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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: John Holmes   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

At the Palmers', Beryl is helping Kevin into his suit, ready for the funeral, and brushing him down. Kevin asks his mother if she's sure she doesn't mind him going. Beryl assures him that she doesn't, but adds that she's just worried that some people there might give him a hard time. Kevin asks if she means because of his Dad. Beryl sadly replies that people assume he's guilty. Kevin says he'll be keeping in the background; he's only going at all for Peter's sake. Realising the time, Beryl suggests that he'd better make a move. Kevin asks if he can invite Peter and Jennifer back after the service. Beryl, looking surprised, asks if they won't have other things to do, but Kevin points out that he can't see them being in a rush to get back to their own place. Beryl agrees, and adds that she'll be out most of the time, as David's expecting a visit. Kevin suggests to his mother that she's dodging them, but Beryl says she isn't. She adds, though, that she can't help wondering how Peter and Jennifer feel about them. Kevin replies that they know David's not to blame. He then adds that he doesn't know for sure - they haven't said anything definite, and he wasn't pushing - he just hopes it's cleared up for their peace of mind. Beryl quietly replies, "For everyone's, love."

Doug is coming in as Kevin goes out. He tells Kevin to pass on his sympathies to the kids, and Kevin says he will. Doug adds that, while Kevin's in the church, he should spare a thought for David. Kevin says he'd like to do something a bit more practical - like get him off. Doug points out that he'll have to leave that to the police and the legal types, but he repeats that a prayer won't hurt. Kevin, looking exasperated, goes.

A black car pulls up outside the church and Peter gets out of the rear seat on the driver's side; Jennifer gets out from the passenger side; Kevin helps them. Jennifer starts to walk towards the church, leaving Kevin to remark to Peter that his sister doesn't look too good. Peter says she's a bit tired, but he's keeping an eye on her. Kevin then tells Peter that he thought that, if they need a place to go after the service, they can come to his place. Peter says it could be the best thing; he'll see about it with Jen. A short distance away, Margaret is approaching the church, looking thoughtful. John gets out of another car and helps Patricia from the back seat. He introduces her to a man in an airforce uniform, who is standing nearby: Captain Ogilvie. They exchange uneasy pleasantries, and Captain Ogilvie expresses his condolences and passes on the sympathies of everyone in the force. Patricia thanks him and says everyone's been very kind. John suggests that they go in, but Patricia says she'll be in in a minute - she wants to see how her sister is bearing up. Captain Ogilvie and John go inside. Margaret immediately snaps at Patricia, asking her how she can be such a hypocrite; Martin is dead. Patricia sarcastically replies that Margaret really does have a talent for stating the obvious. She then asks her sister if she's given her proposition any thought. Margaret says, "Hardly the place," and walks off. Patricia looks thoughtful for a few seconds and then says, "Suit yourself."

A while later, the ceremony is over and Margaret is standing outside the church, crying. Peter emerges from the church and says to her that it's nearly over. Margaret says she might leave, as she doesn't feel like going to the wake, actually. Peter offers to help her find a taxi, but Margaret says she'd rather walk. A short distance away, Kevin comments to Jennifer that Margaret is looking pretty cut up. Jennifer says they were very close. Kevin says he didn't know. Patricia comes over and tells Jennifer that Martin would have been very proud of her. Kevin walks off. Patricia asks if she can be of any help, but Jennifer explains that Kevin is looking after them. Peter joins them and says the worst is over. Patricia, though, says she hopes that's true: there's the dreadful business of the will to get through yet; she hopes Martin has provided for them both. Jennifer says they'll be alright - Martin was always super-careful about things like that. Patricia explains that that's what she's concerned about, actually: she just hopes he wasn't too quick off the mark in making a new will when they were about to get married - she'd hate to think they could lose the house or something, on a technicality. Peter replies that, as far as he knows, Martin hadn't touched his will; the solicitor contacted him this morning to get Adam's address, so if he's still in it, it must be quite old. Patricia tries to hide her obvious disappointment by saying, "Oh, good. As long as you're both covered, that's the main thing." Peter and Jennifer walk off. Patricia watches them, looking upset.

