby calls over and tells her that Mr. Freeman will see her now. Patricia stands up and pauses as she stands outside Mr. Freeman's door. The receptionist smugly assures her that it's OK to go on through. In the office, Mr. Freeman tells Patricia that it's good to see her. Patricia tells him - and she calls him Andrew - that it's good to see him. Freeman gratiatingly says it's good to see her recent run of bad luck hasn't changed her: she's still as beautiful as ever. Patricia sits down, suppressing a wry smile as she does so. Freeman sits on the edge of his desk, just in front of her, and asks what he can do for her. Patricia says she supposes he can say she's calling in a favour: to put it bluntly, she's looking for work. Looking surprised, Freeman says, "Yes?" Patricia points out that she put a sizeable account his way, via Ramberg. Freeman, though, says he'd keep a low profile on that, if he was her - they still haven't been paid for that last batch of stuff they did. Patricia says it's hardly her fault. Freeman, though, says that's not the way some people see it: around the traps, the word is is that it was her interference that sent Ramberg down the tube. Patricia asks Freeman if he thinks so. Freeman replies that he doesn't really care, but he warns Patricia that she shouldn't expect too many doors to go opening for her: blokes at his level - the ones who roll up their sleeves and get stuck into the work - don't really have much time for people who treat business as a hobby. Patricia asks Freeman if he doesn't think she could handle a day-to-day job. Freeman says, "Maybe; I don't know..." He then adds that the world of Public Relations is pretty cut-throat - and the young blokes get the best of it. Seeing the look on Patricia's face, he continues that he just wants her to know the facts before they continue this talk. Patricia says she's listening.

At Woombai, Rosie is sewing and Fiona is playing a small hand-held computer game when Angela comes in. Fiona asks her how she went, and Angela says it was fun - it blew away the cobwebs; she'll sleep tonight. Rosie assures her that all she needed was exercise. She then tells her that she's changed her room, and put her in one at the end of the hall. Angela thanks her, and she goes off to have a nap. Rosie offers Fiona some coffee, but Fiona says she'll get it, adding that Rosie's been running herself ragged looking after Angela; from here on in, she wants to see Rosie starting to relax - or Rosie will be the one they're going to be carrying out - and she thinks Rosie is just a bit too young to be joining the basket-weaving brigade! Rosie laughs, but looks worried.

Mr. Freeman asks Patricia for assurance that she's not cross with him. Patricia indignantly says she isn't: he's made his attitude very clear - she's obviously not up to the heights of the PR world. She gets up to go. Freeman tries to pacify her by saying that it's just that she's a little bit out of the mainstream, and in PR, track record is everything, but Patricia snaps that she's sorry she's wasted his time. Freeman tells her that he really wants to help, and he then continues that his Girl Friday, Sharon, is due to go overseas in a month; if Patricia doesn't mind filling in for her... Patricia interrupts and angrily snaps, "Oh, no thankyou. I don't see myuself as anybody's receptionist." She goes to walk off. There's no-one in reception when she gets out there, and she sarcastically comments that his Girl Friday has gone walkabout. Freeman calmly says she's probably gone to get his afternoon tea. He then adds that he's got a better idea: why don't they adjourn to a quiet little restaurant across the street? He continues that maybe he's been a little bit hasty; he's pretty sure they could work something out - he really would like to see a lot more of her. Patricia smiles, and Freeman tells her that he thinks working together is becoming more appealing by the minute. Patricia curtly tells him that it's a job she's after - one where she can use her business talents; she hope he finds somebody else to pop out every time he feels like a sticky bun. She turns her back and goes. Freeman sighs.