In the cell at Pentridge, Tony is lying on the top bunk, reading a magazine. He looks down to where David's eating on the bunk below, and asks what he's got. It's the cake that Beryl brought in, and David laughs that he should call Tony 'Nosey'. Tony says, "What, 'Nosey Parker'?!" He adds that David isn't the first to think of that! David offers his cellmate some of the cake, and Tony jokes that he only asked in order to help David out; he doesn't want him to get fat! David explains about Beryl making it, and Tony says he's lucky he got stuck with a bloke whose wife can cook! David agrees that the food is pretty crook there! The cell door suddenly opens and an officer comes in and says there's a visitor. Tony gets down off his bunk, saying that's great - it'll either be his girlfriend or his mum; he tells David not to wait up! He goes to walk out, but the guard stops him and says the visitor's for Palmer. Tony sourly remarks that David's popular... He then adds that his girlfriend's saving it up because she knows he'll be out soon. David leaves the cell. Tony immediately puts his small radio on loudly and starts 'dancing'! He then climbs up onto the table next to the beds and starts running a mug against the bars of the little window between his cell and the next; it makes quige a racket. Another inmate annoyedly calls out, "Shut up, mate." Other prisoners also call out to him to turn the radio down. Tony continues for a while, but then looks round and sees the guard standing in the doorway. He climbs off the table and turns the radio down. The guard goes. Tony gets back on the top bunk and lies down, looking fed up.

In the visiting area, David tells Beryl that she looks tired, and he asks if she's sure she getting enough sleep. Beryl says everyone is doing their bit to help. David then asks her about the cigarettes, and Beryl says she's got them. David says they should cheer Tony up a bit! Looking worried, Beryl asks David if he'd tell her if anything was wrong... David assures her that the cigarettes will work wonders - Tony can't smoke and talk at same time, so he'll get some rest! Changing the subject, Beryl tells David that Doug is coming in tomorrow, on his way to Queensland; he wants to say 'Hi' before he shoots off. David jokes that it's a long drive, and adds, "Poor Rob!" He then asks about Kevin, saying he thought he'd have come in with Beryl. Beryl reluctantly says he had a lot on his plate this morning, but he sends his love.

At the Palmers', Jennifer is crying, and Doug gives her a hankie to wipe her eyes. Jennifer says she's sorry, adding that she'll be alright. Peter suggests that they all have a cup of tea, and he and Jennifer go into the kitchen. Kevin shuts the doors behind them, leaving him alone with Doug, who immediately says he never held with kids going to funerals, himself. Kevin says Peter is managing OK. Doug says he's managing a bit too well if you ask him. Kevin points out that people react in different way. Doug, though, says most people forget a grudge when someone dies. Kevin says there were enough tears at the service without Peter joining in. Doug queries, "Patricia?" Kevin says he didn't notice; her sister, Margaret, took it pretty bad, though. Doug remarks that she's a funny woman - he didn't take to her. Looking surprised, Kevin asks his grandfather when he met her. Doug explains about her coming over yesterday and having a chat to Beryl about David, offering to kick in some money for his defence, and about how Beryl said no. He adds that it's a sorry day when other folks pay their bills for them. Kevin asks how Margaret took it when Beryl turned her down. Doug says she was alright, he thinks, and he asks why shouldn't she be? Kevin says there's no reason, he guesses, but he'd like to know whey she offered in the first place.

Patricia comes downstairs at Toorak, and walks into an empty lounge room, where she sourly remarks that it's like living in a mausoleum. John says, "Sorry?" Patricia says it was bad enough before, but it's hideous now. John suggests that maybe she should have moved out before she sold. Patricia says she'll manage; at least she won't have to pay rent. Changing the subject, John says he thought about what they were discussing earlier. Patricia turns to look at him as he clarifies, "What I should do." Patricia says, "And?" John replies that he's got exams back at base; he'll get those out of the way, and then see if he can get some time off and do something about Angie. Patricia snaps that he's definitely staying in there. John says, "Yes." Patricia snaps, "Thankyou for the support." She starts to walk off, and John calls out, "Patricia..." He looks annoyed.

Margaret is on the 'phone at Jill's Melbourne apartment, and she says to the person on the other end that she'd like to book a ticket on tomorrow afternoon's flight to Perth. There's suddenly a knock at the door, and she tells the booking clerk that she'll ring back later. She goes to open the door and finds Kevin standing there. He introduces himself and says he'd like to talk to her. Margaret invites him in.

Beryl arrives home, and Doug remarks that they weren't expecting her, yet. Beryl says an uneasy 'hello' to Peter and Jen, adding that she was glad they could come over and that, if they need any help, they're not to hesitate to ask. They thank her. Beryl continues that it's not easy to say, but she's very sorry for what happened to their father, and she hopes it won't cause problems between them. Peter assures her that it won't, and Jennifer adds that they both know it must have been a mistake - and they both know Mr. Palmer will be home again soon. Beryl says she appreciates hearing that. There's silence for a few seconds, before Doug says he supposes tea won't get itself ready. Beryl says she'll do it. Peter and Jennifer decide to go outside. Beryl asks if Kevin's out there as well. Doug replies that his grandson got some bee in his bonnet, and said he was disappearing for a while. Beryl sourly says she's glad she came back - Kevin's supposed to be looking after Peter and Jen. Peter says Doug did a good job of that! Beryl says, "So I see..." Peter and Jennifer go outside, leaving Beryl to comment to Doug that Peter seems surprisingly bright. Doug replies, "A bit too bright, I reckon."

Margaret sips a drink and says she's told Kevin everything she knows, and now she has a headache. Kevin says he's not trying to hassle her, but maybe there's something she did or saw that could prove David innocent. Margaret replies that she's as convinced as he is; she simply can't help him. Kevin suggests that she could go to the police and talk over the details... Margaret says she's been over the same ground again and again, and there's nothing more she can tell anybody. She continues that this might be hard for Kevin to understand, but Martin meant a great deal to her, and she finds it most distressing being forced to discuss his death. Kevin points out that his Dad is in jail, and he wants to help him if he can. Margaret replies that, if, as they are both agreed, David is innocent, she's convinced he'll get off. Kevin sarcastically snaps, "Terrific. My grandad says to say a prayer; what's your suggestion? Keep my fingers crossed or something?" He goes and stands over Margaret, who's sitting with her head in her hands, and asks her why she came around offerring his Mum money when she doesn't even know their family. Margaret looks up at him as he continues that it looks to him like she's worried about it. Margaret stands up and tells Kevin not to be stupid: she's worried about his mother; about all of them; she had a bit of money tucked away and thought that maybe she could help; she's sorry she bothered, now. She then tells Kevin that, if he's got nothing else to say, she'd like him to leave. Kevin goes.

Rob is at the Palmers', and he asks Doug if he's sure he got all that. Doug says there are no problems, and he repeats the itinerary that he's just been given: Rob will call for him at 9am, he'll drop him into the prison to see David and then come back for him in an hour with the truck. He asks how long it'll take to drive to Woombai... he'd just like to know. Rob laughs, "So would Rosie!" He continues that, with a few stops along the way, an overnight stop in Aubrey... they'll probably arrive lunchtime the next day. Doug says he didn't realise it would take so long. Rob asks what he expects when he's travelling economy! He heads off, taking Doug's bag with him, ready for the morning. Elsewhere in the house, Peter and Jennifer enter the kitchen and Peter says it's getting pretty cold outside. He asks if they can watch TV, and Beryl says, "Sure." Peter asks Jennifer if she's coming, but Jennifer shakes her head. Peter wanders into the lounge room. Jennifer, now alone with Beryl, says that, when Beryl came in before, she guesses she was bit a tense; she couldn't really have been sure how she and Peter feel about what's happened. Beryl admits that she did wonder. Jennifer continues that they never asked her if she minds having them there; she adds that it must be awful, and if she doesn't want them around, they'll go. Beryl tenderly tells Jennifer that she and Peter have enough to put up with, without catching more flak from her. She leaves Jennifer to it, and joins Peter, who's sitting in the lounge room, staring at the TV; she hands him the TV page from the newspaper. Peter takes it and then asks Beryl if she's keeping on at the coffee shop. Beryl says she is. Peter asks her if she needs any help over there tonight. Beryl replies that it's says nice of him to offer, but shouldn't he take it easy for a couple of days? Peter tells her that it's a bit hard to do that - he's got to look after Jen, do something about the house... he's got people after him about the money and about the will... ; he doesn't know what to do. Beryl, realising how much Peter is facing, tells him that he mustn't worry. Peter, though, says there's so much to decide; he's scared he's going to mess it up. He starts getting upset as he says he wishes his Dad was still there; he doesn't care what he did - he loved him. He starts crying, and Beryl gives him a hug.

At Pentridge, David is escorted to the visiting area, where Doug is waiting for him on the other side of the glass. Speaking through the 'phone, Doug tells his son that he never thought he'd see the day. David reminds his father that, when he was growing up, he told him every second day that he'd end up in trouble! Doug says he didn't mean like this. David says, "For something I didn't do?" Doug explains that that's why he's there: Rob's taking him in his truck up-north - he's going to get the money he invested and bring it back to make sure David has a proper defence. David thanks his father, and adds that he's sorry he's going to make a dent in Doug's nest egg. Doug tells him that family comes first. David then says to Doug that Beryl told him how good he's been at keeping them all together. Doug replies, "Well, we all believe in you. We're going to put up a good fight." David then says he heard about the detour they're making. Doug indignantly says it's not that far out of the way, but Rosie would skin him alive if he went past without calling in; he's going to surprise her! David asks his father if it doesn't have anything to do with the unfinished business. Doug says, "The engagement, you mean? I'm not sure - I might have missed the boat." David asks what about the snazzy ring Doug got? Doug agrees that it cost a pretty penny, and adds that it would be a shame if it went to waste. David says he hopes his father has packed it. Doug says, "Just in case..." He then adds that, of course, Rosie might have used him!