When Patricia arrives back at Toorak, she throws her bag down in anger. John says, "No luck?" Patricia snaps that there was nothing - not that he'd care. John tells her to come on - he had a go at her to get her helping herself. Patricia bitterly says it was a totally humiliating experience, but John tells her that she can't expect much on the first day. Patricia snaps that nothing could bave prepared her for what she went through. John asks, "What's a couple of knockbacks?" but Patricia retorts that knockbacks would be fine, if that's all they were. John asks what happened. Patricia replies that the first interview started on a really high note: she was offered work a schoolgirl would turn her nose up at, then she received a half-hearted proposition to check into the nearest motel. John, obviously disbelieving, says, "Come on..." Patricia snaps that he was the one who wanted her to take the plunge into the real world; this was with an old friend, mind - the next two she tried didn't even bother to be polite. John suggests that something will probably turn up tomorrow, but Patricia assures him that she's not going to put herself through that again. John tells her that she can't give up, but she snaps back, "Can't I?" John remarks that he thought she had more staying power. The conversation is interrupted by a frantic knocking at the door, and Patricia tells John to get it, as whoever it is doesn't look like they're going to go away. John goes to the door and finds Kevin standing there. He asks his brother if he's there about the trouble with Beryl, but Kevin says he isn't; he wants to see Patricia. John tries to explain that now is not the right time, but Kevin says it can't wait, and he bursts in. Patricia immediately snaps that John is right: it's not a good time. Kevin ignores this, though, and asks where Margaret is. Patricia, looking 'surprised' says she doesn't know. Kevin says he went to Jill's flat and she wasn't there - the neighbours said she'd moved out. Patricia says they know more than she does; how should she know where Margaret's got to? Kevin points out that Margaret is her sister, but Patricia snaps that that doesn't make her her social secretary. Kevin then says that if Patricia's not going to tell him where she is, she can at least answer a few questions. John warns, "Not now, Kevin," but Kevin ignores this and continues that everything points to Margaret knowing something about Martin Healy's death. John asks if this is another one of Beryl's hunches. Kevin snaps back that John might not care what happens to David, but he does. John tells Kevin to cool down. Patricia tells Kevin that she's not over-fond of her sister, so she's probably the last one he should be asking. She then adds that, quite frankly, she thinks he's a little old to be playing cops and robbers - he should leave it to the police. Kevin snaps that he doesn't care what she thinks - he's going to help David in any way he can. John tells him that he's not helping by carrying on. Kevin angrily retorts that he can see whose side John is on. He barges between him and Patricia and goes. John follows him outside and angrily yells that he's had it: he's had it for getting it in the neck for facing facts. Kevin stops and turns round to accuse John of not giving a damn about David. John tells Kevin that he knows he's upset, but that's no reason to go barging in on people and flinging accusations. Kevin says he figured out where the money came from: why would Margaret leave town now? John snaps at Kevin that he's got as much proof as when thought it was from him, and he's probably about as close to the truth as he was then. He tells Kevin not to get mixed up in things he can't handle. Kevin starts walking down the drive, yelling that at least he cares about David. John yells back at him not to kid himself - he must have done it. Kevin stops and yells, "Why don't you go back inside to her? That's where you belong." He storms off.

At Woombai, Rosie is tidying when Angela comes in, and she tells the girl that it's scraps for dinner tonight, she's afraid. After indicating that that's fine, Angela raises the subject of the room she was in earlier, and asks whose bedroom it was? Rosie, looking concerned, asks what she wants to know for. Angela replies that she's sure it wasn't a dream or something she imagined. Rosie says she's sure it must have been a dream - nothing like that ever happened there. Angela reluctantly says, "If you say so..." She then asks again whose bedroom it was, but Rosie says she doesn't know - it was too long ago. Angela says she wishes Rosie could remember. She asks who the little boy crying out could have been, and Rosie suggests that it could have been a visitor, but Angela says she sure she knows him well. Rosie says that whatever the fuss was about, it couldn't have been important or someone would have told her - she's got a pretty good memory. Angela says, "Half your luck..." She then adds that she got the feeling that Rosie was one of the people in the argument. Rosie smiles uneasily and tells Angela that now she knows she was dreaming - she never forgets an argument, even those ones she loses. Angela, looking disappointed, says she was counting on Rosie to have some of the answers - if she could sort it out, she could stop worrying about it; she knows it's going to keep bugging her. She walks off. Rosie immediately goes to the 'phone and dials a number.

At Dural, the 'phone rings as Gordon is going upstairs. He comes back down, answers the call and hears STD pips. Rosie then comes on and says it's her. Gordon teasingly says, "Don't tell me: you've finished knitting my jumper!" Rosie, looking serious, says, "No. I think we've got a problem." Gordon asks what's wrong. Rosie replies, "It's Angela. Fiona's got her down here, recuperating." Gordon says he's glad to hear it - the further away she is from the trouble in Melbourne... At Woombai, Rosie looks round, worried in case anyone can overhear her. When she's sure she's alone, she says, "She's getting her memory back, only..." Gordon says, "Yes?" Rosie continues, "She's partly remembered that night in Wayne's room." Gordon, suddenly looking worried, says, "She can't. She was only three." Rosie says, "Well that doesn't matter. She's remembering. Well, it's all a jumble in her mind, but I'm terrified what will happen if she... figures what went... really went on." Gordon, looking horrified, says, "She mustn't. If anyone found out... my God... what would it do...?"


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