Margaret is pacing the floor at Jill's apartment when there's a knock at the door. She opens it to find Patricia standing there. Patricia says she hopes she hasn't wasted her time coming over. Margaret replies that she said on the 'phone that she wants to get things sorted out. Patricia says that's good, and she sits down. Margaret tells her sister that she'll let her know where Angela is if she goes to the police and tells them about her argument with Martin. Patricia asks why. Margaret sits down and explains that she wants Patricia to convince them that he was depressed, and that he was in the frame of mind for suicide; that will give them something to work off, and take attention off David. Patricia evilly asks, "Now why would I want to do that?" Margaret snaps, "Because he is innocent." Patricia angrily says David and Beryl did everything they could to turn her children against her; she's not going to put herself out for him. Margaret stands up in annoyance. Patricia suggests to her that, if she's so keen to get him off the hook, why doesn't she go to the police herself? Margaret says, "You know I can't." Patricia snaps that Margaret won't take the risk of going to jail. Margaret says she couldn't - nothing's gone right for her her whole life, and Patricia can't expect her to give up everything she's gained in the last few months. Patricia says she isn't. Margaret says she couldn't stand being in prison, even for six months. Patricia says, "It's up to you..." Margaret tells her sister about Kevin coming there yesterday, demanding to know about the night Martin died. Patricia threateningly says it sounds to her as if Margaret hasn't got a great deal of time to play with. Margaret, looking annoyed, and realising her options are limited, crosses her arms and snaps, "Paul's taken Angela to Woombai." Patricia smiles and says, "Very clever. The last place I would have thought of." She stands up. Margaret says, "The letter please?" Patricia turns to her and says, "You'll get that when I've made sure you're telling the truth."

Tony takes a drag on a cigarette. David, who's lying on the bottom bunk, asks if they're OK. Tony says, "Yeah." He then asks how many packs Beryl said she brought in. David says there were three. Tony says one must have gone missing somewhere along the line... David is looking at a magazine, but Tony snatches it off him and throws it on the floor; he asks him if he can't cheer up. He then adds that David gets as many visitors as everyone else in the place put together. David suggests that maybe that's the trouble... He then explains that his Dad came in this morning, and he tells Tony about him going to Queensland with his brother-in-law. Tony asks if it's for a holiday, but David replies that it isn't; he adds that Rob's a truckie - same as him. Tony says, "A truckie, eh? A nifty job!" David sourly says it won't do him much good if he's stuck in there for ever and a day. Tony goes to look out of the little window next to the bed, and as he does so, he asks David if he did or didn't knock off that bloke. David retorts that he told him he didn't do it. Tony says everyone reckons that, but he means honest. David doesn't respond. Tony says, "Fancy copping it for something you didn't do." He adds that he's only ever done time for stuff he actually pulled; there are a few things nobody knows about, too. He moves and sits down on the edge of David's bunk. David sits up and says there's someone out there like Tony who should be in there instead of him. Tony grunts assent. He asks David if he has any idea who it is. David says he keeps lying there dreaming about it; something - he doesn't know what - but something that'll prove he didn't kill Martin Healy... Tony picks up David's magazine from the floor and says, "Well I hope it turns up soon, mate." David grimly says, "That's two of us..."

Patricia, having come off the 'phone at Jill's flat, tells Margaret that the guesthouse confirms that Angela was booked in there, but she's moved across to the Woombai homestead. Margaret sourly says Patricia could have taken her word for it. Patricia says, "Better safe than sorry." Margaret asks if she can have the letter, adding that Patricia's got what she wants. Patricia says, "Not quite..." She continues that the other side of the bargain was that Margaret would leave, and never bother her again. Margaret says she's made enquiries, and she asks if Perth is far enough away. Patricia says, "Provided you stay there." Margaret sourly says she's got nothing to come back for. Patricia opens her handbag and takes out the letter. Margaret goes to take it from her, but Patricia screws it up and puts it in the ashtray on the table. She then says, "Tell you what: let's do the job properly. I rather fancy a nice little bonfire to celebrate the fact that I'm getting you out of my hair." Margaret looks down, guiltily, but Patricia says, "Oh, you've got to watch. This is the best part." She picks up the paper again, and, using her cigarette lighter, sets fire to it. She then says, "We can both enjoy David's last chance of being released... going up in smoke..." The paper catches light, and Patricia holds it up in front of her, watching it burn with a nasty smile on her face...


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